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  1. Isaiah 65:24New International Version (NIV)

    Before they call I will answer;
    while they are still speaking I will hear.

  2. Good morning ! Thanksgiving next week , we all have troubles , but I am looking to give thought and energy to what I am thankful for , right now , just as it is in the world now and in my life right now .


  3. Another day ,another week beginning.
    What will it be today, with the ever changing moments.
    Many questions , many with no real answers’. Many people stumbling through many things, hoping they may get something right. Some thinking they have all the answers but don’t have the questions before them .

  4. Thanksgiving — in many ways just another day for me. The girls will call.
    Was invited to a couple different friends Family dinners ,but I will not intrude on Family Holidays of others.
    Yes , I do miss the family get to- gather’s we use to have at Mom & Dad’s when all were still living. Always a lot of work for some of us women, before ,during and after. A lot of love and laughter. Afterword , very tired bodies and tired but happy minds.
    “FUNNY THING”. The men sit around and BS while the woman was to cook, fill the table with all kinds of food , made sure the kids were fed, that the men had food in front of them replenished , maybe eat a little themselves, THAN it was all the clean up and put away. The men ,still Bsing.
    OH! the Holidays ,that use to be.
    Miss them but don’t miss all the work.
    So many pies in particular in our family.
    Guess who wound up making the largest percentage for the Holidays????

  5. I appreciate the President clarifying and saying he believes our intel agencies. I am curious as to why he stipulates he believes them NOW. Under the leadership? It is the exact same results and analysts working on it.

  6. R

    November 11, 2017 at 21:14

    actually its the left that circles wagon . The R ‘s go after their own , and are self promoting which makes me wonder how anything conserv will ever get done . The left almost accepts their deception as a necessary tactic . NO prob with debate cheats , no prob with much of anything as long as their toast gets buttered in the side they want it


    – Roger Ailes is still an advisor to the President
    – Trump is still the President after admitting to sexual predation
    – Bill O’Reilly is being rehabbed weekly on Hannity
    – AM Radio rushes to defend Roy, but screams outrage at any leftwing one.

    Robin……..I find it amazing you can see how equally guilty on this Conservatives are. You blindly IGNORE behavior from the right, that does not match your viewpoint.

    I think sexual predation is a problem in almost every arena. Entertainment, Politics, Faith, Education etc, and amoung every ideology (conservative, liberal, etc).

    The left can admit it has been a problem within it’s ranks, it would be refreshing to see the “Holier than thou” political right do the same.

    1. How about this Robin………..we ALL condemn Sexual predation, wherever it is found, and will NOT allow partisan horsecrap to dilute our unanimous disgust, and call it unacceptable…………..wherever it is found. Left, right, inside, outside, at home, at church, at school…………..and so on.

    2. I think it is rare to see the left or right very willing to go after their own. Ain’t no side better or more righteous in this issue.

      1. Oh crap…………your right. He was in the shadows long after he resigned, done plumb forgot……….withdraw Roger from the list. RIP. :)

  7. Just heard from Barn on FB……….she is off driving thru the Arizona desert. Really stunning photos. The woman is a Trekker………..Goodonher. :)

  8. Flea Markets rock……..spent about 5 hours in one yesterday. Lincoln Logs, Flipper and Rat Patrol Lunchboxes, and crates of vinyl albums to go thru. Had a blast.

  9. That’s interesting, best it’s been in a while. People must have liked what they saw in Asia. Or maybe he’s just not in the news as much these days with all the other focus directed to so many other things. Or maybe, just maybe, we’re getting to a point of enough is enough again. Happens.

    President Trump Job Approval
    Rasmussen Reports

    Approve 46, Disapprove 53
    Disapprove +7

    1. Did well overseas………..who is telling you that? Fox. Since you love OP EDs, let us look at the lead Op Ed in the Sydney Morning Herald…….a Murdoch owned outlet.

      The truth Donald Trump’s Asia trip confirms: Asia is sidestepping his clown act

      Is a clown on tour any less a clown? No. That’s a truth that Donald Trump’s Asia trip affirms. The region’s nations are moving on, shaping a world where the US is still present but not leading. And that includes Australia.

