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7,704 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold Outside!

  1. A real hoot here. Jorge Ramos does an interview with Laura Ingraham, who posts a quote of his from the past. Virtually saying the same thing that Trump is – The Border crisis – A THREAT. A crisis a 10 years ago, but not anymore apparently. Watch how he handles it, or how he doesn’t.

    Spoiler here: FOX! It’s Racist.

    Click on:

    Ramos: Wall is symbol of ‘hate and racism’

    Laura Ingraham takes on Univision anchor Jorge Ramos over illegal immigration and the border wall.

    1. Oh, and one other thing – It’s important. Resist, resist, resist. Lie, lie, lie. Power over people, NOT Country over power. Welcome to the wonderful World of Communism.

    1. “On Venice Boulevard in front of Vice Media’s offices, a chain-link fence was erected to prohibit tents from going up. Residents around Penmar Golf Course have started a GoFundMe page and have hit their goal of raising $80,000 to fill a pedestrian pathway with native plants and landscaping — a project being called the Frederick Avenue Pass-Through but whose real objective is to deter the large encampment that has ballooned there.

      “Honestly, I think we are a step and half away from vigilantism,” says a talent manager who has lived in the area for two decades. “I feel like this is heading toward a Guardian Angels type situation that you saw in 1970s New York. Someone is going to go out there with a lead pipe and give someone a serious beatdown. It’s awful to say, but I don’t see what prevents that from happening.”


      like … now ?

  2. Leftybill
    January 12, 2019 at 12:44
    The fact I still reside in your head, when I am not here….and the fact my very opinion causes you so much displeasure is very satisfying to me. Clownie and Fort, my own personal memory keepers. Thank you.


    Well why don’t you take some of that extra time and give thoughtful answers to many of the questions we have been asking you?? I asked a very reasonable question and even paid $50 when I didn’t taylor the question well enough to receive an actual answer, then still didn’t get an answer. Merc has asked you several questions multiple days in a row.

    Is it pouting over an avatar or simply fear of answering actual questions instead of parroting the same BS talking points that has you taking your ball and going home like a 2nd grader??

    As far as you in my head, LOL. I guess you are like whenever you see a moron about to do something stupid you just have to watch to see if he hurts himself. The only question you spark in my head is the question, do you have anything in yours other than leftist talking points??

    1. LB ? this is more a reflection of how you still dont get people here , dont even know that is not like J. You dont listen , hear people . Like the sound of your own voice .. thats cool , but when others talk , hear them

      1. No worries Robin, he knows what happened because he fixed it himself within minutes of seeing his avatar changed. Faux outrage so he can blame someone else, and now he looks childish so he’s trying to shift focus.

        The avatars are actually system generated if you don’t have one linked from Gravatar or some other source. I realized that was a feature I could turn on a while back, instead of showing blanks. I can select different collections, but the actual avatar is generated based on your email so two people don’t get the same one.

    2. I asked a very reasonable question and even paid $50 when I didn’t taylor the question well enough to receive an actual answer, then still didn’t get an answer.
      Yes you did, and you were adult about it and paid up.

      1. It would be an interesting neuroscience study to map the differences between those who act entitled and blameless vs. those who take responsibility and try to be self sufficient.

        My hypothesis is that the entitled and blameless person’s brain is less developed than the responsible person’s.

        1. Either that or that part of the brain has less activity, or some severe cases, is dark. We do know that prayer affects brain activity if a very positive way.

  3. Big snow here Dottie , A few of us went around and shoveled out people we knew would appreciate the help tonite . Its a good nite .

  4. Gov. DeSantis removes the Sheriff of Broward County after a scathing report.

    ..Israel was criticized for his department’s handling of the Parkland shooting last February, when 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz killed 17 people before being arrested over an hour after the shooting began.

