UPDATE: Huron, CA – August 11, 2009 

California:  The New Dust Bowl?


MISSING PERSON REPORT:      Nancy Pelosi-D, San Francisco, CA

                                                            White, Woman, 50/60-ish??

                                                            Short Brown Hair, Botox Forehead 

Devin Nunes-R Congressman and Paul Rodriques-Comedian broadcast live from Huron, California, providing an update on the continuing struggle of farmers to save their land and prevent the next Dust Bowl. 

At this time, ½  million acres of farmland, equivalent to the size of Rhode Island, continues to die due to the Silver Minnow.  After a visit from Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, who gave empty promises, the pumps remain closed.  After every mayor in these affected counties sent a letter to President Obama pleading for his intervention, the pumps remain closed.  After visiting the capital of California, Sacramento, the pumps remain closed.  After traveling to Washington, D.C. to beg for relief, the pumps remain closed. 

In Iraq, China, Brazil and India new water infrastructure projects are being implemented.  In California there are no new water infrastructure projects, and the existing water infrastructure has been shut off to save the Silver Minnow, at the expense of the California farmers and US agricultural independence.

Where is Pelosi?  She is missing in action.  Where is President Obama?  Wrapped up in establishing his legacy by reforming Healthcare, oh wait, now it’s Health Insurance reform. 

Can we, those in CG13, take the time to save people that can be saved right now, not somewhere down the road with free healthcare?  Some California communities impacted by this inaction are suffering unemployment rates in excess of 40%.  Now is the time to act.  Save our fellow Americans in California before it’s too late.  Please.

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