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March Madness Baby!

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5,040 thoughts on “March Madness Baby!

  1. Susanne. None of us think Ms Daniels is some shining example of integrity. Far from it. Out for money and fame, no doubt. Which again raises the question, why would you support a man who WILLINGLY and Enthusiastically cheats on this wife, so he can associate with folks like that. Don’t you get it………..Trump does these things to himself. A lack of character is very evident.

  2. Mercutio

    April 18, 2018 at 17:29

    April 18, 2018 at 16:24
    So going to see the midterms……….then 2020…….then who knows.


    You’re party is going to have to come up with someone more electable.
    Also, personally, your platform is going to have to change for ne to get on board.

    True Dat. Need to return to the roots of the Democrats. The workers………not the fringe issues. I have no issue with gays getting married or legalized pot, but I am more interested in higher wages and healthcare.

  3. Mercutio
    April 18, 2018 at 17:26
    pril 18, 2018 at 16:48
    Valid question……..another one, is the electoral college still necessary. I say nope.


    I vehemently say it is, as a rural citizen in a “flyover state


    I’d like to know why you, and others think “no”.

    As someone who lives in a “flyover state”, and has heard people on both coasts talk about my region like it’s a second class nation. Mentions of never going there because “I prefer civilization”. . . why should the stewardship and management of this land be given to those who have no regard for it?

    If the argument is that rural votes are weighted more, there’s a simple fix to that, move to the rural areas. Know the area you want to control.

    Why should California’s opinion count for more than Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, iowa, south Dakota, north dakota, Utah and Idaho. . . Combined?

    1. With today’s mobile population (many folks relocate many times in their lives)there is little state loyalty but more national loyalty, and the advent of modern communication, I do not think it is necessary. One of the reasons it came into being, is because travel limited candidates to just a few states to visit in person. These days, a candidate can get their message to EVERY American instantly. Time for will of the people, to outweigh the will of the state governments. At least to me. Like I said, I know it is debatable. And I know it will not happen in my lifetime. :)

      1. This sounds like an argument FOR the electoral college.

        If we’re such a mobile society, why aren’t people moving out to places where their vote counts more?

        Are people voluntarily discounting their voice?

          1. I mean, I knew we disagree from the beginning on this. I’m looking for compelling reasons from your side.

            I haven’t heard one yet. The usual stuff I hear is “a bunch of hicks shouldn’t have more say than me.” , which by your reasoning, isn’t the case because they can easily move out with the “hicks”.

          2. I stated mine. If they are not sufficient for you, cool. I do not think the Founders envisioned a system where someone could lose by millions, and still be President. I am cool with being a minority of this. A tyranny of the minority can be as vile as any other tyranny.

          3. Wait, is this entirely because trump won?

            You stated your reason, but it doesn’t hold up to examination, as shown above.

            I’m asking other supporting arguments. Is “Hillary lost while sweeping California” your other supporting evidence?

            If so can you answer the above question.

            ” Why should California’s opinion count for more than Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, iowa, south Dakota, north dakota, Utah and Idaho. . . Combined? “

          4. Because they’re deplorable? Or because they’re bitter people clinging to their guns and religion?

      2. Um, the state governments don’t determine electoral votes. The people within that state do.

        So, to ask Merc’s question again, why should NY and CA determine what the rest of the states do?

    1. Nope, no fire here, first day above freezing this week. Still have snow on the ground. Too wet for a fire

  4. I am torn between booking a tour from Maui to Lanai one day, or a snorkeling trip with mantas and turtles on Maui the same day. So much to do on those islands.

  5. And the Comey saga marches on making all the usual partisan stops along the way. The usual suspects, the usual platforms. Here, it’s NBC, the other day, the View. Next up? CNN’s Jake Tapper, and of course, all of it to be followed by a well orchestrated CNN Town Hall. Anderson Cooper, I believe.

