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  1. Leftybill
    December 5, 2017 at 17:01
    Conyers is out……Ross is suspended. Trump is idolized, and Moore is heralded and pushed for the Senate. Conservatives have NO room to talk about combatting sexual predators……..they reward theirs. But………..but…………but.
    Art of the Deal has replaced the Bible as the moral code of the GOP.


    Do you own a tv? All of the predators in the news the last few days — liberals.

    1. And let’s be honest here as well. There’s no way Conyers gave up his golden parachute retirement package. He’s not being punished, he’s going in style…at our expense.

      1. Several liberal outlets are reporting that Conyers is “retiring”. He didn’t retire you dolts, he resigned. He’s not getting a farewell party and gold watch. Another example of untruthful reporting.

    2. LB is unhinged . Some basic folks have gone south in their emotions .

      If Lb and ( people I know here ) cannot hold in rants to people they know have something to contribute to a conversation .. ? ? ? whatever , I dont know what to say to them at this point . People have lost friends , and made ignorant hateful comments , when 8 years ago they never would have recognized themselves now . I actually dont know what to do but hold my tongue and try to calm the storm in my own personal relationships here . We have to take control where we each are I think

  2. Very very good friends of mine are telling me similar stories of how division has taken over their friends and families .

    There is little clarity of what is happening , its not too late to stop the arrogance that only one side is good , holds all the love , or any thing like that pattern of thought .

    1. It’s sad and makes you question the emotional stability of people willing to destroy friendships and families over politics.

      The people who for eight years mocked those who thought Obama would destroy the country are some of the same folks who now are screeching that Trump is destroying the country. They should consider their own words from eight years ago – we’ve survived worse, we’ll survive this, calm down, we’ll be fine.

      1. Just had a bit of a shock with someone I knew well . There is nothing I can do about it , what is believed is leading to hating people , thinking of them with such venom , and not ever seeing what is taking over inside . Really . I have no choice but to wait and trust that something good will come out of it all

        1. If what I heard tonight is true, Sara Carter’s sources tell her that there’s a big shakeup coming down the pike in a week or so for the FBI. Righting this ship, would be a good start I would think.

  3. We’ve seen a lot things over these last 9 years, and what we’re seeing still, does it really concern anyone anymore? I really wonder.

    A government that can’t be held to account that can be used against anyone for anything, any political party at anytime. Even taking apart an election result if that’s what they decide. IRS, FBI, DOJ and every bureaucratic agency under the sun, all of them partisan activists – Entrenched in government like some cancerous tumor.

    Honestly, what should one think when they see things like this?

    Not just dots, too many dots connected to too many other things. Not much different that than Obama years in my opinion, just another extension of it, but worse, because people voted ‘against’ it.

    And what did they get in return? A doubling, tripling down on it.

    Why shouldn’t people be pizzed when they see the ‘cesspool’ our government and our media has become in so many ways? When even elections, policies don’t matter if a few decide otherwise?

    Ignoring it all just won’t make it all go away. You either confront it, or surrender to it, what other choices do you have?

    Obama accelerated this ‘unchecked’ corrupt environment, and hopefully, Trump will end it just by winning the Presidency because the roaches can’t hide in the darkness anymore.

  4. Apparently the German Bank that’s been reported as Mueller asking for Trump’s Banking Records is apparently the latest one to be trending towards fake news. No evidence of it, but the stories are being pumped out as we speak. Tomorrow at 1 PM, Trump makes his announcement on Jerusalem being capitol of Israel and moving our embassy there.

    I saw clips of both Bush and Obama saying the same about Jerusalem, the difference here, Trump’s delivering on what he promised. And they’ll howl, and they’ll howl as they always do. As they always will.

    The left is unhinged by hate. 8 years of hate being preached by Obama, followed by an overwhelming encore of it taken to whole new level. What is the event that brings it all to head? We’re close, really close in my opinion.

    1. Possibly another fake one today. They’re really going in to overdrive now. But the stories have already been published, distributed as they always are. You just can’t take them back. The damage is already done. Let the fires of hate burn bright, even brighter than the Obama’s years. Obama’s America.

