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15,146 thoughts on “Summer 2018

  1. Just a STUPID OLD COUNTY PERSON Who has reside within and experienced a few things dished out by Government , some people AND LIFE ITSELF.
    Seeing the Growing, self-centeredness and lawlessness .
    Some not seeing or feeling it or just DON’T want to or care.
    As always I’m talking to empty space. I SHOULD KNOW
    by now that many people close their eyes and ears at things they would rather not see or hear.


  2. HMMMMM, at the moment it seems President Trump is the only BIG BAD EVIL person on earth. BUT he was more of a gentleman than his attackers.
    THOSE REPORTERS, their actions were the lowest and total SCUM.
    Some people are getting lower & lower in character.

  3. Have TV again ,thanks to Becky & Pete. yesterday STEVE[maintenance] set it up & programed it for me. My three way floor lamp died on me ,should be getting a new one from Vikki & David today or tomorrow.
    Birthday from the girls. Hope nothing else fails any time soon, think that is about enough.

    1. You are having an early birthday this year ! :)

      check your regular mail too , I have sent you messages !

    1. Dean said his department had dealt with Long on previous occasions, including a call-out to his home in April when deputies discovered him acting irate and irrationally. A mental health crisis team was summoned to help Long on that day, and he was not taken into custody.

      Read more:
      Twitter: | Facebook:
      We are failing dealing properly with mental health issues for our Vets and scores of others. We need a National initiative to help those mentally ill. It’s the best thing for the safety or our nation.

    2. Dean said his department had dealt with Long on previous occasions, including a call-out to his home in April when deputies discovered him acting irate and irrationally. A mental health crisis team was summoned to help Long on that day, and he was not taken into custody.
      We are failing dealing properly with mental health issues for our Vets and scores of others. We need a National initiative to help those mentally ill. It’s the best thing for the safety or our nation.

      1. The problem is of such a great magnitude in this Country, I don’t know if it can ever be dealt with. So many seem to only being ‘groomed’ for it. Policies matter, and how they impact so many. No different for a society and the family, both things that are coming apart in this Country. Just look at normalization of so much now, things that are only a detriment to a healthy society. A society without rules, guidelines or a roadmap to live by. Rot and decay as I’ve said many times. And the consequences of it can be seen everywhere. They’ll be changes in our future alright, but not at all the kind some envision – The continued fruits of it all.

        1. I think America and Americans can do anything if we have agreed upon purpose and the desire for change.

          1. The old America perhaps. Something that so many wish to destroy and replace it with a new model that’s already emerging. We’re already seeing the fruits of it. It would take ‘a lot of will’ to do what’s necessary to improve the condition of this Country. Every Country has it’s run. No different with the World as history teaches us, as it will, as it always does.

  4. Nov 08, 2018 12:25pm.
    I am at a crossroads. The sun is out, and it is quite warm. The pool looks like an aqua colored paradise. But it HAS been cold out the last few night. Thought I had already taken my last dip of the season. However, on a day like this, perhaps just one more……….now, do I take is slow……….or just dive in. :)

    And of course…………the threat of shrinkage.

      1. rassa………….frassa……..rassa…………..toss a can……..rassa……….frassa.

        Hug and kisses Babe. I love how I can always get you to spark. :)

        1. So I type a nice little story, and it pisses you and Dottie off, and you HAVE to make a snide comment. Robin and her solid Christian beliefs on display. Go post some scripture. :)

          1. and you didnt “tick” me off .
            you offend Dottie by your base language , and then tease her with babe etc.

            you wont do that when I am here . period

  5. Take Care Jeff Sessions, and best of luck on your future endeavors. You did your best to be independent, and protect your troops. I laud you for that. Goodonya.

  6. Maddow’s MSNBC colleague, Matt Miller, earlier Wednesday called for “taking the streets” in response to Sessions’ firing.
    “This is a national emergency,” Miller said during an appearance on Deadline: White House. “I don’t think you can overstate the gravity of the situation. And it’s incumbent upon everyone in public life to respond to this like it’s an emergency. This isn’t like all of Trump’s other attempts to interfere with the investigation. He’s reached over and found the one person among dozens of political appointees at the Justice Department who has a preordained hostility, publicly stated hostility to the investigation. I think for people in Congress, they need to step up and object to this. I think people — the broad public, this is the time to maybe take to the streets and say this is not what you expect out of the government.”
    Great more riots and destruction of innocent people’s property.