    The Marjory Stoneman Douglas public safety commission found that officials involved with the response to the shooting, including sheriff’s deputies and high school assistant principals, offered accounts that contradicted surveillance video and other evidence. The panel determined the officials were either incompetent or untruthful…

    ..DeSantis named retired Coral Springs Police Sgt. Gregory Tony as Broward’s interim sheriff. Tony is the county’s first African-American sheriff, according to Politico.

    Tony’s resume cites advanced degrees and he runs a company focused on active shooter training and response, including efforts to train civilians on ‘stop the bleed’ techniques.

    It was reportedly Andrew Pollack, whose daughter Meadow died in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High massacre, that recommended Tony…

    The rest is up to the Florida State Senate:

    According to Florida statute, the governor has the power to suspend the sheriff for actions such as “misfeasance” and “neglect of duty” and may fill the office by appointment for the period of suspension. The actual power to remove the sheriff from office is in the hands of the state Senate.

    According to the state Senate website, it makes “final dispositions” on whether to reinstate a suspended official or remove him from office.

    Executive Order here:

    1. Excellent move.
      To find out Israel’s son is a lil derelict who Peterson protected was quite telling about who he is as a father and Sheriff. NOT MY Boyism.

      The fact that he rewrote the guidelines to ‘may engage an active shooter’, which his officers followed was so disgusting to find out. And this inability of him to find any humility in all of this shows what a complete psychopath Sheriff Israel is.

      They need to figure out why they’ve gone through so many awful Sheriff’s in Broward County. That department needs to be sanitized.

  5. Mr. Galt. Sure would like to compare this with some of the earlier story telling about this women in the last week or two. You know, just to see what someone’s ‘Dear Diary’ said about it at the time and the anonymous sources that were probably all part of it. Checks and balances, truth and all that jazz.

    Yahoo News

  6. Newt expands on what the New York Times referred to as to what retired FBI officials also told them, they overstepped. Ya think?

    Mueller, Rosenstein, McCabe, Comey just to name a few. Just as noteworthy, it’s in total contradiction to Comey’s testimony before Congress, even Strzok’s text message a day after it was opened – There’s no there, there. What do you do to hold these people to account and who will do it? What price should they pay for their treachery?

    1. we had fun , we shoveled and then took a break at a local diner that has homade soup , , then back out to one more driveway of a newly widowed woman , then inside for the nite . I loved pretty snow and the feeling of hard work and a hot bath

  7. After an excoriating session with Trump’s Treasury Secretary, in which, my understanding was that Pelosi walked out before it was finished. The Democrats keep on coming up empty. And the more frustrated they get, the worse their behavior gets. Now, their ‘priority’ is a forcing a vote with Russian sanctions. Not reopening the government, not border security. Seems their Trump hate goes far beyond losing an election, but more so that the truth of so much wrong doing never sees the light day. Wrong doing that probably extends well past the 2016 election. Wait for Mueller some say. Not good enough. Every day Trump is in office, is one day too long for these people. A price that these people need to pay, and if truth ever ‘fully’ comes out – They will.

    They created this narrative, and there’s no way out from them, because that would require the truth – The heaviest price of all for them

  8. More and more daylight as the puzzle pieces come into clearer view. The truth is consistent, it always is, it always will be.

    Republican uncovered secret FBI debate over Trump motivation for Comey firing during House questioning

    What’s really astounding too, is that the Democrats have much of this same information, but ‘they choose’ to use it for different purposes and means by omitting so much.

    If anyone honestly thinks Republicans are covering up a grand scheme of Trump selling out his own Country to the Russians, making Republicans just as complicit, they’re just not paying attention to what’s been really been transpiring here for far too long now.

    As I’ve said many times now, a ‘high price’ needs to be paid for it all, from Hillary, the DNC, Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein and Mueller on down.

    1. #giggle

      U buy every story yer fed by right wing media !!

      If u replace trumps name with Obama in this scandal trumps in , U would be screaming treason . Instead , u make every excuse for yer terrible vote and this conman president .
      Like I said , when the facts come out and I’m shown to be right about trump , u still won’t buy it . Yer like a 13 year old boy with a crush ..