  5. I hope they do take a vote on it. I’d love to see who’d put themselves on the public record in voting for it and I’m sure many other Americans would like to see too. Because the word is, that’s ultimately what they’re going to run on in 2018 – They stand for nothing else. Good luck with that.

    Trump Impeachment Vote To Be Forced Wednesday

    Jessica Kwong
    4 hrs ago

  6. Why Trump is still winning

    And it’s driving them nuts, and many can’t even see that part of it. Winning, winning, winning. Accountability, accountability, accountability. What more could one want? Especially after being subject to 9 years of pound, pound, pounding away and having everything shoved up your azz? They can hate all they want. They invented it, they nurtured it, they promoted it. They OWN it.

  7. Grocery day again. List made out, more non eatables than eatables.
    Trying to figure out what I may want for Christmas lunch, no idea . Will be alone by the phone.
    Things can not always be what a person may like them to be.

  8. Huff’s Headline: Trump Destroys Peace Process

    If you don’t know where some, if not a lot of where the hate’s coming from. You’ll never know by now. Even the so called news organizations follow them in referencing them in their twitter feeds. They in return link back to all others in turn in spreading all the venom. Most of it targeting the some 20 year olds, the most mindless ones of all. The future they say.

  9. Having a little problem reading my own text. Made larger but not BOLD enough for these degenerating eyes even with glasses. Will see if new glasses will help. Few weeks yet. [Making print a little bolder would help.]
    Family trait, eyes and ears seem to fade out on most of us first with aging.
    Can’t seem to stop that aging thing. 😯

    1. How is talking about me ignoring me?
      I live rent free in your head………..and that makes me laugh my azz off. :)

    1. For someone who ignores me, you sure do talk about me a lot. But……………..but……………but.

      Turn off Fox…………go outside. E

  10. Christmas Cheer?
    Toward a few people the switch seems to automatically turn off.
    Sorry , seems they emit “vibes?” that do that.
    From some people I do get a very odd ,uncomfortable feeling, prefer staying clear of them if possible

  11. OBAMA AND THE CLINTON’S can’t STAY in the background and keep their noses& mouths out of Trump’s Presidency.
    Seems we are now “blessed ” with THREE president’s or SHOULD I say FOUR with HILLARY and her nosey big mouth.
    She truly needs to be in a “RUBBER ROOM”.

    1. Trumps Presidency is an embarrassment only supported by the ridiculous old Foxbots who have a need for a dictator, not me.

      Looking forward to 2020, when we can toss out this jackazz, who lost by 3 million votes, and still acts like he is beloved.

  12. What did we gain by moving our embassy………….NOTHING. Not a damn thing. We do we risk……..a lot, including many lives. This President is an imbecile ruled by AM radio demons. Boggles the mind.

    1. What did we gain from 30 years of intimidation? The same intimidation we’ve applied in our foreign policy for years. Walking on eggs in everything we do or say for everyone else these days except standing up for our own Country, and Countries like Israel. Don’t you dare do this, say this, stand up, do that or the other thing, or else.

      Israel has been a target forever in the Muslim World AND with Progressives, the whole state itself created because of an earlier targeting against the people who live there. Millions of them wiped off the face of the earth because of it.

      Has this ‘hate’ ever changed? Not from what can I see.

      Just a different group of Nazi’s in my opinion. Nazi’s who try to project just the opposite onto others as if there’s some type of righteousness involved.

      Like Progressives, it’s all or nothing when to comes to Israel. Israel’s very existence is a crime in the Progressive World. All part of their hate towards others, and in that respect it’s bottomless pit in the well they draw from, there’s plenty of hate for everyone, and then some.

      Decades of failed diplomacy, and a neighboring Country that rewards their citizenry with cash in killing Israeli’s. Kids, women, children, old or young, it doesn’t matter – Even teaching, encouraging it in their public schools and throughout the media.

      ISIS bad, Palestine, freedom fighters, good.

      Why does the left justify and keep embracing violence towards others? It’s been their MO for years, most of their heroes the same. Cop Killers who get tenure as their reward, Activists, Anarchists burning down our cities, even Domestic Terrorists like Bill Ayers who bombed our cities, MAO, and of course, the murderous Che Guevara.

      Perhaps, it’s YOU that needs to turn the channel before it’s too late.

