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15,146 thoughts on “Summer 2018

  1. jerzygirl

    August 10, 2018 at 11:52

    Has Congress put a stop to chain migration yet? No, you say? Then too bad, it’s not only open to liberals and brown people.

    Yes Trump is a hypocrite, name one politician who isn’t.

    Thank you, and I agree, but I will prove you to MANY TRUMPIES do not accept that simple fact. Let us try, shall we?

    RW…………is President Trump a hypocrite at times? Not saying more than any other, just asking, is Donald Trump appear to be a hypocrite on some issues? Yes or no…………..not major caveats. Just yes or no?

    Now…………….we wait. :)

    1. So are you saying Congress forced him to allow this to proceed. He could have terminated the proceedings for his in-laws, if he felt as passionately about it as he implies at his rallies. Dude lies.

      1. I don’t think you’ll find a lot of agreement here. Especially canceling something like this that was already being processed. Call it a hunch.

        1. And nothing……….told you Jersey, RW cannot admit Trump is flawed in anyone. Dude is smitten. RW……..thanks for proving my point. :)

          Ciao folks.

        1. Saying he railed against chain immigration at his hate rallies, then quietly gets his in-laws in with it. Dude is a clown. :)

        2. Force a lawful act to be stopped in Mid Stream, my guess. Some kind of ‘demanded’ example that only Trump must follow. As Trump said from the get go about Tax Laws, don’t like the laws, change them. Until then, everyone is entitled to the law as it stands.

          1. Is Donald Trump a hypocrite at times???????? Yes or no. None of your rants please………..yes or no? :)

          2. Your dodging my question again. Seriously, Trump has some kind of hold on you. I mean you idolize and adore the guy. Spooooooooooooooooooooky. :)

          3. Exactly. Lefty wants Trump to terminate the citizenship path for his in-laws while our current law allows chain migration by the bucketloads. Make them the guinea pigs of what Trump would “like” to be changed, but hasn’t yet.

      2. These aren’t his parents. They are Melania’s parents. Parents aren’t chain migration.

  2. Paul Manafort’s trial will not resume until 1:45 p.m. Friday, though the reason for the delay is not precisely clear.

    As the trial resumed around 9:45 a.m., Judge T.S. Ellis III summoned lawyers for both sides to his bench for a conference that was blanketed by white noise. The jurors were not yet in the courtroom. He then took a short break – about 10 minutes — and returned to the courtroom for another bench conference.

    That conference was somewhat lengthier, and the judge summoned the court security officer to join the lawyers. The judge seemed to talk with the court security officer as the lawyers listened.

    Ellis then declared another recess, though before he left court, he issued a strange warning to those gathered, “You cannot look and see what’s on counsels’ tables, without their permission of course.”

    That is kind of perplexing. A strange warning indeed. This is expected to be the last day of the trial.

    1. Screw the tax cheat and foreign government lobbyist. No idea why you defend his guy so much. He is a crook.

      1. Not defending anyone here other than wanting a fair trial. You know, like the Judge himself. It’s kind of important.

    2. It’s not that perplexing . The witnesses the prosecution are calling have ties to the mueller probe. Just like the sidebars the other day the judge agreed to bar from public view due to them be related to another case mueller has . These witnesses are sensitive to the public finding out what they say

  3. See Jerzey………….some Trumpies like RW cannot bring themselves to admit Trump has lied, and Trump can be a hypocrite, just like every other President. They see him as some flawless messiah……incapable of error………and right in all things. It is a cult, not a political movement.

    1. I see it rather than you can’t admit how many lies have brought us to this point, and the man who played the biggest role of all – Barack Obama. The most corrupt Administration EVER in this Country’s history.

      1. You continue to prove my point, even though it is no longer necessary. You cannot say anything about Trump, RW. You do not look at him honestly. You look at him with Love or something. But fact is, you thing he is flawless. And that is stupid. Shrug

        1. No, Trump is far from being flawless, but in comparison with Obama, you lose hands down when you say the things you do.