    1. He has to prove himself again to his buds after voting to confirm Kavanaugh. The Pelosi rule again: I don’t care what you have to say, or do – Just win.

      1. Exactly. His comments yesterday about junk yard dogs? Man I’d like to bitch slap him, I swear. I can’t stand phony people.

          1. Spoken just like Laura Ingraham. Rassa…….frassa…..Obama……flexible……rassa.\

            Nice to see you and Dottie are just nasty and holier than thou, after an election as you are before it.

        1. Nothing said here was untrue. Funny, how it’s coming from someone who’s already inferred ‘Real’ Republicans have ‘principles’ and ‘core’ when aligned with Progressives, but Progressives themselves, require no such thing.

  7. I recall when Conservative media lauded redneck gun store owners who refused to sell arms to American Muslims for Public Safety. Well, perhaps they can stop selling them to whacked out, white guys with anger problems. They are sure killing one hell of a lot more of us, than Muslims.

    1. Crazy white guys have killed more Americans this last twelve months than Muslim Terrorists, MS-13, Migrant Caravans, and the drug cartels COMBINED. When is the DOJ going to put some resources into this issue.

        1. *snicker* Good luck with that. Wonder how many overdose deaths have been caused by drugs imported by the cartels? Those probably don’t count though, right?

    2. You certainly got that down pat, Obama and so many others too. Even our media now that shouts it from the mountain tops 24/7. Las Vegas Country Western gathering, mass killings. California Country Western gathering, mass killings. Some of them at the Las Vegas site as well.

      “whacked out, white guys”

      1. And when the ‘whacked out white people’ aren’t killing people, they’re winning elections based on their White supremacy or white supremacism racist views, right?

        You know, like Florida and the racist piece Huff ran today. Keep those fires stoked. Just like the Presser yesterday…

        A state where it all came down to two issues, Healthcare and Immigration. Number one issues for the State that were separated by only 3 points.

        You had the Socialist far-left guy pitching free healthcare with no way to pay for any of it, and the other part of state seeing with their own eyes, and experiencing it the same. A tsunami of people coming into the state with ‘no intention’ to assimilate – The ‘core’ and ‘undeniable’ feature of the melting pot.

        Who we once were, united, one people out of many…

        People who don’t obey our traffic laws, who don’t even obey our EOE laws in giving preference to those who match their own ethnicity, who speak their own language, even in the workplace. Discrimination it’s called. Also illegal.

        The Florida race wasn’t a race about a black guy, but his far-left nature certainly was. Who wants ‘more chaos’ on top of what we already in this Country?

        The issues, are the issues. Unchangeable, undeniable.

        If there’s any whacked out white guy here, look in the mirror bud.

    3. He’s a vet with PTSD that should have been admitted to a hospital when he was showing signs in April. At that time, his name should have been added to the background check system.

    4. How do you propose these lawful merchants force people to tell the truth on form 4473?

      And how do you propose they force all entities to report properly so NICS flags them?

      And how do you propose we stop people from stealing firearms?

      You’re always long on criticism but short on reality based solutions.

    1. I keep forgetting the New Conservatives and the Evangelical Trumpians do not care about facts, honesty, decent, and using doctored videos. They do not care…………only one thing matters……….protect Trump.

      1. Really……….I do not see it has been debunked anywhere. And I gave you a Fox link.

        Your debunking is Fake News. :)

      2. Jerzey……….sorry, once again, it is the Trump base, forwarding FAKE DOCTORED Videos……..then when caught, what does Trump and the Trump base say……….it is all fake news. Like I said……….the Trump base cares nothing about integrity or honesty. And any FACTS put forth that dare deride their Idol, is fake news.,

        1. How about this? How about you and the rest of the ignorant electorate stop living and dying based on sound bytes? How about that?

