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March Madness Baby!

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12,645 thoughts on “March Madness Baby!

      1. This is probably a last stand for Democrats. With an election four months away they have no new ideas, the up and comers are pure socialists, and they’ve spent two years hating on Trump and chasing his troll tweets. It’s a shame really, because Trump has given them ammo, they just didn’t know how to use it.

        Unless the economy takes a dive or Mueller comes up with a Trump bombshell they have nothing.

      1. I did. Thank you, but too many steps for my comprehension. :-)

        Actually, I’m on an iPad. No Word.

  1. If Strzok can do his job without bias, so can Kavanaugh. I guess the progressives didn’t think that one through.

  2. The survey follows a poll last month that showed Puerto Rican voters in Florida knew and liked Scott better than Nelson — by a 21-percentage-point margin — even though 57 percent of the sample was Democratic.

    I saw an ad last night of Scott’s. Nelson has his hands full. Squeaker? Perhaps. But right now, if things don’t change, my guess is Scott’s heading for the Senate this fall.

  3. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and panel: Peter Strzok texts are damning. No way to dance around his bias.

  4. Maybe cari could chime in if she’s lurking.

    But its weird that everyone who thought the OPD officer who tweeted stuff on his personal account should be fired for bias, but think that this FBI guy is perfectly able to be impartial, and vice versa.

    1. Bryan kulhanek,

      The case of Bryan kulhanek and Peter stroyk is strikingly an example of current American politics.

      1. It’s stunning (not really) how many condemned the OPD officer and called for his firing, now are saying that strzok did nothing wrong. Likewise many of bryans defenders want to skewer strzok.

        This is an example of EAs fight club america

        1. Agreed. The other ridiculous narrative it that Catholics cannot do their job sans bias, but Strzok can.

  5. GOP should not have made that agent testify. He is owning them, and showing them to be ridiculous little rumor peddlers and mudslingers. Gohmert did a very good McCarthy impression…………and showed a lack of any decorum.

    Thanks Trumpies for turning the US Congress into another ridiculous reality show.

    1. Yeah, no need to look into corruption and bias in the FBI, right? Unless it was under Trump, then guaranteed you’d be the first one calling for heads.

      You’re so precious. I guess 5:00 is now officially troll time, huh. 😆

  6. On a final note…………did you know Macadamias are not indigenous to Hawaii? Nor are Pineapples.

  7. I do beleive Donnie Dipstick is going to do his very best to get us into a war with Iran. Too bad, the pantywaste would not have to fight in it. But Lil Donnie wants his false glory. Imbecile best realize a war with Iran would make the insurgency in Iraq look a cakewalk. Not talking about a nation drawn on a map after WWI, but a nation with as long a history as Egypt and Israel. Could not win it. Don’t have the troop strength to occupy it, which we would have to do.

    My prediction…………Donnie Wonnie will begin pushing that way by the end of summer.

    1. You see war with iran?

      I see a more measured approach with Mattis running defense.

      If he wants to trim the defense department as a whole, I I wouldn’t mind.

      1. And you know what’s interesting…EA want credit for this whole tribalism comparison but the funny thing is I’m pretty sure my 73 year old dad doesn’t know who EA is and he mentioned it last week when I was home…


    1. You think so? Thousands of texts from Strzok:

      I want to stop Trump
      Trump voters are ignorant hillbillies
      Trump’s an idiot
      Impeach Trump
      BTW, I’m sleeping with a co-worker behind my wife’s back

      And we’re supposed to believe him when says that he held himself to the highest possible standards while investigating Trump.

      1. like Comey , a higher loyalty .
        readit : Myself and my ambition, for , I am always right

      2. The guy was pretty clearly thinking with his little head, and we all know how that generally turns out.

      1. Would seem so. I just heard a few clips on POTUS tonight, everybody outraged.

        As far as Gommert (that name always makes me think of Gomer Pyle), he went personal but had a valid point, despite all the faux outrage from the Dems (like they can claim anything close to the high ground). The dude is claiming all this integrity, yet he was cheating on his wife, which certainly speaks to his character. Cheaters cheat, liars lie.

  8. Fair question, easy answer:

    Verified account

    Follow @KimStrassel


    On the question of Strzok’s bias and whether we should believe he didn’t act on it. The question every American should ask is this: How would you feel if he’d expressed such disgust toward you, and was also investigating you?

    1. the left believes in bias in just the words you say like male and female , all at once true bias is no biggie

    2. Feelings … whoa whoa whoa!!

      People are humans . They have opinions. It doesn’t control most people’s lives while they make a living , where they would be terminated for acting on them.
      Do some research on the guy , he was a major part of some inportant stuff. He was especially profound in Russian spy stuff.

  9. HA! HA! Still laughing at the audacity of some people. Who seem to think they are so much better than some others. When in reality they show themselves to be so much “smaller”.
    All these years, so many people ,MANY different personalities. Some have shown themselves NOT to be WORTH the time of day.
    SO EASY to read MOST people.