    1. Mueller has way more than has been leaked and so does the fbi if they opened an investigation on the downlow befor the special counsel . There’s no way this isn’t deeper than we have caught wind of . When I say we I mean everybody but u guys believing every excuse while swinging from trumps ballsack …

    1. #giggle

      Yes dumdum … all these investigations and guilty pleas are all part of a conspiracy . I bet even when all the facts come out u will still make excuses for yer awful vote . I know u’v heard when there’s smoke there fire . Where there’s a Ganga smoke .. the fire is coming . The fbi has way more info than has been leaked if they opened an investigation into a sitting potus . Not his company , not his administration, not his campaign , but Donal Trump . Don’t feel too bad tho , Trump has conned way smarter people than u …


        1. Let’s try that again.

          Like talking to a rock, a dumb rock at that. Did you even read the New York Times Piece that YOU posted? You know, the one that all my posts of late have been about? That hasn’t been one charge, nada, regarding to what Mueller was tasked with. NADA. Giving Trump or anyone else ‘the California Kavanaugh’ treatment won’t change that ‘little fact’ either.

          1. Yet …


            And when yer calling someone dumb u GOTTA get it right the first time . No misspelled words , typing errors , etc .. the rule isn’t new . How many times do we have to freakin tell u ?!!
            … ya dope !! :) :) :)

          2. And yer right bro . Having a sitting potus under investigation by the fbi for working with a foreign country against the interests of America is no big deal at all . I’m sure they just did it on a whim .. I’m sure they had NOOOOO other evidence befor taking a step like that . :) 😉


  9. So I dj’d A wedding this weekend and wifee and I stayed in the forest hills lodge . It’s in Auburn CA , the foothills to the Sierra Nevada mountain range . An old mining town I think . The lodge used to be a brothel . The room was really small with no bathroom so I know this was one of those ‘ get busy ‘ rooms . They had 3 ‘ community ‘ bathrooms with showers on each floor. .It was built in the 1800’s . . U know me and ghosts . Let me say I had the worst night of sleep ever . I kept waking up to this gutteral scream ( almost like a choking snore ) in my dream . 4 times . Wifee said she had bad dreams all night too . I asked her if I was snoring loud and she said no . ‘Twas pretty interesting. Her and I love the paranormal stuff . In April myself and Wifee , with a group of friends are doing an overnight stay in the Washo Club in Virginia City Nevada . I bought all the jive stuff u see on ghost adventures . EMF defectors , digital recorders , a couple digital camcorders , and a night vision giggle headset for meeself ( cuz I wanna be able to see in the dark ). I went on a website and researched the instruments they use on ghost adventures and bought the stuff on amazon . Can’t wait to use it . We’re gonna film the night and edit it together to make a movie for YouTube . We plan on using Dirtlab Music for the soundtrack , and best believe I’ll be wearing an ‘ Approach with Caution ‘ hoodie . See what happens , see how we can edit it to promote our music and AWC gear . My boy does video editing and we have the music so I’m excited to see how it turns out . I’ll definately post the YouTube link when we’re done . Not sure how long it takes to edit a whole night of footage down to an hour when maybe 1 or 2 things cool happens if yer lucky . I plan on using my charm and Witt to make it more entertaining ( along with the awesome soundtrack ) . Our group gets the whole night ourselves with a guide ( who looks like woody Harrelson ) to investigate the club . It’s been on a buncha ghost hunting shows . Jenn and I toured it a year ago when I DJ’d a different wedding. But those dreams I had last night along with Jenn saying she had wierd dreams too has me scratching my head . The place has a lot of history and the desk told us to look out for a girl named Sophia. Still not sure how to reconcile my interest in ghosts with my atheism , but I’m gonna have fun trying to figure it out .
    Just wanted to share a non political event in here ..

