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  1. Pretty easy to call someone a coward if you have never ran into a firefight. I think the cop froze…….but Donnie, as you have NEVER had to face any risk to life or limb, don’t think your qualified to comment on the man.

    I think this cop will live with his lack of action forever……..would imagine he is on a suicide watch. Cannot be an easy thing to live with.

    1. How do you know whether or not he’s face a life or death situation, or potential loss of limb? Jesus Christ dude.

      Like I’ve already said, this is why you have a security FORCE, not a single person dependency. Round and round we go……

      We dance around a ring and suppose. But the secret sits in the middle…..and knows. – Robert Frost.

    2. Everyone will be the judge of that themselves. However, there is a higher expectation here, there always will be. They’re ‘entrusted’ like no other to serve and protect. Just as the FBI is.

    3. Pretty easy to call someone a coward whose job and training are “to protect and serve”, and only protects himself.

    1. No fever and they think the pneumonia was a false alarm but treating with antibiotics anyway. I just got home after being ‘jailed’ for 7 days.

      I’ll be on anticoagulants for 3 months due to the small clot.


        Nothing like your own bed and no one pinching and probing you at all hours of the day and night.

        I think of you every day and wish you the best and for a full recovery. As I do Gordon…but shhhh…..don’t tell him that. LOL!!! 😀

  2. A long time coming. Wonder if it was the CNN Townhall that pushed his numbers here?

    President Trump Job Approval

    Rasmussen Reports
    Approve 50, Disapprove 49
    Approve +1

    1. Even funnier:

      Friday, February 23, 2018

      The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows that 50% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-nine percent (49%) disapprove.
      This is the president’s highest job approval rating since mid-June of last year. President Obama earned 45% approval on this date in the second year of his presidency.

      1. I think the tax cuts helped, and the way they were handled.

        GOP and Trump — these cuts will specifically help the middle class. True.

        Dems and MSM — Tax cuts for the rich!!! Crumbs!!! SCREEECH…!!!


  3. For a week now, this song has been in my head.
    I believe the children are our are future
    Teach them well and let them lead the way
    Show them all the beauty they possess inside
    Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
    Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be

    Everybody searching for a hero
    People need someone to look up to
    I never found anyone who fulfill my needs
    A lonely place to be
    So I learned to depend on me

    I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone’s shadows
    If I fail, if I succeed
    At least I’ll live as I believe
    No matter what they take from me
    They can’t take away my dignity
    Because the greatest love of all
    Is happening to me
    I found the greatest love of all
    Inside of me
    The greatest love of all
    Is easy to achieve
    Learning to love yourself
    It is the greatest love of all

    I believe the children are our future
    Teach them well and let them lead the way
    Show them all the beauty they possess inside
    Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
    Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be

    And if by chance, that special place
    That you’ve been dreaming of
    Leads you to a lonely place
    Find your strength in love

  4. Leftybill
    February 23, 2018 at 12:28
    a veteran police officer can freeze at the thought of entering a firefight, what do you think a teacher, with minimal training and a classroom of kids to look after is going to do?


    since they’re different people with different backgrounds, situations, and thought processes…. I guess, you have no way of knowing.

    I do find a giant flaw in the “left” saying this is an example of a “good guy with a gun” not working. If your example of a “good guy” is someone who freezes in action, you need to rethink your definition of a good guy.

    1. He definitely was not a good guy on that day. That’s for sure.
      Let us remember, and student say the shooter taking out his gun. The shooter told him to get out of there. He did and told the coach there was a shooter.

      If that coach had a fire arm, it would have ended right there.

  5. Leftybill
    February 23, 2018 at 12:30
    I do not understand the adoration ya’ll have for the NRA.

    I don’t adore them at all. My father-in-law is a lifetime member, and he told me not to join…. why? Because, like every lobby group, they flood the s*** out of your mailbox with flyers for donations, events, and other things they “need”.

    I go to the “friends of the NRA” dinner here in town, usually buy a raffle ticket for their loaded gun safe, or their gun raffles, but I’ll be da**ed if I’m giving my information out to a group so they can waste my time with junk mail.

    Same goes with pheasants forever, Ducks unlimited, sierra group, etc

      1. big $$$$ hunting trips to super expensive lodges.

        which were more than likely just recreations of bachelor parties under the pretense of “hunting”

        Although there are some super avid “hunters” out there. A bunch of guys come out here from CA for deer and pheasant hunting… every year with brand new Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shop gear.

