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March Madness Baby!

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12,645 thoughts on “March Madness Baby!

  1. Last month ICE seized $45 million (180,000 items) worth of counterfeit goods. Boy they sure sound like terrorists. :roll:

  2. Lanny Davis, the Clinton’s long time ‘fix it’ man and one of the Clinton’s fiercest defenders over the years is Cohen’s counsel?

    1st Georgie Porgie over at ABC, another loyalist of the Clintons and their former Campaign Manager who interviewed Cohen exclusively, and now this?

    Seems no matter where this thing goes, the Clinton’s have the “power and connections” to put their “corrupt” fingerprints all over it from beginning to end.

    A control over so much that I’ve never seen before.

    Wow. I had no idea.

    ….Lanny Davis, Cohen’s adviser, is declining to comment on any issue involving the investigation. One source adds that Cohen has not been informed which criminal charges he might be facing…

      1. Who better to represent you than a long time Clinton ally among all the other Clinton allies involved in this scam? Cohen is not the target here. Trump, is. Seems to me, the tentacles of the Clinton’s really does amount to the Clinton Mafia. They’re in every part of what’s been going here, what’s being covered up here. Downright scary.

          1. Nah. I think he’s hired him as a friendly, to give them something, but not too much. I mean, this whole thing is a ‘Democratic operation’ with the Clinton’s ‘intersecting’ throughout much of it. Something that they can use against Trump, while also protecting the Clintons, and of course, all the corruption. We’ll see.

          1. No conspiracy, just a lot of irrefutable facts. Only how they work tandem is in question here. And work in tandem definitely applies, of course, you’re always the exception. One of those that Obama and crew used to laugh and mock for their stupidity. Why do you keep reminding us?

  3. …Now, three decades after the Wall came down, I’m back in East Berlin talking to old and new German friends — most of them Ossis, or East Germans — about the current state of Germany’s overriding social and political issue: the influx of more than one million cultural aliens, mostly from the Muslim ummah and thus by faith and profession profoundly opposed to Western Judeo-Christian civilization. And their answer is… not good for the Merkel administration…

    Both Merkel in Germany and May in the UK are in deep doo. Not good there, not good here. People have eyes, ears and mouths, and they’re not afraid to use all three anymore.

    1. mostly from the Muslim ummah and thus by faith and profession profoundly opposed to Western Judeo-Christian civilization.


      Nice bit of religious prejudice right there. The kind usually targetted at immigrants throughout history, by the same frightened bigots we find throughout history,

      You see they had to add this “ummah boogeyman” crap. People like these bigots have to lump all those into one large group. Better to build fear.

      RW……..your a step away from a goose-step. Change paths.

      1. Profoundly opposed to Western Judeo-Christian civilization.

        What exactly don’t you understand here?

        1. What is German Judeo Christian Civilization. Not too long ago the German Christians were massacring the German Jews. Sorry……….keep your damn scripture out of current events.

          1. I don’t understand why you listen to pundits for facts, rather than books or getting on line with German Muslims and German Christians to learn firsthand.

          2. Pfft. There’s no assimilation here. Two different sets of values, two ways of life, beliefs, ‘forced’ upon each other, and with it, the ‘collision’ that was sure to take place. Moron, or do you prefer, idiot?

          3. See, he only gives two craps if he can use it as a political weapon.

            We call the types of people phonies.

  4. Russia investigation

    “Hurry the F up pressure” to Stop Trump

    The FBI has slowly been producing documents to the DOJ Inspector General and various Congressional committees. As the process continues, more information comes out about the FBI’s attempt to cement the 2016 presidential election for Hillary Clinton. This piece by John Solomon in The Hill is two days old, but I don’t think it has received as much attention as it deserves. Solomon’s reporting evidently is based on information from sources in Congressional committees or perhaps the FBI or the IG’s office.

    The memos show Strzok, Lisa Page and others in counterintelligence The memos show Strzok, Lisa Page and others in counterintelligence monitored news articles in September 2016 that quoted a law enforcement source as saying the FBI was investigating Carter Page’s travel to Moscow.

    The FBI team pounced on what it saw as an opportunity as soon as [Carter] Page wrote a letter to then-FBI Director James Comey complaining about the “completely false” leak.

