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March Madness Baby!

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12,645 thoughts on “March Madness Baby!

  1. Rush may very well have it right here. The problem was, Trump wasn’t supposed to win, and no one would have ever been any wiser to it. I still see this beyond any reasonable dumping it all into politics, it’s jail Country, and long, lengthy sentences for any of those involved. This isn’t Stalin’s America or Obama’s America. It can’t ever happen again.

    Rush Limbaugh: FBI’s Russia Investigation Was A Setup From The Start

    1. After that read trumps other crazy buddy over at infowars that says sandyhook was a fake crime that obama staged to take yer guns .

          1. Friends is a pretty far fetched statement. Has he interviewed him, yes. Jones claims a lot of things, but go ahead believe him I guess. I don’t see them as friends.

  2. /face palm

    This place is a hoot during the day !!
    U guys have it all figured out eh ??


    1. The real hoot will come as to who’s right, and who’s wrong here. I know where my money is.

      1. Let’s bet real money ?

        No time limits tho , I’ve already lost money on that kinda bet .

        U name the price , but it’s gotta be more than the mints u put on peoples pillows after u make the bed !! :)

        We both send our checks to galt , and he holds til there’s a winner . I won’t cash mine , I just want it for a souvenir.
        ( unless u pick a big number , I may need some weed sometime and be broke 😉 )

        1. Yes, please do send me money! I’ll put it in my super secret, super safe shell company. 😉

  3. You’ll be hearing a lot more about this in the days ahead including how the Russian in this story had virtually secured the FBI agent’s release from Iran, twice, but was called off both times by Obama and Hillary’s State Department.

    Mueller and the FBI were apparently desperate in bringing this FBI Agent back home (held in Iran for 11 years noW), but Obama and Hillary weren’t very cooperative for whatever reason when it came right down to it.

    That’s just part of the story, read the rest of it here. What a web this is turning into:

      1. Well, considering he’s a 25-year veteran with the Associated Press with lots of sources named or otherwise, his reporting has been spot on, impeccable.

        Feel free to prove otherwise with all the other fact checking sites.

        He takes his time, months if he has to. Not at all like the young wet behind the ears, unprincipled ‘Huff Puppets’ we’ve come to know and loathe. I noticed a few days ago, people seem going out of their way in smearing him. I’ll just add you to the list. Okay?

        1. Barely anything I post is from huff , (unless I’m just trolling) , but I’m glad u found a journalist besides hannity to post . I listen or watch him at least once a day so I know what yer gonna say befor u do . If he’s got some real juice to ad to this I’ll be stoked ! the hill isn’t exactly where I would go for breaking news But a spinoff to this reality show would be awesome !! :)

          1. Plenty of journalists out there, doesn’t matter where they appear or how they appear. What’s matters is that they appear, with facts, ‘real’ facts.

            Once you know the facts, the rest is easy, with the truth generally following right along with it as it completes everything else that’s needed ‘to see’ clearly.

            Puff, puff, puff, giggle, giggle, giggle. Keep living in a fog, a Dream World of your own creation. A warning to all others and where it all leads to. Giggle.

          2. So where exactly would you go for breaking news, as you put it? What’s wrong with The Hill?

          3. RW posts from all over the place including Huff ( usually to show how off the rail Huff is but still )

            You have to be more accurate we know who is correct when they post .

  4. Also making the rounds, Manafort’s request to the Federal Judge to look into leaks from the Mueller probe which biases and uses prejudice against him.

    One nugget here really stood out for me:

    …Mueller’s team also submitted a secret filing to Ellis “concerning one article.” Prosecutors did not say which article it was about or why the information needed to be placed under seal and withheld from Manafort’s defense…


      1. You would have made Stalin a very, very happy man. Because it does take a lot people to build the type of village that he did. A monument to people just like you.

  5. Trump and his cult members ;

    ” were draining the swamp ” …

    New evidence coming out daily ;

    Trumps lawyer was selling access to meeting Trump , saying things like , ” u need me ” in his pitches !!


    Please guys , please … keep telling me this is ” winding down ” , or that ” they’re running out of straw men ” , or whatever else Sean hannity ( clearly part of the swamp ) is telling u what to believe , while u read nothing else but stuff that confirms yer bias .
    It brings me great joy and I appreciate it . U guys keep on keepin on !


    1. while u read nothing else but stuff that confirms yer bias .

