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March Madness Baby!

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12,645 thoughts on “March Madness Baby!

      1. Yep. I’m okay with reality TV though. Gold Rush, Top Chef, Master Chef, Project Runway…some of my favorites.

          1. No. I used to watch early on with the NY, Orange County and then some of the Beverly Hills, but the yelling and b!tching was just too much. I don’t need all that drama.

        1. It was on fox. . . In like 2002. Not that i’m bitter over it still.

          They made a movie, serenity, with the original cast, but that’s about it.

          1. No, not bitter, not at all…it was only 16 years ago.. LOL!! No wonder I don’t remember. 😀

      1. I envision the PA Supreme Court, after redistricting the state, all hitting their foreheads with their hands exasperated.

        You picked 4 Socialists? DOH!

  1. I posted some comments on this on Suzanne’s earlier Spike Lee Post. The Marxists are in control there too. What the story doesn’t mention, is all the brutal murders of farmers that have been taking place, and for a while now. Not even a blip on the Media’s radar. This is what a Marxist Government looks like. Any questions?

    ‘We are not calling for the slaughter of white people – at least for now’: South African parliament votes to SEIZE white-owned land as experts warn of violent repercussions

    1. What is going on is South Africa is a international disgrace. INTERNATIONAL. Why haven’t we been hearing about this? There should be moral outrage at the destruction of what Nelson Mandela stood for.

      1. And it’s because of Nelson Mandela is that you don’t hear much about it in my opinion. It’s been going on for a while now.

        1. Mandela would not condone or stand for these actions. The Devil chasers have become the Devil themselves. Revenge is an ugly trait. Let’s hope the progressives stop their revenge here before something horrible happens.

          1. Africa was one area first inhabited . We have the cradle of Civilization right there . We have language and astronomy , building creativity , all there , where blacks and mideastern people enslaved their own . Why is that area so unadvanced ?

          2. Very good question. They should have left the leadership to the women like it was in ancient times. The One-Eyed Namibian Queen comes to mind.

        2. Actually, it’s very tribal environment, just like the Middle East, except for one thing. Religious beliefs seem to be missing. Could that be part of it? NO guidelines for living among others?

          1. Christianity ruled many parts of Ancient Africa and it was relatively peaceful. Then Muslims started attacking and invading these countries overthrowing generations of control, and converted many countries to Muslim ones.

  2. Suzanne may have already posted a story about this. But the real story here seems to be – They all meet with Lobbyists, every one of them in DC. But because it’s Trump, it’s wrong doing. Opposition Research, Hillary anyone? Crimes that were never committed, all of it being tried ‘through’ Public Opinion versus the real facts. That’s what I find so insidious about all of this. A ‘second’ attempt to impact an election in plain view. A Presidential Election in 2016, and now the Mid-terms, with the overriding hope that the Democrats can win control of the House in burying it all so that the ‘real’ truth never sees the light of day.

    …Anatoli Samochornov: A former State employee who acted as translator for the Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya. Participants have said the meeting quickly turned into Veselnitskaya lobbying for the repeal of a U.S. sanctions law called the Magnitsky Act…

    1. A meeting that went nowhere compared to an ongoing operation paid for by the DNC and Hillary campaign involving the FBI, DOJ and probably the CIA too.

      Yep, I would tend to believe that IF the Senate Intelligence Committee thought he lied in testimony, or a crime was covered up, they sure as he!! wouldn’t release the evidentiary testimony of Jr.

        1. No. I thought Mr. “I Know More Than Everyone” Giggles said Jr. is going down? Whoopsie….

      1. The poor Palestinians keep being used and brainwashed by Hamas. It’s sad to see.

    1. I stand by my statement that most Israelis and Palestinians just want to live and work.

      It’s the expansionists and the Hamas zealots that are f***ing it up for everyone else.

      1. Most do. I can agree. But until they address their real abuser Hamas, they will never advance as a people.

    1. I am not sure Trump knows anyone in CIA well enough to know if they are swamp until it shows up ie Comey

      He was and is not a pol , so he must rely on advice and who is even able to do the job . Trouble with CIA is they lie well … who knows ..