    “At a minimum, the letter provides us a pretext to interview,” Strzok wrote to Lisa Page on Sept. 26, 2016.

    In the current moment it goes unnoticed, but in normal times, for senior FBI officials to seek a “pretext” to pursue a political agenda would be a scandal..

    In ‘normal times’ it would be a scandal, but not in Obama’s America. Doesn’t exist, never happened, if it’s not reported.

    1. Your a hoot…………it is all deep state twaddle, or some other conspiratorial nonsense. Simple fact is your idol is a crooked imbecile.

      1. All part of many memos that tell a bigger story, if you can’t accept it, I suggest you find another venue for your hate. One that tells you what to hear, what to see, what to believe. You know like EA, and his drug use.

  5. Tell us RW………..are Hasidic Jews or Fundamentalist Christians like Amish have your blessing to live in distinct communities, because they look like you?

    Define German “Judeo Christian” values? I mean barely 50 years ago German Christians were intent on driving German Jews into extiniction? I think the term Judeo Christian is nonsensical.

    1. probably a can of worms , but what do these folks have in common .

      ” Hasidic Jews or Fundamentalist Christians like Amish”


      answer ? they want to be left alone , have no interest in making anyone conform to them , in fact , no interest in your becoming like them or converting you

  6. Christianity demands to acceptance of Jesus as the one Son of God, and only route to heaven. Jewish do not concur with that at all. As I said………nonsensical term.

    1. actually it was Jesus who said He is the only way to the Father , and…. that NO ONE comes to Him except those the Father draws .
      Its up to Christ , if you are His , is not up to you or me . weather anyone calls themselves a name like Christian or not .
      Its up to me to tell the good news . Its up to Christ alone if you accept , and only HE knows if you have . Or not

      1. and not a philosophy . But Christ Spirit that seeks those who are His. Not because they are good . But because they are accepting of the gift of God . His son

  7. RW………folks like you are as bigoted and religiously intolerant as the Taliban are. Two sides of the same coin.

    1. Look at you. Man you’re warped and angry. The Taliban? You disgrace our servicemen and women with such statements.

  8. UK is just so happy they listen to Boris, Niles, and Trump now, aren’t they? :)

    1. But mueller is supposed to hand over millions of pieces to ‘ congress’ like now eh?

      U have zero opinion of yer own dumdum

      1. He has hand it over to the defense. Congress is a separate issue. Other than all the corruption taking place, I don’t even know what you’re trying to defend here, other then you’re doing a lousy job of it.

  9. Quote of the day:

    “I’m determined to avenge President Obama if it’s the last thing I do.”

    Pelosi, just another round of eff you America. Day after day after day…

      1. My sentiments exactly when I read it. You should send her a letter in telling her to knock it off. And don’t be nice about it.

  10. The Trump administration won’t meet a court-ordered deadline to reunite about 100 children under age 5 with their parents after separating the families at the border, a government attorney said on Monday.



    1. You can’t unite what you can’t find. That’s always the been the problem, people just melting into the country. A broken America that Legislators want no part in fixing. Resist, resist, resist. Fixed it for you.

      1. go to a port of entry and claim refugee status . the proceedure is different , the human slave /sex/kidnapping traffic dont go to the port of E’s

  11. Starbucks has announced it is eliminating plastic straws from its stores worldwide over the next two years, an environmental measure that it said will remove more than a billion plastic straws annually from its stores.


    Am I a dick for thinking this is stupid and very virtue signalistic?

    1. Yes. Sea turtles eat straws and plastic bags. They think it’s grass and jellyfish. We need to convert to biodegradable plastics and never go back. I guess this ‘righty’ cares more about the environment that you do. Oh the irony. 😉

  12. Galt , clownie . Do u guys read or listen to lectures by guys in the ‘ intellectual dark web ‘?
    I’m a big fan of Jordan Peterson , Sam Harris , the Weinsteins , Ben Shapiro.
    Do u guys pay any attention to them?

    1. No. I prefer to form my own opinions on just about everything rather than listen or read someone else and have to do my own verification anyway. Just cut out the middleman dude. That’s all they are.

