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March Madness Baby!

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12,645 thoughts on “March Madness Baby!

  1. Got my FREE[$50] in Farm Market coupons. Looking forward to the FRESH HOMEGROWN tomatoes and sweet corn in particular. The taste sure beats the store bought ones.

        1. You guys are ahead of us.

          Balfk raspberries are done, tomatoes are still small and green, cucumbers just getting close.

          Soybeans flowering, and corn spilled out.

          On a local front, yucca blossoms were delicious, and leadplant tea was pretty good. Beef still in “warm storage” 😉

          1. I’ve made 6 pints of strawberry and rhubarb jam, and another 6 pints of raspberry rhubarb jam. No cukes yet, lots of flowers though.

            Beef in warm storage…that’s frickin’ hilarious right thar… LOL!!!

      1. I had a full serving of green beans too. Good thing I checked to see how they were doing. 😉


    O God , we pray for this family , and every noble heart , strong in Truth and the Noble Spiritof sacrifice , that is in your likeness . All over the world are men and women , and .. children that give the no greater love action . But grief happens to us all . But with you , we dont grieve like we have no Hope . We have evidence all around of God , and acts like these , and then In us, if it is , is the WORD living and active , showing us there is so much more than we see. Faith has vision that I pray comes to these noble hearts , and shows them what only faith can .

  3. Since she waited until March 10th (to prepare) for a hearing on March 11th before Congress. Citing that she and her attorney waited at the FBI for three hours yesterday to get the documents she may be questioned about.

    Less than a day of preparation?

    It seems to me, the FBI is only the ‘staged’ excuse here, another stall tactic the objective in coordination with others.

    Congress better to start getting tough on these people. How many times can these people say eff you to Congressional oversight?

    Perhaps, a couple of days in jail might cure them of their fun and games. Not to mention a little bit of their own medicine, 23 hours of solitary confinement where you’re allowed 10 minutes each day to prepare for your case. Congress better start playing some ‘hardball’ here, and not just talking about it.

    1. Tomorrow, it’s Stryok’s turn to testify in a ‘public’ hearing before Congress. Wonder if he has some shenanigans in mind too? Will he even show?

    2. This was a delay tactic to her Strzok’s public testimony first to make sure she aligned with what he said.

      Find in her contempt and arrest her.

      1. Funny how the truth needs so much coordination, doesn’t it? So much ‘lack’ of candor, you’ll get sick of it. A cardinal sin with the FBI, now, just standard operating procedure.

        1. “Truth” to this group is subjective. It’s drivers are not transparency and honesty.

  4. Mexico’s Next President Plans His Own Border Police Force

    Jul 09, 2018 · Donald Trump’s controversial clampdown on immigration, Mexico’s President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is planning his own border police force to stop undocumented immigrants, drugs and guns from crossing into the country from Central America, his future chief of public security said.
    It still makes me effin’ laugh so hard. Oh my word……

    1. Are the protests scheduled yet in this Country? I mean, these people can react at a moment’s notice anywhere in this Country. Obama’s own organization even bragged about it.

      1. I know right…where is the name calling? Isn’t he a xenophobe now?? Isn’t he asking to create a terrorist group? When will he build more border walls on his southern border?

      2. And to show you how our media keeps their animals dumbed down and enraged, do a search and see what media outlets actually are reporting this. Only left leaning is Bloomberg. I can’t find a single reference on CNN’s World Section. And neither WaPo or MSNBC showed up in my search results.

        1. Animals keep in cages, all waiting for the red meat they’re fed. You’ll find one below. Giggle.

  5. Still more questions than answers, and no one wants to talk about it. Simply cover it all up as they have, as they do, as they will continue to do. All roads lead to the Clinton campaign and its operatives, and no one wants to talk about it. Attempting to impact a National Election Result by our own government is a BIG DEAL. It cannot stand without those behind held accountable.

  6. Kerry needs to butt out.

    Kerry: If the American People knew what was in the Iran Deal, they wouldn’t approve of it.

    NATO, and Kerry’s Iran Deal just another promise for Trump to keep and overturn. That’s why people like Kerry are out. Now, stay out.

    Trump thumps NATO over defense spending, as John Kerry resurfaces to blast ‘disgraceful’ president

    1. Funny how Obama said the same thing about NATO, how unfair it was. Calling them freeloaders if I recall correctly. But this is Trump after all, no matter what, resist, resist, resist.

    Another loser who should go get lost in the woods.

