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  1. How Houston’s Growth Created the Perfect Flood Conditions

    As floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey recede in Houston, one thing that’s been revealed is that some of the damage — financial, physical, emotional — could have been avoided.

    Flood hazard maps by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, showing the 100-year floodplain, an area with a 1 percent risk for flooding in any given year, mark where homeowners are required to have federally sponsored flood insurance. This is one of the few early warning signals the United States has for flooding. For Houston, those maps were thoroughly inadequate. Early assessments show many homes were flooded even though they were located far from the designated floodplains. Many homes in what’s known as the 500-year floodplain — with a 0.2 percent chance of flooding in a year — are also flooded.

    Areas surrounding the Katy Prairies, sprawling grasslands in western Harris County, provide one such example. The region has been heavily developed over the past 30 years, sometimes overlapping or abutting floodplains. Local officials did not do enough to preserve native grasses, set aside open spaces or improve drainage.

    texas lax regulations help make the situation as bad as it is. Now i live in cali and think Houston is the epitome of urban sprawl

    1. If it’s truly bad, they won’t rebuild there. If they think it won’t happen for another 100-200 years, I see no problem. Their land their choice.

  2. California Today: Is This What Climate Change Looks Like?

    One of the biggest wildfires in Los Angeles history.

    Record high temperatures at dozens of locations around California.

    And a bizarre “microburst” in Santa Barbara.

    It was a wild weather weekend in California.

    In Los Angeles, firefighters battled a blaze that swept through 11 square miles in the Verdugo Mountains. It burned four homes, forced hundreds of residents to flee and prompted an emergency declaration from the governor.

    By Monday, fire officials said it was brought mostly under control.

    Across California, thousands of firefighters were combating at least 15 large blazes — including one that breached a grove of giant sequoias near Yosemite.

    Not helping the effort was a brutal heat wave.

    and this is after one of our wettest winters on record

  3. jerzygirl
    September 5, 2017 at 10:55
    I never thought you to be a liar, but there you have it. I have said many times here that BOTH are evil. If you take that as defending Nazis then that’s YOUR problem, not mine. And I’m NOT going to say it again.
    I know, that poor girl is first and foremost in your mind, but how quickly you forget that a BERNIE SUPPORTER, most likely mentally ill, tried to ASSASSINATE MANY REPUBLICAN REPRESENTATIVES, egged on by all the lying shit in mainstream/social media. You weren’t nearly as outraged.


    My lady . Im pretty sure u were one of the righties in here arguing that bill o reilly didnt egg on the murder of doc tiller . Callin him tiller the killer . Now , yer saying the crazy dude in yer story was egged on by the lefty media ? U guys are really tossing to yer side the moral compasses u guys allegedly have over lefties in yer defense of the dumdum yer side elected . Not sure how to take that post atall . Seems to be a gigantic contradiction

    1. trump has broken the right, they reflexively follow the leader and their leader is an incompetent head case

      1. Is your name jerzy? Sheesh.

        First of all, I Have no idea what you’re talking about with O’Reilly. That being said, my thoughts are that both the car driver who ran down that girl and the R shooter are both mentally ill, and influenced by the negativity prevalent in today’s media, social media, bloggers, etc. Nobody in their right mind can hate that much.

        1. u r a prime example of how right wing authoritarian follow their leaders.

          u parrot the trumpco line with alarming regularity

        2. Dont disagree that theyre both kookoo for cocoapuffs . But doc tiller was the abortion doc that got assassinated . Oreilly called hin tiller the killer and a murderer for months on his show , when he was killed i argued oreilly played a part in his death and the righties in here lambasted me about personal responsibilty and that oreilly had nothing to do with it , even tho he egged it on every night . It seems u now have changed yer mind on the media egging on these psychos . If that is the case , conmon ground . I think the media plays a big part in these actions. Theres a certain responsibility with a media position . Especially with the dumdums that get their opinions from these programs

          1. Don’t forget FB, Twitter, the Internet as we know it today, etc. These outlets didn’t exist a decade ago, but they’re now the quickest way to reach millions, and have a hateful message cosigned by millions more. The internet is far more dangerous than any talking head – either side – imo.

