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15,146 thoughts on “Summer 2018

  1. When you check out the Fox website, you can see the full court press to get into a war with Iran. It is the Trump/Fox goal. A war will take folks minds off the idiotic president we have.

    Next war, I would like to see the pansies at Fox (Hannity, Doocey, Lahren, Kilmeade, Carlson, Ingrahm, etc) actually partake in it. So far heroic Conservative pundits are really good at calling for wars, but lack the stones to fight in them.

    1. Have Trump send one of HIS kids as well. About time a Trump put his azz on the line for our nation.

      1. The Trump family talks a good fight, and acts the mean tweeter, but lack the balls to actually stand a post. Not an impressive clan.

  2. Goodonya Trump admin for sanctions due to the Russian Nerve Gas attack in London. Keep on them.

      1. I will laud him when he does something right. It is so rare, it does not take that much energy. :)

  3. Once in a while, they all slip. No different here with CNN talking about the lesser than average Hurricane Season that’s now expected:

    …La Niña is a naturally occurring phenomenon characterized by cooler-than-normal water in the eastern Pacific equatorial region. While La Niña occurs in the Pacific Ocean, it has a widespread impact on the global climate. That includes decreased wind shear — the changing of wind speed and direction with height — across the tropical Atlantic, which creates favorable conditions for tropical development…

    …naturally occurring phenomenon…widespread impact on the global climate

    1. I remember in 1992……….quiet year. No storms until August. Then it was Andrew………..that is enough. Hope it is a quiet year. We coastals states could use it.

      1. …naturally occurring phenomenon…widespread impact on the global climate

        Nope, not always right. But here, they’re about as right as they can get – ettled

        1. Not sure what you are implying. If you are implying this proves climate change is a hoax………..your wrong, and silly. Seriously……….you folks who still think this is a hoax, need to your heads out of Limbaugh’s keester.

          1. Since you seem to be too dense to get it I will say it again. Sure the climate is changing, has throughout the life of the planet. What no one knows for sure is why. No real proof the current fluxuations are due to anything humans are doing or have done.

      2. …naturally occurring phenomenon…widespread impact on the global climate

        Nope, not always right. But here, they’re about as right as they can get – Settled Science

        1. They have decades of data………you look at one little sentence in one report…………..and imply climate change is wrong. Sorry………that is just plain stupid. So is denying climate change. Damn…….Conservatives no longer trust anyone but their pundits. A very manipulated demograph. Shrug

          May your ignorance keep you warm, RW. I have a date. :)

          1. A simple fact:

            Naturally occurring phenomenon that effects the global climate. Human expansion, parking lots that takeover natural settings, and technology with unknown variables that measures differently from days long since past as some type of conclusive proof outside of the naturally occurring phenomenon that effects our climate.

            Weather will always change. Mile High Glaciers and summers that never were hundreds of years ago. Weather will change, but never man’s arrogance in trying to control it when the control is really that of their fellow man more than anything else.

    2. If you still think climate change is a hoax……..your beyond reason. Sacrificed facts and data for pundit twaddle. Shrug.

      1. What is twaddle is your constant accusation that everyone here thinks climate change is a hoax. No one has ever said that. Stop twisting words, Hook.


        1. In fact everyone says the climate of the earth will always be changing .

          But . even if its said man made climate change , I doubt anyone will be against conservation , recycle , innovation , new ways to grow and invention of better mousetraps .

          What I dont agree with is the left in charge of it , I see too much unbalance in them to choose balanced policy

          1. Agreed. The left wants control, demand that you live your life according to their diktats.

            Just look at the EPA over the years.

  4. RW……….I do not see the slip you are talking about. I see you reading in a ton into a very simple statement. Like your deep state………….you see clues and conspiracies everywhere. Shrug

    I laud you for looking at CNN, though. :)

    1. No different than you reading a Fox article and claiming Fox and Trump want to go to war with Iran.

  5. Huff’s newest splash:

    There’s Moore!

