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19,261 thoughts on “September

      1. There is some gossipy stuff floating , what happened to him maybe JG knows , but JG is a confidant of lots of peoples info , so he may not say much .
        I wondered too . And 45 , LB and 45 used to go at it , but they talked about military topics together .

        Hey , I have thought of you every single day . :)

  1. Here Robin, for a short time. Slept this afternoon.
    Read CG ,see the biggest imbecile of all continuestly calls others imbeciles.
    People ,who are so quick to judge others ,but it scares the hell out of them to take a hard look at themselves. We all have faults, some more so than others.

    1. HI !

      I just came in after a long day , I was hoping you had a chance to post

      Its useless to try to discuss policy right now , it ‘s not useful . Anyone who can discuss is probably not on line . I started on Fox with the hope of connecting with others with a purpose to find something above politics , and I did . I guess I will be pleased with what I got for now , and keep looking for openings for what is possible .
      I agree with your post knowing what you mean , and I am glad we are here on CG together . I was remembering from way back 2008 I saw your name :) posting . I saw RW , and Mart , right there where I mostly posted . You were a posting buddy without us ever saying so there .

      Have a good night , I will be back .


  2. PBS did an awesome documentary on the Erie canal.

    I was amazed by the social as well as economic benefits it gave. I also knew that such a project could never get done today.

  3. Republicans, it’s time to panic

    Corker’s “issues”? He has asserted that Trump requires constant handling to control his volatility: “I know for a fact that every single day at the White House, it’s a situation of trying to contain him.” Corker has accused Trump of lacking strategic thinking: “A lot of people think that there is some kind of ‘good cop, bad cop’ act underway, but that’s just not true.” Corker has called out Trump’s routine deceptions: “I don’t know why the president tweets out things that are not true.” Corker has talked of Trump’s vacuity: He acts “like he’s doing ‘The Apprentice’ or something.” Corker, who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has expressed the fear that Trump’s instability could lead to conflict: “We could be headed toward World War III with the kind of comments that he’s making.”

    It is no longer possible to safely ignore the leaked cries for help coming from within the administration. They reveal a president raging against enemies, obsessed by slights, deeply uninformed and incurious, unable to focus, and subject to destructive whims. A main task of the chief of staff seems to be to shield him from dinner guests and telephone calls that might set him off on a foolish or dangerous tangent. Much of the White House senior staff seems bound, not by loyalty to the president, but by a duty to protect the nation from the president. Trump, in turn, is reported to have said: “I hate everyone in the White House.” And also, presumably, in the State Department, headed by a secretary of state who apparently regards his boss as a “moron.”

    they really need to use the 25th amendment as trump started unfit and unworthy and is unraveling from there

    …. and yeah it’s an opinion piece, so what deal with the content… if u can

      1. it’s also obvious that trump is as described here, just left out pathological liar… and not’s not adult daycare, it’s regular ol daycare of a spoiled vindictive ill tempered brat

  4. Leftybill
    October 12, 2017 at 17:18
    Damn……….how is Gregg, now that you mention him, Clownie. Whatever happened to ole Greggie?


    Not an exaggeration . He fell in love with cari . Moved to Nebraska to be near her . Started scaring cari by stalking her . ‘ coincidentally ‘ showing up to places cari was , really scared her . She told him to leave her alone . He was here at the time and I knew what was going on so I started calling him out about it here , that’s when he went real dark on me . And then he … disappeared . He was a creep and I’m glad he’s gone .

  5. Van Jones: The Left Is “Still Mad… At Every Single Person” Who Voted For Trump

    Reminds me of a few here. The aftermath of the Obama years, a man who said eff you to a Country and its people, and a Country that returned the favor.

    And now…

    The left is eating their own, the right is eating their own, Hollywood is eating their own, the media is losing their minds and exposing themselves for who they really are.

    And then, there’s all other carry overs from the Obama years where Mr. Obama has single-handedly promoted an environment that has created a ‘New’ Domestic Terrorist Threat for the Country according to the FBI, because of ‘perceived’ injustices. The Black Panther salute is now given at Sporting Events which is ‘being sold’ now as American as Apple pie, and Trump is President. Welcome to the continuation of the Obama years and the rapid radicalization of the left. Where do we go for here? Your guess as good as mine. I wouldn’t give up my guns though.

    1. The audio I heard with him when he tried corner the women at the hotel in NYC, followed the same type of ploy here, nice at first, then bam.

