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15,146 thoughts on “Summer 2018

  1. Final Results 97.96% Reporting

    Scott Walker

    Tony Evers

    Wow. Only 42 votes separate them.

  2. Just listening to the DEM candidate for Governor in Georgia, wow, it sure doesn’t sound like a concession speech to me, sounds more like a declaration of war where she tied in civil rights into it, the works.

    What do want, when do we want it, NOW!

    Oprah played up the same for her in campaigning for her, lynching, the works. Defiance in losing is not the word for it. She had the crowd worked up into a ‘frenzy’ chanting our voice, our vote, over and over again – We will not be denied. Definitely saw a different side of her. Wow.


    Abrams 48.0
    Kemp 51.0

    96% Reporting. If less than 50% for either candidate, it’s a run off in December.

    1. Was there any doubt, the man running the election was also a candidate. Usually only see that in third world nations.

  3. Good morning. Locally, we definitely had a blue wave, nationally not so much. 219 very slim. Nice to see some pick ups in the Senate.

    Glad to see my state has legalized. Puff.puff.pass. :) They said stores could be opened in about a month.

    My guy John James lost. :( Very disappointed. Michigan still baffles me with their choices. But at least my County Commissioner won handedly.

    My stated also passed Prop 2 to create a citizen commission in affect for 10 years who will decide district lines. Totally against that. And Prop 3, to allow same day registration for voting. Totally against that. Oh well. Life goes on.

    Can we not have Nancy though? Seriously? Ugh…. 😀
    One thing that struck me about a lot of it, Obama and Hollywood/Entertainment doesn’t have the pull they think they do. From Tennessee to Florida, so much for their affect. Perhaps some of these losses will quell the incivility? One can only hope.

  4. Well, got back one house, so at least one check and balance is their, plus got a couple of good Governor seats in the Upper Midwest and Penn. Blows in Florida, but on a positive note, now I can take a trip hiking while catching a legal buzz in the Upper Peninsula. So I am cool. :)

    Susanne, Goodonya to Michigan for that. :)

    1. And congrats to my homeland of ole Virginie……..even if my adopted homestate is now represented by a group of folks who ignore our coastline floating away.

      1. Michigan is going to MAKE A FORTUNE on this……….being the first one in that area. I anticipate travel to Michigan will increase dramatically soon. :)

  5. Also very cool to see so many women and minorities from both parties elected. That is pretty cool. Goodonya America.

    1. Since both sides won, I hope this will be the platform to build upon and to start working together. We still have major problems to fix with infrastructure, SSA, both Medis, and our debt. Three of those things Paul Ryan failed to do anything about.

      1. On the debt, I have an idea Senator………no wall, and no DOD increase? Let the discussions begin. :)

        1. No DOE, both of them. Flush the national endowment for the arts, financial protection agency and many others. Then cut what is left by 5%.

          1. Yes, CFPB could go instantly. The GAO has everything we need to reduce out budget. I know Trump is working with them already along with the Citizens Against Governmental Waste.

  6. Thank God no more political ads, now I can finally find out which medicines side effects are more lethal than the others. Always amazed at how Pharmaceutical ads can make “possible sexual dysfunction” and “inreased risk of a stroke” sound quite almost beneficial. :)

  7. Van Jones (CNN) appears to be same page as the Georgia candidate for Governor. Oprah’s behavior in Georgia during the campaign was shocking to me too. She seems to be on the same page.

    VAN JONES: There are still people standing in line in Georgia and Florida. This is not over, people need to say out there and continue the fight.

    This is heartbreaking. The hope has been that the antibodies would kick in, that this infestation of hate and division would draw a response from the American people and both political parties to say no, no more.

    That does not seem to be happening tonight. It is not a blue wave, but it is still a blue war. We’ve got to continue to move the fight forward. I think that sense of helplessness that has really fueled a lot of this outrage and outpouring from Democrats may still be there tomorrow, even if we have the House.

    A Blue War. We’ll find out soon if that’s also the approach the House takes in 2019.

    What do we want, when do want it? So sick of these haters and those who promote it. People who even take their losses as racist acts, even though their ones who interjected it into the race. Gillum, per one of his staffers, white guilt was all part of their strategy and racism one of their weapons of choice. Either run on your own merits, or don’t run at all. America’s quite sick of it all.

