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      1. It is rather democratic when your mashed potatoes mixes with the corn, gravy, and turkey. America on a platter. :)

      1. I used to think interesting mustards were best , but I keep returning to Frenches .


    1. and , he may have got a call that said there are more where that came from . Dont want a precedent on that one

    2. Is that kind of like O’reilly was Fox’s pig, so that is why Hannity is still trying to rehab him on air?

      1. You sure are focused on O’Reilly, he lost his job you know. He paid the price. Is there anything else you like him to give you, other than his blood? Even criminals can’t be tried twice for the same crime. It’s the law, at least it was.

        Wait to you see what’s up next with the Uranium One Deal, if it’s even half of what they say it is, even Obama might get a starring role that’s long overdue.

        As we’ve clearly seen, once things start cascading, everything just follows right along. I imagine that also includes ‘corruption’ as far as the eye can see in DC. Changing our politics and both parties forever. And just think, Trump would be all part of the catalyst for it – He won. That wasn’t suppose to happen.

        The swamp is a wondrous place, and may just be on the verge of being destroyed, or at the minimum, being ‘held accountable with the truth of their actions’ bad for them, good for the Country.

        Just one more thing to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Day…

        1. Because he is the prime example of the inability of the conservatives to see the problem within your ranks. You think it is only a liberal thing……….your wrong.

  1. Another, he’s a pig, but he’s our pig. Americans we’re right in overlooking it by a public that was level headed in their addressing of it. Another women comes to the rescue of Bill Clinton.

    Slowly, but surely, the Democrats are coming back to being in lockstep with each other. Too much, too fast, just caught them off guard. Good to see things are getting back to normal again, right?

  2. Out of the frying pan, into the fire. More than likely a lot of truth here:

    The Mugabes have lost. Mnangagwa has won.

    So who is Mnangagwa?

    He was involved in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe rebellion from the time he was a teenager. He rose through the rebellion as Mugabe’s bodyguard and then through the Zimbabwe regime as his intelligence chief and enforcer. He received his training in the dark arts of political repression in China in the era of Mao. His nickname is “the Crocodile.”

    Once Mugabe took over Zimbabwe, Mnangagwa orchestrated a campaign known as Gukurahundi, which involved the massacre of tens of thousands of members of the Ndebele ethnic group, in order to destroy the power base of Mugabe’s main rival, Joshua Nkomo, a Ndebele (Mugabe and Mnangagwa are Shona). The massacres, which lasted for several years, were carried out by Zimbabwe’s North Korea-trained Fifth Brigade, notorious for its brutality, and overseen by Mnangagwa as head of the country’s spy and domestic enforcement apparatus. (Mnangagwa denies this, something absolutely nobody believes.) During Gukurahundi, victims were reportedly made to dance over the corpses of their loved ones while singing songs of praise to the government.

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but Mnangagwa is a monster…

    Sounds like he earned the nickname of ‘the crocodile’

      1. A lot of dredging no one ever counted on, a dredging that so many in DC were so afraid of when Trump was elected. They still are. They have a lot to hide, they have a lot to account for.

    1. I saw a segment last night about that area. 8 PM at night, and the streets look like it was 3 AM in the morning, no one around, no one to be seen. Men, women, black, white, young or old doesn’t seem to matter to the shooter as long as you’re a target of opportunity.

  3. For I know the plans I have for you . Plans to prosper and not to harm you , plans to give you a hope and a future .

    ( Jeremiah )

  4. Prime Rib with yorkshire pudding . I made it once , I was dating a canadian artist twice my age , and he wanted it for Christmas . I made the meat perfect ! but the pudding was too runny . still good though , as J. said … a little rum as an appetizer and its all good

  5. Yeah , so I quit my job . I already have a new job lined up but I’m gonna take two weeks off in between . Instead of running multiple dealerships ( and turning them around I might add , in fixed ops ) , I’ll be running one GIANT dealership , and making more money with my mentor who begged me to join him . Happy days !! Less work, more money , and FINALLY a company car with gas paid ( which helps with the new gas tax in cali . ) plus free health care for the fam . I’m in a good place . Thanks for the concern . 20 years in the biz seems to be paying off . A month ago I turned down a job for 150k a year and a car , but it seemed like a REALLY grown up job , and I don’t think I’m ready for that kinda shit yet . Worste mistake i made was growing up . I’m gonna fight it as long as possible … 😉

    1. That is great news , wow . I dont think I like thinking of you with money .. just dont like it , it feels off . But for all the things we van do to provide for family and animals etc , its wonderful and I am sure you are as happy as you sound .
      So … you werent quitting your day job for the music :) ! ( you asked me a while back if I ever made enough to live on , so my imagination went there :)

      Happy for you and congratulations , you must be good at what you do .