    One of the gems included here:

    …Those still working in Washington and in Trump’s Cabinet have hard choices to make. Each person has to weigh their commitment to the country against the damage that will come to them. I believe that working for Donald Trump, especially closely, damages everybody. And all of us have to decide individually: How much stain can I tolerate in service to my country? And then obviously, there’s the concern that working for him may enable him in some way…

    Trump, a ‘stain’ on the Country. His overriding message? Get out there and vote ‘against’ him. Just more of that Comey class he’s becoming so well known for.

      1. If Mueller is anything like Comey, and I expect he is, it will be a good read. Just different words that’s all. I mean, there’s got to be at least a hundred different ways in calling Trump ‘a stain to the Country’ without directly doing it as Comey did.

        It’s becoming more and more clear to me that Comey’s on a CYA tour. Mueller may not be far behind him in this respect. He’s also got a few ‘matters’ that may need to be addressed in the future.

        Here’s another classic Comey line from the view about McCabe that really sums up the man, they say Mueller’s a ‘good’ man too:

        “Good people lie. I think I’m a good person, where I have lied,” Comey said. “I still believe Andrew McCabe is a good person but the inspector general found he lied.”

        Noble liars, all.

        1. Mueller spend a life in service to his nation……..your orange dipstick God has spent his life in search of personal wealth, power, and porn stars to bang. I know who I will trust.

          1. Flynn served his Country too, and the ‘good man’ in McCabe who played an intricate part in what happened to him. Sally Yates too, who got a standing ovation form Mueller’s pit bull in ‘saluting her’ for defying Trump. And she was fired for it. Good man are decided by a number of different things, the Comey standard in your case. The bar has never been lower.

          2. Flynn was fired, and actually left the service, not in the best of terms. Mueller never had such issues. If anything, the fact Trump HIRED Flynn, when Obama and others told him not to, shows again, what an imbecile he is.

            Swing and a miss.

            Sorry, in the ranking of real men and real patriots, Mueller would score high…………..Trump would barely warrant a mention. Maybe for the most porn stars banged by a President perhaps.

          3. Sally Yates is a good woman and American, as is Comey. Sorry, if they had the audacity to question your false orange God. I raise that question myself.

          4. Spending one’s life in service Doesn’t make one good or bad, corrupt or not corrupt.

  6. I heard about the Trump’s Administration excitement as to potentially getting the Nobel Peace Price if they can pull off the North Korea deal.

    Over the Global Left’s dead body? Not a chance.

    This man cannot, will not, be celebrated for any reason. Obama got one for his words, whereas hell would have to freeze over for Trump to get any credit for his accomplishments no matter how great they might be.

    1. Nope……if they can do it. Cool. But I think I would award it more to NK and SK…….not so much Trump. But think you are crowing before the egg is laid. I remember when you said Mexico would pay for this wall, and that we would have a great healthplan that covers everyone.

      Must folks, left and right, like peace RW……….especially vets. Unlike Trumpies……….we do not let our repulsion over what a slimeball he is, to diss anything good that comes out of his admin. Unlike you…………..who for 8 years said NOTHING positive about Obama. But…………but………………but, that was different. Iknow. :)

  7. RW. I have kudo’s Trump more times (even considering what a slimeball) he is, more than you every did Obama. You still cannot say one good thing about the previous President, So climb off your high horse, Trumpie. :)

      1. Yeah………..that ain’t going to happen. First off, you have already been proven WRONG, so many times, that is not possible. I recall your 4,300 Obama Watergate Moments. Your are hilarious. Seriously you are. Just a blind little Trumpie, marching along, parroting your Op Eds. Worshipping your Orange Father Figure. Such a sad, lonely little man. Want something from Hawaii? May cheer you up. :)

        1. Not aware of any Watergate moments. But do I recall so many moments over these past 10 years that can’t be retracted or rewritten. Many of them I still refer to, because it’s the truth. What you want to do with the truth, the facts, is up to you.

  8. So Alex Jones, the lying scumbag is finally being sued. Good. I would remind you that all the Trumps LOVE Mr Jones. They link him and laud him often.

    Makes sense………folks of low moral character do tend to congeal into one biomass.

    1. Um, I’ve seen zero links to the infowars site here.

      I think You’re confusing your fantasies with reality again.

