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  1. Democrats are heading toward some big losses in this fall’s midterm Senate races, polls say

    If midterm elections were held today, five Senate Democrats would lose to Republicans, according to new surveys by Axios/SurveyMonkey.

    In six of the 10 states with seats up for grabs, President Trump’s approval rating is higher than his national rating.
    The election is still months away and several Republican candidates have yet to be named, so these numbers will most likely change.

    Ashley Turner | @Ashley_MTurner
    Published 15 Hours Ago Updated 11 Hours Ago

    Things can always change for the worse, and I’m sure they will on their current course. They seem to have no clue. Iceberg, dead ahead.

    1. Wow……just because one poll from Survey Monkey (great source by the way), you come to this firm conclusion. Well, I see your one poll, and I raise you 10 of them. :)

      RCP Average 2/9 – 3/6 — 46.2 37.3 Democrats +8.9
      Rasmussen Reports 3/1 – 3/4 1000 LV 46 40 Democrats +6
      Economist/YouGov 3/4 – 3/6 1310 RV 43 37 Democrats +6
      Quinnipiac 3/3 – 3/5 1122 RV 48 38 Democrats +10
      Monmouth 3/2 – 3/5 708 RV 50 41 Democrats +9
      Reuters/Ipsos 3/2 – 3/6 2927 A 38 31 Democrats +7
      USA Today/Suffolk 2/20 – 2/24 1000 RV 47 32 Democrats +15
      CNN 2/20 – 2/23 909 RV 54 38 Democrats +16
      Marist 2/20 – 2/21 819 RV 46 39 Democrats +7
      Harvard-Harris 2/16 – 2/19 1934 RV 41 36 Democrats +5
      PPP (D) 2/9 – 2/11 687 RV 49 41 Democrats +8

      1. I am guessing these will all be found to be faulty, by Trumpies though.

        I though you said JUST YESTERDAY that polls go up and down, and mean little. But……………but……………but.

        Dude……….you are a hoot. :)

        1. Yeah, no lessons learned in 2016 obviously, except for Gallup who saw ‘the writing on the wall’ and doesn’t participate in Presidential polling anymore.

          I don’t even think they participate in what you try to convince yourself of here.

          They gave their reasons too. Guess polls aren’t as accurate anymore, you might even say difficult (as Gallup did) in getting any type of true and accurate readings.

          You use the best you can from those companies who more often get it right than not, or all the other things that portray accuracy or as Galt would say, triangulate.

          Your continual driving in the dark only proves one thing to me, your driving in the dark. Just like in 2016.

          I might add one other thing too, these were very ‘specific races.’ Your argument is not, it’s not even apples to apples. What’s new, right?

  2. Good to hear Disney’s finally being called out for things they should have a long, long time ago:

    ABC News’ “The View” star Joy Behar has reportedly apologized for recent comments that mocked Vice President Pence’s Christian faith.

    Disney CEO Bob Iger said during the Q&A portion of a shareholder meeting on Thursday that Behar apologized directly to Pence on the phone.

    A source close to Pence confirmed to Fox News that Behar did apologize.

    The shareholder who asked the question was Justin Danhof, who is the general counsel for the National Center for Public Policy Research. Danhof told Iger that some of Disney’s recent decisions are “strange when trust in media is at an all-time low” and referred to Disney’s ESPN as a “24/7 anti-Trump tirade channel” before bringing up the Behar controversy.

    “What do you say to the tens of millions of Christians, and President Trump supporters, that your networks have so blatantly offended and ascribed hateful labels?” Danhof asked. “Specifically, do you think, like Mrs. Hostin and Mrs. Behar, that the Christian faith is akin to a dangerous mental illness?”

    1. I know, the fact they are cool with Gay Days bugs the crap out of you. I would not have apologize. The way you Trumpies and Fox insult Muslims and other groups daily, I think you all have no right to bitch.

      Holier than thou, sanctimonious horse crap. And for the record the kind of Christianity that Trumpies follow has NOTHING to do with the teachings of Christ. Most are in conflict with it. I would tell the Trump Evangelicals to climb off their imaginary high horse.