    1. Let the primal screaming from the left begin, again. The nominee matters not. Harris wouldn’t even take Trump’s call. Must have been in her cry room.

      1. They’ll have a collective stroke if he gets a third pick because they value politicizing the court to their viewpoint rather than having it do what it was created to do.

        These 5-4 decisions show just how far from being constitutionalists the justices have become.

  13. feeling amazed that the Thai young soccer team is half out . Its not over , but the courage of these men and the boys is amazing . I heard there is at least one christian child that was in the cave from our missions on the ground there

  14. It required the team to set up a series of survival pods at intervals to allow divers to decompress, rest and eat in the near-freezing waters along the length of an underwater river – an experience that could prove invaluable in the current rescue mission.

    Dr Harris’s dive team also had to contend with fast flowing water, as is the case in parts of the Thai cave complex, in water that was near freezing point.

    The rescue divers and boys in Thailand must dive, swim and climb their way to safety along a pitch-black tunnel that at points is barely big enough to allow an adult human body to wriggle through.

  15. Women’s March Statement on Trump’s Extremist SCOTUS Nominee:

    “In response to Donald Trump’s nomination of “XX” to the Supreme Court of the United States, the Women’s March released the following…..”

    Translation: when you pre-write your press release slamming Trump’s pick but forget to add the name.

    Lol. Rabid.

  16. Senator Durbin: “Blocking the SCOTUS pick is more important than red state Dems getting re-elected”.

    Dickie hasn’t thought this one through.


    1. Bet he’d have a different tone if his seat was in jeopardy. Term limits baby!

    2. NBC’s Chuck Todd: Brett Kavanaugh Is A “Very Confirmable Pick”

      Washington Post’s Ruth Marcus: “Political Suicide Mission” For Red-State Dems To Vote Against Trump’s Supreme Court Pick

      Seems Trump made the most palatable choice for the Left. They have nothing to gain by opposing him.

    3. Thinking doesn’t seem to be in the Democrat wheelhouse of late. All emotion for most of these fools. That may play to their base, but that won’t be enough in November. We’ve seen this movie before.

      1. True. Trump could have nominated Putin, the reaction from the left would be exactly the same as it is with Kavanaugh.

        1. No doubt they’ll try to Bork the poor guy. The harder they go at him, the tougher November will get for them IMO.

          1. Harry Reid: “It had to be done”. Oopsie :-)

            Ok, bedtime. G’nite John, lurkers.

  17. Very thorough article here…

    …Reactions to Trump’s decision reflected a nation – and its capital – as divided as ever.

    Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, called Kavanaugh ‘one of the most qualified Supreme Court nominees to come before the Senate’ and ‘a superb mainstream candidate.’

    The Democratic National Committee declared in a statement that the jurist ‘should not be allowed anywhere near our nation’s highest bench.’

    ‘Let’s be clear: a vote for Kavanaugh would be a vote to rip health care from American families and deny women their constitutional right to make their own health care decisions,’ DNC Chair Tom Perez claimed…

    …But Kavanaugh’s legal history of opinions include several dissents that were later vindicated by Supreme Court majority opinions.

    Kavanaugh sits on United States Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, a spot for which Bush nominated him in 2003. His confirmation hearings stalled for three years amid charges of partisanship.
    At the time, Democratic Senator Dick Durbin called him the ‘Forrest Gump of Republican politics.’

    Kavanaugh was confirmed by a vote of 57-36…

  18. So, it was the London Mayor behind flying the Trump Baby Blimp over London. Classy guy. What an embarrassment for his Country. Wonder if the Queen will apologize to Trump because of it?

    We love Donald Trump: U.S. president’s UK fans look forward to visit, denounce protests

    …London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who has had a number of social media spats with the president, on Thursday gave permission for a blimp portraying Donald Trump as an orange, snarling baby to be flown over parliament…

    1. Whoever that guy was on The Story with Martha McCaullum, boy he did not hold back on his opinion on Khan. (Never caught his name as I was cooking dinner) Called him a total disgrace for allowing this during Trump’s visit. Told him, that he needs to get over the fact that Trump is the President of the most important country on this planet. Yep, the Brit said we are the most important country on this planet.