      3. Oh I see………..the White House has denied it. That is ALL the debunking the Trump base needs. Fact checking sites are the enemy. Anything bad about Donnie is fake news.

        What a bubble you all live in. Shrug

      4. I looked at the NBC video who made the same claim, I don’t see any difference than what I saw yesterday. Just another act of a ‘dishonest’ Press who acts more like an crack assassination squad than they do journalists. Something that was on full display yesterday, today, tomorrow and all the other days since past, and to come.

        America saw what they saw. And it’s bad, real bad, for those who saw it.

  8. Leftybill
    November 8, 2018 at 12:35
    Take Care Jeff Sessions, and best of luck on your future endeavors. You did your best to be independent, and protect your troops. I laud you for that. Goodonya


    $50 says he gets his senate seat back in 2020, then bill will curse him as a GOP flake.

  9. Leftybill
    November 8, 2018 at 13:17
    I recall when Conservative media lauded redneck gun store owners who refused to sell arms to American Muslims for Public Safety. Well, perhaps they can stop selling them to whacked out, white guys with anger problems. They are sure killing one hell of a lot more of us, than Muslims


    A. Most people I think respected the ability to run a business as they see fit. Not lauding any move, just respecting the ability to be dumb.

    B. If your going just use “muslim”. . . . They keep finding mass graves from ISIS, that contain thousands. So the count is stil pretty skewed.

    1. Why not. . . Ans this is crazy but go with me on this for a sec, why not look at these incidents as individuals look at then deductively to find causes, instead of flaming race bait like every other one?

      Just a thought.

      1. I’m so glad the GOP ran on the economy .. oh wait

        And magically the caravan of invaders … vanished

  10. What’s intriguing about the video is that it does look like a ‘soft nudge’ to her forearm, because her arm does go down in confirming that her arm was in fact ‘guided downwards’ at the very minimum by his hand. In other words, he touched her. Isn’t that in essence what this is all about? They all have their own videos, what do their own videos say?

    1. Yes, he pushed her arm away. This is not the hill for media to die on.

      No way it’s assault as the right is claiming, a la Cory Lewandowski, but to say that Acosta never touched her is ridiculous.

      And they wonder why they’re so despised.

      1. It’s so bad they want to try to make it all go away. They exposed themselves for all to see,. And it wasn’t just Acosta either. All I saw yesterday was a barrage of you’re a racist and you’re going to be indicted. That, and a despicable CNN Journalist trying to wrestle the podium from a President and his intern. I’m sure America saw much of the same to their horror.

  11. Expected it, wasn’t it? Next up, the Supreme Court?

    A federal appeals court in San Francisco ruled against the Trump administration Thursday, saying the government cannot immediately end the DACA program that gives young undocumented immigrants a chance to continue living and working in the U.S. without the threat of deportation.

      1. That’s why it will go to the Supreme Court, it actually has merit as to the President’s authority. You just can’t create law through EO’s. Congress has to do that, and so far they’ve refused just that. Even rejecting the opportunity at one point in the case of the Democrats. They’re never ending approach to compromise: Our way, or no way at all no matter what they say. They’re Stalinists at heart yesterday. They’re Stalinists at heart today, and they’ll be Stalinists at heart tomorrow. Comply, or else.

      2. As you say, well within his authority to cancel it. It was a policy of a former administration, not the law of the land.

  12. So, who gets the ‘ugly’ award today? Yesterday, it was the media. And today? Any nominations yet? Feel free to submit your choices. There’s got to be another ‘clear winner’ there always is. We’ve always had our runner ups, even here, but the measuring stick has always much bigger than that. Certainly there must be winner (or you prefer, loser) that stands head above the rest today.

    1. Body brokers never heard of the phrase until just now. It’s something you would more associate with abortion and body parts for sale. So many things to be relearned in this New Progressive utopia of ours.

      1. Nice. They may be rabid dogs, but with it comes honesty – They don’t even hide it anymore.

        Rubio added: “Now democrat lawyers are descending on #Florida. They have been very clear they aren’t here to make sure every vote is counted. – They are here to change the results of election; & – #Broward is where they plan to do it.”

    1. Lol !!!

      Welcome to 2000!!