    Fahrenheit 9/11,” Michael Moore’s polemic about George W. Bush and the War on Terror, remains the highest-grossing documentary of all time. If the national mood was splintered when that movie opened in 2004, it’s nothing compared to what it is now, almost two years into Donald Trump’s presidency.

    So, naturally, Moore is channeling his most famous film to explore that exact subject: “Fahrenheit 11/9” seeks to “bring Trump down” before November’s midterm elections…

    At least they got that last part out of the way up front. Like Moore, Huff’s been trying to take out Trump for going on 3 years now. Their hate brigade was one of the first out of the gate. The others are all just imitators. Even the MSM follows them.

  6. Next war, I would like to see the pansies at Fox (Hannity, Doocey, Lahren, Kilmeade, Carlson, Ingrahm, etc) actually partake in it. So far heroic Conservative pundits are really good at calling for wars, but lack the stones to fight in them


    Odd you never called for mahalia or sasha to be drafted for all of barack’s middle east violence.

    But….but. . .that’s different????

  7. Democrats, who appeared to come up just shy in another special election, considered O’Connor’s turnout a victory in itself. They point to the fact Trump won the district by 11 percentage points in 2016. The district has had a Republican representative for the last three decades.

    “It’s one more piece of evidence amidst a lot of others that this is a good environment for Democrats, and it provides some opportunities to the party in the fall,” Kyle Kondik, managing editor of Sabato’s Crystal Ball at the University of Virginia Center for Politics, told the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

    Another one who was in wrong in 2016…

    And the spin continues. The fact seems to be, compared to 2106, 90% of the Democrats showed up, whereas only 40% of the Republicans did.

    The question is, why didn’t they show up?

    Did many think after all those years going Republican, that it would go that way again? Why bother? Haven’t seen the answer to that yet. Personally I agree with Fort, a lackluster candidate, his looks the same. Both will again face off 3 months from now. was that possibly another reason, that it could be corrected then when it really counts? Stay tuned.

    I still remember an ABC poll 2 weeks before the election in 2016, a jaw dropping 14, 16, or was 18 point edge by Hillary over Trump. A number that continued to drop in ABC’s polling as it neared the election.

    Yesterday, the generic numbers were: +3 Dems (, +4 (Rasmussen), and today, +2 (Reuters).

  8. SSSCzar
    August 9, 2018 at 10:21
    Networks, as in the writers they hire

    Ah, yeah I usually see networks as just the distribution company like say Viacom, AMC, or comcast who rarely make content. Cleared up.

    Just because they’re platforms, doesn’t give you, me, bill, or anyone the right to dictate what goes on them. They’re still private entites. They’re free to act as they want. Is is super hypocritical? Yes, again, all the more reason to not use them.

    What am I missing by not being on facebook? Dumb quizzes about what potter house I should be in, and endless “type amen if….” crap. “Oh no, how will I survive?????”

    So answer me this, and bill can answer the inverse question. . . Why should the Christian Baker be allowed to decline business, but facebook can’t?

    Bill, why should the baker be forced to make the cake while facebook can ban people?

    1. They both have a right to refuse service and we have the right to refuse to use their service. I haven’t been on Facebook since 2012, don’t feel like I’m missing a thing.

    2. No one is telling them what they have to put on there. We are telling them if you have an open source platform, free from oversight because you agreed to be fair with access to your technology, when you discriminate and violate civil rights of citizens, you’ve lost the trust and now need to be treated differently.

      You’ve missed how involved, globally, governments are just on Twitter. This is almost like a utility. You get breaking news from tweets. If they censor our news, we have a problem. This technology has bypassed regulation when it became as big and as important as it has in providing news. And it’s illegal to discriminate against a customer based on several criteria. If hate speech is allowed by one group, and not by another, that’s discrimination. I thought we can’t discriminate?

      Our problem is we cannot compare this situation to any other equally, because it’s not like any other. Just like Apple Phone encryption and law enforcement investigations, we’ve got a regulation problem with social media.