    2. Who is Alex Jones?

      Does anyone actually watch this guy. . . . I’m assuming he’s on some TV show, yes/ no?

    3. California must really be up there on your ‘holier than thou’ list. What aren’t they suing Trump for? In fact, his most notable, most visible and most vehemently vile detractors all hail or are headquartered there one way or another. Except for Obama of course, he likes to stay in the background ‘directing, coordinating’ it all from his fortress just down the road from the Oval Office – Always giving the coordinates for the next attack.

      Just the kind of ‘stealthy’ guy he’s always been.

      And if you ask him, even about that, oh yeah, I read it in the newspaper just like you did. Just like his whole Presidency did where it became almost a standard response for him for ‘every denial’ under the sun. A noble liar. He knew nothing, nothing, nothing. Thank God for NEWSPAPERS right?

  9. Dang……think everyone needs a lawyer like Cohen. Seems to never charge for his services. And will even pony up over $100,000 of his own money to pay off any porn stars or playboy bunnies his clients bang, so their wives does not find out. Now, that is a good lawyer.

    1. Yep……….I remember when the GOP used to lecture folks on how they carry the standard for family values……………..Times have changed. :)

  10. Can’t resist—–
    Always thought I heard the Roster crow And the hen that laid the eggs and they CLUCKED, the roosters did NOT lay eggs.
    Maybe all those years living on a farm and gathering eggs, I was confused between the hens & the roosters. 😆

    1. I stand corrected……… are right. They cackle……not crow. The actual quote from Lincoln is.

      “The hen is the wisest of all the animal creation, because she never cackles until the egg is laid.”

      ― Abraham Lincoln

  11. Kudos to the pilot of the SW airplane that lost an engine, and the passengers who jumped in to help afterward. Could have been much worse.

  12. Leftybill
    April 19, 2018 at 12:04
    Thought you were on the Ok border for some reason. Thanks


    Not to nitpick, but this is a perfect example of why I want the electoral college to protect the “flyover states”.

    I can’t be on fur Oklahoma border, Nebraska doesn’t boarder Oklahoma at all. The entire state of kansas sits between us.

    1. I keep forgetting about Kansas. Maybe because I drove across it from east to west………and it all looked the same. That is cool…… I said, we are allowed to disagree. I am cool with that. :)

      1. So if you, who keeps relatively informed, can completely disregard an entire state, what hope do they have for the average coastal voter who is even less informed?

      2. Merely saying “we disagree” doesn’t foster understanding or knowledge, other than the fact there is disagreement. I’m trying to understand your point and reasoning behind it.

        I’ve given you mine, if you find fault in it, or need clarification, please say so. That’s what vigorous discussions do.

    2. I did hit Nebraska when driving North to South once. Had to drop someone off in Omaha. That part of the state was really pretty.

      1. The western half is much more prairie. East Nebraska by Omaha is pretty hard dirt and forest. Especially along the Missouri river.

  13. Be cool all………..Joanne is getting off early, and we are going to pick some fruits and vegetables at the local pick-your-own farm. Ciao.

      1. What babies can sense can make them cry, tenseness, loudness, hate. You know, the usual things you won’t find in such a setting.

  14. A story about Comey, Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates and the upcoming IG’s report. Excerpt here.

    Didn’t know about the ‘look beat up’ part in his book:

    The mention of a “matter” is a reference to Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee last year, in which he said Lynch requested he minimize Clinton’s email investigation, urging him to call it a “matter” instead of an “investigation.”

    Wittes described how Lynch appeared to be “only too happy to have Comey fall on this particular grenade,” in reference to how, according to Comey’s book, Lynch told him, “Try to look beat up” about the renewed email probe.

    1. The question here is, why, and for what reason would Lynch ‘instruct’ Comey to look, or act, beat up? So many questions yet to be answered.

  15. Leftybill
    April 19, 2018 at 13:15
    Yep……….I remember when the GOP used to lecture folks on how they carry the standard for family values……………..Times have changed. :)


    To the converse, I remember when Democrats didn’t care what people did in the bedroom, and were downright ok with a president sleeping around.

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