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March Madness Baby!

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1,733 thoughts on “March Madness Baby!

  1. The “March for life” next January( always in the so COLD ) should have a subtitle now , The March For THEIR Lives “

  2. saiah’s Vision

    1In the year of King Uzziah’s death I saw the Lord sitting on a throne, lofty and exalted, with the train of His robe filling the temple. 2Seraphim stood above Him, each having six wings: with two he covered his face, and with two he covered his feet, and with two he flew.

    3And one called out to another and said,
    “Holy, Holy, Holy, is the LORD of hosts,
    The whole earth is full of His glory.”

    4And the foundations of the thresholds trembled at the voice of him who called out, while the temple was filling with smoke.

    5Then I said,
    “Woe is me, for I am ruined!
    Because I am a man of unclean lips,
    And I live among a people of unclean lips;
    For my eyes have seen the King, the LORD of hosts.”

    6Then one of the seraphim flew to me with a burning coal in his hand, which he had taken from the altar with tongs. 7He touched my mouth with it and said, “Behold, this has touched your lips; and your iniquity is taken away and your sin is forgiven.”

    Isaiah’s Commission

    8Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

  3. SSSCzar

    March 23, 2018 at 11:31

    Yesterday: Wahhh…the Market Meltdown. We’re heading towards a recession. Trump’s destroyed the economy.

    Today: The DOW is up.



    March 23, 2018 at 11:36

    Some people Can’t handle the market.

    Me, I’m happy making money hand over fist off of the irrational fear of others.


    You two were saying? :)

    Not saying I am panicing. I am actually laughing at ya’ll predicting so clearly a great market day. Perhaps you should have waited until the bell sounded to close. Lost over 400 points. I guess I have different definition of “up” that ya’ll do. :)

    1. Is that what I did? You obviously have no idea what You’re talking about, which is the norm lately.

      I make more money when idiots panic because everything can be bought at a discount. It has nothing to do with the market continuing to go up.

      1. Sorry, guess it was another Triscuit. Face it, ya’lls crowing and chest puffing ended up being premature. 8 out 10 men have experienced the same problem. Not sure about the stats for women. :)

        1. I am not panicking, but I am NOT looking at the economy and market with rose colored glasses, provided by Trump industries. :)

          1. Yeah…because a market higher than when Obama was in office and near full employment are such bad things, right?

          2. Wow……… you go right to Obama. Did I mention anything about it being better under Obama. Pretty much all week…….all I have been saying, “it is a wild ride”……….and it is. And I said, there is instability in the market which breeds panic…………and there is.


          3. Just a reminder of what you wrote…

            ” I am NOT looking at the economy and market with rose colored glasses”

            And history did happen, no matter how much you want to bury it.

        2. I said nothing of the market being up. Reread it.

          Just because YOU think That’s how money is made doesn’t make it true. It’s called buying at a huge discount when people like you panic and wring their hands. I’d do a peepee dance if it fell back to 6k. I’d become a millionaire if it did that.

          1. No, but you sure do not add a tad of realism of the moment either. Come on, you are so quick to jump on me lately, you let so much on the right slide. You used to be equally grumpy to both sides. Like Rand Paul. :)

          2. Perhaps the common theme here is not me, but you.

            I Don’t feel the need to do what you want me to do. And for the record, the only one here that Can’t seem to have a civil and honest conversation happens to be you. If that changes and someone else starts acting the fool, they’ll get to share some of the attention you get today.

  4. And the so called ‘organizer’ of the March scheduled today. Eff your parents, eff old people, eff conservatives. The same old hateful tune from a 17 year-old.

    Like Stormy Daniels, just another hero ‘scripted’ by the left and a corrupt Media, while in the background the ‘real’ organizers like Obama head it all up in plying in their ‘hateful trade’ with organizations created just for the purpose. Just like Obama’s own organization acting as the ‘coordinate hub’ for the resist, resist, resist movement when it comes to Trump.

    All of it on a National Scope, and positioned for ‘rapid response’ wherever it’s needed. This, by their own admission. Even briefings for the man. And no one thinks nothing of it. Like it’s some temporary thing that will pass, it’s not. You’re seeing a full fledged war against this Country, against a President, against it’s people. It’s up to each and everyone one of us, to rise up to confront it, or to rollover and surrender to it. Silence is not an option.

    1. Wow, going after the kids early. Your a Prince alright. Ignoring you, and saluting some pretty brave and passionate kids right now. You can wallow in your selective outrage. Goodonya Kids.

        1. There are MILLIOINS of other kids out there………but you two CONCENTRATE on the ones that fit negative worldview of it. Shrug.

          Like I said……………you all will look for the things to get pissed about, and IGNORE the positive stories. What happens to those in the Trump Orbit. Double shrug.