    1. Only about five Justice Department officials knew the full scope of the case, officials said, not the dozen or more who might normally be briefed on a major national security case.
      The FBI knows the FBI leaks. Sad.

  3. I couldn’t resist.

    Hard to believe they’re describing him in these terms. About as repulsive as both Obama and Holder were in referring to ‘the Rule of Law’ as they had many times over the years, when nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing but cheap words. No different here.

    …Americans are drawn to bold figures who rise above politics and clean up Washington. Trump played to that cultural bias during the campaign, portraying himself as an outsider whose wealth would insulate him from corruption and empower him to “drain the swamp.” But it’s Mueller, if anyone, who fits this cultural archetype. Over the past twelve months, the former FBI director has upheld the best traditions of the American civil service, rightly becoming an icon for the rule of law in an era when the concept itself is under siege…

  4. Well I must say, if all it took was to insult McCain to get rid of Gordon 2.0 I would have done it ages ago. j/s 😉

        1. Seems to be a pattern with issues he can use for virtue signaling. Bug in the source code?

    1. Eh, I don’t know what got into him. I’m assuming it has to do with more than just an election. Someone doesn’t get that angry and bitter overnight.

      I hope he finds solace and peace. If we wants to come back here and post, I’d welcome it. I’m not about to shut people out over something as petty as an election.

      1. He shut himself out. No one banned him. He still has free will.

        It was like a light switch was flipped. Like many across this nation, they are acting in ways I bet many who know them wouldn’t have expected.

        1. I’m guessing he pops in and reads every so often.

          Just letting him know he’s welcome here and hope he finds solace for whatever is actually bothering him.

          1. Its crazy how we dont hate him back and can see good still in him . Its so not like ( as SSS said ) who he can be

          2. No, it’s not crazy. The absence of hate isn’t, and shouldn’t be considered crazy.

      2. Yeah, I really don’t get why you’d be willing to destroy family and frienships over politics.

        1. I saw it with my step father’s siblings, and my sister.

          His sister and brother got in a huge fight when Obama was still President. They’ve haven’t talked in almost 3 years now.

          My interpretation, she refused to admit anything about Obama’s failings, and chose to defend him against all evidence David presented. Destroyed their relationship. Anne Marie wouldn’t even talk to my mom or step father (her other brother) even though they weren’t part of the fight. She didn’t talked to them for over a year.

          I can only say from my experience with her and my sister (who voted for Obama twice, them for Trump and whose daughter refused to talk to her because she voted for Trump) progressives refuse to admit that their team does anything wrong. They will act in the manner they complain about, and will support actions that they previously raged on about when a GOP person did. They will lie and smear others and refuse to look at all the facts.

          It all comes down to one thing and one thing only……..Ego.

          1. That was an easier discussion , ( do we want to move toward Europe and socialism ) or not .

            … the argument was about that . not who to hate

  5. $350,000 in payments sent to Trump’s lawyer is being turned into Trump knowingly paid for Stormy. A $100,000 and $250,000 payment doesn’t match a $130,000 payment people.

    1. And does anyone seriously believe Trump pays his own bills? I bet he has staff pay his bills.

  6. I have examples too about the division in family by the election . The way the media frames up Trump as a target of hate is why because some people still trust and believe whats on tv I think .

    Even me and my sparky have been damaged , but we care about each other too much not to have planned and made a way out of the mess all around us all

  7. What was frustrating is thinking someone smooth … is a better person than someone like a Trump , I certainly thought that too . But … the things close to my heart could not let Hill win . and now … Trump is wearing well , much more so than I ever imagined . Who can stand against all that hate and still , well … stand .

  8. Just got another call from a scammer. I WON something. Oh no , no catch at all , but ,I would have to pay a fee. I said ,”there is the catch, HE HUNG UP.