    .@realDonaldTrump’s brazen insults and denigration of one of America’s most steadfast allies, Germany, is an embarrassment. His behavior this morning is another profoundly disturbing signal that the president is more loyal to President Putin than to our NATO allies.

    — Chuck Schumer (@SenSchumer) July 11, 2018

    Hey Dick, I’m mean Chuck…GFY ‘kay? You’re the embarrassment and disgrace of your party and of this country LYING like you are. Stop acting in the manner that you’re b!tching about. Can you manage that? I know the answer. A resounding NO. You are one of the reasons I have no respect for ANY DNC leaders. ANY of them.

    1. If he’s so loyal to Putin, why did he go on and on, and on, about “We’re helping protect you from Russia while you’re signing oil deals with Russia!”

      1. DNC leaders like Schumer think we’re all stupid. He forgets we’re not Democrats though.

        1. Chuckles is having a hard time lately, give him a break. Like Hillary, he thought he was going to have a different title. 😉

  8. You have to admit watching the left trot out their tired end of the world predictions again is humorous. I’ve noticed they never use the word abortion, though. Wonder why. 😉

    1. Women’s rights. Women’s health. Yep…branded like everything they do. Nothing is organic or real. It’s all scripted, focus group tested.

    1. The 11 conditions joins other serious illnesses like cancer, glaucoma, and ALS on the state’s approved marijuana list. Michigan’s full list of newly approved ailments includes:
      •Chronic Pain
      •Inflammatory Bowel Disease
      •Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
      •Rheumatoid Arthritis
      •Spinal Cord Injury
      •Tourette’s Syndrome
      •Ulcerative Colitis

      And we have on the ballot recreational use this fall. Can’t wait!!!

      1. I work just a few miles from the MI border, that would certainly be convenient.

        1. LOL!! I told my hubby to get a card for his OCD.

          My nephew has Autism, so I was pretty surprised to see this. He’s had years of therapy and you’d never know he’s autistic. Pretty amazing commit by his mother to get him to where he is.

          She’s was double hit too with her son having Juvenile Diabetes.

        2. I just realize that my ex mother in law has glaucoma. Just had surgery. This might also help her with her appetite too, but we’d need edible or oil because she has COP.

  9. This was a great show last night! It really highlighted how diverse my area is, and how well we actually get along regardless of race and religion. You want peace in the Middle East, look at how we get along in Metro Detroit.

    Haven’t been to Dearborn in about 3 years because I have so many ME restaurants in Warren, but there were a couple highlighted last night that I need to revisit because they are just that good.

  10. Wa-Po Fact Checker: Trump’s statement that 95% of manufacturers are optimistic about the future is misleading.

    The National Association of Manufacturers: Our most recent quarterly Outlook Survey shows that 95.1% of manufacturers are optimistic about the future. It is the highest number ever recorded in the 20 years NAM has conducted the survey.


        1. Pppfffttt…I envision Hook on a street corner in SF (or Twitter, same thing) with a The End of the World is Nigh! sandwich board.

          1. So did he hold up the end of the bet regarding the election and that’s why he’s not here anymore?

  11. Of course big money and manufacturing is happy. They got a MASSIVE tax cut, and Trump is doing his best to ensure labor in America has no voice, so they can continue to pay American workers the bare minimum. This is the perfect admin for the top tier, and the absolute worst for the average American. Healthcare coverage dropping and so on.

    But as long as the Trumpies still glued to Fox, all is wonderful. Boggles the mind.

    1. Got your own little sandwich board I see.

      We gave our workers a 25% pay bump. Horrible!!!!

      Sorry your world sucks so bad just because you lost an election. Cheer up, we’ll be fine. Remember saying that?

    2. You must live in the uneducated boonies. Nobody here is making minimum. Not even burger flippers.

    3. So Trump created the 28 Right To Work states?
      And with the tax cut, you do remember that many companies raised their minimum starting wage toe $15/hour?

      I think whatever you’re glued to keeps you dumb since you don’t appear to have a grasp of the RTW actions taken by States way before Trump ever showed up on the scene, along with the failure to know about the rising wages businesses and credited the Tax Cut for.

  12. But have no worries you elderly Trump backers, the working poor will still contribute to Medicare so that you can enjoy your Government subsidized healthcare. As long as you are happy…………screw the rest of the nation.

    1. Your Democratic masters created every Ponzi scheme Americans are subjected to, take it up with them.

      You don’t like it, I don’t like it. Tough shit for both of us, no?