      He also agreed that the NATO is taking advantage of the US, and that May will be gone in a fortnight. Of course, Paul and I had to look up what that meant, it’s basically 2 weeks.

      So much for our allies hating Trump. Seems more agree with him that they care to admit.

  19. The Thai soccer team and their coach are all safely out of the cave.

    Heroic effort. Bravo.

      1. I just saw a map of the cave. The pinch points would have sent my claustrophobia off the chart.

        Respect to all the rescuers.

        1. I’ve done some caving where it was that tight, but not under water. No way. Quite the feat to keep those kids calm.

    1. I’m trying to find what the plans are for the doctors and nurses, but what an amazing feat. I’m so impressed with what they accomplished, and that includes what these young boys accomplished. The will to live is so strong in all them. God bless them, their family, and all of the rescuers. Absolutely amazing.

  20. Lanny Davis
    Did @rudygiuliani really say on Sunday shows that @michaelcohen212 should cooperate with prosecutors and tell the truth? Seriously? Is that Trump and Giuliani definition of “truth”? Trump/Giuliani next to the word “truth” = oxymoron. Stay tuned. #thetruthmatters
    4:18 AM – Jul 9, 2018




  21. Kavanaugh’s family is simply lovely. I was extremely impressed with him as a father and husband, and as a person in general. Gives a lot of his time to the community and charity. You could see he was an emotional man who really takes his job seriously with the measured respect of what he’s tasked to do intact. No preconceived notions, an open mind, and actually quite likeable.

  22. After the announcement last night, I tuned in MSNBC to see what histrionics they were spewing. Corey Booker looked like a crazy man. Seriously. All they could focus on was his (Kavanaugh’s) comments about whether a sitting President can be subject to a civil lawsuit, insinuating that Trump only picked him because he doesn’t think a President can. They think they picked him to avoid impeachment. I just shook my head. It’s really sad to see how off the rails the opposition/resist party has become.

    1. Leftists and fringy Dems, led by mouth-foaming media:

      “This week we will be outraged over —

      *shuffles deck, picks card*

      — Trump’s SCOTUS pick”.


  23. Goodonya to all those involved in cave rescue. The world came together for a small time. Well done, and Thanks God, for holding some of the rain off.

  24. I vote No on the SCOTUS pick. I think it should be up to the American electorate as this is an election year, just like McConnell said with Mr Garland. I think the Senate will switch………so no need to have a vote before then. I mean, just like the GOP said with Garland, the court can run just fine with 8 Justices for a few months. :)

    A firm ‘No”.

    1. We’re you a “no” for Elena Kagan? She was nominated at the same time in the election cycle.

      1. Like I said, ya’ll changed the rules Post Kagan…..with Garland. So now, we play by your rules. I vote No. Just tell me when the vote is…… view will not change. If it was acceptable for McConnell in 2016, it is acceptable now.

        Have an awesome summer. Chris may send some good waves your way on the Jersey beaches. Kowabunga. :)

        1. You’re confusing mid-term elections with presidential. This is actually Biden’s rule, he was ready to deny Bush an appointment in his last year if the opportunity became available.

          Nothing to do with McConnell.

          1. No, I am saying concerning SCOTUS votes, we will now apply the McConnel rule……if it is an election year…..any election, we wait until the electorate speaks. I mean, you can pass him with only GOP Votes…….but I will vote No…….until after the election. That is just how it is. Ya’ll made the rules……………….we are just playing by them. :)

            Damn hot this year………….too damn hot. How about up there?????????????????????

          2. Too bad Reid decided to nuke Senate rules, it wouldn’t even be an issue. Sucks to be you.

        2. Incorrect. You are changing the Biden rule lemming. You may think we’re morons, but we’re not.

    2. I vote “meh”

      It’s not a presidential election year, so your false equivalency doesn’t flow.

      It’s also replacing a moderate judge with another moderate judge. If you’re gonna pick your battles, this isnt one to waste your powder on.

      1. The lemming doesn’t care. He thinks we’re as stupid as the Dems think we are.

  25. Never thought we would be in a time, when American citizens in the UK are told to keep low profiles during a US President visit, due to concerns over massive and violent protests. IN ENGLAND.