          1. They thrust him into the light as their mouthpiece. Deal with it, or don’t.

            All of them are there in an attempt to resreict half the nation’s rights so forgive me if I stand up against their tyrrany for everyone and not simply a selfish motive.

      1. How interesting……..of all the day’s events, you and RW concentrate on the negative stories. You folks live in world of selective outrage, because you choose to. Seriously Clownie……….as this negative energy is not good for you. Return to the Light Side. :)

        1. Since when is standing up for everyone’s rights against a group of petty tyrants, who by the way complained of their rights being infringed, negative?

          1. No, I get it. Ignore all the other stories of the day, and whine about this kid. I get it…………carry on. I prefer to look at the tens of thousands of positive aspects of the day. I understand on this issue, your gun fixation is aroused. :)

    2. Ignoring me? Didn’t look like it to me. Seems you have a problem with the truth more like it. Perhaps, you can tell me where I’m going wrong here for once.

      1. Well, first it is my obligation as a decent human being to point out your obvious attempts to deride this kids is yet another example of the cesspool of morality, that currently afflicts the Trump base. Not, that I have done that………….I can go out and play. March Madness BBQ and Party.

        Again…………Goodonya Kids. :)

        1. A decent human being doesn’t throw away once valued relationships because they Don’t like a President.

          Nor does a decent human being advocate people’s rights be restricted. That’s what Nazis did.

      1. You’re such a grand history buff maybe you ought to figure out that the Nazis used fun control to control and eventually do unspeakable things to Jewish people.

        You advocate for Nazi policies. It’s pretty simple to figure out if you put emotion aside.

  5. RW, if you EVER had the moral integrity to lambast examples rightwing hate as much as you do leftwing, I would be shellshocked. But that ain’t going to happen. Merely parrot what your Op Ed and pundit overlords tell you to do. Pawns. Shrug

    1. 9 years of experience in all this, and it’s not going anywhere. Never happened, doesn’t exist, doesn’t fly with me.

      1. This March has nothing to do with Obama, your Op Ed addled parrot. And for the record, the ONLY thing that flies with you, is what you willing swallow from OP EDS. Your a Pundit Parrot. :)

        1. I am the sum of all my experiences from the 60’s on up. I know what I see. And the facts back it all up. Keep dismissing the truth, even reality itself. I can guarantee you, you’re not going to like the end product.

          1. You are convinced is some grand conspiracy, deep state horse hockey, than someone this is all Obama’s evil plan and design he is continuing to run. My friend, you are the sum of your daily Op eds. Lay off them, and go outside and experience things. Have lunch with some gay folks or Muslims. Get outside your bubble. It is a pretty day.

          2. Obama, a Community Organizer. And what does a Community Organizer do? They organize ‘against’ things. And what is Obama’s primary goal? The Fundamental Transformation of a Country.

            So you tell me, what exactly is the man choosing to organize ‘against?’

            Even the organization he created ‘during’ his presidency is the ‘coordinate hub’ for it all. Their own admission, it was so matter-in-fact when they said it, so normal. Is it?

            They even admitted to him getting daily briefings, although only specifically to healthcare. Even admitting to being the ‘coordinate hub’ for all the resistance to Trump.

            Obama is far being finished in what’s he’s done to this Country and continues to do. You seem to have a problem with that, at least, in accepting it.

          3. Here’s a novel idea. Everything I point out here is taken verbatim from an interview from the very organization Obama created as one of first priorities as President in 2009.

            An interview conducted with them after Trump won the election…

            It seems Politico is your villain here. Perhaps your time is better spent there for daring to interview them and to publish it. I mean, who’s need the truth, the facts anymore, right?

  6. If these kids were advocating a real.solution, I’d be right there with them but since They’re advocating for laws which either already exist or were already tried and their only solution is to infringe upon half the nation’s rights then their message is bunk and needs to be called out as such.

    They wish to strut around and play on the adult ballfield then They’re going to face the same criticisms adults would. You Can’t play with the adults and expect to be treated like kids.

        1. Coolio…………..I get that. We have to follow our own internal compass. Rock On. Again……..sincerely sorry for cursing your March Madness bracket. Catch ya later. :)

          1. Why would I open my mind to restricting rights? That’s some tyrranical bullshit right there.

          2. Open to ideas from a crowd who always start with “ban assault weapons”? When you lead with something that demonstrates complete ignorance of the subject matter, why would you expect people to be open to your ideas?

    1. Except it’s not the kids organizing it. Once you figure that out, you’ll figure out a lot of other things too, a lot. If you like watching ‘useful idiots’ en mass, it’s going to be great show for you as it already is it appears

    2. You’re impressed by a bunch of kids being manipulated to further an agenda?

      That’s pretty sick and twisted.