      If you’d ever wanted to see a case study in the soft bigotry of low expectations, it was the first part of Trump’s trip. Because he didn’t start a fistfight or insult his hosts, quite a few commentators gushed about the new serious Trump, the measured Trump, the strategist Trump.

    2. Something I’ve always said, people may agree with many things (tweets for example), but there’s more support there then you think – Just like in 2016.

      The only way you’re going to keep it down, is to pound, pound, pound away like you just did, just like so many others have done day after day after day.

      For once, why don’t you offer an explanation for it, like I just did? Instead of just flat out attacking and dismissing it.

      Here, I’ll even help you, it didn’t happen over night, but it has over a couple of days now. What do you thinks behind it?

      1. Respectfully disagree, I and over half the nation think he is not very good at this job, and has done NOTHING to unite the land.

        He continues to divide it. Come on 2020. :)

        1. So what’s causing this uptick? The very thing at the core of my post. People just woke these last couple of days, you know, I think I’ll approve of Trump today? Something’s driving it, just like you’re trying to drive it down.

  10. I hope Roy Moore does not drop out. I want him to be the face of the GOP in 2018. Not talking about the latest sex stuff, this is the guy who said 9/11 was divine retribution from God on us, and routinely supports the Bible over the COTUS. He is as fundamentalist as any ISIS Imam.

    1. He’s definitely got some things that people will regurgitate over and over again. And the Republicans are terrified of it, rightfully so, especially in political terms where so much has to be kept hidden and out of view.

      We’ve seen this movie too many times now, we’ve seen the tactics, we’ve seen the lies, we’ve seen the bias.

      But the Republicans should be equally terrified as to the lengths that some will go to overthrow a Country’s ‘Representative’ Processes, State’s, elections, or otherwise. That, cannot stand, it only begets more of it. Let the people decide instead of pound, pound, pounding away. That’s, Stalin’s America.

      I saw a piece in CNN yesterday, ‘one man’ apologizing to the Country for not only Alabama, but the entire south. This has to stop.

  11. The biggest result of his Asian trip. The Asian nations are pressing ahead with a Trade Pact between them all, without us. In Europe and Asia, “America First” is more like “America Alone”. Well……..we do have that nutjob in the Philippines and the Saudis on our side. :)

  12. Why, do some people seem to hear and deduce many things differently than what is actually said by another standing right beside them?

    Not able to pay attention , flighty minded , NO comprehensions at all or just don’t care to hear or read what another person may have to say. To much into themselves?

  13. I often get a kick out of this:

    2018 Generic Congressional Vote

    Democrats 40, Republicans 33
    Democrats +7

    2018 Generic Congressional Vote

    Democrats 38, Republicans 30
    Democrats +8

    27%-32%, on the fence, undecided, or just aren’t telling. That’s Yuge.

    1. Is it………….can we have the breakdown from at least 10 years to see if it is any deviation at all?

  14. The left can admit it has been a problem within it’s ranks


    You guys ran a Clinton on the presidential ticket. . . Try again.

    1. Same one as I posted Merc.

      Good question, what is the motivation for spreading this garbage other than to fuel what many are sick and tired of – You’re a racist, you’re white?

      They’re butchering people in South Africa as we speak – They’re white too, what mob and majority rules look like without checks and balances, history is full of this tribal nonsense and where it all leads. And continued endorsements of it, only help speed up the process. We’ve seen it way too much and way too often even in our Country.

  15. And just like I predicted , a new Roy Moore accuser is about to have a press conference. And she got Gloria Allred !! :) :)

    Keep defending him 😉

      1. On the plus side, if a lawyer is involved, hopefully it’s something inside the statute of limitations. So we can get a real court opinion, not just public opinion.

        1. True that, but there’s still a matter of a special election, an intricate part of it all. This may actually work just the opposite, resolving even more people to vote for Moore. Gloria has a reputation that precedes her.