    2. Congrats – good to know I don’t have to support your early retirement. 😉

      Don’t discount those grown up jobs too quickly. It’s actually pretty rewarding to set strategy and have control over the direction of the whole company. Of course there’s a downside to that – no one to blame if the strategy fails. 😆

  6. One daughter here, other daughter became ill, can’t come in from Fla. Son & Family , Big Question mark. Daughter that is here not leaving until Monday EARLY
    Not alone.

    1. how great ! So maybe you will to some Christmas special activities with her ?

      I am glad she could make it , sorry about your Fl. daughter I know they both have health struggles

      Good morning Dottie :)

    2. Good to hear you have company for the holidays Dottie. I hope your plan is to let them do the cooking while you supervise. 😉

  7. John F. Kennedy
    504 – Proclamation 3505—Thanksgiving Day, 1962
    November 7, 1962
    Public Papers of the Presidents
    John F. Kennedy1962
    John F. Kennedy

    Over three centuries ago in Plymouth, on Massachusetts Bay, the Pilgrims established the custom of gathering together each year to express their gratitude to God for the preservation of their community and for the harvests their labors brought forth in the new land. Joining with their neighbors, they shared together and worshipped together in a common giving of thanks. Thanksgiving Day has ever since been part of the fabric which has united Americans with their past, with each other and with the future of all mankind.

    It is fitting that we observe this year our own day of thanksgiving. It is fitting that we give our thanks for the safety of our land, for the fertility of our harvests, for the strength of our liberties, for the health of our people. We do so in no spirit of self-righteousness. We recognize that we are the beneficiaries of the toil and devotion of our fathers and that we can pass their legacy on to our children only by equal toil and equal devotion. We recognize too that we live in a world of peril and change–and in so uncertain a time we are all the more grateful for the indestructible gifts of hope and love, which sustain us in adversity and inspire us to labor unceasingly for a more perfect community within this nation and around the earth.

    Now, Therefore, I, John F. Kennedy, President of the United States of America, in accord with the joint resolution of Congress, approved December 26, 1941, which designates the fourth Thursday in November of each year as Thanksgiving Day, do hereby proclaim Thursday, the twenty-second day of November of this year, as a day of national thanksgiving.

    I urge that all observe this day with reverence and with humility.

    Let us renew the spirit of the Pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving, lonely in an inscrutable wilderness, facing the dark unknown with a faith borne of their dedication to God and a fortitude drawn from their sense that all men were brothers.

    Let us renew that spirit by offering our thanks for uncovenanted mercies, beyond our desert or merit, and by resolving to meet the responsibilities placed upon us.

    Let us renew that spirit by sharing the abundance of this day with those less fortunate, in our own land and abroad. Let us renew that spirit by seeking always to establish larger communities of brotherhood.

    Let us renew that spirit by preparing our souls for the incertitude’s ahead–by being always ready to confront crisis with steadfastness and achievement with grace and modesty.

    Let us renew that spirit by concerting our energy and our hope with men and women everywhere that the world may move more rapidly toward the time when Thanksgiving may be a day of universal celebration.

    Let us renew that spirit by expressing our acceptance of the limitations of human striving and by affirming our duty to strive nonetheless, as Providence may direct us, toward a better world for all mankind.

    In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States of America to be affixed.

    DONE at the City of Washington this 7th day of November, in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and sixty-two, and of the Independence of the United States of America the one hundred and eighty-seventh.


  8. A former “60 Minutes” producer accused her supervisors of sexual harassment in a complaint she filed last year with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

    The producer’s complaint was one of 19 discrimination complaints logged with the federal agency against CBS between March 2015 and October 2016, according to a disclosure the company filed with the city.

    The producer also accused the hallowed news show of journalistic ethical violations.

    She said in her EEOC complaint that her bosses retaliated against her when she complained about sexual harassment and the unethical behavior.”

    they should do a 60 minutes on this ..