      Can’t u retards in Florida figure out how to vote. That’s what happens when yer state is the retirement home of the country I guess?

      1. Perhaps, you should read how late they were in sitting on their vote totals. Just another round of look at the bag of votes I found. Wait, here’s another one. And another one. Democratic stronghold. What’s new? If they can’t lie, cheat or steal – They can’t win.

        We’ll see soon enough, what, if anything they’re up to.

        That’s Rubio’s turf, and he’s the sounding the alarm. He knows that area better than anyone else. Rubio seems to sense it, see it, that that there’s something here to be concerned about. Just like with all this Russian Nonsense built by the DNC, a political campaign and our own government. The Chicago way, the San Francisco way. Hope and change has arrived.

        1. Actually, the two counties are Bill Nelson’s. How about a little ‘lawlessness’ to go along with your comments EA? You seem to be a big proponent of just that. San Francisco Values as Pelosi said?

          “Florida law requires counties report early voting & vote-by-mail within 30 minutes after polls close,” Rubio wrote on Twitter. “43 hours after polls closed 2 Democrat strongholds #BrowardCounty & #PalmBeachCounty are still counting & refusing to disclose how many ballots they have left to count.”


          1. Just saw Rubio, he’s really upset. Not the first for this County he said – It’s a pattern with them. They’ve flipped races before in this country in doing the same type of thing he said. Citing examples. And if I recall correctly there was even one person who was charged at one time with ‘destroying votes’ and she still works for them.

            And last, but certainly not least, the same attorney firm that they Democrats used in the GPS Fusion ‘Disinformation’ scheme that Mueller and Rosenstein are spearheading, they’re also ‘being dispatched’ to the scene of what probably is a crime in process. Gillum has also joined the band wagon too – A Republic if you can keep it. Indeed.

          2. Should read:

            Citing examples, Rubio also said how they’ve flipped races before in this county in doing the same type of thing. It’s a pattern in this County.

      2. I was going to ask Bill if we can have just 1 election without florida f***ing it up.

        Is that too much to ask?

      3. Its the dem counties that are corrupted and messed up .
        Even the hurricaine upper R counties got the job done

          1. The problems seem to be heavily concentrated in one county. You’d think after 20 years of this crap they’d realize they’re doing it wrong.

    1. What a repulsive time in the history of our Country, all compliments of the hope and change guy. A man who’s proved through the years that the corruption of Chicago can easily be applied to every level of our Government if you had a media willing to provide cover for it. That’s what makes history what it is I guess. At some point you either fight or surrender to it. What will America choose other than what they’ve chosen, which is still not enough to put an end to it?

  13. What a fiasco here in Florida.

    Brevard Country, the very women who tore up votes in Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s primary race, the very women who’s still in charge. Counts of all of the ‘magically appearing’ votes continue to eat away at Scott’s leads by clumps of tens of thousands, all behind closed doors. Even a request as required by a law to have one representative there from each party there to observe, request denied by the County.

    Bill Nelson the loser of the Senate race contracts and retains the very man at the ‘coordinate’ center of the Russian/Dossier nonsense, the DNC, Hillary’s Campaign and GPS fusion.

    What are the odds, right?

    Gov. Scott after making the request, files a lawsuit against Brevard Country and launches an investigation by the State of Florida as to the election laws that have been broken.

    Gillum sends out a request seeking volunteers to ‘cure’ the election results? I’m still trying to confirm that one. The others not so much. Gov. Scott himself, and Rubio said all that needed to be said.

    The Russian Nonsense was just a prelude for so much more to come. Is it really about power, or is really about the power ‘to cover-up’ so much? Let’s hope we find out the answer to that, the Country’s future may very well depend on it.

    1. Or………….perhaps Scott and DeSantis lost, when all the votes are counted. I am cool with that.

  14. Good, throw the book at them.

    Tucker Carlson wasn’t on tonight. Understandably so if you saw the clip of what happened at his house. They tried to break down the door, but only his wife was at home in having barricaded herself inside. Vandalized his driveway too. And of course, all the usual hate chants and threats. Obama’s America.