          1. So then you are saying………….”YES”, correct? I want you to be clear. :) Donald has been a hypocrite…..yes?

    2. Citizens and permanent residents of the United States may sponsor relatives for immigration to the United States in a variety of ways. Citizens of any age may sponsor their spouses and their children, but only citizens who have reached the age of 21 may sponsor siblings and parents. (The Supreme Court decision United States v. Windsor ruled in 2013 that same-sex spouses must be treated the same as opposite-sex spouses.) Permanent residents may only sponsor spouses and unmarried children. In all cases, the sponsor must demonstrate the capacity to support their relative financially at 125% of the poverty level, and provide proof of the relationship. Immediate relatives of United States citizens (spouses, parents, and unmarried children under 21 years of age) are automatically eligible to immigrate upon approval of their application. All other people eligible to immigrate through a family member must wait for a place; a preference system governs the order at which these places become available. Citizens may only sponsor siblings, spouses, parents, and children. They cannot sponsor aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, grandparents, or grandchildren, though in some cases such relations may enjoy derivative status.[10]
      Melania’s parents waited in line and followed the law.

  4. Screw Mantafort. We all pay our taxes. This slimeball thinks he did not have to. Toss his happy lil azz in jail

    1. Call it a hunch, but I think the jury will decide that. Beyond any reasonable doubt and all that jazz.

      1. The document evidence was pretty clear on hiding income. Dude is a crook………….why do you Conservatives defend rich crooks so much?

        1. Because maybe there’s so many that are equal, or even worse in comparison, the only difference being that they have a ‘D’ behind their name. And because of it, they’re above the law. Small thing I know.

  5. As you can see Jersey………….all of can admit our politicians lie and are hypocrites at times. yes, this includes Obama.

    But RW cannot do that with Trumpies. Full on trumpies are programmed………… is a cult.

    RW………thanks for proving it over and over. Ciao. :)

    1. You just don’t like his answers, because he doesn’t use words you demand he use.

      BTW, how about your Antifa buddies acting like 1960’s Democrat racists last week. Any comment?

        1. LB ignores questions of him every day. Mostly because to answer means either lying or admitting his own hypocrisy. Yet he badgers others to address his questions. Such a demanding little troll. 😆

          1. its a no win in that he doesnt even read the posts anyway . He thinks I’m sick or not sleeping or something t’day :)

    2. Citizens and permanent residents of the United States may sponsor relatives for immigration to the United States in a variety of ways. Citizens of any age may sponsor their spouses and their children, but only citizens who have reached the age of 21 may sponsor siblings and parents. (The Supreme Court decision United States v. Windsor ruled in 2013 that same-sex spouses must be treated the same as opposite-sex spouses.) Permanent residents may only sponsor spouses and unmarried children. In all cases, the sponsor must demonstrate the capacity to support their relative financially at 125% of the poverty level, and provide proof of the relationship. Immediate relatives of United States citizens (spouses, parents, and unmarried children under 21 years of age) are automatically eligible to immigrate upon approval of their application. All other people eligible to immigrate through a family member must wait for a place; a preference system governs the order at which these places become available. Citizens may only sponsor siblings, spouses, parents, and children. They cannot sponsor aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, grandparents, or grandchildren, though in some cases such relations may enjoy derivative status.[10]
      Melania’s parents followed the law as immediate family members.

  6. Not trying to be a dick. I’m really interested how susanne and bill can have competing, and conflicting opinions on when/who the state can force businesses to provide services to.

    Either of you want to clarify your positions?

    1. maybe it will be legally defined in the SCOTUS

      Is a small business , no shareholders , no public trading , no airwaves satelittes owned by govt . under the same regulations ?

      just a thought to add to the discussion

      1. From the Kennedy op[inion
        ” Still, the delicate question of
        when the free exercise of his religion must yield to an
        otherwise valid exercise of state power needed to be determined
        in an adjudication in which religious hostility on
        the part of the State itself would not be a factor in the
        balance the State sought to reach. That requirement,
        however, was not met here. When the Colorado Civil
        Rights Commission considered this case, it did not do
        so with the religious neutrality that the Constitution


        So here is a religeous liberty const . right / the baker

        With Alex Jones , is that free speech bill of rights issue ?