  13. And as usual, FOX………..the only source of info for Conservatives. If Fox says it, it must be real, and there is not other side to the story. Shrug

  14. I do not consider saying “Happy Holidays” to be part of a “War on Christmas”. However, I do consider “Refugee bans” to be one. Seems many are more concerned about being able to wear Christianity on their sleeves, than carrying the teachings of Christ in their hearts. Boggles the mind.

  15. Triscuit

    December 5, 2017 at 17:25

    You mean like dismissing sources you disagree with? That kind of one sidedness?


    Clownie……my daily troll, has to answer for others who do not. NOT talking to you Clownie. So again…….RW, IMS, Robin, and you watch any news network but Fox.

  16. I will ask the question again, since Clownies usual trolling game provided cover, and the questions was never answered.

    RW, Robin, IMS, and Dottie……………do you all watch any other major news outlet, but Fox?

    Clownie……..if you could curb your new found annoying habit of trolling me, and allows those questioned to respond, I would appreciate it. Seriously…………you do nothing anymore but defect my discussions with others. START your own topics of discussion for a change. Your becoming boring and as predictable as RW. :)

    1. I didn’t stop anyone from responding. I’m happy to keep living in your head, though.

      Obviously having someone challenge your hypocrisy is too much for you to handle.

  17. If it ain’t Fox or AM Radio………..Dottie will not hear it……….and will never believe it. Odd to see someone who grew up during WWII now have such a pathological need for a dictator to run your lives. Shrug

  18. Watch out for Friday, after Muslim prayers……..and you will see the Trump effect in full force. Everything this jackazz touches he ruins.

    You know Robin…….if I were a religious person, I would be leaning toward the theory that you Conservatives elected the anti-Christ. :)

    1. You’re kidding right? You mean, we should be surprised that some countries like Palestine are calling for 3 days of rage? Hell, we’ve had that and more in our own Country when Progressives don’t get their way. Threats, constant threats, and undermining. I guess that’s what you call Progressive policy, right? Don’t get your way, destroy things.

      1. No I am not kidding……..but I am sure your pundits tell you different. But go ahead…….watch.

  19. Trump believes Moore, and Moore believes Trump. All that is needed for Trumpies. NO principles or morals but Trump love. What a sad fall, The GOP now a personality cult.

  20. On a postive note, Trump’s appeasment of his base does make a war with Iran far less likely. For now, no Muslim nation in the region is going to allow the US it use it’s land to help Israel, and attack another Muslim nation.

    Kind of made getting any kind of cooperation in the region, a lot more difficult. But who cares…………the Trumpies do not care.

  21. I hate to point out the obvious fact to Mr Trump, but your embassy move will turn more nations in the region “toward” Iran, than away from it. This admin always seems to achieve the opposite of what they want. Probably due to their trusting Fox pundits over experience diplomats or intel operators.

    1. Yeah, North Korea and Iran the best of buds ‘in sharing’ the weaponry of war, nuclear capability included. One on the Atlantic Side, one of the Pacific side of us – Both in different stages of nuclear development, and ‘both pledging’ our ultimate destruction as a Country. Of course we’ll drive our allies toward them. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that?

  22. One heck of a lot of STATIC on CG while I was at the store.
    Noticed my name a number of times. Knew it would be.
    LB. {DUMB _DE_ DUMB -DUMB }takes the bait every time.

    1. And you are still talking about me. You love me……..admit it. I am the Petruchio to your Katherine.

      Have to run, dream of me tonight my love………. <3

      1. The <3 was supposed to be a heart……not very good at emoticon. Love ya Dottie…………as silly and willfully ignorant as you are………….I love ya. Keep the fire burning. :)

    1. The Senate overwhelmingly agreed on Monday night to nudge President Donald Trump to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a campaign promise that he punted on last week.

      The Senate voted 90-0 on a resolution marking the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem’s reunification. The measure includes language that “calls upon the president and all United States officials to abide by” a 1995 law that urged then-President Bill Clinton to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.

      The Senate ‘nudging’ Trump to move the embassy. Schumer and McConnell its sponsors. Yet, its all about Trump.

      You know, like Huff’s Headline last night: Trump Destroys Peace Process

      Another site puts it this way:

      The Senate unanimously voted on a resolution celebrating the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem’s reunification and affirming Israeli sovereignty in its capital.

