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As you can see, I am Mr Joshua. It seems as though something happened at Fox…Whatever. So what now? Well, We DO have this place, Commonground13 is a place where debate, I.E, The “Arena of Ideas” Really does happen. All the founders are in agreement on this. Although it is true, The Founders are Conservative, It does not mean we dismiss debate. This is part of the game, We try to convince you  and you do the same. Face it, It’s fun!. Having said that, This forum is not moderated. Or should I say, Self moderating? Let’s not go the way of Fox Forum with posters saying “Fox sucks” Or “you are lemmings” Let’s keep it adult and I fully invite you to openly Mock anyone posting like that. So having said that, Feedback would help us, So post away, Have fun and enjoy. Some of you, Most I hope will find your home here and we welcome you! So do have fun and post away!

To the Fox Castaways:Please read

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