      1. Can you get an Ovulus? The one that picks words? Or the puck. That would be cool. Dead Files is pretty amazing to watch too. Amy Allan is the real deal

        I lived in a haunted house, so I totally believe in ghosts. I’m on the other side of the religious/after life, so ghosts always made sense to me. I believe in reincarnation too. I don’t believe they are all demons like some sects of Christianity tell you, but some are.

        My house had more than one entity. The one in the basement in the old coal room, was absolutely frightening. Anytime I had to go down there at night to flush the water gauge for the radiators (1929 house) to make sure the float didn’t stick, making it to the stairs was always a sprint. You just knew it was right there behind you.

        Would love to do a paranormal event. We have some in the area. Just haven’t committed yet.

        Be careful. You don’t want to take anything back with you. Get a smudge stick of sage to cleanse yourself afterwards. If you can find one now, I would. You both were around some pretty strong stuff affecting your dreams and sleep.

        1. I don’t know about that ovulus . Is that the one where they use the machine to say words ? Not sure how that would work . I’m thinking about getting that scanner thingy tho so I can scan a bunch of frequencies and maybe get some voices . The one that sounds like yer changing the radio station really fast . I forget what that things called .

          1. Don’t forget to protect yourselves. Take it seriously though.

            And yes, the Ovulus is the word selection hand held. May be priority technology and not publicly available.

    1. There is life above , and life below , of the spiritual . If I could deter you from getting involved with these things , especially without connection to the above , I would.

      M. Its not a good idea to welcome the involvement with this , even if this is NOT the place where these things are happening , you seeking them out is an opening .

      1. I’m not worried about that R . I don’t believe in demons so I don’t think I have to worry about some scary dead devil messing with me. I would love to know what it is first hand tho . When I see a paranormal show use holy water or the Bible to fend off ghosts I pretty much time it out . I’m thinking maybe wood and other ininimate objects somehow carry memories or maybe it’s some kind of time traveling , or ‘ aliens ‘ ( not the kind republicans hate but ET’s ) . I try to keep my mind open to dead people but I really have no fear that it’s ‘ demons ‘ or anything like that . Last night was REALLY wierd tho .

        1. If you believe in ghosts you have to believe in all of the spirits. Even the Ghost Hunters believe in demons. You don’t want to know a possession first hand. I hope you reconsider burning some sage.

    2. “We’re gonna film the night and edit it together to make a movie for YouTube”

      YouTube doesn’t allow porn dude. Just sayin’

      1. #giggle

        Not porn bro , just a mind f@ck

        I don’t know why I’m so interested in this . I don’t think it’s dead people talking cuz I don’t think there’s anything after death . But it’s something . I wish I knew . I’m super stoked about staying the night at the washo !!

  10. 8:30PM
    MIRAMAR, Florida — A Florida veteran’s campaign seeking $1 billion in border-wall funding is closing after raising only 2 percent of its goal.

    Purple Heart recipient and triple amputee veteran Brian Kolfage launched a GoFundMe campaign in December and raised $20 million through the first two weeks of January 2019.

    Kolfage hoped to encourage the 63 million people who supported President Donald Trump’s 2016 election to pledge $80 a piece. If that happened, he said the border wall between U.S. and Mexico pushed by Trump would become a reality.

    Business Insider reported Friday that GoFundMe is instead refunding donors their money because Kolfage did not meet the $1 billion goal.

    Undeterred, Kolfage announced he will accept donations previously made to the “We The People Will Fund The Wall” campaign at his new non-profit.

    The organization reportedly includes the involvement of American businessman Erik Prince, brother of Trump’s Education Secretary Betsy DeVos; former Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke; and Mary Ann Mendoza, an outspoken supporter of stricter immigration laws.



    U mean they didn’t … gettit ???


  11. And one day our resident evil will understand exactly what has transpired here instead of just promoting more evil. For me, it’s still more a matter as to how to bring these people to account:

    ..But all of these steps were just a matter of finally being overt about something that had been true for over a year: The FBI was conducting a probe to try to make a criminal case on Trump. Because they did not have solid evidence of a crime, they did it under counterintelligence authority rather than criminal authority – calculating that the cover of probing Russia’s interference in the 2016 election would enable them to keep investigating while they tried to tighten up the obstruction case or find some other criminal offense.

