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4,576 thoughts on “Summer 2018

  1. A man who is out scrogging porn stars and playboy bunnies, while his new wife is at home with their newborn is NOT a decent, loyal man. He is a dirtbag. Sorry…………even if he were not President, that is the action of a dirtbag. I serioulsy do not get the idol worship of this guy.

    I mean you Trumpies bash the integrity of folks like Mueller, McCain, and Brennan, while lauding and fawning over this lying, immoral jackass in the Oval Office.

    Trump adoration has destroyed any foundation principles the GOP once had.

    1. Then he pays off the porn stars and playboy bunnies, and LIES about knowing about the payoffs. But to the Trumpies…………he is a moral icon, a champion of truth. They have so totally lost the plot it is amazing. Watching an Authoritarian Cult of Personality spring up in this nation is both fascinating and spooky. Glad it will only last a couple of years more.

      I do not wish the Dem house to impeach Donnie Dispstick. Merely limit the damage this idiot continues to reek on our land.

    2. Be careful how carelessly you toss around the word integrity. Another cheap word, just another one on the rubbish heap of so many over the past 10 years.

  2. Trump has no right to call anyone else a disgrace or disloyal. Guy has never been loyal to anyone in his life………he is a con man. Shut up Donne…… on your own non-existent integrity before you question others.

    1. Shut up Donne…… on your own non-existent integrity before you question others.


      you get this advice , dont you ?

  3. A man who is out scrogging porn stars and playboy bunnies, while his new wife is at home with their newborn is NOT a decent, loyal man. He is a dirtbag. Sorry…………even if he were not President, that is the action of a dirtbag. I serioulsy do not get the idol worship of this guy.


    JFK says hello.

      1. JFK was the gold standard of douchebaggery but I bet Lefty gets the idol worship of the guy. Just change the letter after his name.

        1. And his own brother appointed to the head of the DOJ. Don’t forget about that either. All part of the record. And another brother who cheated on his wife, and in drunken state left a young intern underwater for over 10 hours while sobering up. Another celebrated icon of the left over the years.

          1. They are real heroes, real Americans…blah blah….

            No one there will tell us peons the real story. Just wait. 😉

    1. I had known there was a young intern , but looks like 2 secty’s , jackies press secty ( who looks like jackie btw )


      now how about Ted K. and the family group style hunting ?

        1. That ship has sailed. The collusion now, all focused on those who really did collude with each other in order ‘to fix’ a National Election. The Russians are the least of our worries compared to these people.

          1. In North Korea it is, men and women are allowed about a dozen different hair styles. Be patient, the left has lot in store for us if they have their way with this Country.

  4. The letter from the Pope is a much better response to the first statement that was released. They have a huge issue to tackle. :(

  5. Good. Keep asking the questions as more and more leads to other questions, and to other people. The trickle that eventually becomes the torrent when the dam breaks.

    Did Sally Yates enable DOJ official tied to Trump dossier? GOP investigators want to know

  6. That Phil Mudd dude is freakin’ arsehole….I guess he can’t handle a basic debate without freaking out like most control freaks must.

    Dude looks like a wife beater.

  7. “I hope John Brennan, the worst CIA Director in our country’s history, brings a lawsuit,” Trump tweeted Monday. “It will then be very easy to get all of his records, texts, emails and documents to show not only the poor job he did, but how he was involved with the Mueller Rigged Witch Hunt.”

    Donald J. Trump

    I hope John Brennan, the worst CIA Director in our country’s history, brings a lawsuit. It will then be very easy to get all of his records, texts, emails and documents to show not only the poor job he did, but how he was involved with the Mueller Rigged Witch Hunt. He won’t sue!

      1. It’s funny how they all expose themselves to the coverage that Media won’t give. The more they attack him, the more he hits back – They just don’t see it, blind rage that brings the attention right back to them and all the bad behavior that accompanies it. Polling of Democrats, Independents and Republicans all ‘overwhelming’ want this thing wrapped up before the Mid-terms. The Media and Mueller though have other plans though, overkill, and no evidence to support it. It’s all political, all the time. It’s 24/7 and it’s all about the Mid-terms.

        1. Trump has something besides people and his own strength holding him up strong , he knows they are lying .
          we know what that does to us , someone lying about us . We wont be stopped

        2. this is about staying out of jail for these at the forefront . People who lie for a living , cia and political hacks , and the newly uncovered breed of ciaHack

          1. What they’re doing to do to this a Country and our processes to keep their azzes out jail. That to me, reaches a threshold of treason. Or at the minimum, high crimes against this Country. There can be no passes anymore. Not even if it leads to a former President.

