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15,146 thoughts on “Summer 2018

  1. Leftybill
    November 9, 2018 at 12:24
    Galt, when it comes to Fascism, one is either for it, or against it. I am against Fascism. Unsure what you are. If you are on the fence as to whether you think Fascism is good or bad………than you are an idiot. Sorry. Calling some anti-fascist, is not a slam in the world of free men.

    I understand Bill, you think supporting ANTIFA because they call themselves anti-fascist makes you some sort of moral hero. Hiding behind masks and a made-up moniker doesn’t make them valiant protectors of freedom. Incident after incident shows that battling fascism has little to do with this group. Destruction of property, physical violence and threats of the same are not something I support, regardless of what a group claims to call themselves or be about. As far as I’m concerned they’re just a group of cowards who want to intimidate people they don’t agree with – which seems to extend well beyond “Nazis” – into silence.

    You’ve attached yourself to that movement – nobody forced you to state proudly “I am ANTIFA!” Being against their behavior doesn’t equate to supporting fascism any more than being against removal of historical statues equates to supporting Nazis. But if believing it does and name calling makes you feel good about your own moral shortcomings have at it.

  2. dems on track to win most house seats since watergate !!!

    sounds like more than a ripple to me …

  3. about using jackazz.

    NOT your state……………keep your nose in your own State, Amigo. Florida is not backward South Carolina.

    Florida has lost its right to call any state backwards 3 elections ago

  4. I’m disgusted by that angry shouting mob ( of old white people … giggle ) screaming , ‘ lock her up’ as the people of broward county googled and asked for directions by picture of how to COUNT !!!!


      1. It’s a state full of retirees with marginal vision and early onset. No wonder they can’t fill out or count ballots. Is not PC to make fun of those with disabilities.

  5. Why would trump appoint Matt Whitaker to attorney general when he says he never met or knows Matt Whitaker ???

    Honest question guys ?

    This is the beginning of the end …

    … again

    … giggle

  6. Cohen and a dude named ‘ pecker ‘ have made a lot of trouble for trump …

    U asked , ‘ what happened to the mueller investigation ?’ …

    Well get ready ..

    Rupert Murdochs WSJ just reported on a story Rupert Murdochs FNC will never report … or at least report accurately …

    Quite the pickle …

    POLOTICS—BLUNTLY, most looking out for their
    own billfolds , butts and FAME.
    Disgusted of ALL the name calling and back stabbing.
    HUMANS, intellectual, NO

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