    Make no mistake, though: The investigation was always about Donald Trump, from Day One.

    1. In other words, in the language that some seem to better understand, as Maxine Waters said: “We know he’s guilty of something, we just know it” or as another has said, one of Stalin’s own: Show me the man, I’ll show the crime.

      And a crime it is, an abuse of power and corruption at a level never seen before in this Country. An abuse if confronted, will only strengthen us a Country, if ignored, will only weaken us. As Joe Biden would say, it’s a big frigging deal.

      A coup in plain view.

      1. #giggle

        Stickin with that company line eh ? If yer right it’s the biggest conspiracy in the history of america ! And only one group thinks that is the case . 60% of the 30% of the dopes that support his actions . I’m sure his policy makes plenty of repubs happy , but I’m not talking about them . I’m talking about rocket scientists like yerself . The fact that u think almost every law enforcement agency , judge , grand jury , juror , prosecutor, media outlet , ex gop pundit , ex trump administration official , wapo , nyt , or federal agent affiliated with this case is part of some giant conspiracy to frame the potus for damn near treason is not only hilarious , but preposterous !!!


        1. Probably something, probably a lot of things. Many we already know about. And it’s those things that seem to escape you. Facts that continue to be ignored. A special kind of ignorance, really special.

    2. It prolly was . Mueller had that fbi info from day one . Like I’ve always said , these early convictions and reduced charges are all about catching the big orange fish …
      It’s kinda nice how more detailed info has come out since the dems took over the committees.


  12. Can it get anymore bizarre?

    On July 2, 2018, Michael Cohen declared his independence from Donald Trump and his commitment to tell the truth.

    On August 21, Michael Cohen made the decision to take legal responsibility and to continue his commitment to tell the truth.

    Michael decided to put his family and his country first. Now Michael needs your financial help.

    The Michael Cohen Truth Fund is a transparent trust account, with all donations going to help Michael Cohen and his family as he goes forward on his journey to tell the truth about Donald Trump.

    1. This all part of it. Michael Cohen is going to tell the the truth, the truth, the truth to Congress says Lanny Davis. Trump is endangering the Country. Wow.

      I can see why more and more people are talking about things that would put the Yellow Jackets to shame in France. If this continues, anything’s possible.

      Mueller, Lanny Davis, the media and the Democrats all working together with each other.

      1. Watch out America !! A buncha old dudes with red hats are comin to get us !! All we gotta do is stay up later than seven , or do all of our America destroying during the hour hannity is on in yer time zone !! Instead of tanks yer army will drive those little mobility scooters . Instead of the navy seals , us resisters will fear the elks club !!! Should trump try to declare this a national emergency also ?!!


      1. The two posts above, both centered around Cohen, he tells the truth, the truth, the truth. Whereas with Trump: He lies, he lies, he lies.

        Lanny Davis, an attorney for the Clintons and one of their staunchest loyalists working in conjunction with Congress, Mueller, the Media in the continuing show the never ends. Nothing to see there. Nothing to see with all other things that intersect too. Wondrous things. Facts, you can even call them.

        1. I’ll make it simple for you Bud. Lanny’s on PR campaign for Cohen. And Mueller gets to call the shots. Listen to the MSNBC clip, although it may require more attention (and retention) than your capable of.

          1. So manny in tv , baaaaaaaaaaaad

            Rudy on tv , goooooooooooooood

            Another one that makes sense in trumpland

    1. Uh , no bud . Most of it is dealt from right here in this country . By guys with white jackets and a prescription pad . And when they do come from down south , 90% of the time it’s brought thru our legal ports of entry , not in the backpack of a woman and her kids ..

