John and Ken are at it again.  It seems they are encouraging listeners to recall three Republican state representatives who voted with Democrats to raise taxes in order to close the $24 billion budget gap California is facing.  $24 billion!!  That seems more like an abyss to me, but they’re calling it a gap.  I guess the Grand Canyon is a “ditch,” and the Amazon is a “brook.”  And the Pacific?  Well, let’s just call that thing a “fishin’ hole.”

Unfortunately, liberals’ propensity toward referring to the huge as though it were minuscule apparently only applies to matters fiscal.  Thus, the 6/10ths of one degree the earth has warmed in the last hundred years or so is a DISASTER of such apocalyptic proportions that we must sacrifice liberty and common sense entirely, and turn our lives over to the government as slaves, in order that we might undertake the noblest of causes, that of saving the entire planet from… Please forgive me; I digress.

Back to John and Ken.  It seems one of the California state reps, a Republican, is facing a recall election and two more may soon be in the same boat.  And now, the assembly speaker, a Democrat, is accusing conservative talkers John and Ken (John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou of KFI, in Los Angeles, whom I used to listen to while driving all over southern California making deliveries) of… Are you ready for this?  TERRORISM! That’s right, terrorism.

A recent Fox News article reported:

“The Republicans were essentially threatened and terrorized against voting for revenue,” Assembly Speaker Karen Bass told the Los Angeles Times over the weekend.  “Now [some] are facing recalls.  They operate under a terrorist threat: ‘You vote for revenue, and your career is over.’  I don’t know why we allow that kind of terrorism to exist.  I guess it’s about free speech, but it’s extremely unfair.”

“Revenue.”  In case you’re not fluent in the language of the politician, “revenue” is simply another word for “tax increase.”

Terrorism, folks.  The idea is now being put forth that removing a representative from office by voting him out, because he does not represent you the way you believe he should, is terrorism.  But–and boy, is it a big but–it appears it’s only terrorism when instigated by those on the right.  If your organization contributes heavily to Democrat campaigns, it seems exempt from “terrorist status” when threatening to recall representatives if they don’t do your bidding, as evidenced by this quote from the Sacramento Bee, from January 30, 2009:

A California labor leader warned Thursday that unions will consider recalling from office any state legislator who votes to roll back workplace regulations as part of a budget compromise.  “We have to consider moving against anyone who would support a change in these conditions, these standards for workers in whether it be a Democratic or a Republican,” said Chuck Mack, secretary-treasurer of Teamsters Local 70, which represents Bay Area private-sector workers.  Labor Unions donate heavily to Democratic campaigns each election cycle.  An International Brotherhood of Teamsters account, for instance, donated $234,000 to state Assembly and Senate candidates in 2007-08.

This happened five months ago and I can find no recorded incidents of Ms. Bass calling Chuck Mack a terrorist for threatening to recall legislators who didn’t toe the union line.  I find no outrage about the unfairness perpetrated upon public servants because of America’s love of free speech, no rhetoric about state representatives “operating under a terrorist threat.”

So, there you have it, folks.  Recalling your state representative if he votes for a tax increase to raise revenue and make budget is terrorism.  However, recalling your state representative because he votes for cutting costs to make budget is not terrorism.

Liberals who constantly say the right uses hate and fear tactics need to look in the mirror and see what their own actions are doing to undermine freedom in this country, to undermine the US constitution, and undermine the political process of a free people.  And if John and Ken are terrorists, the MSM is… Well, I won’t even go there .

So what’s next?  That report from the DHS?  It’s not inconsistent with the words and actions of today’s liberals in positions of power.  If one follows this line of thought to its logical conclusion, then campaigning against Obama in the 2012 election cycle will be labeled terrorism.

As of 2007, the state of California represents, by itself, the eighth largest economy in the world.  It’s leaders are calling their opposition terrorists on the mere suggestion of campaigning against tax increases.  Pelosi, Boxer, Waxman, Feinstein, and Waters bring this same kind of leadership to Washington, where they have a death grip on the world’s largest economy.  And they, like their state government counterparts, are running that economy straight into the ground.

Obama has shown he is unwilling to consult Republicans on major economic legislation. Maybe it’s because he deems their opposition to higher taxes to be terrorism (although, that hasn’t stopped him from talking about negotiations with the likes of Hamas, Iran, North Korea).  Of course, those terrorists “pose no threat,” as opposed to conservative talk show hosts, those who vote conservative, and the politicians they elect.

Congress has an approval rating of 18 percent (those who say Congress is doing a good or excellent job, according to Rasmussen).  Yet, if we campaign to vote them out, we may find ourselves labeled as terrorists.  This is where the country is headed under its current leadership, and I don’t care how hard liberals scream and holler about fear mongering and hate from the right.  “Come on, this is America. We have checks and balances,” they say.  “It will never happen.  One man hasn’t that kind of power.”

Well, it is happening.  The checks and balances have been voided by the lies and deceit perpetrated by Washington on three generations of Americans.  Now, opposition is being labeled as terrorism at the state level, and may soon follow at the federal level.  Furthermore, it isn’t just one man. It’s the entire legislative branch, the executive branch, the judiciary, the media (print, broadcast and entertainment) and academia in concert, all foisting their lies, history revisions, twisted logic, half truths and immorality on America.

I’ve said it before and I say it again.  Look at Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Dodd, Waxman, and many others of their ilk.  They, not John and Ken, are the terrorists, poised to bring America to her knees, battered, bruised, bound and blindfolded.  And what will happen next is very likely unconscionable.  The death of America, the U. S. Constitution–indeed, the death of liberty.  They must be stopped.  If opposition to Obama is terrorism, so be it.  I am a terrorist.

T. Lee Mac: Recalling Representatives Terrorism?

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