      1. Hmmm….trying to remember me insulting Muslims…hmm……I think you’ve lost your mind. I feel really sorry for you. Maybe an MRI scan of your brain is in order.

    2. Good old State Sponsored Media (Fox)………keeping the Conservative parrots outrage stoked, and practicing hypocrisy on a level not seen since the Inquisition.

  3. Leftybill
    March 8, 2018 at 16:43
    Well……….what happens when you surrender influence in the world, as our reality tv President has done. Hope there is not a major trade war. Because I honestly do not think anyone would be on our side. So far, our President insulted Europe, insulted Australia, dissed NATO, pulled out of the TPP, pissed off the Muslims nations with bans and embassy moves, called South America and Africa S..holes, Crawdaded on the Iran deal, and pull the rug on our closest neighbors. I honestly cannot think of any place in the world where our image is up…………..maybe Israel, but only while Bibi stays out of jail.
    On his campaign goal to improve America’s image in the world, Donnie Dipstick has bombed……….bombed badly.


    If the choice is between being liked because I can be treated like a door mat or respected because I have the balls to stand up for my country, I’ll take respected every time.

    The UN and many of our so called friends have treated us like their piggy bank and a door mat at the same time for years. Glad to see we finally have a President that’s willing to stand up for America and give the finger to the global community so many would like to give control over us (cough….Obama).

  4. Well we’re living here in Allentown
    And they’re closing all the factories down
    Out in Bethlehem they’re killing time
    Filling out forms
    Standing in line
    Well our fathers fought the Second World War
    Spent their weekends on the Jersey Shore
    Met our mothers in the USO
    Asked them to dance
    Danced with them slow
    And we’re living here in Allentown

    But the restlessness was handed down
    And it’s getting very hard to stay

    Well we’re waiting here in Allentown
    For the Pennsylvania we never found
    For the promises our teachers gave
    If we worked hard
    If we behaved
    Not anymore baby!!!

  5. Although it’s VERY, VERY premature….I bet there are a lot of Trump Haters secretly freaking out over the NK developments.

    This would be one of the greatest things to happen since the unification of Germany.

  6. In February, construction employment increased by 61,000, with gains in specialty
    trade contractors (+38,000) and construction of buildings (+16,000). Construction
    has added 185,000 jobs over the past 4 months.

    Manufacturing added 31,000 jobs in February. Within the industry, employment rose
    in transportation equipment (+8,000), fabricated metal products (+6,000), machinery
    (+6,000), and primary metals (+4,000). Over the past year, manufacturing has added
    224,000 jobs.

    Employment in mining rose by 9,000 in February, with most of the increase in support
    activities for mining (+7,000). Since a recent low in October 2016, mining has added
    69,000 jobs.
    So much for manufacturing or mining NEVER coming back. Great construction numbers too.

    1. Cool………..your ballyhooing a lot for a short period of evaluation. I will see if last for a longer period before I cheer. I also want to see the impact of a possible trade war……which I anticipate some retaliatory strikes heading our way soon. But I do love to see good job numbers.

      1. It’s been over a year. We’ve surpassed your first imposed deadline of 6 months…so go ahead, move the goal posts so that you can continue your ignorance and rage.

        1. You don’t really expect to ever see credit given to Trump by the Rabid Dogs, do you? No different than the crowd who refused to ever give Obama credit for anything. Bill would prefer to behave like those he mocked and belittled for eight years. Deja vu all over again.

  7. Hey, If the President can get a deal with Kim, I will kudo him for it. I will advise him, that North Korea excels at making deals, but sucks at honoring them. Plus, no matter what happens diplomatically, I will not change my position on “Kimchi”. Rotten cabbage that has been buried is not food.

  8. SSSCzar

    March 8, 2018 at 16:39

    Not true. One armed guard, who froze. Single dependency security is a flawed model. You need a force, not one guy.

    really, a force consisting of what………part time trained teachers. You really think folks rush in blasting……….seriously?