      ..More than a decade ago, when this reporter was doing a gossip column at the New York Daily News and politely declined Weinstein’s request to kill an item about his recent divorce, he wheedled that he was my most loyal fan and had advised the paper’s owner to give me a raise; when that didn’t work, he angrily threatened to ban me from his screenings and premieres, and finally erupted: “I’m the scariest mother@ucker you’ll ever have as an enemy in this town!”

      The Town he refers to? New York City. The New York ‘thing’ that Lorne Michaels cited as part of his reason in his killing of any skits that were already written about the man for Saturday Night live on NBC.

      As the man himself said:

      “I’m the scariest mother@ucker you’ll ever have as an enemy in this town!”

      I believe him, many others too I imagine. Wonder how many other scariest mother@uckers there out there that have so many people in their pockets? It doesn’t stop with Hollywood or the Media either, a smiling Obama standing next to him, or even a Clinton with their hand out.

    1. the gap in a nutchell.

      they win the house and cant go shit, so scream give us the senate
      the win the senate and can’t get shit done, so they scream give us the WH
      they win the WH and cant get shit done, so they eat their own

  6. Honesty is always the best policy, very few seem to practice it though. Well, except for Trump, or anyone else who dares to speak it.

    1. I couldn’t even watch her on Fox . I said that way back at her first show , it was all about her , not the news i felt

      Martha Mac , is a good anchor . Laura I. has possibilities , she is a good segment featured guest , but a whole show is different . She has integrity that is already a cut above lots of whats out there anywhere

    2. Attack………….attack………….attack. Fox is like Scientology……..they get mad when you leave. You are a hoot.

    3. she’an awful and she ruined her career.

      fox ppl see her as a traitor and the rest see her as fox, aka bad.

      EA has it right, she should go into porn… well besides the political porn she did on fox

    1. Have had not had time to look, digesting the fact that MILLIONS of WORKING poor just got screwed by a millionaire dipstick. Will get back to you.

  7. Today my thoughts are drawn toward the millions of working poor and lower middle class who have lost their health insurance. Hard working families, many in our tourist and hospitality industries in Florida, will have to send their kids off to school praying they do not get injured or sick. To them I offer prayers, but more than that. I offer my time and voice to ensure come 2018 and 2020 this travesty can be reversed, and our nation once again be a land of humanity and dignity, not avarice and fear.

    1. Enjoy another weekend at your luxury golf resort, on the taxpayers dime, Mr President. Don’t let Puerto Rico or millions without healthcare impact your middle game. Putz

  8. Robin………I ask in all sincerity, can you please say a prayer for all those folks who just lost health insurance. Folks who will now live in daily fear their kid gets hurt or sick, Or needs a specialist. You know the worry and angst they must feel today. Any good words you can put in to the Big Guy in the Sky would be appreciated.

  9. I ask the American Evangelical community to join me in prayer for the millions of Americans who just lost healthcare due to your vote. Think of that when going over that “help the poor” parts of the Bible you seem to be glossing over. I am sorry, I see NOTHING Christian in this administration. From Refugee bans, to Waterboarding, to cutting aid to the poor, I don’t think Jesus would be cool with ANY of it. Boggles the mind.

    1. I work with a lot of these folks down the I-Drive tourism corridor. They are the sub-contracted housekeeprs, cleaners, waiters, and cooks. The folks who CLEAN up after us on vacation. People who WORK, and WORK HARD. People who FINALLY had health insurance for their kids, that they paid for. I see the fear and worry in their eyes, and it PISSES ME OFF!

      But do not worry you elderly Trumpies, they will still be working and paying into Medicare to FUND YOUR SUBSIDIZED healthcare.

      1. I feel for them, but it’s hard to reciprocate concern on a move like this, that will cause companies to pull out of exchanges when people like hook say some people are more important than us when places like Wyoming, Nebraska, and Montana who already have little to no choice want expanded markets.

        So yes, I understand the fear. What I’ve understood is that the subsidies cut can/will be offset with increased tax credit. So there’s some mitigation. But I understand the fear and uncertainty. I wish that heathcare wasn’t a political football, also that we could decouple insurance and actual healthCARE.

          1. ” the country is much bigger than u, and nebraska.
            it’s appalling how little ppl care about ppl in need ”


            This was your answer to the desire to open markets to states that have 1 or no options, so yes, that’s exactly what you said.