    A hope that the antibodies of this infestation of hate would kick in Van Jones says. Yet, they’ll continue to promote just that. As far as I can see, those who ran on racism yesterday, all lost. Elections, the antibody Van Jones refers to. Yet, some still can’t seem to accept it.

    1. They are very stunted. Time to evolve, and move on. Take your lumps and reflect on how you view things. It’s been 2 years now.

      1. We’ll see how they handle a blue wave that was actually a purple puddle as one put it. The choice is theirs.

  8. I expected this, either this week, or the next to return to the news cycle.

    NBC (MSNBC), first out of the gate. They just can’t wait to fill the airwaves with it. The others are sure follow too as is all the other players. Things just might get ‘back to normal’ sooner than later:

    All eyes are back on Mueller’s investigation after the midterms
    The Russia probe was mostly quiet in the 60 days leading up to the midterms.

  9. Stephen Colbert on the Dems winning the House: “They can now open investigations into the President.”

    This is the biggest reason there was no “blue wave”, imo. Democrats don’t have a legislative agenda although Trump has given them plenty of opportunity to put one together. It’s still about “getting Trump”.

    And, the Kavanaugh debacle hurt them. All they have to do is act sane….

    1. Didn’t know this part of the story though. Good for Trump:

      Trump held a number of fundraisers and actively lobbied for the ban.

      “These dogs are in cages 23 hours a day,” she said in an interview with the Palm Beach Post recently. “As a Republican and as a dog lover, I said here’s something you can do that’s great for business, great for taxpayers … and you’re giving a chance to all these dogs here who otherwise are going to be in a really sad, deplorable conditions.”

  10. The Volusia County Republican Party held a watch party at a bar on LPGA boulevard in Daytona Beach on Tuesday night. I attended it and noticed immediately the Trump-centric character of the evening. “Let’s start with a prayer,” said a GOP official. “We entered politics to restore sanity to our republic,” said the man, before invoking God’s blessings. He was dressed casually, donning shorts and a pair of socks inscribed with Trump’s name on them. Many if not most of the attendees at the watch party were festooned with Trumpian pins, hats, shirts, and the like.

    The national media portrayed Trump as a weight on Republicans. In fact, he was their source of energy. Had the Florida GOP been ambivalent about Trump and kept him out of the state, Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott would have lost. Journalists mocked DeSantis for “tying himself to Trump,” but they now fall silent as it becomes clear that that was perhaps his only winning strategy.

    The press propagandized relentlessly for Gillum, who was flush with money from George Soros and Tom Steyer, while kneecapping the scrappier DeSantis over minor lapses, and Gillum still couldn’t win. Notice also the media’s silence about Obama. Yet again the darling of journalists shows himself to be a crappy campaigner for others. In his narcissistic shade nothing grows.

    I could only chuckle when I read the caption: Florida Survives Category 5 Liberalism

    The comment about Obama: “In his narcissistic shade nothing grows” – So true, a man who for some time avoided all the far-left candidates in either appearing with them or in endorsing them in the waning days of the election. I personally don’t think any candidate helped themselves with him appearing at any of their events. It only helped to remind people of what they’re not missing.

  11. Just a great lil event here at my workplace. Game on Cancer. Herman Moore was here with Roarie (sp.?), the mascot from the Detroit Lions. Herman looks great! (HOT!!)

    Great organization. 100% of the money raised goes to patients to help with transportation, grocery shopping, house cleaning, babysitting, and events and support for children who have a loved one fighting cancer.

    Once I get my page set up, and I can start fund raising. 😀

  12. It will be a war-like posture if Democrats start launching investigations against me, apparently ‘THE’ question the set him off earlier.

    First they’ll try to impeach me, then Pence, then Kavanaugh – These people are crazy. True that, in that progression, Pelosi would be President. That, in a later response to a reporter. Didn’t see the original reporters that set the stage for CBS’s earlier comment of a ‘combative press conference’ – Now, a reporter is asking about Cohen’s comments. Did you say, this, that and the other thing like Cohen says you did? Things are getting back to normal, and quicker than I thought.

    Looks like he’s a little bit tired, a little bit cranky too. What a bombardment he’s getting.

    1. Some of the last questions towards the end. Did you regret the racist ad you ran?

      Do you believe white Supremacism is a domestic terrorism threat and growing?

      And last but not least, another Midterm question. One of the Reporters at the end, saying, we need to do this more often. Who needs the race baiters, when you have the media filling in for them?