    Look back at good responses…

    Pulse – Armed Deputy on duty…….did not rush in. Police stayed outside for a period, set a plan, then went in.
    Las Vegas – Many armed police in the area, but the swat did NOT rush the hotel room, but formulated a response, by which time the shooter killed themselves.
    Parkland – Armed, trained deputy on duty
    Columbine – Armed, trained deputy on duty.
    Aurora, Colorado – Several armed deputies working in the Mall, called for back-up, none rushed into the theater.

    I cannot believe you think this group of a few teachers who volunteer and attend the very basic course, are going to operate like some awesome quick response team. Your dreaming.

    1. I wonder what is going to happen the first time a cop for another town responds. Guess he is supposed to guess who is the good guy with a gun, and who is the bad guy.

      Seriously………………your “teacher tactical reponse force” is a ridiculous illusion.

      1. If trained deputies and military personnel can freeze, anyone can. Your plans for security are based on illusions, and old western movies. Not real tactics nor reality. Shrug

      2. No one said first time cops. More games.
        Show me my ‘teacher tactical response force’ keystrokes in any of my comments.

        I keep trying with you, but you revert back to playing games. Oh well. I know I’ve tried. No regrets on my part.

        1. I think his real problem is he believes every word uttered by the kooks at Bloomberg’s Everytown group even though They’ve proven again and again to be the problem and not the solution.

          1. Never heard of them. Well he should learn to type, those guys, not you guys. He needs to get right before it’s too late.

    2. No, not part time teachers. Security force. Nothing I’ve said is this confusing, so your game playing Gordon.
      What you fail to see, on purpose of course because you of all people should understand security so I know you’re playing games, is the point of entry. Secure the point of entry.

      Every example you provided except Las Vegas, was a point of entry issue.

  9. Just enough mistakes in the Dress Rehearsal to assuage the theater Gods, and portend a good Opening. :)

  10. On my trip to Hawaii, I want to see the magic grain from which King’s Hawaiian rolls come from. :)

  11. Hey EA…………….Happy Birthday. Carpe Diem. May your day be awesome, and memorable. :)

  12. Off to lunch. Joanne and I are trying a new Chinese Buffet that opened. God help me……….I love all you can eat buffets. I just wish I could eat more. But they do have soft ice cream. :)

    1. sugar and carbs are not so good for us . as a treat once in while , but good raw veggies are an acquired taste that can be achieved . Try light steamed ones with parm cheese on them ?

  13. jerzygirl

    March 8, 2018 at 16:52

    I’m fine, thanks. My weeping cherry is weeping though, because it’s a goner. And at least one gutter down. :-)

    Still too much snow to check around the complete exterior of the house but I think everything is ok.

    Glad you are okay. :)

    1. And there will be another round of screeching from the left over what will likely be an appointment similar to Gorsuch.

      If only Ginsburg would retire. She’s ancient.

  14. Thinking aloud here. Has anyone ever been curious as to why Pence has never been brought into or touched by this Russian nonsense? Everyone else, but Pence. Why?

    1. If Trump gets destroyed , Mike will be the next target . A target with no following or powerful demeanor .

      But . He has the faith that can move mountains . I feel for anyone in the activist kill zone

      1. the left is rabid with mob mentality . I hoped America was not able to be infected with that , but its human nature , and the reason for stated inalienable rights and the bill of rights that makes it clear

      2. It would be a losing proposition to attack Pence. It might go over well in their echo chambers, but another round of it for the Country, not so much. They’d only dig their own political graves deeper.

    2. The establishment likes Pence. He’d be a sure thing in 2020.

      The left fears a President Pence.

      1. Sounds like a real dilemma for them. Tar and feather Trump to damage his Presidency, but don’t take him out. Two men they fear for different reasons. Actually that makes quite a lot of sense Clown.

    3. He’s an established politician, he knows how to steer clear of unnecessary controversy.

      Also, people have him pegged as a crazy religious guy, so in their eyes there’s already a label to attack with.

  15. Happy birthday E. Enjoy some drugs for me since I’m back in NE and can’t have any legally.

    I’ll just listen to some James Taylor and Willy Nelson.