          2. I didn’t know that people in my state and surrounding areas weren’t fellow citizens. . . .good to know what you think of me and them.

        1. I worked with a lady with tears in her eyes. She has two kids……..and now will have to pray they do not get sick or injured.

          This was a vile, repugnant act………..against those who can afford it the least.

  10. And not Iran……….this orange dipsticks seems intent on destroying any influence we have overseas, and any unity in this land. He is a dangerously inept, sociopath, and a pathological liar. Impeach his happy lil azz. Tired of the clown a MINORITY of silly, Fox-addicted, frightened, misinformed, bitter vote for.

    1. Tis y he must be taken out of office, any way is a-ok by me.

      He is causing so much chaos and destruction, some undoubtedly unrepairable… like if he iran getting nukes… and dead ppl from lack of healthcare

  11. “Based on guidance from the Department of Justice, the Department of Health and Human Services has concluded that there is no appropriation for cost-sharing reduction payments to insurance companies under Obamacare,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement late Thursday. “The bailout of insurance companies through these unlawful payments is yet another example of how the previous administration abused taxpayer dollars and skirted the law to prop up a broken system.”

    Like the Obama years, another court challenge in the works.

    Schumer, Pelosi and all the rest of them, the audacity to call his actions ‘spiteful’ when all we’ve seen since November 8th, was resist, resist, resist, do nothing, fix nothing. Don’t lift a finger to make Trump look good because they lost an election. Who’s the ‘spiteful’ ones here? Everyone seems to know Obamacare’s heading south, but Trump won, and that ‘overrides’ everything else. Even taking care of the Country’s business.

    The goal here is to force the Insurance Companies and their lobbyists to get the Democrat’s off their azzes and off their platform of hate, resist, resist, resist of everything and anything when it comes working with Trump to solve this Country’s problems and all the problems ‘AND PAIN’ that Obamacare has created for the Country. But it seems the Dems are willing take everyone down with them, and blame others as they always do, as they always will apparently. Seems Trump is trying to hold them accountable, about time. Pray that Trump succeeds.

  12. RW, I hope you and Dottie would lose your healthcare insurance for a spell………….maybe you would not be so holier than thou, when celebrating others losing theirs.

      1. I am sorry………but seeing people happy that MILLIONS are going to lose health insurance pissed me off. Especially by folks who are perfectly fine with their GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIZED healthcare.

          1. Yeah………… let us just cut off MILLIONS of working Americans. Let us screw the POOR and the LOWER MIDDLE Class. That is the trump way………….spare the rich at all costs.

          2. Much bigger picture here than the small narrow mindedness of people just like you. Should the Dems help fix something they forced onto the Country or not? Or is standing on hate the better platform to stand on no matter who it hurts? The latter in full bloom obviously. We lost, and you’re all going to pay for it, and your little dog too.

          3. u asshole, democrats HAVE fixes, but evil gop is pandering to the deplorable jackasses that still support the unfit menace

    1. Speaking of holier than thou. Obamacare is in its death throes, do nothing, fix nothing, right? Because Trump is president, and Hillary’s not, right? The Reich that was to last a thousand years, and Republicans, Conservatives and Christians all relegated to the ‘dustbin of history’ (waving to EA and many others) didn’t happen, and now, a Country pays for it. Reich, a holy empire, Progressives thy name.

      1. yeah…………….I know you are happy that millions no longer have healthcare insurance……..I think it sucks.

      2. bullshit, trump is trying to break it to prove it doesn’t work and u cheer the deaf and bankruptcy of others, u sick eff

  13. Jerzey………..cannot help it. Cutting off Healthcare to MILLIONS of the working poor was a VERY LOW LIFE THING TO DO……… about you think of those folks for ONE SECOND.

    I work with them………….and to see Trumpies celebrate MILLIONS of the working poor lose healthcare coverage is repugnant.

    Hard time, require hard words.

    1. And I know people/neighbors who have to choose between a mortgage payment and health benefits. Or choose to go without benefits and have the honor of bring fined by their govt. Where’s your sympathy for THEM?

      1. I do as well……….but you know whose fault that is NOT……………….the FRIGGING POOR. Why punish them????????????????????????????