  4. Thud
    September 5, 2017 at 12:59
    adjective au·thor·i·tar·i·an \ȯ-ˌthär-ə-ˈter-ē-ən, ə-, -ˌthȯr-\
    Popularity: Top 30% of words
    Examples: authoritarian in a Sentence
    Definition of authoritarian
    : of, relating to, or favoring blind submission to authority had authoritarian parents
    : of, relating to, or favoring a concentration of power in a leader or an elite not constitutionally responsible to the people an authoritarian regime


    Blind submission – check

    Favoring a concentration of power to an elite group not bound to the public – check
    Agree with us or we’ll beat the s*** out of you, even though you didn’t elect us, nor are we even going to show you our faces

    Check and check.

        1. i’m pretty good at sticking to definitions.

          used to drive mechanics nuts when i was a stickler for proper word us (related to mechanics, not general English.. or i’d never have gotten anything done LOL)

    1. Been saying this for years. Mike Rowe has been preaching it for a while and even started a fund to fix it.

      This grand emphasis on 4-year degrees, regardless of the efficacy of major, has been a detriment. People don’t even know how to change a tire anymore, let alone wiring, plumbing or actual mechanical work.

      Socially a two year welding degree is seen as “less educated” than a gender studies major, and that’s sad.

      1. i have associate degrees in mechanics and a bachelor degree in computer science.

        one had a bright future, the other’s was stagnant


    Try to go back to the previous page and it’s blank

    will likely die soon as it did before

  6. Dem leaders outraged over DACA axing

    And they had years to fix it, Trump gave them 6 months to do their job. Ball’s in their court. Resist, resist, resist, or legislate? Their choice, isn’t it? t

      1. I know, that means both of them will have to do their jobs, doesn’t it? Legislators legislating, what a concept. Sure beats President’s ‘creating’ their own laws that can be changed for President to President. Hey Stupid (waving to you here).

          1. We’ll see how the resist, resist, resist crowd handles this, won’t we? There’s a thing called compromise. Are they even capable of it anymore? 6 months to find out the answer to that.

          2. Republicans can’t even say the word compromise or they lose a chunk of their hateful base.

            Dems have been ready willing and able to deal with trump, but he plays the most divisive party first politics of our time

            GOP can’t agree with itself, tis a party with multiple personalities and/or schizophrenia

  7. When the Rich Said No to Getting Richer

    The old culture of restraint had multiple causes, but one of them was the tax code. When Romney was saying no to bonuses, the top marginal tax rate was 91 percent. Even if he had accepted the bonuses, he would have kept only a sliver of them.

    The high tax rates, in other words, didn’t affect only the post-tax incomes of the wealthy. The tax code also affected pretax incomes. As the economist Gabriel Zucman says, “It’s not worth it to try to earn $50 million in income when 90 cents out of an extra dollar goes to the I.R.S.”

    The tax rates helped create a culture in which Americans found gargantuan incomes to be bizarre.

    A few years after Romney turned down his bonuses from the American Motors Corporation, Lyndon B. Johnson signed legislation that lowered the top marginal tax rate to 70 percent. Under Ronald Reagan, it dropped to 50 percent and kept falling. Since 1987, the top rate has hovered between 30 percent and 40 percent.

    For more than 30 years now, the United States has lived with a top tax rate less than half as high as in George Romney’s day. And during those same three-plus decades, the pay of affluent Americans has soared. That’s not a coincidence. Corporate executives and others now have much more reason to fight for every last dollar.

    The theory behind all those high-end tax cuts — a theory that I once found persuasive, I admit — was that it would unleash entrepreneurial energy: The lure of great wealth would inspire business leaders to work harder and smarter, and the economy would flourish.

    The first half of that theory may well have come true. Many of the world’s most successful companies are American — not only Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google, but also Exxon Mobil, Walmart, Johnson & Johnson and JPMorgan Chase. The second half of the theory, however, has been a bust. Most Americans have not flourished in the era of a reduced top-end tax rate.