  16. Where does CNN find these dipshits??

    Lieutenant General Mark Hertling doesn’t know any more about the AR-15 than a 13 year old middle school girl. What the Fock is “fully semi automatic”? A weapon is either automatic (sometimes referred to as fully automatic) or semi automatic. Someone explain to him that an automatic weapon will send rounds down range as long as the trigger is held. A semi automatic will only fire a single round until pressure is released from the trigger and reapplied. The pistol he strapped on when he wanted to look like a real soldier was semi automatic.

    This azzhat doesn’t even know how to properly hold the weapon when firing it. The damn thing bounces off his shoulder every time it fires and his forward hand is way to far back. It’s a good thing for this azzhat he had a security detail once he made general because the only thing that kept him safe before that was the book cases in whatever office he stayed in. Hell if a real warrior saw him shooting like that he might be able to escape while they were laughing too hard to get off a clean shot.

    If you don’t know what the hell you are doing stay the Fock off TV you are making soldiers look bad.

    1. The second video seems to be a real soldiers critique of the generals understanding and use of the AR-15.

    2. The left loves to make up scary sounding terms no matter how absurd because they know their followers will eat it up and be frightened of the imaginary boogeyman they concocted.

    3. For those who don’t know.

      When adjusting the sights on your M-16/M-4 you shoot groupings of three rounds at 25 Meters with the group covered by the size of a dime before you adjust the sights. I’ll repeat, 3 rounds, 25 meters and grouped the size of a dime.

      This guy can’t hit the the target from that far.

      Another note, the reason for 25 meters is to ensure accuracy at 250 meters. The trajectory of the round is in the same plane at 25 and 250 meters with a rise between the two and a fall past 250. I qualified with 40 out of 40 hits at ranges from 25-300 meters using open sights, no scope.

  17. So now reports are that the school officer knew shots were from inside the building. :( I’m trying to remain calm……..

    1. Anyone who is armed and doesn’t run to the aid of unarmed kids is a damn coward.


    1. Me too.

      You can’t always get what you want, but you just might… get what you need.

      The most appropriate campaign song ever.

    2. In my case that wouldn’t be a very high bar. So maybe slightly. If he’d cut out the adolescent tweets and provable lies my opinion would improve more.

    3. I’m with Galt on this one. If He’s put down Twitter and stop with the blatant lies I might be able to like him a little.

      Will his ego let him is the question.

    4. It’s about the same here.

      I’m still waiting for this “bi-lateral negotiations” we’re supposed to have instead of TPP. Two of our biggest trading partners cut tariffs with agriculture competitors Australia and Canada, and we haven’t even started talks yet.

      Couple that with possible trade retaliation for the steel tariffs, and US farm commodities could be hit even harder.

  18. Trump pardons former Navy sailor imprisoned for taking photos on nuclear submarine, White House says
    LOL!!!! WOW!!!!!!!

    1. I’m going to disagree on that. Our nuclear subs are pretty tightly held secrets and the guy knew it and did it anyway.

      He put one of our key platforms at risk.

      1. Possible to get to that place again , laws being upheld all across the spectrum , but when we have at the highest levels govt . officials getting away with really bad breeches , then I dont want him punished . I want us to start at the swamp level , until then , this feels like not in Kansas anymore

        1. Even though I think we have way too many laws and laws which are unfair to certain classes of the citizenry, while the laws are there they need to be enforced at all levels otherwise we cease to be a nation of laws and instead become a nation of whims.

          If we become a nation of whims, you can bet I’ll be armed to the teeth. 😉

        2. Shouldn’t we just hold those in DC to the same standards as the rest of us, instead of the other way around? Given that there seem to be no standards in DC.

        3. Its the way I felt about it from the start , he was not a spy , he made a mistake , seems like jail was severe considering what we got going across the govt local and national . If he was really a spy , different . Jail was too much given the situation.
          Lets make the correct example of who is corrupting national security imo

  19. Opening Night………….off to Buenos Aires and the Casa Rosada, with Eva Peron. :)

  20. Triscuit
    March 9, 2018 at 11:58
    Even though you cheered every monthly report for 8 years with Obama. Hypocrite.


    Really, I think I recall merely posting…..”we are doomed, so doomed” as a the data showed differently, not so much cheered.