    Associated Press

    WASHINGTON — Police say they are investigating a protest and vandalism at the home of Fox News host Tucker Carlson as a possible hate crime. It’s the latest example of protesters targeting the personal lives of Trump administration officials and allies in the D.C. area.

    1. Yay ANTIFA!

      Hey Bill, you ready to condemn these assholes yet or are you OK with this kind of crap as long as it’s directed at people you don’t like?

  15. Nope. Michelle Obama doesn’t go low, she just writes a book trashing Trump. Heard Don Lemon tonight reading from the pages of it on the CNN site tonight. Almost like a scary bed-time story.

  16. I was paging through the Broward County tweets, this among them. Rubio’s there too multiple times:

    Christian Adams


    I’m slated to be on Hannity Friday. In the deposition we conducted of Brenda Snipes, this happened:
    Q. Is t it true your predecessor was removed because the office was incompetent.
    Snipes: Yes.
    Q. How many of her staff did your replace.
    Snipes: NONE.

    MORE FRIDAY. #Broward


    Election lawyer @PILFoundation, New York Times bestselling author of Injustice, PJ Media legal editor and helmsman of Gosnold.Destination

    DC based.

  17. Just read CG. Seems some certain posting magically disappears. That’s OK, LB still should GROW UP.
    Thank You Robin, AGAIN. I HAVE learned to CONCIDER the SOURCE of suppose to be CIVILIZED PEOPLE. Seems some find it impossible to be civilized [mouthy ignorance}.
    HEARD a hell of a lot of CRAP out of peoples mouths over these many years , BUT , that still does not CONDONE their stupidity.
    I CAN hand it back or ignore ,it is up to me.

    1. Quite a surprise this morning for sure! It’s still snowing my me. I see your birthday is coming up…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! and I also see your lovely family is updating some of your home electronics, TV, lamps, etc. I hope you have a great birthday. Like my late father in law Norm said, (God bless his soul) Birthday’s are special. They are YOUR day and no one else’s, unless you have a twin. Miss you Norm!!

  18. So I see the Dems have moved up from ballots founds in a trunk, to missing ballots delivered by truck.

    1. Floridians are pizzed. The very man who was at the center of the DNC, Hillary Campaign, GPS Fusion, Russian Dossier the very guy dispatched to declare victory for Nelson. Pretty confident I’d say, and after getting away with what they have in the Russian nonsense, who can blame them? He says its highly usual for the top of ticket not be counted, and ‘suggests’ it may be a computer glitch.

      Now, it’s starting to make sense, why they just said recently how odd it was that they saw NO Russian interference in this election, because just like before, they’re the ones behind it. People need to start going to jail, and the media start doing their frigging job instead of helping to cover it all up for them, empowering them even more.

        1. Nonsense……..a global embarrassment is pulling out of the Paris deal, and crawdadding on every deal this nation made before Trump.

          This is ensuring every vote is counted……………something that seems to bother you. Well, get over it. This ain’t Michigan.

      1. Not the folks who are cool with a full recount. Trumpies in Florida are pissed. You do NOT speak for Florida. Only yourself.

        You are pissed………….and to that I say, get over it. Count all the ballots.

        1. 2 days after an election. And all of sudden, look, we found bags of uncounted votes? Eyes that see. Where was the media while this was all going on? 48 hours is a lot of time to do a lot of things.

          1. No…………you do not speak for Florida. We have no issue ensuring every vote is counted. Unbunch your panties.

  19. ‘Unsisterly’: Vogue Asks Why White Women Keep Voting for GOP, ‘Against Their Own Interests’

    It gets worse everyday with this cult My vagina does not define me. What’s happened to the feminist movement? Nothing but a cult of group think.

  20. SSSCzar

    November 8, 2018 at 10:03

    Dang….prayers California. What an awful event. :(

    Town wiped out in minutes………..a town three times the size of the one destroyed in Florida with Michael. Once again……..weatherwise……….this year blows.

  21. Mercutio

    November 9, 2018 at 10:09

    Its Florida being florida

    Common Ground. :)

    1. Of course you would. You’ve been supporting so much corruption and lying for so long now it’s automatic reflex for you.