  9. “It wasn’t the White House, it wasn’t the State Department, it wasn’t father LaVar’s so-called people on the ground in China that got his son out of a long term prison sentence – IT WAS ME.”……Donald Trump this AM.

    What a bloviating, braggard and gasbag. Shrug

    1. If a hypothetical President Hillary Clinton, who I despise, got me out of a potential Chinese jail sentence I would be forever grateful to her, and would admit it. And I wouldn’t care if she bragged about it, small potatoes compared to having my freedom. And if any family members of mine criticized her I would slap them silly. Because the thought of doing hard time in a Chinese prison is far scarier than any presidential bloviating.

      Otto Warmbier wasn’t so lucky, was he. You anti-Trumps gotta grow up. He brags, bfd.

      1. If I were President, I would not feel the need to act like a 13 year old girl demanding praise and adoration. The guy is a whiney putz. Lavar Ball is one as well…..would NOT want him as President either. BOTH are acting like children. NOT leaders.

        1. Maybe you prefer the George Bush type of POTUS, who was excoriated for eight years and never said boo.

          You’re gonna have to wait a few years. 😉

          1. Yeah………every President has had to have big shoulders. This one is a whiney crybaby, with thin skin, no backbone, and abig mouth. Forget Bush, I think a Pudding Pop has more substance and honor that Donnie the Doofus.

          2. Every President has suffered this. Just now we have a bigmouthed, whiney pantywaste who cannot handle it. Shrug

          3. He isn’t a crybaby , he’s literally a bitch … I can’t believe he represents us on the global stage

    2. Resist, resist, resist. Wonder what would happened if you didn’t?

      The man gets no respect, not one good thing said about him, and you just proved once again. I’m not sure how you would act under the same circumstances, but I certainly have a good idea.

      1. I am sorry…….but didn’t YOU resist Obama for 8 years. Now that Trump is hear, are you demanding total obedience. Screw that. I have no intention of joining your Trump cult. I like people who think. I like people who hold decency above politics. I like leaders, not crybaby reality tv dipsticks playing at President.

      2. It is amazing to me how you Trumpies can say it was fine for you to oppose the Obama admin for 8 years, and NEVER give Obama any credit, then whine that Obama is not loved and respected and praised. Hilarious. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW! :)

  10. Hope to be offline and in a food coma for most of tommorrow, so HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all. May your homes and hearths be filled with warmth and laughter. And many the Miami Hurricanes be National Champioins this year. Cheers

  11. If you paid journalists to publish smears against Presidential candidate or a newly elected President, is it acceptable to hide it or to not even report it? Especially if it’s at the center of an investigation as one of the primary justifications for wiretapping an opposition political candidate where even the FBI may have paid for it, even Hillary’s campaign to the sum of 10 million dollars?

    Newly filed court documents confirm that Fusion GPS, the company mostly responsible for the controversial “Trump dossier” on presidential candidate Donald Trump, made payments to three journalists between June 2016 until February 2017.

    The revelation could be a breakthrough for House Republicans, who are exploring whether Fusion GPS used the dossier, which was later criticized for having inaccurate information on Trump, to feed anti-Trump stories to the press during and after the presidential campaign. The three journalists who were paid by Fusion GPS are known to have reported on “Russia issues relevant to [the committee’s] investigation,” the House Intelligence Committee said in a court filing.

    But the recipients’ names, the amounts, and purposes of those payments were either redacted from the documents that Fusion GPS filed to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia or were not disclosed.

    Fusion has asked the court to issue a restraining order against the House committee, which is demanding documents from the company that, among other things, explain the payments it made to reporters. Most of the documents sought are banking records…

    Follow the money, and you’ll get to the truth no matter what it is. Time to start breaking the Cosa Nostra code of silence in DC.

    1. Think we will wait for the Mueller report to be completed, rather than hear your daily OP ED telling us how something is askew. Ya’ll seem really worried about this investigation………why is that?

      1. Where’s the opinion in this?

        Newly filed court documents confirm that Fusion GPS, the company mostly responsible for the controversial “Trump dossier” on presidential candidate Donald Trump, made payments to three journalists between June 2016 until February 2017.

        Rather sick and tired of your nonsensical games. You’re just like the corrupt Media and all the other corrupt ones. Never happened, doesn’t exist, if we don’t report it. Just as corrupt in character as the rest of them.

