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We present this video to illustrate the problems inherent in American government today. While it pillories the Democrats currently in power, the truth is that, in general, politicians of every stripe have evolved into little more than common criminals at best; more accurate still is that they are today elitists hell bent on acquiring and gathering unprecedented power, power over every aspect of our lives. It is that power that has, in no small part, corrupted the American experiment, turning government of the people, by the people, for the people, into a government of a few elitists who consider themselves virtual royalty.

With comments such as, “You’d think they would be saying thank you!,” to “We’ve got to pass this [health care] bill so you can know what’s in it,” to “But for me, we’d be in worldwide depression,” there can be little doubt that today’s political elite consider themselves far brighter than the rest of us, the unwashed. Particularly over the last six years, they have steamrolled legislation into law over the loud opposition of the majority of the people, not to mention prohibitions in the Constitution itself.

It is widely expected that the Republicans will not only regain power in the House, but they will quite possibly gain a significant majority. But it’s important to consider that, should this come to pass, it is likely not a validation of the Republican party or its policies, which tended toward expanding government in recent years. Instead, it is a reflection of the disgust and anger toward government in general, and of the Democrats’ policies in particular, all of which have resulted in explosive growth of government, massive deficits, crippling public debt, and the net reduction of liberty.

As the video suggests, all Americans, simply by turning out to vote, will demonstrate the heroism that defines us, showing that we have the courage to try and change the course of our government, a government that no longer serves us, but has morphed into a self-serving engine of power for those who walk the “halls of power.” Heroes will take this first step.

But let it not end here, because “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” (Quote by Thomas Jefferson)


The Real American Heroes of 2010

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