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  1. So, who gets the blame? My vote is the Democrats in trying ‘to add’ and ‘to force’ unrelated legislation into the bill. Legislation that should be dealt with separately:

    …Lawmakers in both parties were confident they would avoid blame, but it’s unclear precisely whom the public will fault if a shutdown does occur. Democrats’ main demand remains a solution for Dreamers – the immigrants brought to this country illegally as children who gained protected status under an executive order from President Obama, which Trump rescinded, effective in March. Eighty-seven percent of respondents supported protected status for those immigrants, including an overwhelming majority of both Democrats and Republicans, according to a CBS News poll.

    But only 46 percent said it was worth shutting down the government over those immigrants’ status. For the minority party, the poll provided a serious dilemma: More than half of Democratic respondents said the issue was worth shutting down the government, but 37 percent said it wasn’t. Independents were split almost down the middle.

    In a Quinnipiac poll, blame for a shutdown was closely split: 21 percent would blame Trump most; 32 percent would blame congressional Republicans most; and 34 would blame congressional Democrats. Those percentages remained relatively stable for independent voters…

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