    1. Just more of the same disingenuous nonsense. If you don’t join in hatred of the NRA, you adore them. If you don’t join in the Trump hate, you’re a Trumpie. If you think banning “assault weapons” won’t solve the problem, you’re a gun nut. If you disagree with open border policies, you’re a racist.

      Get in that little box and stay there, dammit!!!

      1. BINGO!!!!!

        They use this tactic to avoid having real, substantive discussions. When you solve the problems, you take away their leverage for votes.

      2. I dont want a gun , thats me , but I am SO GLAD there are men and women with the disposition to respectfully own and handle them . Given the state of the world , it only makes good sense

        1. But I have run into the fray a time or two , unarmed , with God as my instigator . But it was a given the moment, by courage from God that if I die , I die , was up to Him

        2. I don’t want a gun either Robin. But it is more than reassuring that others have them and know how to use if need be. The police just can’t protect the citizenry anymore. And government? Forget about it,

      3. Where have I heard this tactic before??? Hmmmmm……


        Why have reasonable discussion when you can just ridicule those who oppose whatever position you have that day?

  6. Come 2018 and 2020………time to show the NRA bobbleheads in Congress and the Oval Office, the door.


    doubt it, American attention span isn’t that long.

    This will be forgot about by the next election, and the deciding factor will be “xxxx slept with xxxx” or “xxxxx said something sexist 10 years ago”

    1. Sadly, this will be gone from the front page in two weeks. Nothing can bump Trump/Russia headlines for very long.

      1. Which, at least here, won’t have any traction against the gop either. All we’ve seen is that Russians meddled in the election, part of which involved the sanders and stein campaign. Micheal Moore’s anti-trump rally was Russian financed even.

        I’m really hoping for some sanity this election cycle…although I’ve been saying that since 2000 when I could vote first time.

      2. Or some other faux outrage du jour for the sake of being outraged.

        Our nation isn’t a joke because of Trump. It’s a joke because of how childish people are on serious issues.

        1. You know what really lights their hair on fire? You can get bright colored coatings for your guns, somehow making them super extra scary.

          1. I’m a fan of just classic wood look. Everyone likes the composite, but I’m anot old school guy. Which is probably why I’m living in a 1900s house.

            The worst thing ever created was pink camo…just. ..just no

          1. 2 pigeons, no coyotes seen today, been seein a couple around. Gonna have to get them before calving season starts.

  7. I can’t believe that people are actually using the feeble minded argument of ‘you value guns more than kids’.

    And the anti-gun crowd wonders why they get no traction and their ideas are mocked.

    1. It’s started with “if you think people who know guns should make gun laws. . . Then draw and label a female reproductive tract Mr GOP!!!”

      when I mentioned Ron Paul was a practicing OB for 20 years she got all pissed, and said “for every paul,there’s at least 2 todd akin’s”

      ….which the correct response is ” actually there were literally 2 Pauls (Ron and rand) for every Todd akin.”

      It’s one of the few times I’ve been over to Facebook, people are just acting insane right now.

      1. What’s amazing to me, he still doesn’t get it. And Ohio? They voted for Trump. Another one who’s as clueless as the day is long.

  8. Great to hear you’re back home Clown. I’m sure you’ve had your fill of hospitals for a long while! Rest and get well my friend.

  9. Gov.Ricketts offers Nebraska to host NRA of Dallas gets to pc and boots them out.

    That’d be awesome. I love tourist money!!!!

  10. LOL!! Trump doesn’t care you saw his bald spot, but still has that convoluted swirling thingamajigger going on. At least he can make fun of himself. I’ll give him that.

    1. He’s always had a sense of humor, they’re just too busy hating on him to see it. That, would only humanize him. Anything, but that.

      1. Indeed.
        Must keep up the rage…the rage capacitors can’t take much more Captain.
        Scotty…we need those rage capacitors at full force!
        Aye aye Captain…I don’t how much more she can take!
        I need those rage capacitors Scotty!!

        1. But Captain, if I give her any more I’m afraid the core will suffer a meltdown and we’ll get……oh no…….it’s happening Captain, we’re too late………AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

          My name is Hillary Clinton and I approve this message.

  11. Respectfully disagree here:

    Liz Peek: Obama’s legacy will be that he allowed Russia to ‘sow discord’ in the US

    His legacy will be his own 24/7 efforts in ‘sowing’ discord in the US. Not to mention the weaponization and corruption he oversaw in government. The worst President ever. A President who saw his own Country as the enemy. That, will be his legacy

    1. His legacy will be the first black president. Period.

      Only history nerds will delve deeper than that.