  10. Did a dumb thing WEDENSDAY, when I went to the store.
    I picked up a box of soda crackers that were an off brand and on sale. NEVER again, they tasted horrible, threw them away .Should go today and get my regular brand.
    You don’t want to hear about my “DUMB STUFF”,
    May as well ERASE all of that too.
    All those YEARS of posting, never censored. All at once it starts . HMMMMMMMMM

    1. you like the nabisco saltines ?

      I like the new triscuits alot . But I dont buy them as much as the good for you Whole Foods seeded and flaxed up choices :)

    2. We’ve found some store brand stuff at Meijer to be pretty good but most not so much. A lot of the Costco and Sams brand is generally pretty good.

  11. LOL ALMOST 90 years of life. For most of those years I have in one way or another come across MANY people.
    All kinds of personalities, some I wouldn’t even wipe my barn yard dirty boots on.

  12. BTW, I may as well say this .
    After all these YEARS and my posting has become so offensive, SAY SO and I will step AWAY from CG.
    BUT AGAIN there is the PROOF READER??????
    I may be OLD, but most certainly not stupid. Been reading people and their ignorance for to many years.

    1. Angel , I dont see what you mean ? I dont think you are ever censored Dottie , there may be a tech thing that happens , It has happened to me too , I look and a post is gone ? :) :)

      no worries . and dont stop posting to us ! :)

      1. Nothing I see that has been blocked or in the spam filter, but the site seems to have slowed lately. I’m going to put up a new thread to see if that speeds things up some.

  13. The left came up with the tribe thing , and lefties use it .
    If a righty said it it would be called racist

    I just think its stoopid

  14. updates ? Ims ? Mart ? Claus ?

    and how is Cari and , Aztec , Mike ( from Florida ) Barb , Newread …? wow long time , Pub , I know I am forgetting people ..

  15. Gottam , Trump has no idea what he’s talking about . Watching this press conference with may is embarrassing .

    1. So you’d prefer a public speaker who spews paltitudes to someone who isn’t and gets things done?

      My dad is about as far left as Bill used to be and he likes a lot of what Trump has done. Seems you’ve joined the fringe dude.

      1. Trump was elected in part to be disruptive. Why is it shocking that he’s doing just that. Yes, he’s a lousy public speaker. But he’s certainly got balls and is getting shit done, stirring things up. That he offends some people in the process…shrub. Get over it.

      2. Well except I’ve complimented him on the stuff I agree with too . But keep tryin kid 😉

        1. Shows where your priorities are. Wanting to be wooed by a politician is pretty weak.

  16. 1143
    Stormy Daniels should never have been arrested at a Columbus strip club and the Chief of Police is launching an investigation to determine if the officers’ motives were improper.
    Chief Kim Jacobs says she will take the heat for the arrest at Sirens strip club … where Stormy was busted for touching an undercover vice officer during her performance. As TMZ reported, the arrest was bogus because the law only prohibits touching by dancers who perform regularly at a club, and Stormy was a featured guest for only 2 nights.
    Chief Jacobs noted a mistake was made, though she was not specific. She went on to say, “While the presence of Vice officers at this establishment is reasonable, the motivations behind the officers’ actions will be reviewed internally …”
    The charges against Stormy have already been dismissed, and she’s cancelled her Thursday night performance at Sirens … due to security concerns.


    Hmmmm … what’s worse ? Interrupting a dinner over politix , or using yer power as a law enforcement officer over politix ?
    I know , let’s see if others are honest enough to answer ?


    1. Of you think the cop in this instance is bad then you’re a hypocrite about Strzok.

      Both situations are unacceptable. One is harassment and one bias in law enforcement. The fact your post implies you think one is okay means you aren’t the anti tribalist you try to portray yourself as…

    2. The latter.

      I do find it interesting, though, that you don’t seem to be too concerned with politicization of the FBI, or the IRS, or the FDA, or various and sundry other federal agencies. But harassing a porn star, THAT gets your attention. *snicker*

      1. I watched the interview yesterday and that dude seemed to have very logical answers to the weak attempt by the GOP muddying the mueller probe .

        And shocker , I like porn . I’m sure u have NEVER watched …


      2. Not sure what u mean about the FDA. And yes , I was guilty about the IRS thing back then

  17. Among the revelations in special counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment of 12 Russian intelligence officers on Friday involved in hacking the Democratic National Committee was that the hackers communicated with individuals in the United States — including “a person who was in regular contact with senior members of the presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump.”
    Although not named in Friday’s documents, that person is widely known to be Trump confidant Roger Stone, who has previously posted screenshots of his interactions with one of the hackers, Guccifer 2.0.



    1. Is Roger Stone an alias for Donald Trump?

      I really thought you were smarter than this. I guess that proves I can be wrong.


      1. Yer right bro . Regardless of everyone in his in his inner circle colliding with Russians , trump was oblivious !!!


  18. Trump knew about this indictment befor his trip overseas and still blew smoke up putin and Russia’s Ass at the presser in the U.K. With May …

    How do I guys still support this clown ?

  19. pretty sure more people peacefully
    Protested trump in London than showed up for his inauguration in D.C.


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