    Oh yeah……..this guy is doing wonders for our image overseas. :)

    1. But wait, there’s stringent gun control in england, why should anyone be afraid there?

    2. Lol. Is there nothing you don’t blame on Trump? I’ve been traveling for years, you always keep a low profile in foreign countries.

      More nonsensical outrage.

    3. Interesting that the assumption is protests by the left will be violent. Doesn’t speak well of your ideology, does it?

    4. It’s not like your tribe stating he’s destroying the world and the planet and endangering everyone having something to do with the animals who can’t logically think for themselves and are acting like idiots. Nah nooooo way.

    5. Let’s see, do we want to be a push over, the sugardaddy for other countries and be well liked? OR seen as strong, willing to stand up for ourselves while requiring our so called friends to step up and pay their own way??

      Everybody plays nice with the fool who pays for everything, they just don’t respect him.

    1. Folks I work with in Scotland, albeit a small sample, don’t think it will get much traction. Who knows.

      1. Yeah, it’s a long shot, but I can hope.

        My dream is adding a Scottish farm and dual citizenship to my repertoire

        Feel in love with the place. Everything was just more pleasant after going north of hadrian’s wall

        1. Careful with that wall talk, some people seem to get worked up. 😉

          Northern Scotland is definitely nice. Lush rolling hills. But the rain…..uhg

  26. Didn’t mean to run bill off, was actually going for a real discussion.

    Maybe next time.

    1. He just dumps and wipes anyway. He’s not interested in debates. He’s only here to read his script, take swipes at us, and ignore hate crimes against Jews in Europe.

  27. Galt
    July 9, 2018 at 23:35
    They have a Weekend at Bernie’s plan in case Ginsberg dies.

    From what I’ve been reading she spends more time snoring during testimony than she does listening these days anyway.

  28. OMG!!! The universe is killing me today!!! Why is FedEx down? I’ve been trying to ship these dang laptops since end of June. Delay with IDs, delay with RSA Tokens…now I got it all, and I can’t print a label?!?! I’M NOT EVEN FIELD SUPPORT DANG IT!!! Ugh…

    Okay…I feel better, kind of.

    1. Really…………so committing arson of taxpayer property is fine. Amazing what Conservatives will excuse now…………..amazing. I think Donnie Dipstick just created a precedent for all militia wannabes.

      I truly think this nation is becoming hopelessly divided. We are a land of two peoples………..conflict may be inevitable.

      1. And your antics have nothing to do with creating a divide here in our lil microsociety of like 8 people?

        1. Of course not. It’s all the rest of us that have changed. Bill didn’t have a complete mental break and become exactly what he criticized others for for 8 years. Not at all.

          “The election won’t change my life one bit. Will be fine” LB 11/8/16 😆

      2. They paid for it and were released. It was an overzealous DoJ that pulled them BACK to court over it.

        Did you read the article? That’s highlighted in it.

  29. Wonder if Donnie Dipstick will appease another dictator, and rule out US exercises with our NATO allies. The guy seems to love his dictator buddies more than he does his allies.

    That any old fashioned Conservatives can continue to back this imbecile is mind boggling.

  30. After Donnie’s 2018 Appeasement Tour, don’t want to hear about the twaddle Obama Apology tour again. Hell…………your orange idol has yet to meet a dictator he does not want to appease. :)

  31. Not throwing a fit, or blowing a gasket over Kavanaugh……..merely encouraging all Dem Senators to vote no. It is bullcrap the Conservatives whining about how they want Kavanaugh to be treated fairly, after they do not even give Garland an hearing. Screw that. They can blow that out their kazzoo. If the confirm with only GOP votes, so be it. But all Dems should vote No. These are the rules McConnell and the GOP invented………….quit crying when the other side plays them. Or cry………….really could care less. :)

  32. So I guess it is fine it Trump’s America who light taxpayer property land and assets on fire………….Donnie will give you a get out of jail free card. As long as you are a conservative.

    Way to take a dump on law enforcement, Donnie.

  33. Kavanaugh now thinks Presidents are beyond prosecution and investigation. Odd he did not feel that way when he was on his Clinton Crusade. But…………..but………….but, that was different.

    Vote no………..will not support a judge who thinks a President is above the law. Screw that.