      Irony Alert!!!!! 😆

      1. Just because u day so doesn’t make it true . But I’m glad u enjoyed yer super witty post !! :) :) :)

    2. The Cohen case is not the Mueller case. Glad I could clear that up for you Giggles.

        1. Oh but it’s not. It’s two separate cases. This is just the basics. Can’t you simply agree on the basics? Is it so hard?

    3. So how is that different than what the Clinton Foundation did when Hill was SoS?

      1. Not my point , and I’m not defending anything she did . She’s just as creepy as trump .

        My point is trump voters voted to drain the swamp , and trumps personal lawyer is balls deep in the swamp . They gotta see that , and hopefully stop saying trump is doing so..

        1. If Cohen did something wrong he deserves it. Attaching his actions to anyone else seems desperate. Cohen’s case isn’t even about Stormy.

  6. WASHINGTON ― A month after abruptly resigning from Congress in an apparent effort to avoid more fallout from sexual harassment allegations, former Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) already has a new job: lobbying his former colleagues on port issues.
    Farenthold announced Monday on a Corpus Christi radio show that he landed a new gig at the Calhoun Port Authority in Port Lavaca, Texas, as reported by Caller Times. He is now the port’s full-time legislative liaison, and his job responsibilities include increasing the port’s visibility with federal lawmakers and the Trump administration. Port Lavaca sits on the Texas coast some 70 miles northeast of Corpus Christi.


  7. Scott pruitt with scandal after scandal for abusing his power …


  8. CIA chick

    Career law inforcement official , renditionist who had spent too much time in D.C. for somebody drawing the swamp …

    ( I support her tho . She seems good for the job )


      1. I think it’s very interesting that u support this sexual predator .


        I guess as long as u make the right words with yer mouth and are a righty u can pay off multiple dames for being a sexual predator and still be supported by people who pretend to be christians eh?


    1. You still have no idea what the swamp is. It’s the corruption employed by politicians, not the amount of time they’ve been in service. Glad I could clear that up for you again Giggles.

      1. Meesa thinks u guys haven’t a clue what the swamp is ..

        Uh oh .. I said u guys again :)

        1. No, you have your definition that fits your narrative, and we have the definition.

  9. Iran threatening to release names of people who took bribes?

    Really? How about they just go ahead and do that.

    1. Black guy attacked for his political views. As defined during the Obama rein that’s racism, right?

      1. He’s an escapee from their political plantation. He’s fair game to progressives.

  10. The juxtaposition of this new reality– that we’ve elected a president who didn’t denounce hatred but embraced it, that that president is supported by David Duke, who’s still around and fomenting that hate– notches “Blackkklansman” to new level. Now we have a movie of staggering social significance. That Lee even thought of it and connected all the dots shows great filmmaker who’s been with us for three decades, bringing a masterwork to life.
    Keep them angry instead of independently thinking. Great job Spike.

    1. “That motherf–ker was given a chance to say we are bout love, and not hate, and that motherf–ker did not denounce the motherf–king Klan, the alt-right, and those Nazi motherf–kers,” he said.

      “It was a defining moment, and he could’ve said to the world…that we were better than that.”

      Soooooo classy. Spike who was raised by intellectuals (teacher and composer/musician), still needs to overcome his Napoleon Complex by talking street.

    1. Only a matter of time. That’s why he was so vicious in his tweet to Trump. He’s part of the insurance plan. So was Clapper.

    2. Except that the ICA did not reflect the consensus of the intelligence community. Clapper broke with tradition and decided not to put the assessment out to all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies for review. Instead, he limited input to a couple dozen chosen analysts from just three agencies — the CIA, NSA and FBI.
      Because he was still helping to craft the insurance policy to take the outside down.

    1. Did u notice that trump disbanded the voter fraud commission that he started cuz they couldn’t find shit ? I did …


      1. Incorrect Mr. I Know Everything. It ended because the states wouldn’t hand over the information requested.


        1. okie dokee . U run with that . I’ll run with Ivan’s razor . One of us will end up correct

          1. * Occam’s razor turned into Ivan’s razor . If they’re close to the same thing I’ll take it :) :) :)

  11. See what you mean with the New York Daily News Suzanne, a full length cover of Ivanka on their cover with the caption of: “Daddy’s Little Ghoul”

    Wow. Talk about despicable people.