  9. Two simultaneous WSJ opinion pieces today:

    “The Red Wave Illusion”
    “The Blue Wave May Be Receding”


  10. Leftybill
    August 9, 2018 at 11:48
    Seems Fox, Sinclair, and any other media outlet has no wish to offer Alex Jones time on their networks


    You seem really fixated on getting this guy on the air.

    1. Except Bob Mueller won’t even bother to look at it since it doesn’t fit with the agenda he has in the investigation.

      1. Congress is getting more and more of an appetite in doing just that though. The more layers peeled back, the more concerns they have. Everyone should share that concern. It’s not a partisan issue. Our elections have to be free and fair and not at all ‘fixed’ by those in government who feel that they have to make the choices for us.

  11. Leftybill
    August 9, 2018 at 12:33
    If you still think climate change is a hoax……


    No one is disputing climate change. I think the dispute comes over man-made vs. Natural.

    So how much of climate change is man-made? I’m going to need a percentage down to the hundredth decimal. 10.05? 25.55? 89.92?

    1. I spent around $6k in diesel and 40k in electricity last year running irrigation. This year will be closer to 0. So again, climate change is real and it happens every year. How much of it is man made? And how can I change it to benefit me, personally? 😉

      1. Did you ever get an answer to your question about Antifa’s 1960’s racist throwback antics?

        This might take a while.


    2. It’s really that simple. Not that the climate changes (and will always change), but rather that by controlling man, that they can control the climate. I agree with many from the get go, it’s part of a Global Redistribution Scheme and the New World Order that comes right along with it. A massive transfer of Wealth, it’s intention.

  12. They say this might be wrapped up by the end of week, it’s a hard one to call without being there, but there’s certainly some things that have emerged or that are being argued that have to be taken into consideration by the jury. Odds are, being in Virginia it will be the fairer of the two trials. Next up, the trial in DC, where what? Some 94% voted for Hillary?

    1. The way this article is written its hard to tell what weight the evidence the government is presenting will have.

      If your home rented for 5 days in a year, is it a rental property?

      They write the article as if the only way for the bank to know if there is a loan on the property is statements from the applicant. Unless the current lender is completely incompetent its public record. When the lein on the property is filed it is public record. Also tax records will normally even indicate the amount owed, when the loan was made and the amount of the loan. Realtors and mortgage companies routinely look the info up and it takes less than 5 minutes.

      This does seem to be the first evidence so far that may lead to conviction on a count or two.

      1. I don’t argue that. But there’s different takes and information being included by different sources and a lot bias in reporting. It’s how the jury sees it all. What’s not reported. I don’t expect guilty on all charges, nor I would be surprised with a hung jury. One thing for sure, this trial isn’t at all about Russian Collusion. Not even close. At best, it’s an attempt to tar and feather Trump with Manafort’s activities dating back to 2005. What’s Mueller’s primary mission here again?

  13. Spent the day in emergency, just go home .
    Close to passing out a number of times. See the Doctor Monday, more information than. Must pickup another medication tomorrow. must lie down.

    1. Dottie , rest and come back on when you can . They let you go home I think thats a good sign . Enough water , Too hot ?

      Rest though


    Always like to get a little background on the people who make the news wherever possible. No different here with this judge.

    The reference here:

    Sullivan set aside the conviction following a Justice Department probe that found additional evidence of gross prosecutorial misconduct (Trial of Senator Ted Stevens).

    Directly related to Mueller’s Pit Bull. Notable Case Indeed….

    “gross prosecutorial misconduct”

    Notable cases[edit]

    Sullivan presided over a number of habeas corpus petitions in the early 21st century submitted on behalf of men detained by the United States military at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp as part of President George W. Bush’s response to the 9/11 attacks of terrorism.[3]

    Sullivan presided over the 2008 trial of Senator Ted Stevens, who was convicted of ethics violations in October of that year. The judge initially refused requests by the defense for a mistrial to be declared, after information was revealed that the prosecution had withheld material.[4][5] But in April 2009, Sullivan set aside the conviction following a Justice Department probe that found additional evidence of gross prosecutorial misconduct.[6]