      2. Newsflash………… is NOT the POOR who taking your money…………follow the frigging profits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Follow the Insurance Companies and their lobbyists and who’s pockets the money ends up in. You promote what you say you abhor. A lot of people have been hurt by Obamacare, maybe you need to give the Democrats a ‘piece of your mind’ as to why they’re ‘so unwilling’ to fix it? You know, be constructive, instead of destructive. The latter changes nothing, only adding compound interest on top of compound interest as we’ve clearly seen today.

          Here’s an idea, maybe you need to kneel for the anthem. You might feel better in a public display of your hate. Or you could ‘DO’ something in trying to get the Democrats off their resist, resist, resist campaign of hate no matter what the cost to the Country.

      3. It’s Obamacares fault. The mandates destroyed all low-premium, high-deductible plans. IOW, the catastrophic plans that small businesses/entrepreneurs were happy with.

        1. So the fix is to cut off healthcare to millions of the working poor? Are you kidding me??????????????????????????????


  14. Jerzey…………any thoughts to those millions of working poor, are they low life’s for being upset at losing coverage????????????

    How about ONE FRIGGING OUNCE of empathy for THEM. Sheesh.

    1. This is who I feel for — neighbors, husband and wife who own a small painting company, just the two of them. Got their premiums for next year – $1600/month with a $5,000 deductible for each. That’s $30k/yr before their insurance pays a penny.

      Those are the people Trump is trying to help. The poor have always had health care, even without a health insurance “plan”.

      1. as we see the cons feel for 1 person they know, but are fine with forcing a multitude of others to die and go bankrupt, conservatism is a plague

          1. so a FEW ppl.

            it needs to be fixed, not sabotaged.

            i now this is waaaay over the head of hr anti-gov’t, anti-everything, for nothing conservatives

      2. So only those in your bubble…………..fair enough. My bubble is far bigger. I know many working poor………..they just screwed.

      1. YES THEY HAVE



      2. If you CANNOT afford healthcare………….you do NOT have access to it.

        That continual BULLCRAP TALKING POINT from Conservatives NEEDS to stop. It is pure nonsense, designed to make you feel good about NOT giving a damn about the poor. Straight talk………

  15. I am being a lowlife for imaging what it would be like if the Trumpies lost healthcare, as they love to yank it from others. But it was NOT being a low-life for Donnie the Doofus to screw MILLIONS of working Americans?

    Conservatives be weird. :)

    1. It’s not conservatives, it’s americans. We’ve become a “team oriented politics”. We don’t see from other perspectives, we see what “our team” wants and argue to suit that side.

      1. THEY are being political and cheering for death and bankruptcies, so let them feel the pain they are fine with for others

        1. So were you a page back, simply by their geographical area of residence (and likely how their EC votes went). What’s your point?

          1. Can someone translate this? Wtf are you talking about?

            You told the entire upper Midwest to basically f*** off with your problems, people more important than you are potentially suffering.

            Now you want to deflect and whine about being told that YOUR problems don’t matter.

      2. In this case…………IT IS CONSERVATIVES. They sabotage healthcare, they wave around their Medicare entitlement, and they do NOT give a rodent’s behind for anyone but their base.

        We would have National health like very other civilized nation on earth by now, if it were not for Conservatives.

        1. A page back it was liberals, when I said, “hey people with 1 to no choices would benefit from increased markets”

          You, yourself, we’re apathetic, hook downright said we don’t matter and more important people are in need. You don’t need to look but a page back on this very forum to see the example from the oher side, and right here in this thread where you fail to see the other perspective and solely focus on your “team”.

          1. or u r so caught up in both sides bullshit, u are incapable of seeing what’s going on or adding anything of use

  16. Jerzey, folks who say the poor and working poor ALWAYS have healthcare are not only wrong, but sadly a reflection of the lack of care conservatives have for ANY besides them. Shrug


    1. Bullshit. When my father had a heart attack his roommate was an illegal who also had a heart attack. No insurance. Same quality care as my dad.

      1. Not bullcrap………at ALL. Ya’ll toss out an instance or two of some emergency care that was covered, and that makes you think folks have access to all the care they need.

        Jerzey……..nice talking point……..but total nonsense if you think your example proves all poor can get healthare.

          1. Tricare…………but I would give it up for National Health in an instant…………..guess I would make a crappy conservative. :)

      2. So because you know of one case of an illegal allegedly care, that proves all poor have access to healthcare…………..facepalm. Wow.

          1. Illegals? Nice and bigoted of u.

            And they get their high blood pressure and depression treated at the er too?