    Trump hate continues to destroy so many, even a political party who can’t even see what’s happening to them in their blind, misdirected and hateful rage. A rage that they brought onto themselves. A lesson unlearned in the 8 miserable, hateful and deceitful years of Obama, where they even lost 1000 legislative seats all across this Country as a result of it. Yet, they keep doubling down on it as if it’s some type of magic bullet that will slay anyone who opposes them. The march of lemmings.

    1. I’m on the same thought rail as you tho. Let them keep showing themselves ..just as they really are

    2. Imagine if anything like that was said about Chelsea Clinton. Like “Daddy’s Little Tool”.

    1. just follow the “loveistheanswer” tshirts . they know who they are of which I speak :)

      Hey D. Very good to see you

  12. Read about this yesterday. Driving people from Left to Right. So true.

    Liberal darlings Amazon, Starbucks make shock conservative turn over city’s new ‘homeless’ tax

    Starbucks and Amazon blasted the move to slap a new “head tax” on businesses to pay for homeless services and affordable housing – saying the government’s own lack of efficiency is to blame for the city’s woes.

    Lack of efficiency, and even more truth comes out. It was never any Big Secret either.

    1. Detroit’s open for Business!! Come on by Amazon. We have the Windsor Tunnel and the Ambassador bridge that links us to Canada. Canada, American’s biggest trading partner by the way. We have a better business tax structure. We have innovation and space to build.

      Come on by…..

      1. That’s Ben Rhodes forte. Using the media to lie about the Iran Nuke Deal. You still full from gobbling it up?

  13. Still waiting to hear about Judge Ellis receiving an unredacted copy of the ‘scope of power’ memo Rosenstein gave Mueller. Haven’t heard a peep. Has anyone else?

        1. May 4th was the date he gave them two weeks. Assuming he meant 14 days, so they have until Friday.

          1. Clears that up, I thought it had already passed with so much in between already. Rat-tat-tat-tat-tat. The constant Trump gatling gun at work.

          2. I wonder what’s gonna happen ?

            He’s prolly gonna rule trump and his buddies innocent ! Innocent I say !! :) :)


          3. Seeing that this is about Manafort and a Ukrainian election from 2012, I guess you missed how this has nothing to do with Trump Mr. I Know More.

  14. A story about Mueller, but a story that’s just as much about this:

    …For now, at least, Democrats are stuck between their eager-to-impeach base and the larger electorate. It is unclear how they will strike the right tone in the coming campaign. If the polls on impeachment remain relatively unchanged, they can’t very well campaign pledging, “Elect us and we’ll impeach the president.” The problem is, that is exactly what the Democratic base wants to hear…

    Talk about between a rock and a hard place.

  15. Not paying to much attention to all the BS you can hear a good bit of the time.
    Media–sensationalism and the DC ‘swamp.
    WHAT is the real truth ?

    1. Truth is irrelevant to trump voters …

      But it’s gonna smack u guys in the piehole eventually !! :) :)


      1. After I’ve just outted how many of your lies? Uh huh…Prince Irony has spoken. All hail Prince Irony.

        Your lectures fall flat like a Diet Coke in the hot desert. j/s 😉

          1. I gave up dancing 24 years ago. Seeing that you’re the one giggling all the time, we can see who the blissful one is. 😉

          2. Stopped Jitter bug, Square and round dancing QUIT a number of years ago.
            S_L_O{W DANCE by myself in the living room IF the right music is playing and I feel like it.
            Haven’t forgotten how YET.

          3. I love your spirit Dottie. Puts a smile on my face. I can just imagine you slow dancing ever so carefully. :)

  16. I’m to dammed old to take in all the CRAP a person can hear and see with too many people any more.
    As I have said how many times now,to many lies , too many liars.
    Seem more and more think they must be heard. They know best ,they think.
    To many self important people with “BIG FAT EGOS”,{think that is abut all they are ,OVER SIZED EGOES]

  17. PUPPY EA saying anything and every thing just for attention.
    Keep it up EA, I haven’t forgotten how to ignore a LOT of BS .To many YEARS practice. lol

    1. Ignore away . I’m just providing data . U guys do as u wish with the blessing of knowledge I bestow upon thee ..

      1. Data? Like Mueller’s raid and subsequent charges are about a Ukrainian election, not Russian Collusion? You mean data like that? Giggles’ Fog.