      1. That was only his cover for so many things. That’s a pretty empty resume to base someone’s supposed greatness on.

        1. That wI’ll be what he’s remembered for. Period.

          No one remembers Nixon as opening relations in China, they remember watergate.

          No one remembers hoover for his geological work, they remember the depression.

          No one, evidently remembers Japanese internment camps, and arguably unconstitutional orders by FDR, they remember WWII

          People, general people, only pick one main detail to remember presidents. Obama’s will be. . .he was black.


      2. I would respectfully disagree. Especially considering the disaster which followed him. I think providence will treat him well. Much better than Trump and the Trumpies. I think ya’ll will be remembered in history as a logic burb of our nation. :)

        1. You don’t think he’ll be remembered as the first black president?

          You think there’s something more historic that’ll treat him “better” than that?

        2. So now you’ve rendered judgement after one year? What happened to let’s wait until the end? You sure seem to be selective about what you’re willing to judge after just one year and what you adopt a wait and see approach for. Though it seems the things you wish to wait on are those most favorable now. Coincidence I’m sure. 😆

      1. Only because there was no clear explanation for attacking Trump and what he’s supposedly doing to the Census Bureau. Never happened, doesn’t exist, if you don’t report it. You’re ever get tired of it?

  12. I am very cool with Ivanka at the closing ceremony. She is the one Trump I like. Goodonya. And Goodonya to Team USA.

  13. Clownie………glad you are home. I don’t know about you, but there is something comforting about your own bathroom. Goodonya.

  14. Gov Scott pushing to raise the age to buy a rifle in Florida. Goodonya.

    If you cannot buy a Bud Light, should not be able to buy an AK.

    1. We’ll give you a multi-million dollar weapon of war of ours if you sign up, we’ll even force you to sign up for possible mandatory usage of those weapons, and we’ll allow you to pick the leader of the free world (sort of pick….I mean…it is Florida after all), but you can’t buy your own weapon,son. #FloridaLogic

      1. Being a decent man I am willing to compromise Senator Merc. We make the age to buy a beer or a rifle to be 20? :)

        1. I must admit to being a sinner. I have bought several beers for troops under the age of 21, after returning for deployment. I throw myself on the mercy of the court.

        2. How about we just get some consistency across our laws and what we “allow” people to do.

          If they’re old enough to vote and kill for their country, why can’t they have a beer and out purchase their own firearms?

          1. ex cheerleader and dancer ,.. lived out west in a back to the land area of new agers , I got sore eyes from rolling them too much :)

            Right brained northern girl , artist and poet , hard working , down to earth , ” that way is up , right ? ” …

    2. But we will allow you to serve in Iraq/Afghanistan where you may lose your life or a limb to a terrorist.

      It isn’t so much about age as it is law enforcement doing their jobs and training.

      Now if you want to propose training for those under 21 I think I could support that. The NRA already has the infrastructure to do it.

  15. Suzanne posted this earlier I believe.

    The man who went to London to met with Steele and then delivered the Dossier to McCain (Who ‘unwittingly’ becomes part of it. I’m giving McCain the ‘benefit of the doubt’ here).

    Meets with an ‘unregistered’ foreign agent to impact a US election result in London, paid for, and by, the DNC and Hillary’s Campaign and then exercises ‘the fifth’ when Congress comes ‘a calling’.

    Questions with no answers, until a point and time comes when all will be answered one way or another. What exactly is there ‘to fear’ or to ‘incriminate him’ here? Should be easy to tell the truth for once one would think, unless of course, there’s something to hide. Seems no one wants to talk about the Dossier for some reason. Ever wonder why?

  16. Leftybill
    February 23, 2018 at 13:37
    Pretty easy to call someone a coward if you have never ran into a firefight. I think the cop froze…….but Donnie, as you have NEVER had to face any risk to life or limb, don’t think your qualified to comment on the man.
    I think this cop will live with his lack of action forever……..would imagine he is on a suicide watch. Cannot be an easy thing to live with.


    I’m pretty sure I’m qualified to comment on this one!

    Yes this Officer will have to live with his actions for the rest of his life, I hope it burdens him and he never gets another good nights sleep. Cowards deserve to suffer.

    He was a coward, anyone armed who knows there are undefended children under fire and doesn’t push forward and find the shooter is a coward. He not only deserves to lose his job but his pension as well. He failed when he was asked to step up and “Protect and Serve” the children he was there to protect.