        1. I would say both issues ask the question, “can the government force a company to do business with people, or are they free to discriminate, and if so what are the boundaries to that discrimination? ”

          -is “no shirt, no shoes, no service” illegal discrimination?

      2. I can see someone putting religion above personal beliefs. I don’t agree with it, but I can see it.

      3. Government doesn’t own the airwaves. They just think they do.

        Government owns nothing it didn’t take from someone else.

    2. Then don’t be one, and go back a page. But since I’m not a dick, I’ll copy and bring it forward for you.

      1. Mercutio
        August 9, 2018 at 19:49
        August 9, 2018 at 16:36
        No one is telling them what they have to put on there. We are telling them if you have an open source platform, free from oversight because you agreed to be fair with access to your technology
        Where did they agree to that? Facebook has restricted stuff from day 1 when you literally needed a .edu email address from approved colleges to join. But let’s go on. . .
        This technology has bypassed regulation when it became as big and as important as it has in providing news. And it’s illegal to discriminate against a customer based on several criteria. If hate speech is allowed by one group, and not by another, that’s discrimination. I thought we can’t discriminate?
        Our problem is we cannot compare this situation to any other equally, because it’s not like any other. Just like Apple Phone encryption and law enforcement investigations, we’ve got a regulation problem with social media.
        A: No it hasn’t, it doesn’t need more regulation. WE don’t need more regulation.
        B: is it illegal to discriminate? I thought you were all about bakers and florists doing what they want with their business. What changed?
        C: we can absolutely compare situations ^^^^look I just did. Also, apple phone encryption wasn’t some new thing. BlackBerry was WAY ahead of apple in that realm. BB messenger is amazingly encrypted and they’ve told multiple governments, “eff off, we’re not decrypting it because we can’t. That’s how it works. AND we’re not building in a back door for you either”.
        I thought conservatives were all about deregulation and freedom. Wtf happened to that?
        August 10, 2018 at 13:40
        A: We are way past day 1 of early Facebook practices, policies, and members. Facebook is free, like turning on your radio. Radio is regulated because it is a source of free access to information. In all of this back and forth, my point has been simply this, we don’t have a true handle of these platforms in terms of privacy for users, its massive control over access to news that just affected the election no? Isn’t that the charge over what Russia has done and what they’ve been sanctioned for? Over 62% adults surveyed they get this news from social media, Facebook being #1.
        62 percent of U.S. adults get their news from social media ……
        May 26, 2016 · A similar study from 2012 saw 42 percent of U.S. adults getting their news from social media, so in the past four years, news on social media has grown 20 percent. Pew also found that since 2013, social media sites with the most growth of their news audience came down to Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
        B: On Discrimination and Regulation, just last night I saw Mark Warner, and forgot the other guy, but they just called for a Technology oversight committee because they admitted they don’t have a handle on what’s being going on in terms of privacy and where we are with our social media. Do you know that Facebook is trying to get access to users banking information to “so call” targeting their advertising to their spending habits?
        In terms of bakers and florists…..simply put…we don’t have 1 baker or florist providing services to 2 billion people a month like Facebook does. We still have to worry about the influence of monopolies. People have access to these services of bakers and florists, and don’t have to battle a unregulated monopoly that 62% of adults get the news from. It silences people unfairly if we have ANTIFA pages still on their platform. That form of discrimination is highly dangerous due to the monopolistic control they have over the news people get. It’s not about pics of your kids and vacations anymore.
        C: Never said encryption was new thing for Apple, but that technology did advance beyond our law enforcement’s ability to access or force access even if subpoenaed. We saw that in the San Bernardino terrorist shooting. Not sure why you’re questioning me along the stereotyped lines of being a conservative with statements like being all about regulation, but anyhoo if you think about that statement, I guess being all about regulation would mean seeing both sides of practical and impractical regulation.
        We need practical regulations because we are seeing discrimination purely along political lines, including the banning of Libertarians by a monopolized free media industry that is used by foreign ,as well as our own, to provide information and news. This wild west has been untamed and we’ve seen what happens. Privacy violations and foreign influence in our politics.
        I don’t see them as a simply mom and pop store that are a dime a dozen

        1. Oops..I carried forward the typo too. LOL
          Foreign governments, as well as, our own use these free platforms.