          1. Correct me if I’m wrong here, but it seems to me, at one of the last press releases Allred gave she had Kathy Griffiths next her ‘playing the victim’ for her tweet of her holding the ‘severed head’ of Trump. Some may see this as just someone else’s head, that’s all. Its still pretty fresh in the minds of many I’m sure.

  16. It Has to be me. The more a person hears ,the more people talk , the worse SCOCIETY seems to get.
    NOTHING sensible , just more scatter brained than ever.
    Thinking there may be only two or three of us in tis Country that is able to have some logical, sane knowledge and thinking ability &know how to use it.
    Top it off my mind is getting slightly forgetful
    anymore . YET STILL able to apply common sense and fore thought where many people don’t seem to have any in working order , if they have any at all.
    May as well sound like EA with all his bragging about how much he knows. I’m more than twice his age and know a heck of a lot more than he does
    Could say a hell of a lot more than —–
    😈 👿 😆
    HOW serious am I???You will never know for sure.

  17. Had enough yet, got more. All I have to do is read CG. Many things come to mind as I read the words posted by some in particular. Some people can be so easy to read after a short time. They seem to run pretty much on the same thought pattern on most things. } HABITS}without even realizing it.
    Don’t worry, I do JUDGE myself as well. Maybe not in full but quit sure some of you will or do.

    1. I see it like this Dottie, so much misrepresentation of so many things, so much distortion of the truth, so much violence in rhetoric (and too often in deed), so much infringing on the right of others where it suffocates people’s ability to choose, disagree, or even reason. All because of the ever increasing personal costs of doing exactly that.

      Oppose them, they’ll destroy you, your family, you career, your little dog too.

      Laws that are ignored, behaviors that are ignored, deceptions that are encouraged, even promoted, and a media that lacks the vetting, ethical conduct and integrity in journalism.

      America, needs its minds, mouths and spirits washed with soap.

      A Progressive America cannot stand, not in the form it’s taking in wanting to take all of us in a direction of ‘imposing its will’ on all of us, regardless of what the truth is or the consequences of it.

      This is war on the Country and on all of us. There’s no easier way to say it.

      Debate is not part of this Country anymore, not even in our legislative process, not even our elections anymore. A breakdown of civilized society itself as others put more and more distance between what this Country use to represent. NO more.

  18. Its a weird time . I know that full well . This Moore is a weird guy , but so are most of the reps . I thought man he acts and even looks weird , and then I flashed on the crazy appearance of many already in the Senate and Congress .

    Moore is a puzzle though and not likable in my opinion , making him an almost perfect target . We shall see . If guilty , I hope we find out soon . If not , then the accusers should pay also . Again we shall see .

    1. I think there’s some truth to the younger girl bit by his own admission and that he would never date anyone within the age groups illegally or qualified as illegal in ‘other’ states without the permission of the mother.

      That matches with the Washington Post.

      Asking parent’s for permission, how to it use to be – A southern thing, a respectful thing. Noting illegal about in the Alabama’s state law. No restrictions except for the age of 16.

      The 14-year old part of the story is what this is really built around.

      He’s not in the mainstream as you say with all the other cowardly politicians that’s for sure. They keep slapping down his belief systems, and the people just keep voting him into other positions in defiance of those who are determined to destroy their own belief systems.

      He represents them in Alabama, and that means something to the people there. This is bigger than just Moore, it’s all part of a continuous war on religious freedom. And judging from some of comments I’ve seen, and ‘promoted’ through a corrupt and untrusted media – It’s Alabama’s Alamo in some respect. And they’ll probably go down fighting.

  19. Robin, trying to unscramble my days & nights.
    Slept last night , UP since 5AM this morning , still up. Just might get back to sleeping nights again. “Cross fingers.”

  20. Just saw the Allred Press Conference, what the Washington Post couldn’t do in their own story, they just increased 10 fold in the graphic description that the women gave.

    Much of seemingly contrary to his described behaviors of the Post story other than the allegation by the 14-year old, which didn’t even rise to the graphic or ‘public’ statement that the woman here made about a sexual assault in a relatively public place:

    I’m the District Attorney, they won’t believe you. In the end, throwing her out of the car and onto the pavement like some discarded trash.