    In 2014, Sullivan was presiding over a case, Judicial Watch v. IRS,[7] related to an ongoing investigation into the 2013 IRS controversy. There was an attempt to determine where the “lost” emails of former IRS employee Lois Lerner went, what damage to her computer hard drive occurred, and what steps the IRS had taken to recover the information contained in the emails and on the hard drive.[8][9]

    In 2015 Sullivan presided over a FOIA lawsuit involving the matter of Hillary Clinton’s private email use while Secretary of State.[10]

    In the case of United States of America v. Michael T. Flynn, the former national security adviser to Donald J. Trump was randomly assigned to District Court Judge Rudolph Contreras as shown in the two page indictment released on December 1, 2017.[11] On December 7, 2017, Contreras recused himself from the sentencing hearings to take place in further hearings in the Flynn case.[12] The case was randomly reassigned to Sullivan.[13]

    1. Funny, how this judge will ‘intersect’ again with Muller’s Pit Bull in the Flynn matter. Wonder if that’s one of the reasons that Mueller’s delayed Flynn’s trial 3 times now? It’s like a “gross prosecutorial misconduct” reunion for both of them. What an ‘unlucky’ draw for Mueller. The man just can’t win.

  15. Rush, about finding votes just laying around. Struck me as odd too…

    In Ohio, Cincinnati Enquirer, “Ohio race just got closer after county finds hundreds of undercounted or uncounted votes. The tight race between Democrat Danny O’Connor and Republican Troy Balderson just got tighter. Election officials in Franklin County found 588 previously uncounted votes in a Columbus suburb. The result: O’Connor had a net gain of 190 votes, bringing the race’s margin down to 1,564.”

    What a shock. What a real shock. Whenever an election is close somehow the Democrats always find a big bag of votes somewhere. It happened with the Al Franken, Stuart Smalley election when he was running for the Senate in Minnesota. They find ’em in the trunk of a car. They find ’em underneath a church pew. Can somebody cite a case where a Republican has ever come from behind to win a close race after finding a bunch of uncounted votes? I can’t. Now, it may be the case, because who among us — even including me — can remember every election and story related to it?

    “The votes from a portion of one voting location had not been processed into the tabulation system, according to a Franklin County Board of Elections news release.” Who are we to believe? Folks, this is the point. Once you have corrupted, once you have raised doubts, once you have caste a pall over the integrity of elections — and, believe me, that’s all that’s been done for the last year and a half. Maybe even longer than that, if you want to count all the people who were worrying about the outcome of the election because of Russian meddling before it happened in 2016.

    So I think we’re safe in saying that there has been a two-year assault on the validity of the 2016 election, and it’s been rock solid. It’s been every day of every week of every month. Somewhere in the Drive-By Media there has been at least one story every day leading to or about the fraud, the meddling, the illegitimacy — however you want to describe it — of the 2016 election. This was as easy as pie to predict. Now we’ve already got Hollywood leftists claiming the Russians meddled in Ohio 12.

      1. One of the things that I find most striking right now, both Democrats and Republicans have had a lot of the information that’s just coming to light right now. But what started with a handful of Republicans is now beginning to get more steam, and the Democrats, oddly, more quiet right now. How far can you can go in your deceit, before it finally starts coming back at you? Double down on it, and it will only make things worse for you. I wonder how close we are at that point?

  16. All foreign citizens or companies should be prohibited from buying political or distribute advertisements in social media in the same way as they are not allowed to contribute campaign financing in the United States. Furthermore, the origin of any political advertisement should be public knowledge.
    Given that Facebook and Twitter have proven so clueless, a public regulator needs to be appointed. The natural candidate would be the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which regulates communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable.
    Considering that social media move so fast, it would be desirable to add a special social media ombudsman with the ability to act much faster than the FCC does.
    The social media platforms can no longer see themselves as mere technology companies. Their time of political innocence is over. They must take responsibility for their content. Exactly as newspapers, they need a publisher or editor with legal editorial responsibility.

      1. Mueller says hi !!

        That is EXACTLY why u think trump is winning . Mueller hasent responded to any of yer conspiracy theories !!


