Doctors and other medical professionals in the United States are the best in the world. Every County and State have multiple Health care facilities in addition to Emergency First responders. Hospitals by law, Cannot refuse treatment for any reason. Yet, I watch the politicians and many would have you feel that this system is a disaster. How can this be? It Can’t because there is no crisis at all. We keep on hearing how 47 million people have no health insurance. Putting aside the fact that there are those that suggest many of these either are illegal Immigrants or Simply do not have any because they pay cash. This entire debate on it’s face is a false issue. There is no health care crisis. It can be debated that there IS a health insurance crisis however. Simply put, Health  care and insurance is expensive. I can give you one big reason that is a large part of the problem. The first is that every doctor has to pay huge amounts of money for Medical malpractice insurance. My own doctor who is also a friend has to pay $250,000 every year here in New York.  The primary reason is the malpractice lawsuits are usually huge payouts. John Edwards himself  became a multi millionaire this way. There are no caps on the amount of money rewarded. This is the real heart of this “Crisis” How many times have you read about a minor injury resulting in a huge reward? Now there are things that happen that are tragic and  life time medical care is needed. Of course if there is fault or negligence, There should be a large payout. But this should not be the case if you burn yourself with Macdonald’s coffee while your driving for example!  The expense of heath insurance is the issue. and a large part of the problem is the political lack of honesty on the part of  some Republicans and far more Democratic politicians to address the need for Tort reform because the trial lawyers contribute  a ton of money to see that it is not addressed. That in my view is a big part of the problem.

What health care crisis?

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