    A allegation here where no 16 year-old law applies other than a flat out sexual assault. Not much missed here in what was called damning in the report that I saw.

    I’m sure other things will come out of the story too, either to his favor or not. This is after all a pretty public place where all this supposedly happened at. A place she worked at.

    Less than 30 days and counting. Tick, tock. Tick, tock. All part of story too.

  21. A link to the largest newspaper in Alabama follows this post. The topic is everywhere. The stories are interesting. Even the posts that follow it in listing both his detractors and his supporters. Plenty to choose from. One article had this in it:

    Nelson said she worked at the Olde Hickory House in Gadsden in northeast Alabama and that Moore would often flirt with her when he visited. She said he was known to touch her long red hair.

    “I don’t even know where the restaurant is or was,” Moore said in the late afternoon media visit.

    That should be easy enough to confirm if he frequented the place as frequently as his accuser said he did.

    Her full statement here via the New York Times:

    Very specific place, very specific ‘denial’ in a city where most everyone knew him. It’s either true or not. You’d think (or hope) someone would be right on it in verifying it one way or another.

  22. Some good news today, Congressional criminal referrals have made to the DOJ in investigations into the Uranium One Deal, pay for play schemes with the Clinton Foundations, classified leaking to the media, and the improper masking of Americans. The DOJ then refers to the FBI and cannot confirm or deny any existing investigation. The wheels of justice may turn slow, but sounds like they’re turning, and have been for a while.

  23. I’ve NEVER seen this before, just went over to FOX, ‘every one’ of their links gives you this response:

    Access Denied

    You don’t have permission to access “” on this server.

    Reference #18.d667c917.1510633082.235610c8

  24. Let me know if anyone else is getting this message:

    Access Denied
    You don’t have permission to access “” on this server.
    Reference #18.d667c917.1510635529.23a60f00

    1. Back up, whatever down means, or blocked, or whatever. Who knows anymore? So many attacks, so many knives, so many directions. Rat-tat-tat-tat. Can’t trust anyone, can’t believe anyone anymore. The attacks are relentless, vicious and never ending and seemingly increasing with the time.

      1. Well, got it up for a moment. I wonder if they’re under some type of attack? Hannity really went after Media Matters in calling them out in their latest attempt to destroy him.

          1. I can’t either. It’s been down for almost 2 hours since I first discovered it. Whatever it is, it must be major.

          1. I’d like know the reason for it too. Hopefully, there’s an explanation that accompanies it, otherwise, you know what many will think. And who can blame them for what they’ve seen for far too long now.

  25. Might explain some of the mystery here:

    We have tried pinging Fox News website using our server and the website returned the above results. If is down for us too there is nothing you can do except waiting. Probably the server is overloaded, down or unreachable because of a network problem, outage or a website maintenance is in progress…

    1. Thank God!!!!!!!!!!! What……..had a late night, just woke up and heading to the zoo. Get to lead the kayak tours today. Psyched and nervous.

  26. Always thought Don Jr was a tad weasel-like. No surprise he would be talking with Assange. Two peas in a pod. Shrug

  27. RW

    November 13, 2017 at 15:01

    True that, but there’s still a matter of a special election, an intricate part of it all.

    The Bannon/Hannity segment of the GOP has turned into a party who cares more about winning that principles. That calls your actual combat veteran congressmen and women, RINOs. Who take your lead and counsel from AM Radio and Fox.

    1. It is ironic that the group that laments the media so much, are the ones so closely manipulated by the media. Fox, AM Radio, Breitbart, and the plethora of Op Ed Sites are media. Kind of funny.

      1. Because of the timing here and the impact of it, many believe there’s politics at play here. I’m one of them among many. True, or not, it doesn’t remove that element of it.