    2. They also paid in…and pay premiums for all but part a hospitalization coverage.

      Trollin’, trollin’, trollin’ on a river

    3. The only elderly person here is Dottie.
      Have you been drinking?
      What kind of meds do they have you on?

          1. Open Word, create a new Document.
            Go to the Insert Tab along the top.
            Off to the right you’ll the Symbols grouping with two drops downs: Equation and Symbol
            Drop Down Symbol. In the Font drop down, you select (normal text) In the Subset drop down select Miscellaneous Symbols and you’ll find the music symbols there.
            Click on the musical note to highlight it, and then click on Insert and they’ll be inserted onto the Word Doc. Now you can copy and paste them on here.

            Hope that helps. :)

  13. Nevada Republican Sen. Dean Heller is using former President Barack Obama’s infamous “you didn’t build that” line to mock his Democratic opponent’s claims to have started her own business.

    It comes amid news reports, including in the Reno Gazette-Journal, about the lack of public records backing up Democratic Rep. Jacky Rosen’s repeated claims she built her own business in Nevada.

    sort of funny !

  14. So give me faith like Daniel in the lion’s den Give me hope like Moses in the wilderness Give me a heart like David, Lord be my defense So I can face my giants with confidence

    1. Like Cinderella , like Snow White ,
      Like all seven dwarfs , errrr … little
      People !!!


      1. a man full of the spirit of God is my preference . Thankfully I have had that in my life

      1. It’s not . It’s super interesting now tho . Bannon may win . And about government . I kinda agree with Bannon .


  15. Yesterday 97-2 from the senate rebuking trumps position in NATO

    Today , congress rebukes trump about tariffs .

    Yer right guys !!! He is a unifier !!!


    1. Who ever claimed he’s a unifier? That was Obama’s shtick.

      Trump is the mechanic. Congress is just showing yet again that they don’t have the American taxpayers back.

  16. Trump claimed that 70% of Germany’s gas imports were Russian. The latest official figure was in fact 50.75%.


    He lies EVERYWHERE .
    So embarrassing


    1. People ,who all think they know so much as truth . When most, if not all, is hearsay ,rumor or down right blatant lies.\
      Many people are so ‘FICKLE’ .they will believe most things.

    2. Diectionally accurate and makes the point. You read Adams book, right?

      I wonder if the 50% is before or after the latest deal? Did you research?

    3. Because the pipeline hasn’t been completed. He said they WILL be getting.
      Too bad Germany didn’t hook up with Poland instead.

  17. I was talking today with a Vietnamese Business Owner I’ve known for sometime now. He brought up Trump, he likes what he’s doing. Trump doesn’t care what others think he said. He also added, those who say the words of others against him, dishonor themselves. He almost seemed pained by it all.

    1. At my hubby’s work, he’s been a little more willing to talk with people. One in particular is more left leaning. They’ve talked about job creation, NATO, Russia and Crimea, Russia and Syria.

      Even he’s seeing that Obama was weak on these, and even though he hates Trump’s personality, he admit that he’s shaking things up for the better. The status quo was not working, and we’ve not been standing up for ourselves. He even said to my hubby, I’m pretty sick of having to take care of the world while the world treats like we’re beneath them.

      1. See below. Ohio is still a pretty conservative state. She and her lawyer may not realize what the city regulations are.

    1. Strip Club regulations differ from city to city and state for state.

      For example, when I worked in Mt. Clemens, you could not lay on the floor (known as floorwork) and you had to wear nylons under your G-string. You could not dance on the floor, you had to dance on the table, and touching a customer was 100% prohibited.

      When I started working in Detroit, you had to carry around a small box as your stage. You could to floorwork, you didn’t need to wear nylons, but you could not touch the customer and you could not dance on the floor.

      Things changed and lap dancing was allowed, but still illegal. And that was around the time I was leaving the profession anyway, so the timing was perfect. You can still get arrested for lap dancing in Detroit if they cops REALLY followed the regulations.

      So if she was touching a customer, and the city regulations stipulate you can’t, then of course she’d get arrested.

  18. Today , congress rebukes trump about tariffs .


    It’s about time Congress grew a pair of nads. A tariff is basically a tax, and should be determined by Congress. This is just one of several examples where Congress has voluntarily handed over its responsibilities, giving more powers to the Executive branch while The Legislative branch has gotten lazier.

    In Trump’s defense, both Bush and Obama took advantage of the Congressional cede of its powers, too. Bush is responsible for much of today’s domestic spying and Obama had a pen and a phone. Both former presidents regularly ignored Congress.