    As far as him being on suicide watch, LOL, apparently he can’t be in the same room as a gun being fired so I’m pretty sure he is safe.

  17. It’s official !! Rick gates has been flipped and agreed to talk to mueller about the time from 2015 to January 2017 ! Hmmm what happened between 2015 and January 2017 ??? Anybody here know the answer ?? … I do


    Talking point of indictments being pre trump campaign ….



    1. Still waiting for any indication of collusion or any impeachable offense would do.

      My reality is that if there is something he deserves what he gets. Same with any politician regardless of party or ideology. None of those smug power whores should get a pass.

          1. we still dont know what will happen to Toto , I used to ask my mom but got no satisfactory answer !

            Welcome back Mr Kotter . :)

  18. Hard to believe that this was written by one of CNN’s daily Trump Bashing partisans. It’s the way it was ended that really surprised me.

    …But, what Gates knows — and about who — is the $1 million question at the moment. If Gates’ knowledge is limited to the deals he and Manafort did with Ukraine, that’s one thing. If Gates has enough knowledge to convince Manafort that he’s out of options and needs to cooperate with Mueller, that’s something else entirely.

    It’s the difference between small-to-medium potatoes and very, very big ones. Stay tuned.

    And for me, and for many others, including ABC today, it’s all about Manafort’s dealings, the same deals that the brother of Hillary’s Campaign Manager was involved with in the Ukraine as a lobbyist himself. And if I recall correctly, even in tandem with Manafort at one point.

    1. I will wait for the full Mueller Report. And continue to monitor the indictments. Not review Op Eds.

      1. You can start with the one below then. Monitor away Bud. They’re all starting to converge in saying the same thing for once. It’s a sham in even calling it a Trump/Collusion Russian Investigation at this point.

  19. It’s all about Manafort. The Times actually did a pretty good job here other than a few areas where they took some liberty in injecting opinion. Didn’t know though that Gates had only stayed on until November 8th, 2016, and that Bannon was the one that wanted him as part the campaign.

    Sorting through it all? Let them sum it up:

    …Court records detail a byzantine scheme he and Mr. Manafort employed from about 2006 to 2015 in which they funneled millions of dollars they earned from their work as political consultants in Ukraine into shell companies and foreign bank accounts. The men worked in various capacities with Viktor F. Yanukovych, the onetime president of Ukraine and a longtime ally of President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia…

  20. OAN Newsroom
    UPDATED 10:48 AM PT — Fri. February 23, 2018

    State lawmakers are crying foul after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court redrew voter district maps earlier this month.

    This gross overstep of power prompted a group of eight state representatives to file a lawsuit Thursday that will likely see the case brought before the supreme court.

    “This is a usurpation of power by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and we’re hoping that the United States Supreme Court will stay it,” stated Representative Mike Turzai.

    Gerrymandering is a word that has been used by both Republicans and Democrats in Pennsylvania.

    The map recently declared unconstitutional by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court was considered the most gerrymandered in the country. While Republican lawmakers agreed to redistricting by having the legislature work with the Democrat governor, the state court took it upon themselves to redraw the Pennsylvania map to favor Democrats ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.”

  21. Fort……….surely you must know of vets, combat vets, who have even after two previous tours, freeze. Sometimes just takes time to hit. I would say this action of the officer was “cowardly”, but I do not know the whole history of the man, or his career, therefore reluctant to call him a coward. Sometimes folks………even brave folks freeze. But yes, the action was cowardly at the face for sure. I honestly do not think this man will be alive much longer. I mean, hard to imagine being able to live with it.

    But my main anger is still directed at the scumbag who pulled the trigger on all those kids.

    Fair enough Compadre.

    1. Yes………… are most qualified to comment on it. I mean, have you ever heard of a veteran pilot freezing?

    2. Might want to direct some of that anger toward the many levels of law enforcement that totally dropped the ball on this. WTF good is see something, say something ( which many apparently did) if the response is do nothing?

  22. …If Steele was employed by Deripaska or by his lawyer to do work on his behalf, it is likely to cast the dossier he allegedly authored in a new light.

    In January, Deripaska filed a lawsuit against Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s former campaign-convention manager—the latest chapter in an ongoing nine-year business dispute between the two men, in which Deripaska has alleged that Manafort failed to properly account for more than $20 million in investments and fees from a 2008 business deal between the two men. In 2014, Deripaska took legal action against Manafort in the Cayman Islands…

    Seems to align with Mueller’s findings (Read the Times piece a couple of posts above): “A nine-year business dispute” that wasn’t properly accounted for.