    Incomes for the middle class and poor have grown sluggishly since 1980, while the upper middle class has done modestly better. Only the wealthy have enjoyed the sort of healthy pay increases that had been the norm in the 1950s and ’60s. (Last month, I published a chart that showed these trends better than any paragraph can, and I encourage you to take a look if you haven’t already.)

    The decline in high-end tax rates has helped change the culture of money. George Romney, a highly successful and personally decent man who thought that making even a couple million dollars a year was unseemly, begot Mitt Romney, a highly successful and personally decent man who has made a couple hundred million dollars.

    Across society, the most powerful members of organizations have fought to keep more money for themselves. They have usually won that fight, which has left less money for everyone else.

    What would be the right top tax rate today? I don’t know the precise answer. A top rate of 90 percent clearly has the potential to drive away entrepreneurs. But I am convinced that the current top tax rate, 39.6 percent, is too low.

    It has contributed to soaring inequality, with the affluent having received both the biggest pretax raises and the biggest tax cuts. Plus, there is no evidence that a modestly higher rate would hurt the economy. The recent president with the strongest economic record, Bill Clinton, increased the rate, while the one with the weakest economic record, George W. Bush, cut it.

    This week, President Trump and Congress will turn their attention to tax policy. After the failure of their health care bill, they are desperate for a legislative win and hope to pass a bill by year’s end. Of course, they are not considering a higher top tax rate.

    The question is whether their plan will further cut taxes on the wealthy. The early evidence is that it will — enormously — while Trump pretends otherwise. If so, the tax bill will deserve the same fate as the health care plan: energetic and organized opposition, followed by defeat.

    #GreedIsGod hurt us bad

  8. Fewer deflated Trump voters exist than hard-core Trump backers: Most of those who voted for the president last year remain behind him. But the disappointed voters nonetheless could be critical in the future. Trump won each of the three states that provided his margin of victory — Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin — by less than a percentage point. He carried Pennsylvania by just over 44,000 votes out of some 6 million cast.

    queue the right wing authoritarian attack on math 😉

  9. ROCHESTER — Gail Evans and Marta Ramos have one thing in common: They have each cleaned offices for one of the most innovative, profitable and all-around successful companies in the United States.

    For Ms. Evans, that meant being a janitor in Building 326 at Eastman Kodak’s campus in Rochester in the early 1980s. For Ms. Ramos, that means cleaning at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., in the present day.

    In the 35 years between their jobs as janitors, corporations across America have flocked to a new management theory: Focus on core competence and outsource the rest. The approach has made companies more nimble and more productive, and delivered huge profits for shareholders. It has also fueled inequality and helps explain why many working-class Americans are struggling even in an ostensibly healthy economy.

    The $16.60 per hour Ms. Ramos earns as a janitor at Apple works out to about the same in inflation-adjusted terms as what Ms. Evans earned 35 years ago. But that’s where the similarities end.

    Ms. Evans was a full-time employee of Kodak. She received more than four weeks of paid vacation per year, reimbursement of some tuition costs to go to college part time, and a bonus payment every March. When the facility she cleaned was shut down, the company found another job for her: cutting film.

    Ms. Ramos is an employee of a contractor that Apple uses to keep its facilities clean. She hasn’t taken a vacation in years, because she can’t afford the lost wages. Going back to school is similarly out of reach. There are certainly no bonuses, nor even a remote possibility of being transferred to some other role at Apple.

    Yet the biggest difference between their two experiences is in the opportunities they created. A manager learned that Ms. Evans was taking computer classes while she was working as a janitor and asked her to teach some other employees how to use spreadsheet software to track inventory. When she eventually finished her college degree in 1987, she was promoted to a professional-track job in information technology.

    Less than a decade later, Ms. Evans was chief technology officer of the whole company, and she has had a long career since as a senior executive at other top companies. Ms. Ramos sees the only advancement possibility as becoming a team leader keeping tabs on a few other janitors, which pays an extra 50 cents an hour.

    They both spent a lot of time cleaning floors. The difference is, for Ms. Ramos, that work is also a ceiling.