          2. She’s speaks the truth Hook, always a problem for you. A World without truth, and just look at all the fun we’re having as a result of it.

          3. An ER cannot deny care………….the labs, regular offices, specialist, and other departments can refuse routine care in most states if you do not have insurance.

          4. RW………you would know truth if it bit you on the azz. To you, Truth is whatever Trump tweets. Your a parrot. nothing more.

          5. they broke one law, which does not make them illegal anymore than the at time u broke the speed limit

            and it IS the term RACISTS use

      3. Yeah, the waiting room is full of ppl waiting for their free chemotherapy and preventative care.

        And it’s sooo much cheaper for our healthcare system to go to the ER


  17. jerzygirl

    October 13, 2017 at 12:13

    The poor HAVE NEVER BEEN DENIED HEALTH CARE. So now they have a “plan”, and the middle class has nothing.

    keep telling yourself that………..a line of bullcrap invented by conservative pundits to let them sleep at night. It is total hogwash…………………absolute and total hogwash.

        1. united healthcare

          but what does that have to do with anything, the subject id u rwnj being so happy killing ppl and riving ppl into bankruptcy for a political win

      1. For non-emergent care……………yes.

        But I see your point, if they can wait in an ER for days, that is fine by you……………………as long as those poor folks quit robbing the middle class. FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Yeah Jerzey……….it is the poor who are robbing the middle class. Yeah……….that is it.

    Are you insane…………..FOLLOW THE MONEY………the POOR do not have it. Why they are POOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn.

    1. i really can’t see y u and ea like her so much, she’s pure rwnj with hateful destructive politics that screw over millions of ppl and kill plenty too

          1. as u ignore all the legit points… and that was legit anyway, u r freaking out cuz u can’t deal with the implications of your shitty, selfish, short-sighted, dishonest/misinformed POLITICS

            PARTY FIRST

    2. That’s right, follow the money. Why do you think health insurer profits have doubled since Obamacare? THEY get the money.

        1. Because competition helps everyone. Obamacare is DOA whether you admit it or not, insurance companies are exiting the exchanges.

          Trump allowing the crossing of state lines is interesting. It could ease costs for everyone.

          1. I disagree…………I think national health is the only option. Every other thing tried fails.

            But I am glad you now see it is NOT the poor who are stealing anything.

          2. You don’t even know what’s in the Trump plan. Even some of your beloved rags think it may have merit.

          3. selling across state lines is not even close to a solution, it hurts by causing a race to the bottom

  19. Jerzey…………you do know there is much more to a hospital that the ER…………..don’t ya. Do hospital labs and specialist turn down folks without money and insurance………….YES. Daily.

    1. she’s pure rwnj, every time, same politics, same tactics, same talking points.

      the canard that er can;t turn ppl away as a substitute for healthcare is ridiculous.

      it ignores that before ACA many people went without and dies

    2. In fact, to get to see many of the specialist and clinics in our local hospital, you have to have a referral from your PCM…….if you do not have one…………they will deny care all day.

          1. Yes, ACA will implode. Govt can feed millions of $$ to insurance companies but it can’t force them to stay in the exchanges.

          2. Your right, we need the money to buy 2000 miles of concrete for the middle of the desert, and increase arms sales, even though we spend more than the next 8 nations combined. We have the money…………….conservatives blow it on nonsense.

          3. I know……… could care less about healthcare for others………..your a conservative Christian. Caring for others is not required. 😉

          4. #Cosign

            conservative politics are awful, they con ppl into screwing themselves and get them to believe it’s the other guy’s doing

        1. The Working Poor make too much for Medicaid. They are getting screwed…………….like I said. This Trump bullcrap hurt the WORKING AMERICANS who make the LEAST. The Trump way.

        2. By the way, Trump is killing the Medicaid expansions as well. Conservatives just seem to like to screw the poor, than take on the wealthy.

          1. no it is not.

            killing aca screws the poor and helps the rich… and gives room for more giveaways to the rich under the gop tax plan.

            your politics screw the needy and reward the greedy, u r pure rnj, conned by the social warfare crap the gop uses as a bait and switch, cons the simple then screws them

  20. jerzygirl

    October 13, 2017 at 12:34

    Medicaid does not require a referral, sorry.

    Talking working poor……many of those NOT on Medicaid. Nice stereotype though…….swing and a miss. :)

  21. jerzygirl

    October 13, 2017 at 12:38

    Yes, ACA will implode. Govt can feed millions of $$ to insurance companies but it can’t force them to stay in the exchanges.