        1. Mueller hasn’t provided a shred of evidence, has he now? But one thing that’s overwhelmingly clear, we do have a lot of information as to how Mueller came into being, and how corrupt the journey has been – A journey that’s far form being over.

  17. Dorothy {Dottie}
    August 9, 2018 at 14:56
    Spent the day in emergency, just go home .
    Close to passing out a number of times. See the Doctor Monday, more information than. Must pickup another medication tomorrow. must lie down.


    hey D. :) Hope you have help tomorrow , you said you have to pickup another medication , maybe your daughters can arrange some way for a delivery ? dont know ..

  18. Academia, good way to destroy the Country if left unchecked. Check your objectivity at the door…


    Emails Reveal High School Teachers Plotting To Hide Their Political Bias From Parents

    The Left is abusing American high school education in its struggle to gain and retain political power. We only found out about this incident by accident. How many more?

          1. Cambodia’s cleansing campaign, which claimed the lives of two million ‘undesirable’ civilians.

          2. First the Civil War, and then, the cleansing. We seem to have both, don’t we now? The Left, so about their own Country and their righteous ways. Comply, or else. Most communists are. Better hope that’s less people than you out there EA, which I have no doubt. Because the alternative is far too clear for most not to see it.

      1. Educated like Osario-Cortez who graduated with a business degree who can’t do math or explain the basic financial mechanics of her Medicaid plan for all? 😉

  19. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) warned Wednesday that Democrats, riding a blue wave, could pick up nearly a dozen more seats than they need to take control of the House of Representatives in November.
    “There’s a real likelihood that they not only win the House, but they win it by 10 or 12 more seats than they need,” Graham told The New York Times. “We’re bleeding among women and the enthusiasm factor for Democrats is worth 7 or 8 points, and sometimes more.”
    The lawmaker’s comments come just a day after a close special election in Ohio for the state’s 12th Congressional District. President Donald Trump won the seat by 11 points in 2016, but Tuesday’s race was too close to call, with just 1,754 votes separating Troy Balderson (R) and Danny O’Connor (D).


    Fret not Lindsay, it doesnt matter that it was way closer than it was supposed to be . Just ask the righties in here


    1. Nor does it matter, if only 40% showed up and that this same election repeats itself again in 3 months. Prolly nothing. That’s the funny thing about variables, you can read them anyway you want. But reality always decides all in the end. Immovable, and always final.

    2. BTW, CNN and ilk are pitching 50 seats based on the same 12 Graham infers. Don’t remember him predicting Trump winning either in 2016, do you? LOL

    3. Could? Isn’t it expected?

      I think the average is, what. . . 12-14 seat loss in midterms to the majority party.

    4. Don’t recall every saying being close didn’t matter. A win is a win doesn’t mean that. 😉

  20. Good selling point…

    Pelosi: Voting for Democrats Gives ‘Leverage’ to Illegal Immigrants

    I hope all the candidates follow her lead.

  21. SSSCzar
    August 9, 2018 at 16:36
    No one is telling them what they have to put on there. We are telling them if you have an open source platform, free from oversight because you agreed to be fair with access to your technology

    Where did they agree to that? Facebook has restricted stuff from day 1 when you literally needed a .edu email address from approved colleges to join. But let’s go on. . .

    This technology has bypassed regulation when it became as big and as important as it has in providing news. And it’s illegal to discriminate against a customer based on several criteria. If hate speech is allowed by one group, and not by another, that’s discrimination. I thought we can’t discriminate?

    Our problem is we cannot compare this situation to any other equally, because it’s not like any other. Just like Apple Phone encryption and law enforcement investigations, we’ve got a regulation problem with social media.

    A: No it hasn’t, it doesn’t need more regulation. WE don’t need more regulation.

    B: is it illegal to discriminate? I thought you were all about bakers and florists doing what they want with their business. What changed?

    C: we can absolutely compare situations ^^^^look I just did. Also, apple phone encryption wasn’t some new thing. BlackBerry was WAY ahead of apple in that realm. BB messenger is amazingly encrypted and they’ve told multiple governments, “eff off, we’re not decrypting it because we can’t. That’s how it works. AND we’re not building in a back door for you either”.