      1. Advantage, Trump. And it drives them crazy. So much to hide, yet, it can’t be hidden. Trump just wasn’t suppose to win. All of it to buried with a Hillary victory. Still can’t help to wonder, how long has this been going on and the extent of it over the years? Or, is this just a one off of one of the most corrupt Administrations, EVER?

  8. Reuters:

    …Half the counts involve bank fraud and bank fraud conspiracy, which carry a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison for each count. The five tax fraud counts carry three year maximums, while the four counts related to the disclosure of his foreign bank accounts have a maximum sentence of 5 years each.

    In total the statutory maximums suggest a possible prison term of up to 305 years, although Manafort would, if convicted, likely face far fewer years based on federal sentencing guidelines. Three experts polled by Reuters gave estimates ranging from 7 to 12 years in prison if convicted on all counts…

    18 counts? I don’t see any way that happens. There’s even a potential here for a hung jury. Reasonable doubt and all that.

  9. VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: I think the larger narrative is that we’ve reached the point in American society where the media really does believe that the noble aim of trust, or justice, or fairness requires almost any means necessary. It’s not just my view. I mean, the Shorenstein Center at Harvard said 89-90% of the press coverage was biased. We know that political donations go one way from another study.

    When you look at journalists in the past, or in the Obama administration, the WikiLeaks, the Podesta trove, even the recent hiring of Sarah Joeong at ‘The New York Times’ despite her racist papertrail or her Twitter trailer and you get this image. Again, it’s not mine, it’s not yours. People who are very elegant on the liberal media side have said — Jorge Ramos, the editor of ‘The New York Times,’ Jim Rutenberg at ‘The New York Times,’ I think even Christiane Amanpour — that Trump poses such a threat that the old traditionalist ethos so no longer is require[d]…

    What Trump hasn’t done, this is rhetoric, he’s fought back at the media, what he calls ‘fake news’ but he has not jailed 2 reporters like JFK did. He did not arrest Associate Press reporters in the way like Obama did, with James Rosen at FOX News. He didn’t introduce a bill like the Roosevelt allies in Congress did called the libel bill to stifle opposition.

    Or what Hillary Clinton did in 2008 when she stopped that Hillary movie/documentary. And the final tragedy is what’s not being reported. We have the fourth highest member of the DOJ — Bruce Ohr who was colluding with Fusion GPS after the election to undermine the president. And, my gosh, we just had the Dianne Feinstein admit that for 20 years her chauffeur was a spy for the Chinese government and she’s one of the ranking members on the Senate Intelligence Committee… and her husband has extensive business in China and not’s news and so people don’t trust the media anymore and that’s an empirical fact…

    A little history never hurt anyone. And the man is absolutely correct: “Any Means Necessary” in referring to the Media – A tried and true favorite of Leftists throughout the years. The rest, is history.

      1. And, my gosh…

        I had to laugh here.

        And, my gosh, we just had the Dianne Feinstein admit that for 20 years her chauffeur was a spy for the Chinese government and she’s one of the ranking members on the Senate Intelligence Committee… and her husband has extensive business in China and not’s news and so people don’t trust the media anymore and that’s an empirical fact…

    1. and Jeff Sessions is no one who will stand against these powers that be, He just is not that man who will or maybe even can

      1. for decades I didnt think much of Trump , and less in the primaries . But man , who else could stand up to the press or dug in self interest swamp govt ? I cant even imagine I thought anyone could , or would put themselves and family thru it .

        thanks T . really

        1. I’ve concluded that Sessions is nothing but a political coward in knowing full well what’s Trump’s up against. Sessions, is a politician running away from a fight that he doesn’t think he can win. Trump, on the other hand, won’t be bullied, or intimidated by these people. He truly is a one of a kind’ in that respect. What the Country needed in our history. Trump has always said many years ago when asked, will you ever run for President? His response: “Only if I have to” – He meant every word of it.

          1. that stood out to me too when I heard that he said that . Only if I have to .

            I thank him for whatever courage he has been gifted with ., I dont blame sessions for lack of courage , but I do for ambition that he put above what the job required

          2. All politicians are cowards, but Trump, is NOT a politician. That’s the real saving grace for this County. These people have never dealt with such a man before. And they absolutely, positively hate him for it.