        1. You can continue to run your daily alerts and analysis. America will wait for the FULL Mueller report..on all aspects of the Russian interference on all sides.

          But I say again……….it appears the Trumpies are far more anxious about this investigation than anyone else. Wonder why? :)

        2. Rather sick and tired of your Trump propaganda and rationalizing Trump lies………….guess we both have a burden to face. :)

          I understand, you Trumpies live in a hive world, where all think, pray, and fear alike. Not me. :)

        3. And if Mueller is part of it? Which there certainly seems to be indicators of – Good luck with that. Just like with the Media and the three ‘paid’ journalists that Fusion is fighting the courts to keep ‘their names hidden’ and out of public view.

          Not one smidgeon of evidence, right? Just like the IRS paying out settlements to the Tea Party as of late.

          Corruption as far as the eye can see. Noble and righteous liars all. And you and your magic wand that dismisses it all. No different than our corrupt media, never happened, doesn’t exist, if we don’t report it – It’s the Orange God, he’s the guilty one.

          Do you condone ‘paid’ journalists acting as an extension of a political party and ‘paid assassins’ of a political candidate? Sure seems like it to me.

    2. As far as demanding release of financial documents, I will still like to see the President’s please. I have the feeling, he and his crooked clan are making a bundle of this gig.

      Your orange idol is a lyhing, bloviating jackazz, RW. Not the media’s fault, it is God and his parents fault. They raised a whiney dipstick with thin skin and a huuuuuuuuuuugeee misplaced ego. Find a new hero.

  12. RW………you resisted, resisted, resisted the last Admin for 8 years. Now you seem to think now that Trump is in office, we all have to love and agree with him. Screw that. That has NEVER been America.

    1. It’s hilarious that you and RW simply switched uniforms last November. Now RW is the over dedicated follower and you’re the whiny bitch.


  13. RW…………how much respect did you bestow on President Obama. How much did Trump bestow on President Obama when he ran that LYING, disgraceful Birther campaign, even questioning Obams’s father. So GIVGE ME A FRIGGING BREAK. You reap what YOU SOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trump as well, as long as he continue to deride those who did not vote for him, we will continue to point out the dishonest pile of trash currently occupying the Oval Office. Come on 2020…….get this fool out of there.

  14. Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving! My “thankful” list is long, I hope yours is as well.

    Congrats on the new gig, EA. I hope it includes a shorter commute. :-)


  15. I would say we are treating Trump the exact same way Fox/Breitbart/Trump treated Obama. Generally you get back, what you feed in. Karma is a beatch.

    1. Yet you whine about getting back what you gave for 8 years. Did you forget how you and the rest of libtardia treated the anti-Obama crowd?

      1. Bills posts are primarily directed at our bitchmade president , not the people who support him . There’s a difference

  16. It seems to Trumpies, to be a real America you have to love Trump, and hate any Democrat. Not happening. They have a funny view of this nation…….false but funny. :)

  17. I see Trump and his FCC pick are continuing their assault on freedom of the press. What a dangerous mistake we made last year. Appears we elected a man who dreams of being dictator. And even sadder, a bunch of older, Americans who seem to need and long for a dictator.

    Resist………..Resist…………Resist. (just for you RW). :)

    Support the Free Press……

      1. the guy had the nerve to say to these people , I told you this would happen when the tax was repealed . The ads here to stop the repeal of the tax ( actually had high end paid ads with Black families saying it was targeting them , saying they cannot afford it ) so the ad wanted the repeal . I see a lots of blacks were laid off . So this guy says , I told you this would happen , as these women were crying about being laid off

  18. Another couple of shoes drop, two for sexual allegations, the other, public corruption: A top NPR, New York Times Executive. A Democratic Chairman in Florida and last, but not least, a Pennsylvania Democrat who paid off his Democratic rival some $90,000 to drop out of the race in Pennsylvania. The problem was, he tried to hide it, but the FBI found it anyways. Follow the money and you’ll see a lot of people making the headlines – Politicians for sale.

  19. If this happens, it could lead to the discovery of higher dimensions of space beyond the three we currently operate in. “My favorite example (of new physics) is that there may be more than three space dimensions,” he said in a statement. “You can arrange the theory so that we would not be aware of the additional dimensions, but [higher energy] neutrinos would be, and that would make their cross section increase beyond what we calculate in the Standard Model.”