  13. Susanne, we should feel each other’s pain. You are a staunch Trump backer living in a Dem run state. I on the other hand, am a die hard Dem Trump opponent, stuck in a GOP run state.

    I would say we should switch, but I love the Dolphins and Canes, and you love the Lions and Wolverines to much to let that happen. :)

    1. We can switch during the winter. I can sacrifice. :)
      The GOP still hold the House and Senate in Michigan, so like nationally, we have a mixed bag.

      I still contend that America won last night, because it shows that not one party dominates over the other. I just hope that we can start working together. Some of the rhetoric I’m hearing doesn’t give me comfort that they will though. :( I guess I expect too much.

      1. Well, now instead of seeing flyover folks as alien, we can imagine them kicking back on the great lakes, catching a buzz, while listening to Motown.

        Hell, I bet even EA will visit Detroit now. :)

        1. LOL!!! He’ll have to drive, take a bus or train. Can’t wait to simply sit on my porch to partake, by the pool, outside of the bar in the smoking section. FREEDOM!!

  14. From what I saw in today’s Press Briefing, Mueller’s up to bat next, all of in conjunction with MSM, Mueller, Rosenstein and the Democrats. Wonder if some are already starting to regret the way they voted? Those same regrets that followed the 2012 election within less than a week of Obama being reelected. The stage is being set. Be hopeful Suzanne, but I just don’t see it happening.

  15. Leftybill
    November 7, 2018 at 10:33
    Was there any doubt, the man running the election was also a candidate. Usually only see that in third world nations.


    LOL, give me a break! There are so many checks and balances on the vote count there is zero chance he could change the numbers. Just more liberal whining. Go get a cryin towel the socialist lost hand re AND in Fla.

  16. Looks like it was CNN’S Acosta that set the tone at today’s Press Briefing. Lemon, Acosta, where does CNN find them?

    Slate, in the case of Acosta.


    Trump, media clash bitterly in extraordinary, tense post-midterms Q&A

    If they have that little respect for a President, they have no respect for anything to do with ‘any’ integrity throughout their organization. Not like that’s any new thing, right?

    President Trump clashed dramatically at Wednesday’s press conference with CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta, after the CNN star peppered Trump with questions and refused to give up the microphone as he asked about the migrant caravan and Russia investigation.

    “That’s enough. Put down the mic,” he ordered Acosta, as a White House aide tried to take the microphone from him, only for Acosta to initially refuse to turn it over and push her arm down. “I tell you what, CNN should be ashamed of itself having you working for them. You are a rude, terrible person, you shouldn’t be working for CNN.”

    CNN fired back on Twitter, calling his attacks on the media “un-American.”

    t was one of several testy exchanges during the nearly 90-minute press conference. The dispute began when Acosta first asked Trump about the migrant caravan approaching the U.S. southern border. After challenging Trump whether the caravan really was an “invasion,” as Trump had previously stated, Acosta proceeded to “caravan-splain” to Trump.

    “The caravan was not an invasion, it is a group of migrants moving up the border from Central America towards the border with the U.S.,” the reporter scolded Trump.

    “Thank you for telling me that, I appreciate it,” Trump said, before saying he had not “demonized” immigrants as Acosta claimed.

    But as Trump answered, Acosta repeatedly interjected and went back and forth with Trump over how the White House had characterized the caravan.
    “They’re hundreds of miles away, that’s not an invasion,” Acosta said.

    “Honestly, I think you should let me run the country, you run CNN and if you did it well, your ratings would be much better,” Trump said.

    He ‘scolded’ Trump.

    Acosta, how can CNN not see why their reputation is in the toilet other than being blinded by their own partisan hate of the man? It didn’t end there either, NBC teamed up with him in doing the same.

      1. Just heard Chris Wallace say, Acosta’s behavior was shameful. He embarrassed himself. Wonder if CNN will ever see the light in their own darkness? The NBC reported who defended him, said he busts his butt – He sure does, in attacking Trump. It’s non-stop with the man.

  17. That was quick. There was talk of Trump making changes after the Mid-terms.

    BREAKING NEWS: Attorney General Jeff Sessions submits resignation in letter to President Donald Trump.

      1. Kind of, sort of. He was asked to resign. Fired? Half false, half true. What would the fact checkers do? True, is my guess.

    1. That’s going to set some hair on fire. It’s not Rosenstein that Mueller reports to anymore. The acting AG has more control over him to a degree as to what I understand, but not when it comes to the actual investigation (although the acting AG can initiate other investigations I’m sure).

