Aaahhhh debate, one of our most valued traditions here in America. And one of my favorite things about being a part of the CG13.  There is very little I find as rewarding as a lively political debate with someone with a different perspective than mine.  The value of such debate is several fold and cannot be overstated. In a free society it is essential to the process of choosing leadership and the fixing ( or not ) of problems.

But what happens when the other side chooses the tactic of “critical theory” which is simply to criticize.  My father taught me as a young man that there are people out there ( he called them “do-gooders”) who will argue and criticize this society for no reason other than to make us look bad in the eyes of the rest of the world and to make their alternative seem better.  Often there is no specific alternative, they just want to criticize and condemn. The best example of this that I recall is the criticism of the economy under GWB. In 2003, 04, 05, and 06 when the economy of the country was cruising along with growth in almost all areas, what did we hear from the left? Nothing good that’s for sure, but specifically, we constantly heard that we were in a “bad economy”. And it was relentless from the MSM and liberal pols. Constant criticism with no room for debate. If you pointed to something good, you were labeled. If you asked a different question you were attacked as a “pawn and mouthpiece of the right”.  Well it seems they got what they wanted.  It will be years before we see the economy as healthy as it was then.

So why is my question. Why do they do it? Why criticize even if it means being less than truthful? Why tear something down that works? I asked my father that several times, and his response was uncertainty. He couldn’t really answer my question.  It doesn’t seem to make any logical sense. So I started reading. and have never stopped. And what I’ve found is, frankly, disturbing. My studies brought me to read several articles and books written by the left. Including “the communist manifesto”,  and several books by left wing leaders.  These books never seemed to be very coherent to me and I had great difficulty trying to understand the thinking behind them. Even before my conversion to conservatism, they made no sense. Have you ever read ” rules for radicals”? Talk about not making sense, that book is an absolute study in illogical thinking. Then I heard of and started studying Von Mises and Austrian economics. And that’s where I learned of and came to understand the power of “critical theory”.

You see they don’t believe they need to make sense.  They believe if they criticize something enough, people will eventually start to agree and public opinion will be swayed against whatever the criticism of the day is. Sway public opinion and you sway government. The domino effect.  And it turns out they were right. We have many many social programs right here in America that were created as a direct response to the use of “critical theory”.  And now, with some victory’s under their belt, it seems as if the critical rhetoric is really ramping up. They have managed to make it almost impossible to have honest debate now. They have divided this nation and are trying to subvert our culture through a movement of political correctness and critical theory. It has become politically correct to condemn anything that western society has done or wants to do. It is very much “en vogue” for politicians to be apologist’s on the worlds stage for America. That our bourgeois capitalism is to blame for all the worlds problems. Never mind that we are the most giving society in history. That we have fed more starving people on this planet than all other nations combined. That we give more annually (privately)  than the next top 9 nations combined to charity. None of that matters because it doesn’t fit their narrative.

So what is their narrative? It couldn’t be more simple, the people of the world under capitalism are divided into three catagories. The Haves, the Have-not’s, and the Have a Little, Want More’s. And since the Haves are the minority, the other groups should simply take what they want from them. And how do they justify such thievery? The old “robin hood” view of the world, take from the rich and give to the poor. Through a gigantic government of course.

But here in America, at least a large portion of us understand the very premise is wrong. We are NOT a nation of Haves, Have Nots and Have a Little Want More’s. Rather we are a nation of “Earned Its, Haven’t Earned Its,  and Don’t Want to Earn its”. And our system does not deserve this criticism and condemnation. We believe (or used to) that ANYONE with enough ambition and effort can make their unique American dream come true. It is this belief that drives me to get up every morning and go to work. To deal with every problem any of my employees have that day. To put up with all the negativity and b.s. that goes with an under-motivated, undereducated work force (I’m a Chef).  To drive forward with my dream of being a business owner one day and enjoying the rewards of a life of working hard and dreaming big.

But now I sense something. I think we are in very dangerous political territory. How do you talk sense with an opponent who doesn’t care about making sense? Who only wants to criticize? What will it take to bring us back together? How does one reconcile a division such as this? They won’t debate honestly and refuse to listen. I can only go back to what my father believed. In the end, the truth will prevail.


9/2/09 Addition.

In writing this as quickly as I did, and not taking any time for editing by my teammates, it seems I was a bit careless in my characterizations. So to clarify:

1: This was meant to characterize the leadership of the progressive movement and their tactics. It is based in fact and provable in the literature of the franfurt school and many other sources. It was created by them and perfected by them.  The point in the article is the divide it creates.

2: It was NOT meant to insult or pigeon-hole anyone on a personal level. I do not believe this is a tactic used by New, Lefty, EA or any of the friends we have made here (cept Loosey). And I condemn it as a tactic for ANYONE to use. The fact that it is used by most pols, left and right, is a testament to it’s effectiveness.

3:  If you have a counter point and want to spend the time writing it out, I will post it.  As I stated above, I love a good debate and believe a counter or some honest talk about this subject could help all sides come to greater understanding.

Why You Can’t Debate With A True Liberal.

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