    We need the money to build 2000 miles of concrete in the desert, grant a major tax cut to the top tier, and buy more weapons. Passssssssssss

      1. WRONG, Dems pay our way, gop puts on our tab.

        tax and spend, vs spend and cut taxes, blowing up the debt while in power then bitching about it when dems are in power

  22. Sometimes you have to use money from bad people to do good things with it – Bill Clinton on the Clinton Foundation. Seems that applies to everything these days. Lobbyists, corruption and especially Harvey Weinstein of late. I’m sure that includes using government as a political weapon too. Justifying bad people, bad behavior, bad legislation, over people’s suffering and misery for the good of all. What a mindset.

      1. Answered that. Thanks for coming to Weinstein’s defense though and the secret that was never a secret. Not with Obama, not with Hillary, and certainly not with Hollywood. And a special thanks for confirming exactly what I pointed out:

        Sometimes you have to use money from bad people to do good things with it – Bill Clinton on the Clinton Foundation.

        1. No you didn’t…… one is defending Weinstein…….but all you trumpies RUSHED to defend Ailes and O’Reilly. You have ZERO moral highground here, spunky.

      1. Should we compare the tapes? The one that was for released for political purposes ‘to damage’ a political candidate, or the one that was held back from public viewing by the same media outlet (NBC)’to protect’ a slew of political candidates?

        One, was an act of words, the other, a physical assault. Sometimes you’ve got ‘to protect’ bad people to do good things with their money, eh, Hook?

          1. My comparison was very specific as was the political nature behind both. The two at Fox are already paid for. You should be more concerned about the prevailing attitudes and corruption that’s at play here. Doesn’t exist, never happened, if we don’t report it. Right, Mr. NBC? Or do you prefer water boy?

        1. No one defended Harvey, you big fat LYING SOB. We all condemned him. YOU however DID rush to defend Ailes and O’Reilly. You have as much integrity as your orange clown god.

  23. jerzygirl

    October 13, 2017 at 12:36

    You don’t even know what’s in the Trump plan.

    Trump has NO PLAN…………….are you kidding me. He has NO PLAN for anything. Wake the frig up, Jersey.

        1. his plan is destruction, give the idiots who voted for him want, screw the needy, reward the greedy and hollow out our country. explode that wealth gap their policies create

  24. Here is a story for you Jersey, a women at work with me, cleans for 40 hours a week. When the ACA came out,she got a second job so should could afford the premiums on her subsidized policy. She pays FAR more of her income for healthcare, than twaddlehead Trump. Today, she found out she may lose the coverage for her kids, because a bunch of angry folks, who cannot turn off Fox, voted a reality tv clown and self-absorbed millionaire as President. Shameful.

        1. she’s str8 up rwnj, every damn time.

          same politic, same talking points, same diversion, same excuses, same disinformation

    1. But again, don’t you worry, you Trumpies, they STILL have to pay into Medicare to fund YOUR subsidized care. I cannot see how ya’ll can look at yourselves in the mirror. I honestly cannot.

      1. #Cult45 is deplorable … well it’s not just cult45, it’s ‘modern’ conservatism… well i guess that is the same as #Cult45, nevermind :-)

    2. It’s interesting that you and Thud know all these poor people helped by Obamacare, yet neither one of you seems to know anyone impacted negatively by it.

      You guys live in Section 8?

      1. Interesting your family knows all those illegals. :)

        Get over it…………your screwing the working poor, and you want to feel good about it…………..well, look someplace else. I found the action repugnant.

        1. she’s str8 up rwnj bigoted, misinformed, chip on her shoulder, never for anything, fox bubble talking points, votes in own worst interest, reward the greedy punish the needy … every damn time

          1. trying to open lb and ea’s eyes to u been no better than any other of the rwnjs in here or fox bubble

      2. i know of a few pp who claim to have to pay more, but know 10’s of millions have been helped and many will live because of it.

          1. i know that is a fact, i don’t need to rely on personal experience to know things… like the moon is made of the same stuff as earth, yet i’ve never been there

    3. Thud
      October 13, 2017 at 12:08
      as we see the cons feel for 1 person they know, but are fine with forcing a multitude of others to die and go bankrupt, conservatism is a plague


      Just change “cons” to “libs”.