      Rosenstein gave Mueller a blank slate, even post dating some things as in case of Manafort Storm Trooper incident in the middle of the night. I think Trump meant it, you want war? You want an environment of war footing? LET’S ROLL. Release the documents to begin with.

      Never a dull moment. Just another day in America.

      1. Wonder if the new AG can compel Rosenstein to appear before Congress to answer their questions under oath, and to ‘tell the truth’ instead of his constant avoidance to do just that? Same with all the documents that Rosenstein refuses to turn over.

        Or, would he just resign instead, and become just another Comey, Clapper and Brennan like figure that appears on CNN, NBC and MSNBC in their hate-filled rants?

        1. Saw on Drudge, he’s on his way to the White House. Did he have a letter in his hand??? LOL!!!

          1. I don’t know what’s next, but I’m sure shrieks of a Constitutional Crisis can’t be too far behind. Never seen someone take so much abuse from so many. Yet, he’s still standing. Rabid Dogs R’s Us. Obama’s America.

          2. They intentionally forget a lot of things – TRUMP! He’s this, that and the other thing. An ‘endless’ barrage of it.

  18. Leftybill
    November 7, 2018 at 13:26
    Well, now instead of seeing flyover folks as alien


    I doubt that’ll change.

    We supply you food, and get s*** on in return, we’re basically used to it by now.

  19. Acosta’s not the only thing that happened at the Presser today. Another who’s doing her best imitation of Don Lemon.

    President Trump on Wednesday accused a black reporter of asking a “racist question” when she asked whether he has emboldened white nationalists by declaring himself a “nationalist.”

    “I don’t know why you would say that,” Trump told Yamiche Alcindor, White House correspondent for PBS News Hour. “That’s such a racist question.”

    It’s just not those two either, it was a theme that was repeated throughout the Presser. You’re a racist. Maybe this election should have been on the media instead. They’re the ones who drive a lot of it all on behalf of the far-left.

  20. LOL!!! He’ll have to drive, take a bus or train. Can’t wait to simply sit on my porch to partake, by the pool, outside of the bar in the smoking section. FREEDOM!!


    Still got a plot ready when ora legalized in Nebraska. Until then, just have to drive to CO

    Headed out in dec, jan, and March. Keystone/ Breckinridge are already open for ski season with early snow (climate change at its best)

        1. Ouch…broke my collarbone hitting a frozen patch after they groomed for night time skiing. It was warm during the day, nigh fell, they groomed and the temps dropped. Hit a hard patch went over my skis. OUCH

          1. Oh…. yeah those ice patches will get ya. Buddy of mine knocked himself out on one, 2 weeks in the hospital and still has short term memory loss.

            That might have caused my concussion last year. Have no idea what happened.

          2. That’s awful. It was funny, since no one was out, I was taking really wide sweeps from side to side down the run, hit the patch and was like huh? Got back up, skied right back on to the lift, went down the same hill, HIT in the same spot, but hit much harder. Looked up, saw where I was, knew it was the same side again, push up with my hands, and felt a “ping” in my chest. I’m like..that’s not right. Then a crew member was skiing up asking if I was okay. I was standing there, no pain, then got really nauseous, told him I think I need to sit down. Then the pain came. All on Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend at the time. Lovely… LOL!!

          3. His story is super sad. He went around a curve and his friends caught up and saw him unconscious.

            Had to quit his mechanical engineering job and everything.

            From the story I was told, I just fell like a normal trick-gone-bad, by didnt get up right away. When they skied over I got up and both sides of nose bleeding. They asked how many finger are they holding up and I said “f*** off”. They didn’t get concerned til I started asking the same questions every 10 minutes or so.

    1. Might be in Denver in jan, clown. Wife has RMDC and Denver stock show is same time. Working baby sitting possibilities out.

  21. Can’t wait to simply sit on my porch to partake, by the pool, outside of the bar in the smoking section. FREEDOM!!


    Because traverse bay cherries aren’t addictive enough already???

          1. They were good, but too much work for me. I’d just as soon drink the moonshine and not bother with the fruit.

      1. It’s got to stop. It’s insane. They just keep doing the same things over and over and over again. Today, it left one breathless as to the racist allegations/overtones that Trump was bombarded with, it was like a room filled with CNN/Don Lemon clones throwing hand grenades at him.