  13. EA
    January 13, 2019 at 23:45
    U buy every story yer fed by right wing media !!
    If u replace trumps name with Obama in this scandal trumps in , U would be screaming treason


    And in every scandal during his administration and even when he was just criticized the Obama supporters screamed racism. The defense for every stupid thing he did or wanted to do was if you don’t support it you’re a racist.

    With Hillary it was sexist. Is it going to be racist and sexist with Pocahontas?

      1. Nah, just $3.5 million worth and the first EVER public apology by the IRS of scandal. But other than using the 2nd most powerful federal agency to go after political enemies, and lying about Benghazi, yeah, nuffin’ happened.

  14. John 17:9
    I ask on their behalf. I do not ask on behalf of the world, but on behalf of those You have given Me; for they are Yours.

    John 17:12
    While I was with them, I protected and preserved them by Your name, the name You gave Me. Not one of them has been lost, except the son of destruction, so that the Scripture would be fulfilled.

    John 17:24
    Father, I want those You have given Me to be with Me where I am, that they may see the glory You gave Me because You loved Me before the foundation of the world.

    1. Thanks Robin. One of the things that’s really gnawing here, is that this is all pointing to one of the greatest scandals and abuses of power in our history. Our own government plotting against a President, not because of any guilt or evidence, but more so because of like Maxine Waters has said: “we know he’s guilty of something, we just know it” – People who aren’t investigating a crime, but rather looking for one, or even worst, trying to create one.

      Two dozen people, many high ranking people in the FBI have already left the FBI. Fired, demoted, transferred, retired – Most all, part and parcel of what’s transpired here. One’s even facing a Grand Jury, and others may even follow like Comey Himself. Rosenstein, is one of the few remaining ones, and even he’s about to depart, leaving only Mueller in place as part of this treacherous and renegade crew.

      Rosenstein, the very man who accompanied Mueller to the Oval Office to interview for Comey’s position, Trump passes on Mueller, Rosenstein, the very next day appoints Mueller as Special Counselor.

      There are no coincidences here.

      The Dossier, the Hillary Campaign,the DNC, Lanny Davis and everyone that Mueller surrounded himself with in conjunction with a disinformation campaign that the media is more than happy oblige in.

      What was supposed to be, yet, one more bombshell by the New York Times, only showed how bad this scandal is and the abuses of powers really have been, and what lengths these people would go. And they’re committed, all of them. And Comey’s right there in the thick of it himself, vote Democrat, they’ll protect us, and they will. Rosenstein, the same.

      To see people cheering on a coup in plain view, to cheer on the behavior such as that experienced with the Kavanaugh confirmation it’s not who we are, it’s who we’re becoming. A sickness that seems to have no cure and truths that have no light – Only darkness.

      There’s a Great Evil in this Country. Ignore it at your own peril, I can’t.

        1. I’ll post the truth, you’ll post the lies. What’s new? And round and round we go. Maybe the poles changing is affecting your moral compass. Nah. You’ve have to have one to begin with.

  15. The New York Times Story, the bombshell that only confirmed what many already knew:

    Rep. Devin Nunes, the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, said the New York Times’ bombshell report on a counterintelligence investigation into President Trump’s ties to Russia only strengthens the argument that the FBI has no evidence of collusion against the Trump team.

    “This is yet more evidence that FBI leaders actually had no real evidence against the Trump team,” Nunes said in a statement obtained by the Washington Examiner’s Byron York. “Instead, they were simply trying to undermine a president they didn’t like and avenge Comey’s firing. By relying on the Steele dossier — a fraudulent document funded by Democrats and based on Russia sources — FBI leaders were either complicit or too oblivious to notice they were being used in a disinformation operation by the Democratic Party and Russian operatives.”

    1. He has never been identified as the target . It’s always been his campaign , or his company , or associates . This one directly implanted Mr Trump himself . If u think the POTUS being investigated as a spy is no big deal , then u got some splainin to do old timer ..