      The Senate on Monday unanimously voted on a resolution commemorating the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem’s reunification.

      The Senate voted 90-0 in favor of S.Res.176, introduced by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY), which reaffirms support for “Israel’s commitment to religious freedom and administration of holy sites in Jerusalem” and commends the “mutually beneficial American-Israeli relationship.”

      Additional write-up here. Even a Democrat condemning the Palestinian ‘Terrorism’ against Israel.

      Elections really do matter as Obama once said. Something that seems to be a real problem with too many in this Country. Enough so, to even try to ‘overturn’ one as we’ve seen too many times for over a year now.

      Good find on Politico Jerzy, it’s one of the few that you really can trust these days. Good, bad or indifferent. They report it all.

        1. You’re right, and mine from 2014. This shell game’s been going on for sometime now. Do you remember at the 2012 DNC Convention how it was brought up and loudly booed by the far-left, only to be ‘overridden’ at the Podium that the ayes have it? When just the opposite was true?

          Hell, even Bush and Obama are on tape during their own campaigns of saying the same. Just all part of the cheap words of politicians.

  23. Really laugh , mention LB’s name and his fingers and thoughts go wild flapping out words. He gets so excited from a little attention. Does he wet 0r shit himself or both??
    POOR “THING” Needs and wants attention so badly he will jump at any thing at all .
    He can not accept a persons truly real dislike of him.

    1. Fault finding constantly over real , imaginary or made up. Take your pick it is all there
      Seems it all is aimed in President Trump’s direction, getting worse. The more people rant about Trump the more irrational they get.
      NEWS–President Trump ,SO FAR, is not the best or the worst. It is the mental attitude of the people which is WORSE.

  24. Leftybill
    December 6, 2017 at 10:42
    December 5, 2017 at 17:25
    You mean like dismissing sources you disagree with? That kind of one sidedness?
    Clownie……my daily troll, has to answer for others who do not. NOT talking to you Clownie. So again…….RW, IMS, Robin, and you watch any news network but Fox.




    Sparky , lets take a look at this since you wanted to look into it .

    Do you read my links and posts ?

    1. I don’t think he can even accept your own personal experiences with others. He’s never accepted mine. People have no voice anymore, no personal experience, no eyes, ears and minds anymore because it’s all dumped into Fox, they’re the cause of it all.

      NO accountability, NO responsibility for anything for others.

      Just another carryover from the Wonderful Hate-filled World of Obama and all the other purveyors of hate like Huff and all those follow them so blindly. A corrupt media included. A new norm it seems.

      1. my posts are all over the place , lots from yahoo too , tribune when its gangs , and of course the entertainment linked news .

        Then there is the lefty links to example out , just how lame the news there is :)

        1. Mine are the same, all over the place. The problem it seems to me is that someone named Fox is not in lockstep with them, which means you’ll get not only a different perspective but facts that aren’t part of today’s irresponsible, partisan, if not downright hateful reporting.

          Amazing how much they put behind silencing others, except themselves as the real truth tellers, when so much says differently – Undeniable things.

  25. Terrible idea moving the embassy.

    Best ccourse of action would have been, and still is, to set Jerusalem up as an independent city-state much like the Vatican is. You basically take it off the table for everyone, since they can’t seem to share in the middle east .

    Treat them like the 4 year olds they’re acting like.

    1. Not going to concern myself about Embassy or anything else I have no control over.
      People in DC will do as they damn well please.
      Learned that what I may have to say is never heard
      in DC.

      1. ISRIAL and PALISTINE have always had problems between one another. Especially about borders and cities Not going to hold my breath.
        Will see if it is all said and done without trouble sooner or later.

        1. It’s always been trouble, and the ‘coddlers’ who haven’t helped matters either. How you can work with anyone who resists, resists, resists as the Palestinians have?

      2. It views Israel as a saint and not antagonists at all, which isn’t true.

        Also why is it “delusional” to think that a city holy to 3 main religions shouldn’t be shared as such, or that some should be excluded?

        We didn’t further a peace deal, we tipped the scale in favor of one side.

        You don’t foster peace between kids by playing favorites.