        1. Ummm .. no . I don’t mean that nor did I say that . I’m just here to inform . I’m not trying to convince u people . When it’s all said and done , I just wanna be able to say I tried to get u guys to think outside the confirmation bubble . Mueller has known about the stuff coming out in the press now , since November . Since befor the cohen raid that was ” over a 130k dollar payment to a whore ” . :) :)

          This investigation wouldn’t be going on any longer if there was no evidence . Hell , enough has been LEAKED to see there’s something there . I think u guys are gonna be in for quite the surprise . It’s the when that is pissing me off . I have no patience

          1. This investigation wouldn’t be going on any longer if there was no evidence .
            Of course it can. It’s called scope creep. With all the leaking, you know what hasn’t leaked? Evidence of Trump’s involvement.

      2. KNOWLEDGE MY ASH, Nothing but BULL CRAP out of EA whenever he shows up.
        Takes him longer to think it up than it use to. That is why he isn’t on as much anymore . To much of a strain on him..

  18. SSSCzar
    May 15, 2018 at 14:16
    Friends is a pretty far fetched statement. Has he interviewed him, yes. Jones claims a lot of things, but go ahead believe him I guess. I don’t see them as friends.


    No , they’re buddies .

      1. BISS is plenty . I’m not trying to convince u guys . It isn’t on mind in the slightest . U guys have yer mind made up about everything already and the tribalism that has taken over this country is twice a bad in yer guys’ safe space here on the interweb . I simply wanna be able to say I told u so in the end ( whenever the eff that happens … sigh )
        Hope u can understand that . :) :)
        It’s truly that simple

        1. “I’m here to inform”
          “I’m not here to convince you guys”


  19. I guess the resist movement lost it’s steam trying to deny Haspel the nomination. Democrats are coming out defending her. Good.

    1. Know what I do now ? No more polish , I use a lightening solution for my nails so the tips are white after the foot care and nail file ! It looks real good !

      1. But I need fabulous color and the foot massage that comes with it. Plus can’t turn down the massage chairs. I even have Paul addicted. :)

  20. This investigation wouldn’t be going on any longer if there was no evidence.

    As long as you assume the investigation is totally above board, not at all political, in no way driven by a desire to take down Trump somehow, some way.

    On the other hand, if you put aside you own confirmation bias and consider that any of the plentiful evidence to the contrary might be plausible, you might conclude that there are other reasons the investigation continues. Which to me is at least as concerning as anything Trump might have done.

    Seems foolish to me to put blind trust in anyone who is proven to have lied to you because you think they’re on your “side” (aka tribe).

    1. If there was a shred of evidence the investigation would be over and on to indictment or impeachment.

  21. Great , now the missiles are pointed back at the west coast …
    Nice negotiation trump ..


    Still waiting on Judge Ellis. He seems more interested in the process than this judge. I do find this disturbing. She reference Ellis’ remarks in her ruling. Odd, and disturbing.

    “At least one passage in Jackson’s ruling seemed like it might have been directed at Ellis. She said Manafort’s core argument was that “the Special Counsel has embarked on an unfettered and unsupervised investigation.” Manafort’s attorneys never used exactly those words, but they did track closely with one of Ellis’s most pithy comments at the hearing he held earlier this month.”

    Shouldn’t SHE wait until Ellis has seen all relevant information before she rules, and should she be interested in it as well?

    If they raided his home in July, what was it based on? If it was to find evidence about a 2012 election in the Ukraine, sure doesn’t sound Russian Collusion in 2016 related to me.

    1. “The United States of America was built on the genocide of native people and slavery. That is the fabric of the United States of America,” he said. “As my Brooklyn brother Jay-Z would say, facts.”
      That’s it nothing else. I bet that idiot doesn’t even know the first person to own a slave in the colonies was…a….black….man.

      Pealing off the scab to through salt in the wound does no good for our country Spike.

      1. Maybe Spike is taking his lead from South Africa, the article doesn’t delve into it here, but a lot of murders have been taking place there. Horrendous murders. The one that comes to mind for me, is a farmer and his wife being tortured. In the wife’s case, taking a blow torch to her breasts among other things.

        It seems history has a mind of it’s own in what can be justified. Barbarism, unchecked, is just all part of the human condition. Give it an opportunity to flourish, and it does. It’s a cut and dried rule of the human condition. Civilized societies have to have rules, take that away, and you can justify anything:

        ‘We are not calling for the slaughter of white people – at least for now’: South African parliament votes to SEIZE white-owned land as experts warn of violent repercussions

    1. I love a good nap. Sometimes I’ll turn on the golf channel, turn it down low. With all that low talking they do, it makes for a great nappy poo. :)

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