    I thought conservatives were all about deregulation and freedom. Wtf happened to that?

    1. A: We are way past day 1 of early Facebook practices, policies, and members. Facebook is free, like turning on your radio. Radio is regulated because it is a source of free access to information. In all of this back and forth, my point has been simply this, we don’t have a true handle of these platforms in terms of privacy for users, its massive control over access to news that just affected the election no? Isn’t that the charge over what Russia has done and what they’ve been sanctioned for? Over 62% adults surveyed they get this news from social media, Facebook being #1.

      62 percent of U.S. adults get their news from social media …

      May 26, 2016 · A similar study from 2012 saw 42 percent of U.S. adults getting their news from social media, so in the past four years, news on social media has grown 20 percent. Pew also found that since 2013, social media sites with the most growth of their news audience came down to Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

      B: On Discrimination and Regulation, just last night I saw Mark Warner, and forgot the other guy, but they just called for a Technology oversight committee because they admitted they don’t have a handle on what’s being going on in terms of privacy and where we are with our social media. Do you know that Facebook is trying to get access to users banking information to “so call” targeting their advertising to their spending habits?

      In terms of bakers and florists…..simply put…we don’t have 1 baker or florist providing services to 2 billion people a month like Facebook does. We still have to worry about the influence of monopolies. People have access to these services of bakers and florists, and don’t have to battle a unregulated monopoly that 62% of adults get the news from. It silences people unfairly if we have ANTIFA pages still on their platform. That form of discrimination is highly dangerous due to the monopolistic control they have over the news people get. It’s not about pics of your kids and vacations anymore.

      C: Never said encryption was new thing for Apple, but that technology did advance beyond our law enforcement’s ability to access or force access even if subpoenaed. We saw that in the San Bernardino terrorist shooting. Not sure why you’re questioning me along the stereotyped lines of being a conservative with statements like being all about regulation, but anyhoo if you think about that statement, I guess being all about regulation would mean seeing both sides of practical and impractical regulation. 😉

      We need practical regulations because we are seeing discrimination purely along political lines, including the banning of Libertarians by a monopolized free media industry that is used by foreign ,as well as our own, to provide information and news. This wild west has been untamed and we’ve seen what happens. Privacy violations and foreign influence in our politics.

      I don’t see them as a simply mom and pop store that are a dime a dozen

    1. I know, I saw that yesterday. You wouldn’t know that in reading the NAACP’s spin on it on their website. But it’s all there, the same information, just packaged differently. Trump is really penetrating the scared plantations of the Democrats. Must really pizz them off, if not downright horrifying to them.

      1. on the news here , some are interviewed on the street and they talk about rahm with anger . Its so unreported what Rahm tried to do , to get more police to guard and protect the neighborhoods . All they know is what blame the ONES TO BLAME say .

        I wrote to OFA , Obama and told him to get involved , stop disappearing like Benghazi every time his hand in the plans go bad . Be a better man

        1. I said it with less anger , but still direct .

          His friends Rahm has NEVER had obama stand with the victims or his response to their shouts for help .

          sick of the way he uses … and uses … and oh so above the mess HE instigates . What a guy

        2. Great action you took there Robin. It’s too much about politics when Obama’s org could do much much more for actual communities.

  22. Bruce Ohr’s meeting with Steele just prior to the election, his handwritten note about it in meeting with Steele – “Hail Mary” he wrote to himself.

    It also turns out that Steele was in the lobbying business for a Russian oligarch with direct ties to Putin. A Russian who was banned from this Country, but thanks to Steele and the DOJ, no problem, Right away, sir. Done.

    Mueller’s going to have a few things to account for himself it looks like. Looking forward to it. There’s just far too many things he looked away from. Wonder why?