          3. that is a very insightful comment , but I think people in politics have been coasting , becoming corporations . It was true what Perot said . What we needed was someone who was a bull against the wall of deceit , there are no unflawed men or women . The flaws of Trump are out on his sleeve , we see them well , but we know what has to be done and we got a bull , talk about walls coming down , this one is the wall of all walls . Lies upon lies , and this bull is seeing orange !:) :)

          4. I agree RW. He doesn’t conduct himself like he’s afraid of not getting elected, like politicians do.

  10. Sergei Millian, an alleged source for the infamous Steele dossier, unsolicitedly contacted Papadopoulos on July 22, 2016, requesting a meeting with Papadopoulos. The pair met several times during the 2016 election campaign. Mangiante Papadopoulos has told TheDCNF that Millian offered Papadopoulos a $30,000-per-month contract on behalf of a Russian energy company.
    Papadopoulos was also approached during the campaign by Stefan Halper, a former University of Cambridge professor who spied on the Trump campaign as an FBI informant.
    Halper flew Papadopoulos to London in September 2016 and paid him a $3,000 honorarium to write a policy paper about Mediterranean energy issues. Papadopoulos has told associates that Halper asked him during one conversation if he knew anything about Russian hacking of Democrats’ emails.
    Unbeknownst to Papadopoulos, Halper had also been in contact with Carter Page, another Trump campaign adviser. Halper and Page remained in contact through September 2017.
    They were throwing money at this guy left and right all as part of this vast set-up they were trying to complete.

  11. Wonder drew a line between the increase of cancer and the ignorance of global warming. “I just feel that all these various diseases that we have and all that is happening in the world in part is because there are those who don’t believe in global warming, don’t believe that what we do affects the world,” he said. “Heat affects the world and affects us. I just hope that people will grow up out of the foolishness and know that we all, by how we think, how we view, how we treat others, we will never unlock the key until we truly let go of the hatred, the bigotry, the evilness, the selfishness. We do that and we can unlock some of those things that keep us in this place”.
    Someone please help Stevie Wonder. Please someone help the poor man.

      1. I cant even think about why I wrote anything about the economics of babies aborted .

        I flinched just watching her say that , its so unenlightened , to be so ignorant of what her logic shows her to be .

          1. The carelessness is astounding. It was supposed to be rare. That was the 1960’s promise. Not it’s an industry and adds to our GDP??? I’ve said it before, the future will look back at this time in our culture and shudder at how moronic and callous we were regarding unborn life.

          2. … and how much more people cared about unborn life than taking care of the ones who are born

          3. do I really have to tell you AGAIN , what I do , my friends do every day of our lives , some in danger in Haiti and palestinian underground ?

            What my church does for refugees , some living in the homes of people in my church ?

            NO ?

            Well how about this ONR MORE TIME


            THere is no way I want people crossing the border with children not knowing if those children are related , safe , identified as safe CARE for these children

            YOU and your lefties are WRONG , to not want them vetted . ITS SO DANGEROUSLY IGNORANT TO WANT THAT !

            Keep ignoring the science , keep vocal about more killing , and that is for you to live with

    1. U go right ahead thinkin u have it all figured out . :)

      I’ll be waving front the right side of history . U guys play the victim card far better than the left ever did , So u got that at least 😉

      1. Did you read who and what they added at the end of this article? Keep telling yourself that this more than just politically driven. And that’s being nice. Too nice in my opinion.

        1. Cool , it’s easy to claim victory when mueller hasn’t said a word . Betcha when he does yer not gonna like it . It’ll help u out in yer new victim hood gimmick tho 😉


          1. Mueller will give them something. He’ll cast something their way, some doubt to keep hanging a cloud over Trump. Won’t be collusion though, not even close.

      2. You just keep on thinking that lobbing accusations with no proof is ‘the right side of history’.

        I laugh in your general direction

        1. He’s just parroting that arc of history bends to “our will” nonsense of Obama’s. NO matter how corrupt they are, they’re righteous you know. I think he needs to emulate better role models. Seems he’s stuck in the mud, and can’t get up. There’s an app for that. Help, I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up.

          1. can you imagine ? The Susan Rices and Hillary and Obama , lies gloried by the media . Heros dead , and these low lifes glorified .