      1. OR we care about entire classes of ppl and u guys get hung up on your one example like that outweighs the masses of data that contradict u

        str8 up rwnj

    4. Isn’t there a Children’s Health Program that’s been around for some 20 years that ‘Congress’ let expire recently? Sounds like the woman would qualify for it.

  25. So like many golf trips, and vacations, remember the EOs that RW would bitch about Obama for. yeah………those are fine now as well.

    Your little orange God is a sponge on us all. I would rather pay his salary than his travel costs.

  26. Mr President, I would be happy to pay your salary, if you we did not have to pay your travel bill. How about you take the salary, and spare us the cost of your monthy (sometimes more) golf weekends. We would save money in the end. A LOT of it.

  27. RW

    October 13, 2017 at 12:47

    Answered that. Thanks for coming to Weinstein’s defense though

    No one ever defended Weinstein you large horse’s azz. Everyone condemned him. UNLIKE YOU, who DID RUSH to defend Ailes and O’Reilly. You are a silly clown………..honestly.

    1. Here you go RW…………let us go it together. Harvey Weinstein, Roger Ailes, and Bill O’Reilly are all scumbag sexual harassers. Show us you are capable of daring to critizcize righwing sex predators. Your on…………………….

  28. So Trump cuts off big business from the government teat and the left howls. Who would have thought they’d be on the side of big corporations which screw people.

    1. If you think this action did NOT hurt the poor and working poor, you are have quite simply lost your mind clownie.

          1. well it does screw the needy. and libertarianism, is all about selfishness and greed, wrapped in the flag

        1. I know…….nothing does. I have links. You do not accept them, Fair enough…………stay content that no one will be harmed. Your good at that. Shrug.

  29. But as of this date……..Healthcare in this land is TRUMPCARE……….including the millions who just lost care. Donnie you BROKE it……………you own it. I hope it drags him down into the sewers from which he was spawned.

          1. Like I said……..why post anything. ANYTHING that dares conflict with Done is fake news. Hilarioius. :) Trumpie only swallow Trump and Fox. Your a hive……….shrug.

          1. You argue with people who agree with you and I’m the contrarian?

            Pretty sure you aren’t using that word correctly.

          2. u r a contrarian, u offer nothing but dismissal of facts and act like being uninformed makes u cool

      1. Go online and talk to them………….they are out there. Or sit in your bubble, I could care less……………..

          1. nothing would ever be enough to convince a contrarian, while nothing is required to believe your bs

          2. I can……..but like we already see above, anyone post anything NOT Fox or trump, it is fake news. So whatis the point…….honestly. Stay ignorant of suffering Clownie…… will make you feel better.

          3. So you refuse to prove your claim and be a petulant dick about it?

            And you wonder why I think You’re a huge joke anymore?

      2. There are tons of links to many sources, all saying the same thing………..MILLIONS will lose. But why post……….you will discount them. I could care less if you care about those folks……..I do. Stay far, dumb, and happy, Clownie.

        1. It should be easy if there are ‘millions of links’, right?

          Your invalid opinion of what I will or won’t do doesn’t excuse you from.proving your claim.

          1. u’ve proven to be dishonest and reject whatever it is for some stupid reason.

            contrarianism leaves u unworth the effort

    1. And yes, I think anyone who disses POWS, makes fun of the disabled,makes fun of our civil servants to his Russian buddies, and tweets lies daily to be a complete sewer rat…………..don’t care how rich Trump is. He has the morality and integrity of Sodom. An example of the worse parts of our nature.

  30. I have not read all the posts , but yes I pray and more than pray I am a part of a national and world wide network of organizations for every life and survival focused assistance .

    Thank you for asking for prayer that is so good LB / and thank you for not turning as far as you are being goaded to do , away from a listening friendly connection with Jerzy , who is worth listening to as you have always seen . thank you !

    For me , HC , remember I was not for ACA only because of who were the authors . Dems and lobbyists and more lobbyists ( only they know enough to write a law that no one would know ( of course Nancy P . what was in it until passed . )

    There is no law enough to stop rationed HC . It ‘s TOO EXPENSIVE . But , no one can tackle that without a crash and we are crashing , the middle class and lower middle class are my most concern . They very poor ( Two of my sisters are nurses ) will get care .
    HC is not HC if your insurance has a deductable that makes it unusable

    I called my rep . NO EXECUTIVE ACTION . Is what I said , not going to do much good , it didnt for Obama either .