    1. Felt for Rand Paul when I read that. I had a collapsed lung and I remember the pain. Because every breath was blowing me up like a balloon inside, until they stuck what felt like a screwdriver in my side to release the pressure for the lung to re-inflate.

      They told me that it would sound just like a balloon releasing it’s air, and that’s exactly what it sounded like from the hole they drilled (actually more like being slowly and forcefully stabbed by a screwdriver). More Morphine they asked? They didn’t have to ask me twice. Rand’s condition’s is even worse with his broken ribs, where my relief was instantaneous once they relieved the pressure, but even then, I had blue fingernails for about week, but at least the pain was gone. I’ve often thought how over 100 years ago or so, what a painful way to go.

  20. The John Galt
    November 22, 2017 at 08:40
    Congrats – good to know I don’t have to support your early retirement.
    Don’t discount those grown up jobs too quickly. It’s actually pretty rewarding to set strategy and have control over the direction of the whole company. Of course there’s a downside to that – no one to blame if the strategy fails.


    Yeah , I get that ! And I thought about the other job hard , but with my fam and my music and my podcast , I wouldn’t have had time for it all . And I love creating content . This new gig I’m being told is a retirement type job . I won’t have to worry about a job until my man quits the biz or dies . We have a family vibe at work and he left last month to start his own dealership and wanted me to
    Run fixed ops . ( that’s service and parts at a dealership instead of the variable side which is sales ) . It’s gonna be really good for me and the family . I just like that I’m making it in the management world without giving up who I am . I’m that totooed guy who moonlights as a musician , and they love that about me . My boss is an Afghanni guy who used to run nightclubs that I used to dj in in the late 90’s early 2000s in San Fransisco so we go way back . It’s really cool . One day I’ll take the grown up job , but now isn’t the time . But if anybody needs a mopar , lemme know . We ship cars all the time

    1. Cool, Sounds similar to my last move, so I get it. The guy I’m working for I worked with in a previous life. When he got promoted to CEO he fired his CFO and hired me. We knew we worked well together and thought a lot alike. The two of us run the company and I’ll stay until I retire or we sell the business. The exact gig I’ve been working toward my whole career. Sliding into home. 😉

  21. Hi #CGsparkies , I wish you a very good day tomorrow , with all the love that I have I pray for you and your family , I pray with confidence in the One who will answer my prayer for you . God with you . And also with me :) xoxoxo robin

  22. Early bird morning ,
    Becky and I are having a very good visit.
    She is spoiling me but we do many things together too . She will be leaving for her home late Sunday night ,early Monday morning hoping not to meet to much traffic.

  23. Thanksgiving morning !!!! Everyone enjoy this day. All of us must have something to be thankful for. I have my little family. Grand kids home from college and we also celebrate their shared birthdays. Both born same day 4 years apart. I am ready to feast.

  24. A man who’s thankful for his hate of Trump this Thanksgiving Day, just as much as he was last Thanksgiving Day. He leaves out the details though as most of them do in their relentless hate of the man. This man has been a hater for as long as can remember, and he shows it here as always has. At least he has something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Day, his own hate towards others.

    Nice touch with Haitian addition, a ‘temporary’ move by Obama and crew to provide haven for hundreds of thousands of Haitians while they rebuilt their Country. A program that is now expiring. Same with the hundreds of thousands here from other Countries. Too many to mention here.

    I guess they expect, or at least this man does, expect him to make it permanent, because if you don’t, you’re a racist apparently. Or, it’s just another hammer to use on the man, and their constant pound, pound, pounding away. Even if it means using Thanksgiving Day to spread their 24/7 vile.

    The man doesn’t miss much in the hate of the man, including the same old Huff line, he lies, he lies, he lies, when many others see a refreshing truth where none existed before. The Left is known for projecting what they themselves are guilty of, a cut and dried rule with them. And this man doesn’t miss a beat here. At least he’s thankful for something, even if it’s his own hate.

  25. The Atlantic magazine. Go ahead, talk politics this Thanksgiving. They even provide a cheat sheet that they link to Politico for using on Grandma and her outdated beliefs. Make no mistake, all of it meant to undermine Trump, even the Uranium One Scandal (Politico). A Cheat Sheet that really lives to up it’s name, a cheat sheet meant to cheat others from the truth. That’s two now with a Thanksgiving day theme that incorporates Trump as their target.

