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8,399 thoughts on “September

  1. Mr President………..may we see the EVIDENCE of the sonic attack being done by Cuba. Have been burned by you before MANY TIMES. Basic fact is, 6 out of 10 Americans no longer believe you. So if you want us to buy into this, show us the proof.

    I mean, to any simple logic, the people that would be HURT most by this attack, would be the Cuban Government. But then again, I am only using common sense, not Trump’s Pundit Perception.

    So again Donnie…………..evidence please? Otherwise, I don’t believe you.

  2. For the record Mr Trump, President Obama DID call the families of the fallen, as have all recent Presidents. Next time, DO SOME FRIGGING RESEARCH BEFORE you have a press conference. Robin, this is why I have no trust in this man. He routinely states flat out falsehoods. I know all Presidents have at times, but this guy does it several times A DAY. No one can trust anything he says.

    1. Just checked………..NOT ONE WORD on Fox about Mr Trump’s false claim about former Presidents. So the viewer who ONLY watches Fox is now convinced that Obama and former Presidents did NOT call the families of the fallen. And they will believe it, until Fox or Trump tells them different. It is hard to break thru to folks who are being that manipulated. Not asking anyone to give up Fox or ban it (I am not Trump, I like a free media), I only ask Conservatives to watch some other media as well as Fox. Even a main network evening news broadcast It is will be good for ya. If you ONLY watch ONE source of news, you will NOT know the whole story on any issue.

      1. And of course the Fox hosts did not bother to point it out, during their glowing after press conference review. Talk about a media bias. Wow.

  3. And as we all may have been remiss in not honoring their sacrifice, Godspeed to those valiant troops who feel fighting evil.

  4. Mr President, you said the letters to the family were sent, and are going out soon. Are they Shrodinger’s letters? Have they gone out or not. For future reference, this is FAR more important to respecting the veterans, than standing for an anthem. If someone falls in your service, acknowledge it, immediately, please. They and the nation deserve it. Not slamming you too much on this……handling the loss of troops is something NO President can be trained how to handle. I pray he does not have to do it often. I truly do.

      1. Did not mean to lighten the topic……….but did not want to seem outraged either. I am NOT criticizing the President’s response to the loss of the troops at all. There is NO right way to handle that. But I do fault him for ad libbing about former Presidents inaccurately. He needs to QUIT speaking off the cuff. Often, he is wrong Not malevolent…….just plain wrong.

        1. I saw some pretty good video evidence over the weekend that showed when he Ad Libs it’s usually when he misreads a word on the TelePrompter . Not sure if it’s on youtube , but if it is , it’s really interesting

  5. Trump should focus on what’s in front of him and not what other Presidents may or may not have done.

    Thinking before he speaks isn’t a core competency.

    1. Common Ground…….but I will cut him some slack on this. Learning how to deal with the deaths of folks you have sent into harms way is something no one can be trained for. Hardest part of being POTUS I would think.

  6. Thud
    October 16, 2017 at 15:30
    so hooray for CTE!!!
    who cares! it’s FUN

    No one lives forever so enjoy life while you’re alive. 2 concussions and 3 broken joints, still skiing/boarding. Been charged/rolled by 4 cows this year alone, still gonna calf the herd next year.

    Are you asking me, a guy who risks his life and makes thousands, to feel bad for a guy who risks his life and makes millions? ?? I mean….I’ll trade him jobs/athletic ability, straight up.

      1. no nanny state not recommending it be banned or anything, just want shame ppl into not watching ppl destroy their lives for a few minutes of your entertainment …

        and not let their kids play the game that has a 30% chance of essentially causing Alzheimer by 50 years old. Stop kids playing, leads to drop off in college players, which makes nfl pool much smaller… let it die on the vine.

        or just go ahead and bring back gladiators :-)

        1. “Not let” sure sounds like a ban to me. You’re just killing it off over time….”let it die on the vine.”

          But I’m sure that’s just word games, right?

          How about we educate people and let them (parents) decide for themselves? Such a radical idea. “Smoking causes cancer” sound familiar at all?

  7. Hey Galt . Shoot me a text and/or gimme a good email . I have an idea for an essay here , and maybe we can calibrate??


  8. :)

    Gotdam I wish I liked trump !! He is a muthereffer !! He says the dumbest shit . That press conference was priceless !! But I see why trumptards would like it !! :) :)

    1. EA, President Trump is not the only person to say ignorant things. Hear it constantly on TV and read it daily on CG , coming out of certain mouths in particular. In fact some of the left get more ignorant with each post. Didn’t think it was possible, I was wrong .
      So much of the quick fix and feel good BS out of to many unthinking people. No stopping to reason through things ahead of time.
      Not a one of us knows all, some may think they do but they couldn’t be more wrong.
      There is a lot of ignorance around, don’t believe it has missed anyone. President Trump is not alone. NOT BY A LONG SHOT.

  9. Trump effed up with this ‘ previous presidents didn’t call /meet /write gold star fams .. what a dbagg u guys voted for

  10. No one has summed it up better, although many of us have said the same over the years. This, from a former Governor of Maryland:

    …Colin Kaepernick’s original decision to take a knee was a direct response to police shootings of African-Americans. We know this because Kaepernick said so. Immediately thereafter and continuing to this very day, however, the police indictment has been enlarged to include a more general critique of the criminal justice system’s treatment of African-Americans. We know this because many of the kneeling players have said so.

    That the former charge rests on thin evidence is a matter of fact. Despite a persistent media narrative to the contrary, the statistics (as compiled by the Washington Post and various other media sources as well as the federal government) show that police killings and brutalizations of African-Americans are quite rare. Infrequent but highly sensationalized exceptions do not prove the rule.

    With regard to the latter, troublesome facts abound. A disproportionate number of African-American children are raised in poor households. Fatherlessness continues to be endemic (much as it is for poor white children). And far too many minority kids raised in deep poverty are sentenced to dysfunctional public schools, schools that fail them. As a result, African-American children are over-represented in the juvenile and adult correctional systems. These are uncontroverted facts and deserving of serious debate regardless of one’s political affiliation…

    All part of ‘that conversation’ (and FACTS) that no one wants to talk about.

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