Freedom VS Security

In writing my last piece I came to realize some thing. Sort of a re-epiphany. And that is the essential difference in thinking between a liberal and a conservative. I mean, it has always intrigued me that we can be so divided in our views and values. We are all Americans after all. Aren’t we all taught the same things? That our founders, and many other generations, fought, bled and died for our freedom? That they were willing to die for it should, at least, lead us to the conclusion that it was their top value. Their sacrifice is supposed to be our shining beacon, the reminder that freedom isn’t free.
So if freedom is supposed to be the top value of Americans, why are so many of us suddenly so smitten with the ideal of security? Helen Kellar said “Security is illusion, Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure.”
So if it is illusion, why is it set forth as an ideal worthy of pursuit? Are the purveyors of security (the progressive movement) intentionally using illusion to usurp power? Then what of President Bush? I remember distinctly his using “the security of the American people” as a reason for expansion of government over and over. The invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, the creation of Homeland Security, the Patriot Act, The expansion of FEMA, etc. All done in the name of security by a so-called conservative. Does this make Bush an illusionist? Do you feel safer and more secure right now than you did in say early 2002? Have we achieved security?
Apparently not because now the effort to provide security has really ramped up. Bush provided the template and Obama seems to be greatly expanding it. Again, in the name of security, we are seeing another unprecedented expansion of federal government. Following on Bush’s unprecedented expansion. Kind of makes you wonder what’s next.
So that’s it. I write this to re-ask myself the question, what is it I seek, Freedom or security. And the answer is, I choose freedom. That is the question that I’m seeking an answer to from my fellow Americans as well as any person who asks for my vote.. And I will try to be understanding of those that seek security. But I think letting them take power in this country is a mistake. By seeking security, they will trample the freedom so many sacrificed for. To be free is to risk. And to be secure, it seems to me, is impossible.

Security Vs Freedom

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