    1. I’ve been waiting for him to explain how he was right about this. I think I smell hair burning. 😉

    2. I’ve made a pact not to watch CNN during this era of me setting up the ‘ I told u so ‘ … tour.

      But judging by the headline , I dontcare if he’s indicted . It’s going to impeachment. I haven’t cared since the beginning . I want the sequal , season 2 ! The impeachment !! :) :) :)

        1. You went from Mueller taking him down, to a new position. Mmmm…hmmm……we noticed.

      1. And that’s why the Dems will not regain the House. But your pivot has been noted. 😉

    3. .. and Rufus walking the statement back as I type this . Read more news .

      U quoted CNN and got burned !! :) :)

  9. SCAMMERS, Nothing but a different way of robbing from others[STEALING].
    Good for nothings, who will rob from the elderly in particular, thinking nothing of it.
    Very low type of people .
    Work ethics , earning your own way in life.
    People who think they have the “RIGHT” to ride on other peoples back to live.

    1. Good that you are not at all easily fooled , and can help the others in your building !

  10. The NYT finally prints a bombshell tonight, although the idea is probably to soften whatever is about to be made public in the IG report, and EA misses it.

    The short version — the FBI didn’t want to reinforce Trump’s claim that the election was rigged against him, while the agency was rigging the election against him.


      1. The look on Clapper’s and Brennan’s face after their meeting with the Senate Intel Committee was priceless. Stone faces.

        1. Clapper’s was the best, looking down while answering questions while also rubbing his forehead with his hand as if he was trying to hide from the questions that were being asked of him. No doubt, he wasn’t very comfortable in the setting. I mean, how do you lie and tell the truth at the same time?

    1. Hmmm, sounds an awful lot like what I suggested EA open his mind to. *snicker*

  11. We should make a drinking game where every time over the years ( when the report comes out ) that I have been right , u guys take a shot ! :) u guys can figure out what to do with me if I’m wrong , but I’m not. .


  12. Two important bank reports have been stripped from federal databases !!???

    Was it mueller who got them or is trumpco covering it up !!???

    Best show ever …

    I admit it , I love trump !!

    So good !! :) :) :)

    1. I’m seriously intrigued by this one, I haven’t read it yet, but i’m intrigued.

  13. I’ve been wondering why u guys are so bad at peepee dancing , then I realized I hang on the internet with a group of people that prolly does the electric slide at family reunions

    ‘Sept Susanne ,she prolly dances to Motley Crue .


        1. …but I bet no one here does it .

          I’m with Dottie , I love doing the oldies , jitterbug , waltz and swing . all the alone dancing is boring

    1. Only early Crue. Never was into hairbands. Hated them!!! Rock sucked during hairband days.

      I was into industrial, goth, new wave, ect. Nirvana, Mud Honey, Sonic Youth, Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Front 242, Psychic TV, Nine Inch Nails, Sugar Cubes, etc…..more of my speed

    1. Crossfire hurricane. . . . Sounds like a bad CNN show where tucker Carlson has to yell at van Jones in south florida.

  14. jerzygirl
    May 16, 2018 at 22:19

    The NYT finally prints a bombshell tonight, although the idea is probably to soften whatever is about to be made public in the IG report, and EA misses it.

    The short version — the FBI didn’t want to reinforce Trump’s claim that the election was rigged against him, while the agency was rigging the election against him.


    You mean this one?

    And guess what? The IG announced within 24 hours of it’s publication that his draft is finished regarding the Hillary investigation.

    Getting ahead of it and ‘softening’ it as some think that the intention here was? Just barely. The New York Times, the new explainer of stuff.

    So much coming, EA will get sick of it, because it’s going to remind him of how wrong he’s been everyday.

    1. what dirty plans from dirty law officers that was never to be known because Hill was ‘sposed to win . Thankfully we know now

      1. Amazing how people like the New York Times ran with any and all stories that they could use against Trump, as they now band together with ‘the guilty ones’ to protect and ‘soft pedal’ those who created the very things that they’ve falsely reported, assisted in covering up and left out of their reporting.

        Sources say, guilty sources, of so many things.

        The bigger story here, bigger than Watergate, yawn, no big deal.