    Bits and pieces. Some from John Solomom, some from Sara Carter, some from Byron York, but all heading in the same direction – An ugly truth that gets uglier by the day…

    A highlight for me today. Joe Digenova, a Former Federal Prosecutor, when all is said and done. The Obama Administration and what they’ve done to the FBI and the DOJ will go down in history as the “most corrupt” Administration EVER. Didn’t see that coming, but then again, anyone paying attention would have concluded that a long, long time ago – I did, and I’ve said it many times myself. Pass the popcorn EA.

    1. Bruce Ohr’s meeting with Steele just prior to the election, his handwritten note about it in meeting with Steele – “Hail Mary” he wrote to himself.

      This reference, Hail Mary, a reference to Glen Simpson, GPS Fusion. My bad. So much corruption, you can’t keep track of it

    1. this is a huge amount of real planning and colluding , so much I am waiting for Byron , Sara , someone do get the short version , but I am VERY VERY glad some news agencies are on it

      1. I’m afraid there’s no short version for the time being. What a cast of characters. If you want a short version, a whole lot of collusion going on, and it wasn’t the Trump campaign that was doing it.

        1. I got that far , and have been watching it , but this new thread of evidence is too much except full time study

  23. If you come on Dottie , I have you in my thoughts and prayers !
    Hopefully the girls are finding how to help you with the new meds , and as you get the passing out feeling controlled dear friend . love you!

  24. Robin, question here. A lot headwinds in getting help to Chicago, corrupt politicians, Liberals, whatever you want to call them. Isn’t this all on Rahm to ask for Federal Assistance, in which Trump would deliver to him? Why hasn’t he reached out?

    1. He has changed as I said , when he tried to get law and order by hiring and backing McCarthy ( he famous police chief that worked the clean up in NY with Rudy ) the powerful machine /gang/ union / alliance went after Rahm who really had no allliances after going after the union pension law that He got passed with the Republican Rauner ( except the Illinois Supreme Court ruled it unpconstitutional ) that was the campaign promise he kept ( I counldnt believe it ! ! ) but only to have it go down with the liberal courts here )
      SO… now what is he like ? He is under a weird , walking dead lind of look and feel to him after the threats and actions to beat him down took a toll .
      I dont think he can be himself in office ever again . McCarthy will be tough , but when the powerful alliances come after him ?
      Whoever wins the mayoral election , should IMMEDIATELY get Rauner and Federal help in those bad wards imo . The everyday people who live there WANT THE HELP

      1. mcCarthy is running for Mayor , after having been fired by Rahm after the Laquan McDonald shooting . ( one of the police officers ( McCarthy was Chief ) shot the young black man who was walking down the middle of the street with a knife during an arrest of another man I think it was .

    1. To Melania’s parents, “WELCOME to the USA. It is a damn cool place. Wait two years and you will see how much better it can be. Our goal it to give your son-in-law more time to spend with his family after 2020. And again welcome, your new home rocks”.

    2. Chain migration in my definition are grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, e.g. not immediate family members.

      Her parents are immediate family members.

    1. So Robin…………can you go two weeks without watching Fox or reading their website. Give it a whirl…………….you may feel better. Worth a try. Hell, watching too much Fox can make anyone an insomniac. :)

  25. RW………….you still going on about the Steele Dossier? Dang dude……taking that wild goose chase to the very end. You and Nunes I guess. Via Con Dios on your quest. :)

    1. and half the informed country .

      Everyone should care about this , but at least there are millions who do

      1. Oh I doubt that……….half the nation does not watch Fox. I think half the nation does not care about any other kind of politics. I would say only the die hard Trumpies. I don’t think many folks on the street, anywhere in the USA would know what the Steele Dossier even is. Your on some wild tangent…………..that will lead ya’ll nowhere. Shrug

          1. Robin…….most folks are not as wrapped up in politics as we are. Mainly us older folks who have the time. Most folks do not give a rats azz about the Steele Dossier. Hell…………millions do not even vote. :)

        1. 1/2 the country hasn’t been informed about the abuses at the highest level of our DOJ and FBI. Perhaps they will be informed once people start getting arrested and go to trial? We’ll see I guess.


          the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.
          Bruce Ohr’s meeting with Christopher Steele to continue their actions to take down Donald Trump who by Jan. of 2017 was now President, were actions taken to overthrown the government by taking down the new inaugurated President with knowingly fraudulent, unverified, and salacious information from Russian Oligarchs.