    And if you point out hypocrisy Clownie, it is amazing that the fact that the exact same BLS figures crapped on by the Conservatives for 8 years, are now gospel. Nope…………….the new CLownie radar does not pick up rightwing hypocrisy…………merely seems focused on me for some reason.

    But as you can see Clownie………….I think your selective hypocrisy radar is hypocrisy itself……………so shrug and yawn. Be cool though. :)

    1. None of them said “A Trump win won’t impact me at all.” Then started a 16 month long tantrum the next day.

      It’s just like you cheering every little improvement in the market for 8 years then radio silence since Trump took office. You’re a caricature of everything you complained about for 8 years.

      1. Shrug…………..and in your response, you still feel the need to rant at me.

        1. Just like you ranting at everyone and everything but the real issues.

          If you can’t take the heat…

          1. Maybe you need to use thinly veiled generic insults based on comments no one made, Clown. Apparently those aren’t personal. :roll:

      2. Oh I think it is your radar that is shifted my friend, but have no worries, all the conservatives here will say you are right, and make you feel better.

        But I know, and you know………that I am correct. You completely bypass the hypocrisy of the BLS figures being cheered by those who derided them, so again………..shrug. Not bothered by it……..kind of what you do now. Still like ya. Happy Weekend………….Carpe Beer. :)

      3. I had no idea Donnie Dipstick would be this bad. I will state my displeasure. If that bugs you…………shrug. Seems most things do these days. Be cool.

        1. Really? Because you were predicting the end of the country as we know it starting November 9.

  21. Yep………..the job figures are now golden and gospel……….the same ones that for 8 years every Fox pundit called tainted. Hilarious………….and not one of you bother to note that hypocrisy. Yeah…………..we are the ones in the bubble. Hilarious. Ya’ll send a postcard from in there. :)

    1. Yet you don’t see the epic hypocrisy in your own radio silence on everything you crowed about for 8 years on a monthly basis.

      All you’ve done for 16 months is bitch and whine because you didn’t get your way in an election. That’s a big part of why we aren’t respected in the world. We as a nation can’t lose with grace.

      1. Oh I do………..and I stated I am HAPPY for the job figures. Something the Conservatives here NEVER did. And again………….you attack me again. Seriously………let me know, when you bother to acknowledge it from the other side. If you do.

        Or just rail at me again…………….I am off to have some fun. :)

        1. I prefer trying to reach someone who, at least in the past, has shown to be open to changing their mind.

          I guess I’m wasting my time based on your responses. I’ll just call you lefty RW then from now on.

        2. Something the Conservatives here NEVER did.

          Complete fabrication. Why do you continue to make such claims? Dain brammage?

  22. Susanne……….on your teachers tactical response force………..your dreaming. As civilly and respectfully as I can, your dreaming. And the more soft targets are hit, the more you all will become more afraid, and demand more armed guards, until America looks like an armed camp. I pass. I prefer the old America when folks had backbones provided by nature, and not the NRA. But then again, back then conservatives were actual conservatives and Trumpies.

    I mean seriously, looking at the way this admin spends to call it Conservative is not just comedy, but farce. Watching the Trumpies is like watching a Twilight Zone episode. :)

    1. Why do you keep lying? Do you think people here don’t see your desperation for what it is?

      1. Okay…………be cool. Take care. I hope all is going well with you on the home front.

        I honestly do. But it seems you want to make everything personal today, and I have no wish to go there. Be good my friend…………..cheer up

        As to your point………..I disagree, and I still laugh at your inability to see hypocrisy flowing from the Clownie fountainhead. You should check it out, flowing like Niagra. :)

        1. Show the class where I’m a hypocrite. Is it simply because I don’t want to waste my time trying to convince people who have no intention of changing their mind and instead want to engage someone who used to be capable of considering other viewpoints?

          Are you admitting to being a lost cause?

    2. Susanne……….on your teachers tactical response force

      Another fabrication….you’re on a roll again!

    3. The “Old America”?

      You mean the one where kids got spanked, even by the neighbors when they deserved it, then by dad because you embarrassed the family when he got home? The one where principles had a paddle and didn’t hesitate to use it? The one where high school kids went to school with a rifle in the back window of the family pick up because he was going hunting after school and no one dared touch it? The one where kids respected their elders and used terms like sir and mam? The America where respect for the military and police was expected and demanded from the father.