  22. And she be right. CNN, among those leading the way. Huff post too who happens to be part of this story

    Twitter explodes after ‘gaslighter’ Sarah Sanders accuses CNN of dividing America

    Twitter can explode all they want and all the ‘foaming at mouth’ liberals who perpetuate it all, our precious media included. People who ae more suited to the Third World than they are this Country.

  23. With Tuesday’s election results, the prospect of presidential impeachment just went from “nil” under a Republican House to “unlikely but entirely possible” with the Democrats in control. The Constitution requires only a simple majority in the House — 218 of the 435 total votes — to impeach.

    While the Democrats now can impeach the President unilaterally, there are practical and political risks to exercising that power. Practically, even if the House votes to impeach, the President can be removed only by a vote of two-thirds of the Senate. After Tuesday’s vote, the Democrats do not have a Senate majority and are well shy of the 67 votes required to remove the President. Even a successful House vote to impeach could be a mere formality, given the infinitesimal chance of a significant number of Republican Senators turning on their own political leader.

    Impeachment also carries political risks. Former (and potential future) Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said recently that “I don’t think we should be talking about impeachment. … On the political side I think it’s a gift to the Republicans.” Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have used the possibility of impeachment to rally political support and to motivate their base supporters. Indeed, history calls for political caution by Democrats: President Bill Clinton’s favorability ratings increased 10 points to 73% following his 1998 impeachment, while only 35% of respondents approved the House’s decision to impeach.

    The political calculation will change drastically, however, if Mueller produces what prosecutors sometimes call a “head shot” — irrefutable proof of a serious crime.

    The language of the Left and CNN, the ‘head shot’ they’re looking for from Mueller.

  24. Trump in desperation mode is the most giggly I have been in forever. Better fire mueller , he’s a comin !!!


    1. These Trump ‘bash-a-ramas’ (waving to Huff, Hook and your other troughs) always give you a thrill up your leg. A ‘sadistic’ feature that’s all too common with Progressives. Who they are, who they’ll always be.

        1. As I’ve pointed out earlier today, the language of the left and the ‘head shot’ (hat tip to CNN here) aimed at President that so eludes them. Repeat it enough, and they do. That’s who we are now. Thanks Obama! Obama’s America. So much better than the old one.

  25. Voters in California on Tuesday passed a ballot measure mandating more space for certain farm animals and banning the confinement of egg-laying hens in cages.
    Proposition 12, also known as the Farm Animal Confinement Initiative, also will eventually ban the sale of agricultural products in California that don’t meet the state’s new requirements. That means the new law may influence how farmers across the country raise their animals.

    1. It may also mean higher prices. I bought a lawn mower that could be sold anywhere in the US ‘except’ California. Limit your choices in products or services that have to meet all of your regulatory controls, pay higher prices. I’m not here or there on the chicken issue, because I also believe there’s better ways, there always is. I have no problem with more space for any animal, but there’s always a limit as to how far you can go and what the trade offs my be. Just like the economy, that Obama ‘strangled’ with regulations, and that Trump, released.

      1. We got plenty … plus , who has a yard here ??

        Plus plus !! I pay people who own mowers to do that stuff now !!


    2. Ban the sale,LOL. Prices sky rocketing will be the only result. You obviously haven’t a clue what it would take to change production processes for the number of eggs consumed daily in this country. You really expect egg farmers to wander around the grounds all day picking up thousands of eggs and carrying them to be packaged.

  26. And DEUCES to mr Walker in WI ! Literally the only thing I cared about besides the house ..

    Pack yer bags son !!!

  27. And RW , looks like yer back to getting yer predictions wrong again . The house says hello !!


    1. Optimism is not set in stone. Just like the false optimism of unity that the vile ones only are already spewing. In less than 24 hours, the Holder rule was already in effect (another one in California) kick em. Today’s Presser another crowning achievement of what’s to come – Chaos, anarchy and a hate filled period filled to the brim with just that, all led by a dishonest, hateful and partisan media. Mueller’s just an extension of it all, just like Rosenstein, just like Comey, just like Brennan.

  28. It’s fun watching the left crow about having a very slim majority in one chamber.

    As if they have enough votes to do anything at all plus get it through the Senate and actually have Trump sign it.

    Reality waves hi. The ones who really won last night are libertarians. Nothing will get done for at least two years. All the GOP will have to do in 2020 is point at them and say they’ve accomplished nothing. They conned you.