        Our Government’s intelligence apparatus used as a weapon against a Political Opposition Candidate, a President-Elect and a sitting President. One of the biggest scandals ever in the history of this Country. People have to go to jail, no ifs, ands and buts about it.

        The Media’s punishment in all this will be through the public ‘mistrust’ of them, but that’s just not enough in my opinion. They have to be called out, and it’s up them to do just that if they want to restore any credibility. The Democrat’s will also have to pay a heavy price too in their support of all this, and more than likely, that will all come through the ballot box.

    2. I read that same report as the FBI was trying to keep it under wraps as TO NOT hurt trump

  15. Heart breaking revelation about Whitney Houston and her siblings. I guess there was an abuser in their family. :( So tragic.

    “I believe the children are out future, teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Give them a sense of pride, to make it easier. Let the children’s laughter, remind us how we use to be.”

    😀 RIP Whitney.

  16. Don’t have much to say ,haven’t for a while.
    What can I really say that hasn’t already been said that is worth saying.
    BESIDES , you youngsters don’t care to hear much at all out of your ELDERS.
    We happen to know a little more than you about many things. MANY more years to learn things many of you will never learn.

      1. Not concerned about voting. People will do what they chose to do , one way or another. I can’t hold their hands and led them.
        LOL, little problem leading myself at times anymore.

      2. NOT WORRIED about the voting bit, I do. Up to others what they may do. I can not hold their hands and led them to do the right things.
        Any more there are times I have trouble leading myself.

  17. “10. Affirms Fears of Politicized Intelligence
    This New York Times story may have been designed to inoculate the FBI against revelations coming out of the inspector general report, but the net result was to affirm the fears of many Americans who are worried that the U.S. government’s law enforcement and intelligence agencies abused their powers to surveil and target Americans simply for their political views and affiliations. The gathered information has been leaked to media for years, leading to damaged reputations, and the launch of limitless probes, but not any reason to believe that Trump colluded with Russia to steal an election.

    Mollie Ziegler Hemingway is a senior editor

    1. This is a serious crime that’s been committed here. One, that’s been committed against the ‘entire’ Country, and one that could have ‘altered’ the very course of this Country, ‘ejecting’ the last remnants of our Representative processes, forever.

      People must be held to account, no slap on the wrist either. ‘Hard time’ for a ‘high crime’ against an entire Country. An example to all the rest of them. It must never happen again, EVER.

      1. I have been thinking one of the most alarming things may be that even when found out ( like IRS ) they smirk because they know Nothing will happen to them . Really , I have had a bad feeling what happens when nothing happens to these people

      2. I wondering about the Obama years in all this. I mean, how much might be ‘uncovered’ that goes well beyond what we’re learning about? The man lost a 1000 legislative seats for his part, yet, he won the 2012 election? Was that too rigged?

        We know with Candy Crowley of CNN it was.

        And then, there’s Susan Rice’s mysterious ‘self memo’ written in the last hour, last minute, last second of the Obama Administration as her last ‘official act’ before Trump assumed office.

        Another ‘Insurance Policy’ it looks like to me…

        A self memo personally ‘vouching’ for Obama who met with Brennan and crew, telling them all to ‘do everything by the book’ when it came to Trump.

        Why was this such a necessity? Why was it of such importance? Let’s hope we find out. We do know this though, she’s Obama’s number one go to liar. She proved that with her video stunt and the 5 Sunday Talk Shows she did over one weekend when it came to Benghazi.

  18. Watching many tying themselves in knots trying to keep Hillary out of the NEWS as much as they can.
    Her ‘shirt tails’ are FAR from being clean in these Scandals.

  19. Pomp and Circumstance ( graduation march lyrics )

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  20. Wow…the eruption happened. Hoping everyone got out in time, and that the animals’ instinct kicked in too.

  21. In the past week our liberal msm have sided with:

    Kim Jong Un

    The media are garbage, they hate Trump more than they love this country.

    1. Yeah, quite the narrative they’ve been pumping out about the Iran Deal, just goes to show North Korea they can’t trust the US as they spout it from the mountaintops citing both the Iran Deal and Libya as examples of it. Libya, the more effective argument where Hillary played a starring role.