      1. Rassa……….frasssa…………rassa.

        It is very telling how freaked out, and panicked you are by every vote being counted. Tough.

        If you want rigged elections………move to Georgia. Or South Carolina. :)

        1. Rigged election in GA, LOL. Leftist just don’t like the results after all the NE and California money spent trying to win an election there the past 2 cycles.

          Unlike FL we can count, at least the 50.33% of us who voted for Kemp.

  22. EA…… noticed as well, how the dire threat of a caravan of poor, bedraggled immigrants has evaporated after the election.

      1. No, they will sit out there, and waste more money, and be away from their families, because Trump ginned up fear over NOTHING………NOTHING. There never was any threat.

      2. So obviously they’ll make the news again, just like your parroting of what I’m seeing of what’s making the rounds in the last 24 hours. All script driven.

    1. Really, the troops aren’t still down there to support the Border Patrol and send them packing back to where they come from?

  23. The headline, and then, the rest of the story. Today’s circular reporting as it makes it’s rounds. At the Presser they did the same thing the other day:

    But Figliuzzi told the anchor of The 11th Hour, Brian Williams, he had “a theory” that Mueller has already indicated what he is going to do.

    “I think he’s ready to indict some folks and through those indictments will tell the story of what he’s found against the president.

    “I’m not saying he’s indicting the president. I’m saying there’s a middle ground where he tells us the story, locks it into the court system by indicting others, then files a report with Whitaker,” he added.

    “Perhaps what we’ll see is Bob Mueller telling us the story of a corrupt president through indictments.”


    A theory, I think, I’m not saying. Perhaps, what we’ll see is Mueller telling us a story of a corrupt President. ‘Rock solid’ enough for the rest of them to present it as fact today. Two years of it now.

  24. Mr President, if there are any more bombs sent to the media, I am not holding you personally responsible, since you seem fit to continue to attack the free press, without filter. Trump after the mid-term, is more of a twaddlehead, then before them. I had hoped losing the House, would tone him down. Appears to have set him off. Guy is a putz.

    1. Really that is your take away from the BS by Acosta the other day. Talking about a putz, Acosta seems to think he is the center of attention every time their is a press conference. Fock him, let him watch on TV.

  25. RW

    November 8, 2018 at 17:39

    Another day, another attack on America and its processes. Just another day in America.

    You mean by the President continuing to attack our free press, I agree.

    If you mean Florida ensuring every vote is counted………that is PROTECTING America……in the real, non Trump world. Sad for some like RW..Trump is America. For the rest of us………….he is a putz.

    1. Protecting America my ass! What’s going on in Broward County is a fockin disgrace. I didn’t serve and you didn’t either to have a scumbag “ finding” votes 3 days after the election.

      1. Well, thank God your ass in not America. Once again…….it is the Conservatives who panic about every vote being counted. I think they recall how Franken ended up winning. Hope that happens again..

        Not your state Fort………… basically, none of your business. But have a great weekend. :)

        1. And if you are stupid enough to think things will work out well for your state with a socialist governor, have at it. You are right none of my business and I really don’t care. Some fools need to be the example of how bad that will end, it might as well be FL.

          If you think tourism and rich people can provide the funds to support that wet dream you need to learn a hard lesson on the failure of depending on OPM.

  26. Going after Tucker house was bullcrap. Knock that crap off. Dude has a right to peddle his twaddle. Just do not listen.

    1. He has what I call the liberal idiot segment every night. Invites someone who disagrees with him every night in the first interview segment for debate. Calling it debate is sometimes a stretch since many of the guests can barely string together two coherent sentences. One of the better political talk shows on TV.

      1. He said last night he may have recognized one of them at his house as one of his past guests representing Antifa.

  27. Galt, when it comes to Fascism, one is either for it, or against it. I am against Fascism. Unsure what you are. If you are on the fence as to whether you think Fascism is good or bad………than you are an idiot. Sorry. Calling some anti-fascist, is not a slam in the world of free men.

    1. Yet you won’t answer my question as to why these so-called ‘anti fascists’ keep acting like fascists.

  28. I understand why you Conservative are panicked. Seems to votes are heading the other way, so you want to stop it now. Not happening. And I think you remember when it turned out Al Franken was elected, after the recount.