      1. Obstruction was the excuse for doing so, and even that fell apart, There’s nothing related here to Russia, Trump is the Target, the crime? He won. Simple as that. Welcome to New Amerika Barack Obama put in motion – So much better than the old one.

        1. It will be once the traitor u voted for and make excuses for like a battered wife is out of the White House ..


  16. President Trump Job Approval

    Rasmussen Reports
    Approve 43, Disapprove 55

    This has always been the problem for the Republicans, why they’ve caved so much over the years. A corrupt and partisan media drowning out so much, omitting so much, via a Tsunami of misinformation and narrative building – All part of the spear of the Progressive baseball bats. Temporarily taking out 5 points, but far from the goal that they’ve set for themselves.

    1. That’s quite a flip. But then again, Extremists are who they now. Representing the views of the people. Something happened along the way obviously. His name, Barack Obama. Something we continue to endure each day now. And what a wondrous effect it is.

      “As Democrats, we should be representing the views of the people, not a small number of homosexual extremists.”

  17. 60 minutes – At least, they got the ‘fresh plot’ part right.

    Overwhelm the Administration with document demands and accusations. Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat. A machine-gunning of a Presidency, it’s people and its processes. Make life as difficult for a Presidency and a Country as you can in order that they never, ever disobey you again. And that to include, those they choose for us.

    2016, the fix that was in, but wasn’t, and we’re still paying for it.

    On Thursday, we learned President Trump’s former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen, who is headed for prison, will testify in a televised hearing before the House Oversight and Reform Committee. It marked the beginning of season three of what’s been called the “Donald Trump Reality Show” with a fresh plot, and new characters ushered in by voters in the midterm election who gave Democrats control of the House of Representatives. Among the recently empowered is Congressman Elijah Cummings, the new chairman of the House oversight committee. It has the constitutional authority to investigate anything it wants, creating serious problems for the Trump administration and making Cummings one of the most powerful people in Washington…

    To investigate ‘anything’ it wants, and that to include every single decision that Trump has ever made. Not because of any wrong doing, but to try to find wrong doing, or even worse, try to create it as they did with Kavanaugh.

      1. The Country’s the victim here of California’s version of Homegrown Domestic Stalinism. Go and spread your disease somewhere else. I’m not interested. Just like you’re not interested in the truth OR facts. What a steaming pile you are.

        1. #fightclubamerica

          The fact is the FBI either investigated or is still investigating the guy u voted for under suspicion he was working with Russia against American interests WHILE he was / is POTUS . But u keep on blaming everybody else , that’s what victims do .


          1. The looming question is why.
            Because of one meeting that nothing came of it?
            Because he picked a sleazy campaign manager and fired him after 4 months?
            Or because we have FBI and DOJ former employees talking about crafting an insurance policy?

          2. You should hear yourself. They found ‘no’ crime, but firing Comey was enough ‘to conclude’ he’s under Russian Control and open an investigation into just that.

            Obstruction ‘the excuse’ they use here, but there was no obstruction – Even Hollywood could do better that EA.

            Corruption is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’ll find inside of it. Now that we know, now what?

    1. Cool . Let them talk loud and proud . That’s what America is all about . Don’t like them , don’t vote for them . These far left wackos aren’t gonna win , but I’m glad they’re part of the discussion .

      1. Baby steps. That’s the closest you’ve come in sometime to the truth. A platform of far-left lunacy has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning in 2020.

        1. Mazie harono , Maxine waters , OAC . Not my type of people but I’m glad they are there . Some of their ideas are good , just too far . That’s when the debate starts , and from there u should have a pretty good result in the middle . I like the extremes being the beginning of the discussion .

    1. Same thing happened in Mexico on a Mayor’s first day. Brazil had their own event too, where a Presidential candidate was stabbed at a rally – But he lived. It’s happening in our own Country too, just a different choice of venue. That makes us a lot more civilized, does it not?

  18. I don’t ever think I’ve ever been as disgusted as I am now as to the quiet servitude of so many in this Country as what’s happened, and continues to happen, right before their very eyes.