      3. Israel has been willing to share the Temple Mount , it is not in their control , it is shared now .

        That is not the same as Jerusalem the Capitol , recognized by the US as such. Which presidents Bush Sr Clinton and Obama have recognized and said they would move the embassy .

        1. “The U.S. officials said there are currently about 1,000 personnel in the embassy in Tel Aviv. They added that there is no facility in Jerusalem ready to serve as the embassy site, and it will take time to address security, design and cost concerns.

          “This will immediately begin the process of hiring architects, engineers and planners so that a new embassy when completed will be a magnificent tribute to peace,” Trump said.

          Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a televised message, thanked Trump for what he called a “courageous and just” decision.

          “This decision reflects the president’s commitment to an ancient but enduring truth,” Netanyahu said. “The president’s decision is an important step toward peace, for there is no peace that doesn’t include Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.”

          He stressed there would be no change in the status quo at the holy sites and Israel will ensure “freedom of worship” for all faiths.


          fox ! :)

      1. Like creating the problem, and then overwhelming your own Countries, your own cultures, with the very same problems as the solution, when all it accomplishes is fuel for the same?

  26. Robin ,I am disgusted. Seems to my way of thinking, to many people, Government And civilians, don’t have their feet planted firmly on earth and their heads where they are suppose to be ,on their shoulders .To many people seem to becoming stupider & stupider.

    1. You’re not alone Dottie, a lot of people share the very same sentiment. How can you not be disgusted in what you’re seeing?

  27. I don’t know RW. Seems some people can not live in peace with one another for long. they continually wind up in turmoil with death of each other.
    Arabs in particular have fought between tribes for centuries.
    Doesn’t make sense.

    1. A lot of things don’t make sense, but man’s inhumanity towards their fellow man will always be around. We’re just another animal in the animal kingdom, civilized ones we’re told. People who now think they’re Gods. People who think they can control anything and everyone by eliminating Christianity and civilization as we know it by implementing their own moral codes and laws.

      Epic fail over and over again. For thousands of years now. The arrogance of man, a price we’ll continue to pay FOREVER until we finally destroy ourselves once and for all

  28. Like I said before . People always looking for faults in others to bitch about or make them up
    Some people can’t seem to be happy unless they are causing or seeing trouble between others.
    We are a Country of troubled people.

  29. Shep to a local television reporter in California, have you ever seen anything like this in December before in California?

    Yes, yes, we have, 2003, the response.

    What I can’t understand, is there’s certainly some things you can do to protect your life and property yourself in advance, isn’t there? How many took those actions? I mean, if you build your homes in dense, dry arid areas surrounded by kindling…

    1. Nothing wrong with voicing yourself, do it while you still can. Too many others seem to have something else in mind for all of us.

    1. Not surprising at all. That’s why it’s amusing to me when politicians whine about golden parachutes in the private sector.

      Conyers wasn’t convicted of anything listed in the article. My only point was that retirement usually refers to some date in the future, but generally doesn’t include “tomorrow” or “effective immediately”. 😉

  30. As it’s been said, Impeachment? On what grounds? It’s a fantasy that more and more will come to realize as time goes by:

    The House on Wednesday rejected an effort to impeach President Trump in a vote that nonetheless pointed to growing support on the left for driving the president out of office.

    In a 364-58 vote, lawmakers tabled an impeachment resolution from Rep. Al Green (D-Texas). Every Republican voted with a majority of Democrats to turn away the resolution, while four Democrats voted “present.” 

    Yet despite the objections of their leadership, 58 Democrats voted in support of the resolution — an unexpectedly high tally, representing nearly one-third of the caucus. The group included lawmakers who haven’t necessarily been vocal about supporting impeachment. 

    Even Pelosi voted against it. At least they’re on the record now, let their constituents decide the rest if that’s what they want their Representatives focused on. Some are probably safe in their Districts, others, who knows?

    A little over 15% of the House voted for it, 85% against it.

  31. Father we pray for all of our health . For trust that you provide for us , for our hearts offered up to the plans of God . For love radiating through the trial and troubles we will face . Father for joy only you have to give . O God your will is good , it is joy and the love we pray for . Help us Lord to seek the Kingdom .


    g’nite , sleep well

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