    1. I saw a focus group the other day, the Republicans and Independents would say differently. Live in the bubble, die in the bubble. The echo chambers failed in reading the Country in 2016, and it looks like they’re determined to do it again. Although they do love to hear the sound of their own voices, as you do.

  26. Happy thanksgiving virtual family ! Eat well , drink well , and bring up politix ! My wife is begging me
    Not to bring up trump with her dad who jerks it to trump like RW . Peace and love , peace and love !!

  27. Would any righties in here vote for Roy the pedo if u lived in Alabama or whatever backwoods state he’s from ? Serious question .

    1. I don’t live in Alabama, none of us do, it’s a whole different World. A World where they’ve been on the wrong end of Progressivism for a long time now. Their past, still a club to beat them with. They haven’t forgotten it either or the constant attacks against them and their state. Nor have they forgotten the Democrat’s strong stance on abortion, anytime, all the time.

      That in itself could be an election killer for the Democrat.

      Every liberal organization in this Country hated Moore even before this, the people in the State always expected what they’re seeing now when he ran for the Senate Seat. And the liberals have delivered on it, changing some minds in the process, but possibly not enough, especially with this rash of Liberal allegations surfacing after they pointed so many fingers at him.

        1. According to your definition, so is Bill Clinton, because Alabama law says differently. It’s the two unproven sexual assaults that are at the core here. The second account worst than first. People are skeptical. Have you heard much from either since?

          1. Not much difference in age spreads, age spread is the paintbrush here, an open secret among Alabamans. A secret that wasn’t a secret, nor was it illegal, only the two allegations were.

            A hit and run in both cases, and then, nothing.

            I read a minister’s comments saying that he preferred younger women for their purity, that wouldn’t at all surprise me from some of the things I’ve read, even from his accusers of his respectfulness towards them, 3 of the 4 of the Washington Post to be exact – The original story.

            As I’ve said before, the first story, followed by Gloria Allred’s Press Briefing seems to be out of character of the man. And then, nothing from either of them – The Press took it all from there.

            I have no skin in the game here. One wins, one loses, that’s how elections work. But just like many in Alabama, I’m skeptical, 30 days prior to a special election.

          2. It doesn’t matter what the age difference is when they’re 14 years old ya creep … when u have almost ten people saying he did the same thing . When u have cops saying he was banned from the mall for picking up on kids , at the least he shouldn’t be a senator . The light is being shined on yer warped personality more and more everyday .

      1. When it’s come justice, you’re simply enforcing the law. Obama thought people should get away with their crimes too, they didn’t mean it, they couldn’t help themselves, it’s not their fault – They’re victims just like Hillary, right? Seems you have the same mindset here, no matter how serious the crime. And there’s some real doozies that potentially happened here.

      2. Something simpler, something you might even understand. How was the Mafia brought down? There’s certainly plenty of statutes to choose from.

        It’s all about following the money, do that, and any crime syndicate unravels, political, or otherwise. Yet, we see roadblocks thrown up everywhere, you don’t do that if you have nothing to hide. And once you break through that wall, one thing leads to another. I thought you wanted to get to bottom of this Russian nonsense, who cares if it leads to Hillary, or the DNC? It’s the truth and justice we all should want, right? How can you stop any corruption or lawlessness in DC if you don’t know the internal workings of it. What’s more, in too many cases, like yourself, don’t want to.

        Trump wasn’t suppose to win, and now, we see a lot of things that need investigating, things that wouldn’t have even seen the light of day if Hillary was elected. Just business as usual, just corruption as usual. And a media who wouldn’t give a second glance to it in covering it all up.

        Create and pay for an unproven Dossier, coordinate its distribution to the media and the FBI while also paying journalists to smear your political opposition, that’s news, big news, especially, since the Clinton’s are at ground zero in all this Russian Nonsense. “What Happened?” Indeed.

        10 Million buys a lot of press among other things. We just don’t know the amounts and to who yet.

        1. Zactly … what are u gonna do , impeach her ? It’s cute watching the foxbots and trumptards repeat verbatim what Sean hannity tells them to say tho.

  28. Someone from my former Home State, and the Republicans in the Senate doing exactly what needs to be done for the ‘right’ reasons. Give rid of the damn mandate. It holds us all prisoners to the Insurance companies, and too often, penalizing those that can ill afford it. The young, the poor among them.

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