        2. Don’t think it’s a dick move at all to bring it forward. I think it’s good discussion

        3. radio is free because of competition, people wouldn’t use it if there was a subscription service. Look how bad Sirius/xm is doing.

          They don’t have a monopoly on social media, there’s google+, 4chan, reddit, Instagram, snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, christ I can’t think of any more but there are. There isn’ta monopoly, they’re just the biggest currently, and just like friendster, Myspace, and others, they’ll fall off when something better comes.

          “This wild west has been untamed”, . . . As it should be, coming from a midwest rancher

          I see where you’re coming from. I just don’t agree with it. Regulations only create obstacles to competition. If facebook becomes a “utility”, then any possible competition is going to need millions in funding to clear the regulatory hurdles. To me it’s literally as simple as, “don’t fund them, take your money/data/time/and generation elsewhere.

          I, personally spend more time here. The only reason my facebook account is active is because it’s the sign-in for places like guitar center, and i dont want to use a real email account as a sign in. (My Facebook account email is my long since deleted and I like throwing black holes in data streams)

          But really, thanks for answering and giving your opinion on “why”. Still waiting on Bill’s for a couple topics now.

          1. They can’t answer because they’d be hypocrites either way.

            Gotta love these catch-22 situations they’ve advocated for years by playing identity politics to win votes.

        1. I don’t know, but this is again a supply and demand issue. Plenty of places you can go to get your junk waxed. No reason to sue. The business should have an employee that waxes regardless of the genitalia.

  7. CBS News, a brave man. Always going against the MSM current that inflates so much, so often. Wonder if he gets death threats for saying, pointing out some of things he says? One of the few that aren’t in lockstep as they were in 2016. Echo chambers are just that, reality, can be another as we’ve certainly found out over time.

    By Michael Graham CBS News August 10, 2018, 6:00 AM

    Commentary: Believe it or not, the GOP could keep the House

  8. Obama midterm endorsements seen as too little, too late by Dem critics

    By Amie Parnes – 08/10/18 06:01 AM EDT

    They’re finally starting to realize that Obama was not the cat’s meow. In fact, much of their current woes can be traced directly back to him. Worst thing that ever happened to their party, and to this Country. And we’re still paying for it, as they are.

  9. More millennials would rather date an MS-13 gang member over a Trump supporter

    I sure would like to see that revisited after a couple of dates. LOL

    1. its nuts . did you see the new lefty ad , on MS -13 ?
      baby face boys the ad says that live at home .

    1. too many people trying to get rich on books , and every book I dont know who is reading them , but it isnt me

  10. Man I’m going to up to my eyeballs in tomatoes in a day or two. Ready to do some canning.

      1. Hopefully better than she sounded earlier. I’m a total tomato snob. Can’t help it. I grew up on homegrown tomatoes and have been growing them at my house that I’ve lived in now for 20 years. Wow 20 years. Where does the time go?

        Never canned though, always gave extra away at work. This time, I plan to can. Very excited! I’m prepping for the apocalypse! LOL!!!

  11. Leftybill
    August 10, 2018 at 12:30
    So then you are saying………….”YES”, correct? I want you to be clear. :) Donald has been a hypocrite…..yes?

    August 10, 2018 at 12:35
    He’s not a politician, how many times have I said that?

    As you can see RW, case in point made. For some like RW, they are physically incapable of actually typing Trump can be a hypocrite, or Trump has lied. It would wipe out their cultish adoration if they do.

    And RW……he damn sure is one. And he has more lobbyists in his camp than any President before him. Drain the swamp my keester. Only a fool would buy that twaddle anymore.