  29. If true, I heard something I found astonishing tonight. The man poised to take over the Judicial committee in the House listing his priorities in order of importance, all of it allegedly overheard on a train ride out of DC. His first priority? Impeach Kavanaugh.

    Would they, could they, be that stupid to even try to pursue it?

    Later, a Moderate Dem concerned about the party, also added this: What America continues to see is a Major Party unhinged. That should be enough to scare anyone, as they more do it, the more that people will fear it, and them.

    1. I called it a while back that they’d double down on stupid no matter the outcome of the election.

  30. EA
    November 7, 2018 at 18:42
    Voters in California on Tuesday passed a ballot measure mandating more space for certain farm animals and banning the confinement of egg-laying hens in cages.


    What defines a confinement or cage?

    1. It just gives the animals a lil more room to move . They’re still in Lil cages . It’s a matter of inches for the chickens , and a couple feet for the cows and pigs

    1. Maybe Bill could enlighten us as to why ‘anti-fascists’ would show up at a member of the press’ house and issue thinly veiled threats?

      Sounds a lot more like something fascists would do.

      I still stand by my assertion they called themselves antifa because not one of them could spell fascist.

    2. Wow. How can anyone say they’re with them? California grown like all the rest of them, MS-13 included. San Francisco values as Ms. Pelosi seems to think. Whatever strange perverted World that that woman lives in.

    3. union and “friends ” … facists showed up at Rahm’s home a few years back , followed his kids , got in his kids messages . And he is a shell of who he was , but he is human , and decided to fold into the will of the far left and protect himself and family .

  31. The more I hear and look into what Trump did today, the more the strategic chess player he seems to be in what happened today and what it all means. We may finally get to the truth in a few things, and Congress, the oversight they’ve been denied.

  32. Mollie Hemmingway.

    Apparently Judiciary Committee ranking member Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y. was well aware of this article as he’s asked for a friend’s name not to be included in it as he was a private citizen

    Incoming Democrat Chairman: Dems Will Go ‘All-In’ On Russia, Impeach Kavanaugh For ‘Perjury’

    Also laments that elite Republicans are joining Democrats

  33. I was wondering about this, almost 98.5% of the votes are already in. McSally (R) leads by 1.

    Why there still isn’t a winner in the Arizona Senate race

    By Meghan Keneally
    PHOENIX — Nov 7, 2018, 2:06 AM ET

    Kind of helps explains why people would even vote for Cinnamon (a real head scratcher), they consider her a maverick, an independent like McCain, Flake.

    They really need to test the water in that state. Is it a shared water supply with California?

  34. Nice group of people you surrounded yourself with Hillary. But isn’t that what’s twitter’s all about, to show who and what you people are? Deplorable.

    Former Hillary Clinton aide, Philippe Reines had an uncivilized message for President Trump on Monday: “You’re f**ked.”

    Reines, who was a top Clinton advisor in both the Senate and State Department, took to Twitter on Monday, telling President Trump, “It’s not you vs Obama. It’s not you vs Hillary. It’s you and your accidental two years vs America’s first 240 years. It’s the first time since Nov 8 2016 the entire nation will render judgment on you,’ he tweeted. ‘You’re f***ed.”

    And then they go ballistic, each and every time when they fall short as they did once again. What Blue Wave?

    40+ Republican House Retirements and how many did they get again? As one described it, this was more of a ‘Green Wave’ because of the record amount of money thrown into the races to the tune of 5 Billion.

    They bet 70 million of it alone on Beto in Texas. And lost it all.

    What I wonder now, what will happen to people like the liberal billionaire ‘Activist’ Tom Steyer who threw a hell of a lot of money into these races with his demands of impeaching Trump?

    He’ll be demanding ‘a return on his investment’ I’m sure.

    1. If the World gets a load of how Reporters treated him today, how disrespectful they were and how he handled himself. You may get your answer. Not the one you think though, no, promote.

      Bad behavior EA, we all see it, who’s behind it, where it’s coming from. You only try to spread it like some manure spreader. Seems that’s all they produce in California.

  35. More & MORE people within the pit of hatefulness.
    in particular,POLOTICS.
    NO, I do NOT want to hear the bullshit remark that it is politics. NO AGAIN, it is the lowness in people . UNCIVILIZED and seeming to be getting worse.
    WORSE YET, they seem to think they are being ‘smart’.[pitiful]. Worse , people can’t see the asses they can make of themselves.

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