      1. We do…………well I do. I must admit I do NOT know every Democrat. Not even everyone in my hometown. So I can only speak to me. The only person I am an expert on. :)

  28. RW

    November 13, 2017 at 12:43

    So what’s causing this uptick? The very thing at the core of my post

    Should be obvious to you…….he went up in ONE poll because he was GONE. I notice he does better when he it out of the country. Should tell you something. Just let him get back, and start tweeting again.

    Awaiting for his Roy Moore endorsement. He owes Bannon, and will pay up.

  29. I will gladly ACCEPT any Kuerig Coffee maker any of my Conservative freinds wish to get rid of. I will even come get it. If you have any leftover coffee packets that insult your sensibilities, I will take those also. Additionally, I wil gladly exorcise any demon in the NFL season tickets you have, if you leave them with me. I offer this in the complete spirit of compromise and understanding.

    1. I bet there’s a lot of Cleveland and San Francisco tickets available.

      Hell,they might even be giving them away.

  30. Mercutio

    November 13, 2017 at 14:29

    The left can admit it has been a problem within it’s ranks


    You guys ran a Clinton on the presidential ticket. . . Try again.

    If it had been Biden against Kasich, the nation would have been much better off, not matter who won. If it was Clinton versus Kasich, I was going Kasich.

    1. If “if’s and but’s were candy and nuts, it’d be a very happy day”.

      It wasn’t Biden, and we have Biden to thank for that.

  31. Trump DOWN a point on Rasmussen daily………..and all the others show me tanking………what does that mean RW? Tells me he is on his way back. He does do better when he is gone. :)

    1. I’ll give it a shot, it could be related to this latest bit of news:

      It could be related to a potential DOJ investigation already launched into the Uranium One Deal, pay for play schemes with the Clinton Foundations, classified leaking to the media, and the improper masking of Americans. Of course, Moore could also play into it too. Like you, some think Trump backed the man, when in fact, he actually backed the other man in the primary run off.

      Believe it or not, it’s just not Republicans or Conservatives that pollsters include in their polling and that they’ll react to different things accordingly whether it be real, imagined or driven by Media or his detractors. That’s the fun thing about polls, there’s a lot of guesswork.

  32. Mr Sessions, it is quite obvious you lied…..a couple of times. Just resign. Kind of wish you had stayed in that Alabama Senate seat. Wouldn’t be dealing with that Moore idiocy now if you had. :)

  33. Guess Hannity is under attack, again. Media Matters much of he driving force, again:

    Funny how the Left gave him nothing but praise in his interview and questioning of Moore a couple days ago. It was a very prosecutorial interview, very. Some say he sunk Moore in that interview with those questions. But fairness runs deep with Hannity, an experience he learned early on in Atlanta with the accusations launched against the man accused of the Atlanta Olympic Bombings – An innocent man. And then, there’s Duke Lacrosse and a litany of other ones falsely accused. You can convict anyone when you’re a mob. And if you don’t agree, they’ll destroy you too.

    1. I watched the re-run late , a saw a bit of what he had to say . Ever discover what happened to the Fox news web site yesterday ?

  34. Only party politics could a person be upset about Clinton hearings,but want more session ones. While the opposite party is a literal reciprocal.

    I feel like I’ve been watching Alice in Wonderland’s tea party since November.
    ” CHANGE PLACES!!! “

  35. A couple of questions arose with Moore’s latest accuser. At least, for me.

    Where was the boyfriend who was late in the story to pick her up, did he see the state of mind she described? Did he see the bruises on her neck, that she said she covered up? Did anyone? She did say that she called into to her job and quit the next day, certainly he and others would have remembered that too.

    The parking lot not in the back of the building where all this supposedly took place, much of it probably initially viewable from the front of the building, what did people see inside and outside the building, coming in or exiting? Including the car going around to the back of the building?

    The year book signing. The Washington Post said that he gave talks at the local high schools, is that where he signed it, or was it at her place of employment as she said? Certainly others would have noticed that too, her year book at her place of employment and him signing it. There’s other questions here too. And with this latest allegation, some of those blanks should be filled in to complete the whole story. Because without that, it’s her word against his. Am I wrong here?

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