  12. Susanne, I know they are his in-laws. Point is, the buckethead is out on rallies, screaming about how bad chain immigration is, and how he will end it, and getting the crowd riled up about it, but FAILS to mention members of his family are using that very system. The man is a con artist and a snake oil salesman. Break free Susanne………..cut off the Fox. You can do it. :)

    Return to the world of the light. :)

    1. I understand what he has said at rallies, and I know how it gets contorted to avoid speaking in specifics.
      I understand you love your slogans as well and feel you need to tell me how to live my life. *yawn*
      Not trying to be mean, just being truthful. :)

      Immediate family members is what it was originally legislated to be, and that’s where it should go back to. This is the chain migration being discussed. Secondary family members.

      All I can do it try to keep having real conversations with you. 😉

        1. Yes. Immediate family of those who came here legally should be allowed to come here as well. Not someone’s 15th step cousin thrice removed…whatever that means.

        2. No, this is the same ole routine of making assumptions about what people think to just twist it into a reason to attack. You know, the typical liberal progressive modus operandi.?
          AKA The Sequel. 😉

          If we follow the green card rules, cousins should not get in, but they do. That’s the issue for me with chain migration. Will it be remembered? Nope, cuz it’ll be about what Trump said/his hypocrisy which will instantly become my hypocrisy.

          The Sequel. 😉

    2. What would you know about that world? You live in a world of TDS and FDS, which light and rational thought do not penetrate.

  13. 1 Corinthians 1:21
    For since in the wisdom of God, the world through its wisdom did not know Him, God was pleased through the foolishness of what was preached to save those who believe.

    Ephesians 1:5
    He predestined us for adoption as His sons through Jesus Christ, according to the good pleasure of His will,

    Ephesians 1:9
    And He has made known to us the mystery of His will according to His good pleasure, which He purposed in Christ

    ( Luke )
    Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

  14. prayer for healing for everyone who needs it .

    Father God , please calm every worry that is in us here , Father , our father , our days are in your hands , we know that , we know too , you said to ask for what we want . Father I ask for healing for my friends here , I pray that we want you though , more than even healing , our days are going to have trouble , health concerns , whatever is here , it will be here tomorrow . But you are above these things , high and Holy and you have given all for us in your son . Thank you , and we will wait for your movement on all the health prayers asked with hearts of concern for our friends .
    I know you from childhood , and trust you with my life and the life of all who I love !

    To you who is able to do more than we imagine , be all praise and thanks now and in every day to come !

  15. As I do, reading and watching. Seems I see and hear so much more “SPOILED BRATISHNESS” than ever.
    Not only in the NFL but in many other areas as well.
    Fewer & fewer “ADULTs”, more & more WHINERs that demand thing s be as they want.
    So much flipping ,flopping ,twisting & turning to cover their own azzes when they trip over their own words.

    1. We told them so, all these years. Did they pay any liberal groups and apologize to them? Nope, because they weren’t targeted like TEA Party groups were.

      This was Obama’s IRS. We told you so.

  16. I’m OK.
    Family & friends keeping an eye on me and being to darn “BOSSY”. lol
    Farm market truck in again in the morning. Feel good enough to go down and get a couple things.

    1. While there’s probably little doubt that a foreign country tried to interfere in our elections, it seems less likely every day that Russia was the main culprit.

      Can you guess which country was the real meddler? I’ll give you a hint — its name begins with Great and ends with Britain.

  17. Forever
    Kari Jobe
    The moon and stars they wept
    The morning sun was dead
    The Savior of the world was fallen
    His body on the cross
    His blood poured out for us
    The weight of every curse upon him
    One final breath He gave
    As Heaven looked away
    The Son of God was laid in darkness
    A battle in the grave
    The war on death was waged
    The power of hell forever broken
    The ground began to shake
    The stone was rolled away
    His perfect love could not be overcome
    Now death where is your sting
    Our resurrected King has rendered you defeated
    Forever, He is glorified
    Forever, He is lifted high
    Forever, He is risen
    He is alive
    He is alive

    1. until the doctor in Monday , I know you will be careful , then the doctor can get to a solution D . xo

  18. Mueller at some point has to end up going before congress himself, the more that’s uncovered, the more questions that need answering. There’s every possible angle that the man’s pursued, none of it evidence of what he was tasked with – Russian Collusion. In fact, the collusion ‘IS’ there to impact a National Election, but not at all by the Trump Campaign. Yet, Mueller ignores it.