    Time to end #GreedIsGod

    1. brings back good memories.

      i was teaching science to by girl’s 1st-grade class and they were enthralled by the mission

    2. Can I common ground that without addressing you? :)

      Via Con Dios Cassini…….you were a fine ship.

  10. It is NOT the job of the President to create Immigration policy. Unless of course, we are talking about a Muslim ban. Then it is. That is different. :)

    1. Concerning DACA and Trump. No one should really be freaking about this. Pretty apparent he was going to do it………so not sure why many are shocked. Instead of protesting, get a hold of your Senators and Representatives and have them work on legislation to protect once and for all. law. That would be the best way to show your displeasure with this decision. Don’t get mad…………get even.

      1. It was………not arguing that. Merely laughing at the hypocrisy. I say, time to get Congress to protect them once and for all. Protesting is a waste of time……… your Congress folks to pass the Dream Act. Make it law………I am cool with that.

        1. Yet you celebrated DACA’s passage. So you’re laughing at your own hypocrisy, then. Awesome!

          Trump’s EO puts us back to square one then. Reboot.

    2. It’s not a President’s job to do a lot of what they do. That’s what happens when you applaud enormous power grabs for 8 years.

      1. problem with the wall is he can’t do it.

        his such an idiot.

        he has no clue about politics or policy. He’s vapid and shows no capacity to learn.

        he is what he is, a think skinned, vindictive, narcissistic personality disordered, hot headed, short attention spanned, belligerent, deceitful pathological liar that knows how to con the victim mentality ppl. He’s been milking them for years. he had to settle trump u for $25 million after he won.

        He has no real policy.

        Too bad the GOP doesn’t either. GOP’s are disliked failures. They spent so long out of power, they became nothing more than a bunch of excuses for hating obama.

  11. Merc…………Mike Rowe is an awesome dude…….and yes he has been championing the trades for years……..more people should. We are neglecting many of our trades. I think a good trade school is as good as any college.

  12. RW……….the Dem Congress did try like hell to pass it. It was filibustered in the Senate by the GOP. It seems you forgot that part of history. Probably never covered in your Op Eds. :)

    We should have pushed for the majority only vote back then, like the GOP did now. Oh well……….lesson learned for when we get Congress back.

    1. *snicker* It was Reid’s Senate that started us down this 50 vote slippery slope. Forget that did you?

    2. Yep, they are the party of no and hell no.

      They are a grab bag of excuses for hating obama and rejecting everything he did or said… and making a bunch of other crap up too

      Trump promised impossibilities wrapped in altitude/platitude … and it was almost all those.

  13. Just added some numbers in my head –
    Average american christian spends 200k give or take on their church over their money making lifetime .
    Average american scientologist spends a million …

    ( :) someones got the better business plan !!! :) :) :) )

    1. popes got a good scam going.

      atleast this one’s a cool guy :-)

      first pope in my life that i’d want to hang around with

  14. Grocery day again. Think I’ll quit eating. Just think , no going to the store , no cooking and clean up after, SAVE a heck of a lot of money. Seems groceries go higher in cost each week, income frozen in place.
    Thank goodness I don’t have the appetite I use to have when I was younger and more active than I am now.

  15. Hey u Florida guys, get yourself someplace safe and stock up with food and survival gear, gas… this is not a drill!

    Hurricane Irma has destroyed buildings and caused major flooding on several French island territories in the Caribbean.
    The four “most solid” buildings on Saint Martin, shared by France and the Netherlands, were destroyed, French Interior Minister Gérard Collomb said.
    Communications between Paris and Saint Martin and Saint Barthélemy are down.
    The category five hurricane, the highest possible level, has sustained wind speeds reaching 300km/h (185mph).

  16. All the “gotcha BS” out of some politician’s.
    Fires in many western states, Hurricanes in the south east . Devastation for many, with more to come.
    POLITIC’S be damn. Stand and work together.
    But I doubt very much that will be with some. To many self-centered people .For many, things go no further than bragging talk in front of camera’s.

  17. Killer Bees on the West Coast, sharks on the east coast…….Gaia be ticked off. Pele still is as well. :)

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