    What a murky World lobbyists live in. And if Muller intends to go after all of them as he as Manafort, he’ll be indicting everyone single one of them in DC.

    Like I’ve said before, how will he play his cards and will it include equal justice under the law for all?

    1. Gates, Manafort, Flynn all lobbyists for a foreign Country, Podesta too. What separates them from each other? NO indictment for Podesta who himself was a lobbyist for the same Ukrainian government that Manafort lobbied for.

      I don’t recall, but someone who also may have also registered as a actor/agent for a foreign Country ‘after the fact’ as so many of them seem to do. I’m watching you Mueller as everyone should. All part of this story as it unfolds.

    1. I’m pretty sure that California is one of those off to the races here. I’m fairly certain I read a blurb about it the other day.

    1. 51% Trump approval, whereas Obama was 45% for that same day in his second year. We’re getting there.

        1. Now, if we could rid ourselves of 25-33% of Trump haters. Loud, vile and proclaiming themselves as a majority as they always do.

  23. hey lb

    all the monkeys arent in the zoo
    every day you see quite a few
    so you see its all up to you
    you could be better than you are
    you could be swingin’ on a star


  24. “Actress and comedienne Nanette Fabray, a three-time Emmy Award winner, who’s credits include the TV series “Your Show of Shows” and “One Day at a Time,” and films such as “The Band Wagon,” has died. “Fabray also appeared as moms (of Mary Tyler Moore’s character) on CBS’ The Mary Tyler Moore Show and (of real-life niece Shelley Fabares’ character) on ABC’s “Coach.” And on a 1977 episode of CBS’ “Maude,” she was memorable as a high-school friend of Bea Arthur’s character who had a stroke. An excellent singer and tap dancer — she received a lesson or two from Mr. Bojangles (Bill Robinson) — Fabray won a Tony Award for best actress in a musical for starring in “Love Life” (1949), directed by Elia Kazan and choreographed by Michael Kidd. …”

    ( Chgo Suntimes )


    seems like the old guard is getting way too thin . God speed to the Aunt of Shelly Fabres ( i did not know that .. )

    1. Good stuff Robin, where does one even start? Just be glad that both House and Senate are concerned enough to investigate it.

      Some real standouts here.

      So much, overlooked by so many. And so many Ukrainian connections with the DNC. Even McCain has them. It’s more than just a swamp, it’s a cesspool.

      Sally Yates a real stand out here herself, she’s the one who delivered the two FBI agents to speak with Flynn at the Oval Office. The very man who questioned him, the very person and his FBI Lawyer girlfriend we’ve heard so much about. The same guy who interviewed Hillary. She gets a pass from him, and he sets up Flynn for lying to the FBI, which never has really made any sense.

      And then, there’s Sally Yates defying one of Trump’s instructions, which was perfectly within his bounds as President. All of which generated a tweet from Mueller’s Top Lieutenant, which was not just a tweet, but more so a standing ovation for defying Trump.

      So much to be gleaned here and so many blanks yet to fill in. Things that go right to Obama himself. In fact, there’s one even listed in timeline with Cheryl Mills. So much corruption, and what’s even worse, Mueller’s more than likely probably even part of it.

      1. Got to give Sharyl attkisson some additional credit here Robin as she was drummed out of CBS for just that, ‘Investigative’ Reporting. Even the Government hacked her computers to see what she knew. Investigative Reporting it turns out is on their terms, and no one else’s. And some, still to this day, think nothing of it. Doesn’t even matter how blatant or in your face it is. Their ‘lies’ overrule all.


    Some of the first analysis of the Dems Memo. As always, I like to read the posts that follow. Always looking for the diamonds in a garbage strewn field more often than not. A couple caught my eye. This, among them:

    I was part of the Intel community and my sources say Sessions is going to appoint a special council once the IG report comes out in about two weeks. My sources are very credible and you can take that to the court. Better lawyer up Dems.

    Mark your calendars. We’ll see if his sources are real or not. But one thing for sure, the Inspector General’s report is real and forthcoming. Looking forward to it.

    1. Hi Dottie , looking for the sun , its coming with crocus and birds ( birds already starting to sing out strong )
      I always loved rain in the evening , not so much during the day though .

  26. Good morning !

    For God So Loved
    15that everyone who believes in Him may have eternal life. 16For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that everyone who believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him.…
    ( John 3 : 16 )

    Isaiah 9:6
    For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us; And the government will rest on His shoulders; And His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.

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