  19. See the posting seems to have slacked off on CG AGAIN.
    Poor “little babies” are either wordless for a change or can’t stand the “OLD LADIES” plain speaking at times. Have your feelings been hurt? LOL

    Slept all afternoon, feeling better.

    1. Working, no weekends on a ranch. Baled 64 2-ton bales, effectively sequestering, lets say 50 tonnes of carbon, temporarily. You’re welcome lefty 😉

        1. Isn’t it. Costner is my idol right now. Almost all his stuff is amazing.

          Dances with wolves
          For love of the game
          Tin cup
          Field of dreams

          1. He seems to choose his projects carefully and it pays off. Lots of talent in front of and behind the camera.

    2. Hey !!

      I am in Galena with the stargazer friends , but its so buggy outside !! Country good
      bugs suck :)

      love you Dottie

      1. Have fun. I’m going to Galena in December with family. Some sort of winter festival. Kids – young adults I guess – may snowboard.

        1. I do love coming here , I drive thru farmland watching the farmers if you catch them coming in from the field , the trucks and when I went in for a rest stop one man held the door touched the brim of his baseball cap and said ma’am . I dont know ,its just good to remember other places than suburban culture but I thought these are the deplorables !

          No meteors seen , too cloudy and too many bugs to wait on a clearing . Still fun though ! And tomorrow I will go my fav store here Isabellas , and to the history little gift shop

          1. no more rickety blue painted bridge to get over the Miss. River at the end of rout 64 , its new and safer , but I liked the old one

  20. Morning Robin,
    been up a while as I always am. Rested good.
    Read CG.
    Did a few things around here . Got my corn all taken care of and in the freezer except for what kept out to eat now. Got 8 oversize servings out of those 12 ears. They were all nice full & tender ears.
    Should be a quiet day today.

    1. Hi , just back in and looking for you D . looks like a pretty good day energy wise . I think you have an appt still Monday to get another piece of the solution .

      love you !

  21. Mueller just exposed a secret $10 million bribe from Putin …

    Russian Oleg Deripaska’s relationship to Paul Manafort has one of the central focuses of the Mueller probe ever since last fall when the former Trump campaign manager’s emails to his former right-hand man in Ukraine – a suspected Kremlin spy – contained an offer of “private briefings” about the Republican presidential campaign.

    I got a kick our of this from almost two months ago. The man’s name never came up in the Manafort Trial, but Mueller’s relationship and Fusion GPS’s to the man did, compliments of Judge Jeanine. It seems old Mueller had the man finance an investigation for the FBI, and Fusion GPS acted as his lobbyist in trying to get him unbanned from the US (successfully, I might add). All of it post Trump and the campaign.

  22. Here’s a bit more off my phone from last night Antifa march. ((Language alert here)). #Charlottesville police deserve a lot credit for keeping it under relative control.

    Stay classy antifa

  23. Weekend over , another work week begins.
    That means you kiddies can post on CG as usual on the job.
    Yes Robin, DR. in the morning. Think I will find out if my heart is still beating and I am still of sound mind. seems to be more than I can say about some. You want names ?
    Still laughing over that “DEFIANT” word.
    So funny how people never see themselves but THINK they know others.
    I’m getting to damned old. Should step off of CG so as not to irritate the sensitive pampered little kiddies.

    1. Yes, names please!

      Good to see you’re feeling better Dottie. Defying illness, defying odds, defying those who wish to change you into what you are not. 😉

    2. Love and prayer for great days ahead with your posts and friendship Dottie :)
      ( dont let the doctor push you around or scare you , thats what they do to us all )

      XOXOXO :)

  24. A twist I certainly didn’t see coming. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction:

    Did Fusion GPS’s Anti-Trump Researcher Avoid Surveillance With A Ham Radio?

    It seems Nellie Ohr was well aware the National Security Agency can intercept and store every communication on the Internet. Did that affect her decision to become a ham radio operator?

    Interesting story. Interesting timeline too.

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