    So deal with it………….we are going to ensure every vote is counted in this state. If that causes you angst and fret……….tough. Cowboy up, and quit whining. Your guy may end up with the win.

    1. It’s not panic. We understand, as long as the efforts benefit your tribe, you’re okay with them. I guess thinking you have more credibility than that is our mistake. Sorry for thinking too much of you.

  29. you arent sure if J. is a fascist ?
    stinking stupid… but what ‘s new about that from you ?

    You are the one who backs violent oppression , AND pretends and exaggerates , and basically enjoys doing it .

  30. Folks who seem to be freaked out over a recount, must fear they may lose. Guess not that confident in your boys after all. Very telling. :)

    1. You keep guessing wrong. Voter fraud is not acceptable in any form. I thought you could agree with that basic tenet of our country. These ballots are late and weren’t protected. It’s a problem.

    2. What’s very telling is the amount of Florida election laws violated, and how it’s no a big deal to you. Those laws are there for a reason. One of those reasons is in what we see now. Lawlessness, Mr. Antifa, what we see everywhere in this Country. And you’re fine with just that. You couldn’t be any clearer on that. Obama’s America.

  31. How many scumbag leftists does it take to steal 3 elections in GA and FL??

    I guess we are about to find out.

    1. How many jackazzes from SC does it take to understand Florida Law which requires a recount………well, at least one.

      Sorry, if you can go to leftist scumbags, I feel no remorse about using jackazz.

      NOT your state……………keep your nose in your own State, Amigo. Florida is not backward South Carolina. Hell………… all threaten to secede everytime a Dem wins the Presidency. So shrug. :)

      1. Not sure how backward SC is since I have lived in GA 53 out of 56 years. BTW, we can count in GA, wish FL could say the same thing.

      2. And one more time for the clinically stupid, it is all of our business when it involves the Senate, get over it.

  32. Florida State Law requires a recount if the vote is within 0.05%. The Nelson/Scott race is within that parameter. Quit your whining………..

    1. Rick Scott, the King of Medicare Fraud, whining about fraud………….that is hilarious.

      Seems it is the right, who fear recounts……….very telling. Well……………tough. :)

      1. Lakeisha Williams, of Broward County, said she discovered the ballot box two days after Election Day at Miramar Elementary School — where it was apparently left behind by election workers.
        “I went into the area that we use for storage and saw it in there,” Williams told The Post.
        Williams said she did not touch or look inside the box. Instead, she told the school’s principal and they decided to contact a local state representative.
        “I don’t know where it is now,” Williams said, noting that all provisional ballots needed to be received by county officials before 5 p.m. Thursday.

    2. It also requires early and absentee voting ballots to be uploaded by a certain time. They’ve missed that deadline.

      1. We like to make sure every vote in this state counts……….far more important that some GOP controlled legislature timeline.

        Very possible, hell even probable, that Scott and DeSantis win………..but the collective conservative freak out over recounts is very telling. Speaks volumes.

        Another obvious observation………….Florida is split dead down the middle now…………. :)

      2. They are still creating them from thin air. Takes time to make up votes that may withstand scrutiny from people with integrity.

    3. We aren’t complaining about a recount, we are complaining about all the votes that are being “found” that all seem to have voted for Dems. Are they going to keep “finding” them until they get the result they want? I’m sure FL law says those votes needed to be in by Election Day so where exactly are they finding them?

    4. Picking and choosing your election laws, but not the ones that were violated. The ones that are there ‘to avoid’ such as things as this. Lawlessness, once again. We know, we know, we should be getting use to it after the corrupt Obama Years. Weird how many still can’t accept that, isn’t it?

  33. Well, time to get ready and take my son to Menswarehouse for a suit. He’s got Senior pictures tomorrow.

  34. Make sure every vote is counted, even the fraudulent democrat ones.

    Which leftist rag gave every parrot in the country the same every vote is counted talking point?

  35. Just saw an clip of the election supervisor in Broward County on TV, the 30 second clip explained a lot about why they are so incompetent.

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