A little back ground here before I put in the theory. I believe that Conservatives need an irrefutable argument against socialism and big government. The Fabian society (an intellectual progressive liberal group) realized a century or so back that they could not institute socialism in America overtly. So they set about, under the guise of “patriotism”, to infiltrate the higher education system and begin questioning the “failures” of capitalism and promoting the ideals of socialism. This is fact not conspiracy theory. The initial meetings and agenda are well documented. And they have been very successful to date. We have a country full of educated, indoctrinated progressives who believe (despite the historical failures) that only a social democracy, led by an intellectual elite, can give people a level field. And they debate very well.
Please understand, I take no credit for this. This idea has been around for a long time and was understood well by the Founders. I have just tried to condense it into a quick and easy argument that can be used against EVERY progressive ideal. I also credit the Honorable Bob McCewen for giving me the original ideas and turning me into the solid conservative I am today. I am sure he would be pleased to know I’m sharing them here. If you ever have the chance I highly recommend that every one hears him speak at least once. He is inspiring and funny and is a family oriented speaker. One of the best I’ve seen without question.
So here it is “The Theory Of Third Party Spending” And please think of this in our current economic reality and see if it strikes you as strongly as it does me. It is my number one argument for term limits.

1st party spending-I buy something for myself with my money. I care about cost, quantity, and quality. If I go to the store for a candy bar for myself, I buy the biggest, best, and least expensive one I can.
2nd party spending-I buy you something with my money. I care about cost but not so much about quantity or quality. If I go to the store to buy you a candy bar, now I’m looking for a candy bar that is inexpensive but I don’t really care how big it is or how high of quality.
3rd party spending-I buy you something with someone else’ money. Now I really don’t care about cost, quality, or quantity. Why should I it’s not my money?

All government spending is, by definition, third party. Ever wonder how they could possibly spend $400 on a toilet seat? Or $2.3 trillion on a bail out that won’t work? It’s third party spending. And it is always the prosperous minority that are expected to pay the bill. And THAT is what makes government evil.

This, to me, spotlights the insanity of looking to the government to solve our problems. How can they? They CANNOT spend money well because it is NEVER their money that is being spent. It is simple, true, and irrefutable. A great example is the estimated $27 trillion they are using for the bailouts and stimulus. No one who had any sense of responsibility at all could even consider saddling us with that kind of dept. The ONLY way that could happen is third party spending. When debated with liberals, it  will usually throw them into complete confusion. No where in their talking points is there an answer for it. They can be as progressive as they like but human nature is not.

That’s it in a nutshell. I could go on for pages on this. I’d really like to hear your input and ideas. I know this not the only way to beat them in debate and look forward to hearing other ideas. I would also like to remind every one who hasn’t to please jump over and sign the “Petition”.
Green Roughneck

You don’t have to be Ivy League to “get it”!

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