  19. Daniels was topless when she “knowingly” touched a female Columbus police officer’s buttocks, placed her hands on the officer’s breast and then put her chest in the officer’s face while “on the premise of a sexually oriented business,” according to charging documents from the Franklin County Municipal Court obtained by WBNS.

    A 2007 state law called the Community Defense Act prohibits dancers from touching customers and vice versa – excluding immediate family members.

    1. She did it to an officer, a female officer. She deserved to get arrested. Period.

  20. SSSCzar

    July 12, 2018 at 10:42

    Who ever claimed he’s a unifier? That was Obama’s shtick.

    Trump is the mechanic. Congress is just showing yet again that they don’t have the American taxpayers back.


    RW did, all thru the campaign. Glad you can see he is not. He is most definitely a divider. He is ripping this nation in two. Only two more years though……….thank God.

    Even with a bad candidate we got millions more votes. Just have to make sure to hit all the states this time.

    1. The only people ripping this nation in two are those, such as yourself, who’ve not moved on from the election or will educate themselves of what’s happened in terms of the economy, job growth, global relations and our increased position of strength.

      You could get 10x the amounts of votes in Cal. and NY, it won’t make a person President. You have to win the majority in the enough counties in a state to win the state. That’s how we elected Presidents in the United States of America.

      We will not fundamentally change that process as some desire.

  21. Watched 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea with James Mason. I did not recall how much of a putz, Kirk Douglas’s character was. But film holds up well.

  22. I see that the Chairman of Jimmy John’s has resigned. You’d think in this day and age, that someone of his stature wouldn’t be such a dumb racist.


  23. After Strzok said he didn’t “appreciate” how Gowdy was characterizing those events, the congressman fired back:

    “I don’t give a damn what you appreciate, Agent Strzok.”

    1. Strzok, getting fired up, later added, “The suggestion that I, in some dark chamber in the FBI, would somehow cast aside these procedures … and somehow be able to do this is astounding to me.”

      Gowdy and Goodlatte both rattled off a slew of Strzok text messages in which he blasted then-candidate Donald Trump and pined for a Hillary Clinton victory in 2016, to underscore their bias allegations.

      As Strzok observed opening statements from the witness table, Gowdy expressed disbelief that he didn’t view such statements as bias.

      Goodlatte also challenged Democrats to replace Trump’s name in those texts with their own.

      “To my colleagues on the other side of the aisle, please replace President Trump’s name with your own name in a small sample of things Mr. Strzok has said,” Goodlatte said. “Envision how you would feel if you found out that the chief agent investigating you as a Member of Congress was making these comments: ‘F Trump,’ ‘Trump is a disaster,’ ‘Just went to a southern Virginia Walmart. I could SMELL the Trump support’ – or, perhaps most alarmingly and revealingly, ‘We’ll stop it’ – referring directly to Mr. Trump’s candidacy for President.”

  24. Watching Styrok Testify, my recollection, my impression, my recollection. Seems he went to the same school of weaseling that Comey did.

    1. You got that right. You should hear the Democrat that just finsihed. All Strzok had to do is to nod and to agree with him. The rest of it, spent bashing Republicans. Wow. The Democrat didn’t even hide it very well.

      1. Siding with corruption will turn even more independents the GOP way. They do not condone this behavior by the Dems and FBI leadership.

    2. Now they’re arguing with each, reclaiming my time, reclaiming my time. Sounds like Maxine Waters.

      1. They fall all over themselves to get their comments on the evening news. That’s all it’s about.

      2. It’s s great education watching our Committee Democrats continually obstruct. There’s no way they want to get to the truth.

        1. You can’t conclude much of anything else. I jut watched a Democrat from California, the defense rests. They’re not interested in getting to the bottom of anything. Quite the contrary.

        2. Nope, because they know this will keep them out of power for generations. No American wants to see our intel and judicial agencies politicized and actively trying to take down their political adversary. They want the laws to be applied fairly regardless of your party or stature. One thing the right and independents agree upon, and that is NO ONE is above the law. The left doesn’t subscribe.

  25. I believe it’s Sheila Jackson, she’s using her entire time in trying to convict Trump. WOW. All political, all time with these people. Ending with thank you for your patriotism.

    1. focus group keywords…..patriotism. They have no idea what the word means. They think Comey is a patriot. And admitted leaker to the press…it’s stunning what we are witness to.

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