  7. Leftybill
    March 24, 2018 at 12:27
    Shrug………………………………….disagree. Completely.



    Let the gun weirdos put down the sentiment of yet ANOTHER gigantic rally opposing trumps ( and the government as a wholes ) sentiment about the direction of the country . Meanwhile , these kids give me great hope for the future . Until recently , I felt the generation coming up were a lost cause . I have some hope now

    1. They whine that their rights are being infringed based on the actions of one person yet here they are…advocating all law abiding gun owners have their rights infringed on.

      Come on dude. You’re smarter than your recent posts let on.

      1. It’s comical , yet impressive all of yer posts come from the incorrect perspective of a guy who’s certain he is correct . :) :)


        1. Yet you Can’t show how I’m incorrect. Freedom is always correct whether it makes you uncomfortable or not. I will always side with freedom over you, Bill or anything.

          That’s what It’s like to have principles dude. Get some.

    2. I think the exact opposite. Given their response to the “enhanced security” in their school. They come off as entitled whiners, to me.

      This reinforces the millennial stereotype in my eyes.

  8. ‘ if there is a book I want everyone to read , but no one has written , u must be the one to write it ‘

    Powerfull . Reminded by an 11 year old on stage

  9. World peace …

    ….until it doesnt move that way , mobs move where the emotions movethem

  10. Would these masses allow any other viewpoint ?

    or would we have the community organized children of the corn ?

      1. i remember the college love talk turn to swear filled arguments too when someone ‘s car got borrowed , or their green pepper was eaten .. didnt take much , after the pot wore off

        1. A local interview with one kids parents the parents flat out said that the kid was telling them how it would be.

          No parenting from the parents.

    1. U guys could have a rally ? That’s what Americans have done for 200 plus years . I would provide any arial shots tho . My guess is the turnout would be way less . May be a bit embarrassing . BUT , u could hire the guy that counted trumps inauguration crowd ? I mean , he counted waaaaaay more of trumps crowd then he counted at obamas inauguration . And for sure u will get the one channel who reinforces yer biasas like no other , to repeat that yer crowd is bigger . U could get ted nudgent , kid rock , some dude named kooter , and that evil villainous from the NRA to put on a pretty inspirational show im sure !
      U guys sure do get sanctimonious when things don’t appear to go yer way . And with trumps problems ( that u guys say don’t exist ), in sure it’s gonna start happening more often 😉 :)


  11. Where are the minorities who were once told in this nation they weren’t human enough to own a gun? They’re once again being told that by media, liberals and these kids marching. Where is their outrage that a certain segment of society wants to oppress them again?

    1. a gun that fires quickly is a choice for many women , for protection , in a violent surprise , all the practice in the world can fail , and who wants to live at the gun range in case that day arrives ?
      In an electrical grid failure , or bio terror attack , or just a natural disaster the thin blue line of police protection is gone ( and if they hang outside the doors too for heavens sake ! ) and to protect themselves and their loved ones , is the right of women , and men

    2. Except that not one person said ban all guns , or that people couldn’t have guns . U keep on overreacting to a rally u guys say is pointless and silly .


      1. Obviously someone isn’t paying attention to what these kids are saying and it ain’t me or R. It rhymes with PA


        1. Because he’s guilty of exactly what he accuses others of, getting his ideas from internet memes and bumper suckers.

  12. This one’s for Lefty and the Politico interview with Obama’s group of ‘specialized’ organizers. You’ll be happy to know, neither Politico and or the organization ‘ITSELF’ ever made that mistake again. Never happened, doesn’t exist, if you don’t report it. Obama’s America.

    1. I just heard a news clip of two teen speakers , so much hate and anger . weird tomorrows hate filled angry lefties

      1. Except if u actually watched it and not had foxnews ( yeah , I watch them too ) tell u how to feel about it , u wouldn’t look so ridiculous in yer posting …


    1. Yes there seems to be . But he paints really awesome paintings now . And he has a new show coming out in showtime . I think he went a lil wacky when his girl committed suicide and made it sound like jims fault in the letter
      Cuz he wouldn’t pay for something . Wierd story

  13. When your old-a$% parent is like, ‘I don’t know how to send an iMessage,’ and you’re just like, ‘Give me the f**king phone and let me handle it.’ Sadly, that’s what we have to do with our government; our parents don’t know how to use a f***ng democracy, so we have to.”


    Cute kid, not exactly someone I’ll tell my daughter to look up to, but if that’s your guy….. good luck.

    1. Too bad he doesn’t live in a democracy. Maybe he’d learn that if he’d plant his ass in a classroom instead of interview chairs.

      1. Indeed.

        I know I’m taking notes of names in case their resume ever comes across my inbox. Buh bye. To the circular file with you.

        1. I think we’re very fortunate that we live in a country where “change”, the type of change these kids are embracing, is difficult.

