As we all should have heard by now the IRS has been implicated in unfairly targeting TEA Party groups for additional scrutiny when applying for tax exempt status.

Full disclosure, I support the TEA Party ideals of taxed enough already, small federal government, a return to a time when the Constitution was interpreted literally and have supported the idea of the Fair Tax and elimination of the IRS for more than a decade.

You may disagree with all those things I believe in, it’s your right as an American, but the use of the most powerful force in the federal government should scare every American regardless of your political beliefs. You may be a far left liberal who believes the narrative about the TEA Party portrayed by DC and want to cheer any attack on the TEA Party, but remember the old saying “What goes around comes around.” That isn’t and shouldn’t be considered a threat it is simply fact. When any administration is allowed to use the IRS and their unique ability to harass Americans with audits, holding approval of tax status and seizure of bank accounts without being called on it by every American we are opening ourselves up to serious further abuses of power by every administration in the future. If you aren’t willing to stand up for the TEA Party groups against the IRS whether or not you agree with them you have no right to expect others to stand up for you when they are used in a similar manner against you or groups you support. Think it can’t happen, dream on.

Some facts on the scandal:

  • IRS agents were singling out groups for extra scrutiny if their applications included the words “tea party,” “patriots” or “9-12”.


  • A¬†yearlong audit by the agency’s inspector general found that IRS agents had improperly targeted conservative political groups for additional and sometimes onerous scrutiny when those groups applied for tax-exempt status.


  • ¬†Initially the administration claimed it was “a rogue group of agents in Cincinnati” that had committed these acts without any direction from DC.


  • As the investigation began it was learned the involvement did in fact reach DC, but the investigation was thwarted when the head of the division involved, who worked in DC, was first promoted then allowed to retire with full benefits. This same individual then plead the 5th during a hearing in front of Congress. That is her right, but if there was no wrong doing why was it necessary to make such a plea?


  • Barrack Obama promised a full investigation in May 2013, eight months later less than 10 of hundreds of groups involved have even been contacted by the FBI regarding an investigation. And even those contacted haven’t been asked to provide any details of their contact with the IRS.


  • Now when it seems this scandal may not go away, and heading into another election year the Department of Justice has assigned an investigator (a year into the scandal). Now we learn this investigator, a career employee, is in fact someone who made large donations to both the Democratic National Committee and the 2008 and 2012 Barrack Obama Presidential Campaigns. Anyone believe this person will provide unbiased investigation and prosecution of those involved??


Again whether you agree with the TEA Party or not this is an incredible abuse of power at the agency most able to destroy the lives of average Americans and next time it may be you that gets abused. You may want to get off the sidelines on this one and demand Congress fix this issue at the IRS, prosecute those involved since such activity is against the law already or better yet do away with the IRS entirely and go to some other form of taxation the way many states already have. Stand up now or get abused later, your call.


Bob Lewis





The IRS and Abuse of Power

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