With more and more evidence of questionable CIA activities coming out of the woodwork, it leaves me pondering one question.  Who is the real dictator?  I hear my friends on the right saying Obama is grabbing more unconstitutional power than ANY president ever!  That may be technically right, with the automotive and bank takeovers, but these are unprecedented times which will not continue.  (By the way, with government controlling only 1% of American commerce it’s not as bad as you might think.)  But are we asking the wrong question?  Maybe its not about which President, but which person? 

The suggestion has been made over the last week or so that the CIA may have been ordered to mislead congress on key issues.  Not only is this unethical , but its illegal!  Cheney may have ordered and funded a counterterrorism program without the knowledge of Congress.  Now I get some things are covert, but there still is the gang of eight that are supposed to be briefed on everything! 

This idea was so flawed that the day that new CIA Chief Leon Panetta heard of it he immediately scrapped it and briefed Congress the very next day!  This coincides with Nancy Pelosi saying that the CIA never briefed Senators about waterboarding.  Our GOP friends were quick to jump on Pelosi as a liar, but was she?  The Security Act of 1947 requires the President to make sure intelligence committees are kept “fully and currently informed” of US intelligence activities.  This along with the torture program, illegal wire tapping and the unnecessary Iraq war all lead me to one question.  Where were all the questions from the right when we WERE without a doubt under the worst and only dictatorship the US has ever seen? Not the Obama administration, But DICK CHENEY! Was Bush merely a puppet?

Enlightened Atheist: Who is the Real Dictator?

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