          1. If they were to get their way it wouldn’t take 20 minutes for about 50 lawsuits to be filed challenging the completely unconstitutional nature of the legislation.

          2. We also live in a country where a compromise can be made , and it least there seems to be a real chance at dialogue

          3. I’ve been waiting on that dialogue for almost a decade while being told I hate kids and called a ‘gun but. I welcome a rational dialogue about the real issue this nation is facing and bumper sticker or not our problem is not with inanimate objects. It is with society, breakdown of the family, stigma attached to mental illness, lack of empathy, lack of compassion and an overall dehumanizing of people.

          4. I didn’t hear any words at the marches today that signaled compromise.

            Guns must go – 2A. FOX must go – 1A.

          1. Doing well. Probably back to work in 2 weeks. Then the wait begins for the pancreas. It shouldn’t be a long wait.

  14. The John Galt
    March 24, 2018 at 14:51
    Open to ideas from a crowd who always start with “ban assault weapons”? When you lead with something that demonstrates complete ignorance of the subject matter, why would you expect people to be open to your ideas?


    Cuz it has to start somewhere . We can keep playing this bumper sticker warfare game . At some point people have to start talking . We accuse D.C. Of kicking the can , yet we can’t even have a conversation in here without ‘ guns are inanimate objects ‘ , and slogans like that shutting down the dialogue . I applaud these kids getting the conversation started from a new perspective. And if gun nuts don’t start talking , like those kids said , they get to vote in a few years . And those kids are looking for stuff way harsher than ‘ common sense ‘ gun laws .

    1. /snicker

      As if you calling everything a bumper sticker and calling for guns to be banned and confiscated isn’t shutting down the conversation. It’s a two way street buckshot.

      1. And I’ve provided plenty of ideas but you and Bill never seem to want to engage in that discussion because it never involves banning certain made up classes of guns.

        It’s a people and societal problem but talking about that might make people uncomfortable so you guys take the easy way out.

        1. The left jumps right to gun laws while ignoring:

          — the serious lack of resources and assistance for the mentally ill

          — the numerous levels of govt and law enforcement that failed these kids

          1. As righties continue to dance around the crux of the problem , access to guns .

            All those other things u mentioned should be addressed also . It’s not one or the other

          2. Let’s pretend for a moment that access is the issue.

            How did the shooting in Maryland happen? Access to guns in Maryland is extremely regulated by the state. It was illegal for the kid to have the gun on both the state and federal level.

            You want real discussion, Let’s get to it instead of repeating anti-gay bumper stickers.

          3. Not to mention murder and attempted murder are illegal as well. So Is possession of a gun on school property. So Is stealing the gun from his dad.

            The kid in Maryland broke a launder list of laws before even pulling the trigger. Let’s be honest for once. We have a people problem and laws aren’t going to fix morality.

        1. You’ve called everything I post on the subject a bumper sticker. I understand though, you post so much scrap it would be impossible for you to recall all of it.

    2. You start by educating yourself on the subject so you aren’t immediately dismissed as ignorant. You want an intelligent discussion, get some intelligence first.

    3. I’m still waiting for one of you to define “common sense gun laws” (bumper sticker) that don’t already exist.

      1. I think It’s code for ‘ban scary looking rifles’…which was tried from 1994 to 2004 with questionable results.

      1. If anyone would stand for that, they deserve what they get for allowing the tide-pod generation to steamroll everyone.

        1. America always gets what it deserves . They’re stupid. Most get their opinion from talk show hosts and internet memes

    4. I mean….that’s not shutting down dialog, it’s stating a fact. Guns aren’t good or evil they’re….things.

      How is that shutting down dialog?

          1. I’ll even consider any ideas that would address ‘Access’, provided they can be articulated well and how it will stop the problem.

        1. I think that’s part of the dialog though.

          Is it access? Is it respect?

          To me, something just doesn’t add up, when we have access to much more deadly things but don’t use them for nefarious purposes.

          My second puzzle that doesn’t add up. Why the focus on semi-automatic rifles, when small caliber handguns kill much more, more often?

        2. Other deadly things are readily available in places like Europe, even more available than in the US, like alcohol, yet related deaths are fewer there than in the states.

          I’m using alcohol as a reference because, A: it is a poison, it kills and B: we have a historical reference of banning it, and the success/ failure that resulted.

  15. The funding bill that just passed has 500 million dollars for planned parenthood in it ! It had sanctions on Russia also and trump didn’t even know !


    1. How many times did I ask whether lack of access to “assault weapons” would have stopped Cruz, to crickets. Seems he and LB just want agreement. They don’t want to have to answer questions about or support their POV.

  16. I must admit, the communist raised fist after Hogg’s speech was touching. I mean armbands and salutes? Seems a little reminiscent of a terrible part of history.


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