What is a right?  The Bill of Rights details the first ten, and that’s it …. correct?  Apparently not.  It seems there are those who would like to give unalienable rights to just about anything and everything.  For instance, some people want to give rights to animals and plants, regardless of how it might damage the rights of humans.  It apparently matters not to those folks if we put people out of work because of an owl or stop food production because of a fish. 

Well I beg to differ – unalienable animal & plant rights do not exist.  This is not about humane treatment.  When animals are put ahead of humans, priorities are upside down.  Animals and plants adapt to their surroundings – it’s what they do.  Look around your towns and cities.  In their natural habitat animals run at the mere sight of humans.  Yet many in populated areas do not?  They have adapted.

Then there are the additional rights some would like to grant to people, and there are those naive enough to believe everything is a right. Owning a vehicle is not a right.  So when the laws prescribe that you wear a helmet or seatbelt, it is not your right to refuse.  You do not have a right to a cell phone, a house, clothes, welfare, food, a stereo, a computer, healthcare, a TV, pets or higher education.  You do have a right to an opportunity to earn the money to buy those things.  But today’s Great Society has taught some that the government will fulfill all wishes by forcing others, the earners, to give up what is theirs. 

So what is a right?  Is it as detailed in the Bill of Rights, or whatever politicians are willing to bribe the lazy with in order to obtain votes?  Is it whatever some misguided animal lover decides to give to a critter that has no comprehension of what has just been bestowed upon it?

Rights are for people.  The Bill of Rights are ours, American rights, American citizens.  Not someone from Europe, Asia, Russia, Mexico or the North Pole.  We have no right to force our views on anyone else, but we do have a responsibility to help others who desire those rights to achieve their goals.  Not force, help.  As with education – you cannot force it on someone who does not want it, but it must be available to those who do.  

We have those who say we cannot force our rights, our way of life, on people from other countries.  Yet those same individuals wish to give our rights to people who have made it very clear they have a desire to kill us.  So it’s acceptable to give rights to our enemies, but not those who are oppressed and wish for freedom.

Rights are not free.  They must be fought for every day.  They must be spread to the oppressed who desire them.  As someone once said, Democracies don’t start wars.  Free people are happy people.  Free people will work and play and live in peace.

Learn what rights are and don’t throw them away on animals and trees. 

They are too fleeting and fragile.

Michael Koter: What Is A Right?

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