      2. What is your definition of “informed country”? Does that mean only those that concur with folks like Trump and O’Reilly. Ya’ll aren’t informed………..your manipulated. Anyone who gets most of their information from ONE news source is NOT informed.

          1. Whatever you say…… watch a little too much of folks like Ingraham and O’Reilly. They are NOT experts or journalists…………they are pundits. People paid to stir strife and fear.

          2. No problem, and Go Gators.

            But sad fact is, I doubt you could Robin. I see so many Conservatives addicted to Fox. All they have on their home TVs is Fox, from morning thru prime time. Most manipulated folks I know. Shrug

          3. why would I want to limit info ? I get all the lefty info on yahoo , the left on the hill . I enjoy and trust many of the Fox reporters , and info I have found credible .

            You have a mistaken viewpoint , that someone is respecting your opinion LB . Start there , and work back to where you have some humility that you dont know all there is to know

        1. Perhaps a lil less control freak challenging people over what they watch? You’re looking silly. Your FDS is well known and documented. Time to move on skipping record. 😉

  26. RW……….if Donnie Dipstick is heading back down on Ras………(a), why no alert from you. :) (b), what do you think that means? :)

    1. You mean this one? Since you insist.

      On August 2nd, 50%, Obama apples to apples on the day was 45% in his Presidency. Since then, a drop to 48% that held from some time, dropping a day ago to 47%, and today 46%. Considering how much is thrown at him, to be a par with Obama, even at this point in his Presidency is in an incredible feat. Perhaps, you see it differently:

      Friday, August 10, 2018

      The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows that 46% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Fifty-two percent (52%) disapprove.

      The latest figures include 32% who Strongly Approve of the way Trump is performing and 43% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -11. (see trends).

      1. Obama was much, much hire when one uses ALL data, not only the data you accept. Face it………..Donnie Dipstick has yet to be in the black in the poll averages…………and now he is heading down again.

      2. Dude…………your whole analysis is built upon on looking at data when it goes your way (with Trump that is not often). You ignore any polls that do not fit your agenda. Your led……….not informed. Shrug

  27. So Mr President, I guess you mean you are against “chain migration” for poor folks. But for members of your family, it is perfectly acceptable?

    Seriously, fail to see what any of you admire in this lying hypocrite. Boggles the mind.

    1. Has Congress put a stop to chain migration yet? No, you say? Then too bad, it’s not only open to liberals and brown people.

      Yes Trump is a hypocrite, name one politician who isn’t.

    2. Immediate family members aren’t the chain, secondary family members are.

      Parents, children, spouses and siblings = immediate family.

      Grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles = secondary family members

  28. I know it’s probably tough for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to suddenly be tossed into the political spotlight, but she really needs to educate herself before she speaks.

    Her CNN interview with Cuomo was hilarious.

          1. So Candace Owens then offered to debate her. Now Ocasio-Cortez can’t play the racist/sexist card.

    1. Oh she’s educated. She has a college degree. EA was joking how we poo poo the college educated, well she can’t be a better example of our scrutiny. 😉

  29. Leftybill
    August 10, 2018 at 10:56
    Robin…….most folks are not as wrapped up in politics as we are. Mainly us older folks who have the time. Most folks do not give a rats azz about the Steele Dossier. Hell…………millions do not even vote. :)


    Wrapped up ? I am not . I am an activist , a real one since I was a girl . This is not politics , sort of a fun argument , or the way you do it.

    We are not alike in that way

  30. Lefty, it’s all a right-wing conspiracy, and old and tired phrase. So much hidden, for so long, and when it sees the light of day. Quick, close the curtains! Even Obama and crew would mock them in the plain view for their gullibility and stupidity in lying to them. And still, they can’t see. This time, is different though. A corruption never seen before in our election processes. A ‘threat’ to very core of this Country and its Representative government. It’s a Big Frigging Deal as Biden would say.

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