    1. Read what he said, back in 2009 BTW, then read the COTUS. You’ll look less like a DNC troll that way. Or maybe not.

        1. Well I hope they’re not paying him too much. He’s really repetitive. Maybe that’s the idea.

    2. Take your crying pillow to your Facebook page and your Russian pen pals and save us the fake outrage captain hypocrite.

    The newly elected Mexican President said he wants a special border force to keep drugs and guns coming from Central America?

    WHAT????? LOL!!!!

    So he’s a xenophobe now too? It gets better everday!

  35. No wonder Obama’s favorite Union (SEIU) is pizzed, the Corrupt Obama giveth, and Trump, as promised, in cleaning it all up – Taketh it a way.

    Unions siphoning Medicare Money, illegal, but Obama made the exception for Unions anyway. Interesting note here too. Guess who heads up the DNC now? Obama’s former Secretary of Labor. A man who surely had to be part of it.

    …Federal law generally prohibits states from skimming money from Medicaid payments bound for independent in-home personal care workers. But in 2014, the Obama administration created an exception, saying that states could divert some of that Medicaid money to unions, on the theory that these workers effectively were public-sector employees.

    Eleven left-leaning states have used that provision to raise more than $200 million a year for unions by taking it from health workers who often didn’t even realize it, according to top GOP officials.

    Those states include California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Illinois — a blue state which has been at the center of recent Supreme Court rulings stripping power from organized labor…

  36. I have to say, as a casual observer, these recent ‘protests’ of individuals looks a lot like harassment.

  37. Stockton, California will become the first city in the country to participate in a test of Universal Basic Income, in which 100 residents will be given $500-dollars-a-month, with no strings attached.

    The program aims to create a level of income that no one will fall beneath.

    By providing impoverished residents a regular sum of money that they can use on anything they wish, be it food, clothes, gas, or starting a new venture, those behind the program believe it could go a long way to give people enough support to try out new ideas.

    The program in Stockton, which was once known as America’s foreclosure capital, will see the program launched by 2019, and the payments will continue to the individuals chosen for the program for a full 18-months.

    The Stockton UBI program has heavy backing from one of the wealthiest areas of the country- Silicon Valley, according to CNN Money.

      1. I bet it’ll keep liquor stores in business and lottery ticket sales go up.

        People aren’t poor because someone hasn’t given them money. People are poor because they lack several traits, such as self discipline or ambition, that contribute to their situation. Very few are poor because they are a victim of circumstance.

        The only one who can change their situation is them.

        1. I agree with that wholeheartedly, but there is also a systemic issue with high taxes and bloated home prices that make it difficult to get ahead. There has been a lot of people how have left Cal. for that very reason. My boss being one of them.

          The cost of living in my state made the reduction in salary an non-issue, and he told me that in fact he has a better quality of life ($) here than he had in California.

      2. As long as Silicon Valley funds it. Once that Golden Goose is gone and the taxpayers have to fund it, buh bye.

    1. “…give people enough support to try out new ideas.”

      I’d be curious what new ideas this will fund. What are the expectations for this program? If they’re impoverished, doesn’t that mean they can’t afford basic necessities? So this just adds to the welfare, SNAP and other benefits they already receive for those necessities.

      Are these millionaires in waiting who just need $500/month to fund the next big idea? Not to be cynical, but if they were motivated entrepreneurs they’d find a way to fund their big idea. People do it all the time.

      Or does it give them enough to start an art business, or DJ, or whatever, long enough to make it sustainable? Does 18 months do that? Then it’s sink or swim? Sounds mean, like capitalism. Will they be vetting these people to see how they intend to use the money, even though there are no strings attached? If they want it to succeed, you’d think they’d want to pick people who are motivated to at least get out of bed. Free money alone won’t do that.

      1. I assumed since it referenced the wealth in Silicon Valley that backing=funding, but maybe not. $900K program somebody has to pay for.

        1. Yes. Just found the same info in a CBS piece. Private organization willing to give UBI a chance. An interesting experiment.

    2. It’ll fail to deliver. Better solution fix the fundamental issues that make life too expensive to live in California by reducing property taxes, income taxes, and bloated housing prices.

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