            Thankful thankful Every day hillary is NOT in the WH

          2. There are so many things that can’t be denied, and so much of it plain view. Even their own words and deeds leaves little room for argument anymore. Real Evidence, yet, it’s like dealing with defiant preschoolers. My teacher said…

  12. Something also comes to mind here too. Mueller’s next Big Trial of the Century, a second trial that lists “failure to register as a Foreign Lobbyist” as one of the charges. “A dime a dozen” in DC and throughout the Obama years. Not even a slap on the hand for anyone, simply resister, and it’s all good. But Manafort, he’s different, Podesta’s Brother too who did the same in the Ukraine. But old Mueller, didn’t want to touch that one at all – “He farmed it out” to Federal Prosecutors instead. Let them decide to prosecute, I’m not interested. Surprised he even went that far, since failure to register has never really been sought after as a crime of any consequence. I guess Manafort’s “real” special in that respect. You can see why, when 62% of Democrats believe this is all about Russia Collusion. “Exhibit A” among so many others.

  13. There’s certainly a couple of favorites here to choose from. I think I like the Sun Maid one the best. Judging by all the likes, I’m not alone in this respect either. LOL

  14. Found this interesting. Out of all the ABC outlets, only CBS, seems to be the most measured of the bunch whereas ABC and NBC are unrecognizable and interchangeable with CNN, the Times and the Washington Post. I’ve noticed that for some time in their reporting. Wonder why? Here, it’s their main polling person and the lesson learned in 2016.

    CBS News pollster reveals why ‘blue wave’ is unlikely

  15. Throughout the years I have found myself on the fence about capital punishment. I’ve heard all the reasons against, some people on death row are actually innocent, some are mentally deficient, some were out of their minds on drugs, some were set up, etc., hence my hesitation.

    But when it comes to child molestation and pedophilia, obviously rampant in institutions like the Catholic Church and Hollywood, with neither institution interested in self-policing but very engaged in coverups, I’m sorry but I think these adults should fry.

    Just my opinion. These people disgust me. Thoughts, anyone?

    1. Does any state currently have the death penalty for crimes against children other than capital murder? I don’t believe so. Which makes this a particularly interesting discussion.

      I think many would call pedophilia a mental illness. That being said, those who commit it I firmly believe understand their actions. There’s no doubt they destroy lives. I definitely can relate to your desire for maximum punishment for these freaks, but I’m not sure I can get on board with capital punishment.

      1. I know you did not say what you think
        I am sure about this in my over all sense of it . I’m not comfortable calling it mental illness .. Yes they are sick souled , but mental illness , I carefully dont think so myself

      2. Pedophiles cannot be rehabilitated. It just doesn’t happen. Lifetime sentences clothing, feeding and providing medical care to the one of, if not the, lowest forms of human for the rest of their life? How about this, we give them the Kevorkian option. Your choice. You’re going to live here the rest of your life. You will never leave. So, end it all, or get ready for the rest of your life looking over your shoulder in prison. It will be painless, just push the button.


      3. No capital punishment. I agree it is a mental illness . Should be treated as such . Chemical castration and life no parole . We don’t want them out there , but the state killing people with mental illness is something I can’t get behind . I would look the other way if the parents kill the dude then pay for it themselves . Just not the state .

    2. I read about story about one not so long ago. He knew, and those he knew, knew he would do it again. And he did. It’s something that I believe that can’t be controlled. Punished, but not controlled. Society has to decide the rules and the punishment. Just like every society does. How exactly do you treat a sickness that can’t be cured?

      1. in hollywood you make a movie about it , making it all about human condition , normal , make children sexual objects in porn , and then let progressives change the laws . lower humanity to humans . NOT human BEINGS .

    3. without capital punishment , will a law officer be able to stop a crime being committed with death force ? Will we ?
      I have never I dont think advocated for either side . I think its because I understand human error in knowing if death penalty is all that can be done to prevent and protect . But it comes down to money again , can incarcerate so many people so without internal compass , conscience , integrity . And the state of the prisons ? That is despicable .

      We have so many problems , and the $ we spend on non issues is deplaorable

      1. ( forgive the spelling I was in a hurry in my thoughts )

        I also left out : what if law or individuals cannot use deadly force in the midst of trying to protect … what if that argument against CP is used in that debate ? That is the extreme I know but that is where the far left gets to , in the effort to appear to themselves , good .

        I am out of some of the arguments because I am of the mind that this world is not all there is . So , I will vote as best I can , donate where I am sure , and talk , explore , what is the best thing to do .

        The argument many go free , in order not to kill one innocent , is where we are , we make that effort , it takes years to carry out CP and many laws are there to allow more times to be are heard out .

        The argument at the border , let me draw in this with that thought .
        Children undocumented identifying their parents at the border , cry until the picture is clearer just who the adults ARE with them , in the attempt to stop sex and humansale for ANY reason .
        ******if ONE child is saved . It is worth it

      2. Of course we could afford it . We just gotta let the non violent drug offenders out . That would cure the money problem .

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