    Pre existing conditions also I called about . This is HC , not just any purchase .
    I wish the GOP could have their input ALONG WITH THE DEMS ALL ALONE WACH SIDE IS FOOLISH , thinking they will see all the people . The lobbyists confuse and they POLS needs to earn their keep , get to a outine fist THEN call in the lawyers for the written bill .

    HC is different than anything else purchased now . Maybe not B4 , but it needs soemthing better than only R and L

  31. You guys got caught in your hyperbolic hissy fit so you attack me for asking for proof.

    Got it. Nothing but. Bunch of weak crybabies.

    1. You think so…………..I think you are acting like a holier than thou, horse’s azz. A role you seem to play far more often lately. Shrug

      1. No, You’re just petulant that I want you to prove your claim. That’s what people who aren’t petulant jackasses do.

      1. No, it just the ONLY proof the new trumpies accept is Fox or trump tweets. Ya’ll are worse than Scientologist at accepting facts and criticism. :)

        1. Yet neither one of you has solid proof the people will lose their health care. But the fact that they’re going to lose it under Obamacare doesn’t seem to bother you.

  32. Why post sources……if it is NOT Fox, TRUMP, or a Conservatve Op Ed, the Trumpies here will not accept it. They are a hive……… think. Shrug

    1. Don’t expect my agreement if you can’t back up your claims. Seems you used to understand that but now you prefer to whine about having to post sources and blaming others for your shortcomings.

      1. I posted link……… do not wish to believe. Fair enough. But if you actually think this will NOT hurt some folks……….your an idiot. Sorry……..but you would be.

          1. Actually…………I did. But you are some kind of semantic stick up your ass. Happens a lot lately.

          2. So I’m.supposed to read your mind ad to what you really meant?

            You know how absolutely brainless that sounds? Own what you wrote…or backtrack. Whichever you think makes you a man.

          3. tis cuz he has nothing, conservatism is hollow, there is nothing left but failed policies and grievance politics over the loss of a little t of white privilege

  33. So, leftists…I asked for proof of this claim. “including the millions who just lost care”

    Are you saying this was a lie and people will.lose insurance in the future? What is it, exactly, You’re complaining about?

    1. that is the result of what trump did. i’d word it differently, but that’s what lb meant… as is obvious to ppl looking to do more than lamely dismiss everything that does not fit with your POLITICS

          1. You mean like advocating something because It’s easy to type and remember? That kind of shitty politics?

  34. God forbid this country do anything, ANYTHING, for the middle class, the backbone of this country.

    Keep wondering why Trump won.

    1. WTF>

      Trump won cuz russia drove down hrc support and rilled up the trump idiots … and 10 million more votes cast for his opponents and him coming in 2nd overridden by a broken, archaic unrepresentative, antidemocratic EC

    2. God forbid………….have not seen them do anything for the middle class for decades. If you think kicking the poor off of healthplans is good for the middle class, you are insane.

      My God……………do you Trumpie ever want the Top Teir to pay for ANYTHING. Why do we always screw the middle class and poor. Oh yeah………..because the President is a greedy millionaire, born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

  35. I am sorry Clownie………..I finally grasped your sematic hogwash. Okay…..they are GOING to lose their coverage. Did not lost it last night. Will be next week or when next premium is due. There…….appeased your semantic silliness.

    But like I said……… do not have to believe it………….you are probably NOT losing your care. I apologize for thinking you were capable of thinking of others. My bad. :)

    1. How is taking what you wrote and asking questions about it ‘semantics?

      Another big word you guys Don’t know the meaning of…

      1. Nope…………I am done with your silly word games. Ya’ll Trumpies (and yes Clownie, you are full on Trumpie lately) can sit smugly, as YOUR healthcare is not under threat. I understand, if it does NOT impact them………….Conservatives could care less. Shrug.

          1. semantic word games to avoid millions getting screwed out of healthcare, leading to deaths and bankruptcies, but who cares, gotta focus on word usage…

        1. You couldn’t be more wrong. You applaud a system who gave to one group of people at the expense of another. I want to see equality restored to those who got screwed by our benevolent government.

          1. that’s … WHAT GOVERNMENT DOES

            We help our own

            the concept of Life Liberty and THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS is lost on rwnjs

  36. So now It’s gone from millions just lost care to millions may lose care…

    Not exactly a convincing argument guys…

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