      Talk about getting behind a President.

      It’s true that President’s policies can be overruled, just like Obama not having Congress involved in the Iran Deal (because it was that bad, even Kerry admitted if Americans knew what was in it, they wouldn’t approve of it).

      Let’s hope Trump gets it done and seals the deal via Congress. Something Obama wouldn’t, or couldn’t do, because of his appeasement policies that strengthens our enemies and weakens the Country.

      1. They don’t want admit they were duped into being Rhodes and Obama’s willing echo chamber.

  22. First time Senator from Indiana, up for re-election after serving his first term. This is what his campaign site says:

    “I never went to Washington to fight for the far left, or the far right. I went for the Hoosiers in the middle who just want to see us deliver results”

    – Joe Donnelly

    Just another Democrat in the Senate who’s voted in lockstep with all the other Democrats…

    The first poll of the race just released.

    Mr. Galt, what do you think? Do you think Donnelly has some struggling ahead?

    Indiana Senate – Braun vs. Donnelly


    Braun 47, Donnelly 46
    Braun +1

  23. Looks the judge is in receipt of it:

    The federal judge who recently ripped into Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team has obtained a copy of the so-called “scope memo” that lays out the parameters of the Russia probe.

    A court document filed Thursday in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia shows that prosecutors have turned over the memo, under seal, to U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III…

    Rosenstein, still won’t release it to Congress though who has every right to see it in a classified environment and in an unredacted form in their role of Congressional oversight.

    1. I think we’re getting to a point here where Mueller’s going have to wrap this thing up. The only thing that he can do it seems is to have a report recommending impeachment, and for what’s been made available, the bar would be just too high. Americans would not stand for it. Besides, it would take a 2/3rd’s vote in the Senate. That’s not going to happen. This is all about damaging a Presidency, and securing an election result in November that’s looking more and more elusive for the Democrats. Let there be light, and lots of it.

      1. And the guy said he’s petrified to go to jail , but he wanted to whistleblower on two docs being removed from the database . He’s hoping to be protected by those laws

  24. BREAKING NEWS: Gina Haspel is confirmed as CIA chief despite scrutiny of role in interrogation program.

    1. I hope she is not swamp , None of the Trump loyalists are so they may not be up on who can be trusted . We thought this FBI was not capable of what they have done and all ..

      1. I just heard Donnelly (D-Indiana) indicated that he was ‘undecided’ earlier this week about her confirmation. The Republicans have targeted him, and presto, change, he’s a changed man in voting for her. Another one you can’t trust as far as you can throw him. Vote for me, and you’ll have another 6 years of it. NOT.

  25. …Horowitz’s review has already put top FBI official Andrew McCabe in legal jeopardy. The Justice Department’s internal watchdog sent a criminal referral for McCabe in April to the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington.

    That was in response to Horowitz’s finding that McCabe leaked information to the press about the investigation and later lied about it to Comey and federal investigators, prompting Attorney General Jeff Sessions to fire him in March.

    Horowitz wrote in his letter to Congress that he is “making relevant portions of the draft report available for review and comment” by those interviewed in the probe and those whose conduct is addressed in the report.

    He said they will allow the DOJ and FBI to submit a formal written letter to be attached to the final report before releasing it…

    Judging by the Times piece, the media won’t wait for the written attachments. Here we go, the 4th of July early this year. Keep your eye on the Media.

    1. What questions are left? You know that whatever they are, they’re trying to set him up with some harmless question answered incorrectly. These people certainly aren’t known for their morals, or their ethics. Submit the questions, respond in writing with these barracudas. I wouldn’t do it any other way. These are untrustworthy people.

      1. Trump should not do it . Its a fake everything , I dont think he should play along at all

        1. They could try to subpoena him, and then just take it to the Supreme Court. It may not even get to that point, if it begins to look more and more that the whole thing was ‘illegitimate’ from the get go.

          A lot may happen between now and then.

          Who’s holding what cards, and how they play them all yet to be unfolded. One is sure to be in a position of strength, the other, a position of weakness.

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