      The America where fathers were expected to take care of their kids instead of the taxpayers? Where child birth out of wedlock was ridiculed and shot guns were used to make the father do the right thing by the mother and child? And lastly the America where a 2 parent, mother and father family was the norm not the exception. Yes 2 mommies or daddies don’t count as a real family.

      If that’s the America you are talking about, I miss it too!

        1. It’s the one I grew up in. Most of this comes from my own life.

          Remember clearly the day I got spanked by the neighbor, I deserved it, and when dad came home and the neighbor told him I got spanked again. Mom and the principle of discipline at my high school were on a first name basis, got more licks that I could count. I learned decisions have consequences, too many kids today don’t learn that lesson.

          1. We didn’t have a principal of discipline. We had nuns. And anything they doled out was far preferable to a phone call made to my house.

  23. For some lies seem to be a way of life. They find it impossible to be truthful. Truth is not in them.
    No guilt , no conscience within them, always playing a part, always on stage.
    Yes LB ,YOU. You belly ache about others always bring up your name. You post as a completely ignorant ass ,knowing it will get you attention. You must be on stage at all times being the conceded ass you are . :C

  24. To many years, with to many personalities that have walked through my life, still walking ,in one way or another. In person and in words.
    I keep seeing the people of my remembered depression and WW11 years. The VALUES, even of miner things today.

  25. The constant WHINING about President Trump. If it wasn’t him it would be someone else.People who always see others should look at themselves.
    Like LB, whining because he is brought up quit often on CG/ He brings it on himself by being the azz he is. Besides ,he loves the attention, but would prefer it was all kissing up to him. :roll:

  26. Have not seen President Trump GLOWNG with Holiness . For that matter no-one else. Yet some people talk as if he should be .
    NO ERRORS , President Trump is to do what some want , when they want it.
    That has never been from any President and never will be.

  27. Not only interesting, but a contradiction:

    The Takeaway: Democrats’ Favorability Falls

    By Tom Bevan
    RCP Staff

    March 09, 2018

    Intriguing tidbits from the week in election surveys and public opinion polls:

    The Lesser of Two Evils: There is good news and bad news for Democrats in the newest Quinnipiac University survey. The bad: The favorable rating of the Democratic Party has hit an all-time low. Just 31 percent of Americans say they view the party favorably, while 52 percent view it unfavorably. That’s a far cry from the 55 percent favorable rating the party enjoyed when Barack Obama took office in 2009. The good? Despite the drop in favorability, Democrats still enjoy a healthy advantage over Republicans on the generic ballot question. When asked which party they’d like to see win control of the House, 48 percent said the Democrats, 38 percent said the GOP, and 15 percent were undecided. Overall, Democrats lead the 2018 Generic Ballot by 8.9 percentage points in the RCP Average…

  28. Quietly happening in the background this week, and all the usual water carriers all trying to push back on the story, just like CNN is here:

    30 years with our Intelligence Agencies and 6 years undercover with the FBI reporting on the Russians and all the corruption going on in this Country. A smear campaign it’s being called against him. CNN puts it this way:

    The Democratic pushback against the whistleblower, which was released Thursday in a memo summarizing Campbell’s interview, is the most aggressive attempt yet by Democrats to undercut the Republican allegations of wrongdoing in the Uranium One case. Democrats made some similar claims in a letter last month from Rep. Elijah Cummings and Rep. Adam Schiff to two GOP chairmen of those committees and requested a transcribed interview with Campbell.

    “is the most aggressive attempt yet by Democrats to undercut the Republican allegations of wrongdoing in the Uranium One case”

    FYI. He was also interviewed by the FBI back in December of last year in Little Rock Arkansas where there’s s still an open ongoing investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

  29. So glad this ruhtarded ‘ voter fraud ‘ righty meme is going to court and the ‘ stats ‘ are gonna be shown to the court and judged .


  30. I keep waiting for the righties in here to show some spine and say trump doing the dastardly deed known as ‘ talking ‘ to leaders we don’t agree with is bad bad bad ! I mean when Obama wanted to talk to kim in 08 he was an idiot who was propping up a dictator . When Obama wanted to talk to Iran he didn’t have a clue about foreign policy. Now when trump spitballs to the South Korean entourage that he will talk to Kim , not a peep . Where are the hypocracy warriors at now ? The silence makes it even cuter when u guys attack elbie for being a hypocrite .

    1. I never said that about Obama wanting to talk to Iran (this site wasn’t even up in 2008) and I don’t trust Kimmy to keep his word, but if he and Trump talk we’ll see what happens. I suppose it’s a good sign that he says he’ll hold further nuke development, but there’s that trust thing again. I think economic sanctions, if enforced, will be more productive since the NK economy is for shit. But China.

      1. Let’s hope that the man has some common sense and ‘self preservation’ in mind here, because it’s the latter part that this is really all about.

    2. Unclench your fist and I will meet with you Obama’s message. Iran, here’s 150 billion dollars in ‘unmarked’ denominations. Clenched fist, middle finger and all. Not only are you a bit premature here, you’re signing on to those who won’t let anything good stand in their way of their hate of Trump. There is no comparison to Obama here, he’s in a class all his own. And history, is far from finished in writing his final legacy.

    3. I’ve never had a problem with any of our Presidents meeting with our so-called “enemies”, as long as it doesn’t involve a late night cash drop of palleted US dollars.

      Obama wasn’t looking too bad until arrogant Ben Rhodes admitted that the Iran dealings were all based on lies.

    4. Yeah………the conservatives here admit their hypscrisy???????????????? That is hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. Not going to happen…………..never happens. :)

  31. EA must be talking about this. It’s NO different in Florida. It’s been like that for years, all of it implemented under the Obama years. I guess it must have escaped their attention (and Holder’s) back then. I was shocked how tightened things were when I had to renew mine. I had to go back a second time to complete it. It may have been a hassle, but it was good to see that the government was taking CITIZENSHIP more seriously. There’s individual responsibility here.

    1. rassa……….frassa……Obama…..rassa…..frassa.

      Swear to God RW, if it was possible, Donnie Dipstick and the Trumpies would resurrect Bin Laden if they could.

      Your obsession with Obama borders something you can hang a diagnosis on. :)

        1. Not obsessed with you at all……….only the silly position you post. I mean, I read your link. NOT ONE WORD about Obama or Holder, or any massive Obama era conspiracy. ALL OF THAT is contained within the fantasy chamber you invented within yourself. I mean seriously…………..Obama and Holder are too blame, because they did not know about rules, that they would have canceled. :). I mean seriously………….you cannot make this twaddle up.

          1. No, not one word because it wasn’t about that. It was about EA’s earlier comment. I did reference that, didn’t I?

            I also added a ‘related’ observation I made myself and ‘experienced’ during the Obama years. I was actually quite impressed.

            Anything else you’d like ‘rewrite’ for me today?

          2. Yet, you had to toss in some asinine Obama twaddle………like I said, the obsession is yours. Honestly….you and Donnie must have been picked on by someone named Barry, the way your fixated. I bet you do not even know where Obama is now………most folks don’t care. Only those who need something to hate. Shrug

    2. Let me get this straight a case which is showing all this illegal voting hysteria is poppycock is Obama’s fault. Rules enacted to protect voting security which prove Korbach is a lying dipstick, are Obama’s fault, because he and Holder did NOT know about them to cancel them?

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH…………….you are hilarious………talk about a curvy logic trail. Hilarious. It is this kind of asinine logic that lies with the Trumpie. :)

        1. I am referring to YOUR words you typed less than 10 minutes ago. :)


          March 10, 2018 at 12:31

          EA must be talking about this. It’s NO different in Florida. It’s been like that for years, all of it implemented under the Obama years. I guess it must have escaped their attention (and Holder’s) back

          (Do you know recall what you typed????????????????????????) :)

  32. Seriously the way Fox on-air pundits continually attack all Muslims, and question their mental health, I would tell all those holier than thou Foxbots whining about Joy Behar to piss up a rope; That hypocrisy only flies in Trumperica.

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