    1. its discouraging . But I am waiting on the quiet strength of millions. There is no apparent way to discuss what is happening with the hyper emotional needs of the left . I still have hope there is a chance for the right thing to happen . The misuse of govt. for the purposes of the left has to end .

  19. Oh man, I was listening today driving in all of the changes planned to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

    It’s going to be so cool! Talk of large outdoor exhibits on autonomous cars. Test drives of others. Using Belle Isle. It’s going to be so cool, I can’t wait.

  20. President Donald Trump’s former attorney John Dowd told Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade that he believes the president is facing a ‘coup’ and the recent reports regarding the president’s relationship with Russia prove that.

    Appearing Monday on Fox News Radio’s “Brian Kilmeade Show,” Dowd accused special counsel Robert Mueller, former FBI Director James Comey, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe of conspiring against the president.

    “Little did I know that it appears that they were all in it together,” Dowd said. “I mean Rosenstein, Comey, Mueller, McCabe, the whole crowd and they were out to get this president no matter what. I don’t think they sincerely believed anything about Russia.”

    “This is our worst nightmare that someone with that kind of power would then decide to go after the President. I mean it’s a coup,” Dowd said. “That’s what it is an attempted coup by Comey and his crowd. And the evidence is all over there. I take the New York Times article as an admission of their bad behavior.”

    This is our worst nightmare.

    Yes, it certainly is. Welcome to Barack Obama’s America. The question is, what will the Democrats and Americans do about it?

  21. After the New York Times bombshell over the weekend, you’d think it would splattered all over CNN’s pages – It’s not. An oversight on their part I’m sure. Wonder why? Somebody better start doing their investigative jobs. That, or fold in favor of the truth. What will CNN choose? Stay tuned.

      1. You know, it would be funny if it wasn’t so serious. The one article that CNN has about the New York Times story, and it’s not even really about that – It’s about Trump’s reaction to it. What is commonly called: Truth, by omission. And they wrote the book on it.

  22. Dear Diary:

    Today, the Country either rises from the ashes of the last 10 years, or it accelerates it’s decline into the Progressive abyss. Political parties and Americans will decide it all as to what will be tolerated, and what won’t. You’d think it would be an easy task for most. Only time will tell.

  23. Another one of the same mindset of Obama and Holder – My People, where anything can be justified. A justification that has no limits. Much like the times we’ve been living in for 10 years now.

    ..Co-host Whoopi Goldberg, who was silent for most of the segment, then asked if Mallory understood why some people think it would be best if she stepped down from her position atop the Women’s March…

    Not a condemnation, but at least she said something.

    1. Yeah, but it’s only because we don’t have a technological wall, and drones overhead. Ask Ms. Pelosi, she’ll tell you.

    2. Doesn’t surprise me at all. I have to ride a bus from the parking lot to the terminal with TSA agents and what I see and hear scare the shit out of me. Inept, ignorant and lazy all come to mind.

  24. SSSCzar
    January 14, 2019 at 15:10
    Sounds eerily like The Art of the Deal. hmmmm….(scratches chin)


    I have that book . I told u , I was a huge fan of trump until I found out he would be our potus . Once he’s out , I’ll prolly be a fan again . I think the dude is hilarious , I just don’t want him as potus . Just like I wouldn’t want a person that thinks like me to be potus .

  25. It’s amazing a President who is forced to defend himself every day in every way against allegation, after allegation, after allegation.

    A relentless bombardment that never ends.

    NOT as a result of investigating any crimes, but rather looking for one or trying to create one – The truest definition of all for Stalinism. Show me the man, I’ll show you the crime. Imagine yourself being subject to that. The Kavanaugh treatment for more than two years now. And now, the ‘true’ face of corruption makes it’s astounding appearance too with the New York Times story. All converging for some interesting days ahead. Who will be the co-signers of the corruption that’s been taking place? I can’t wait to find out.


    “If you look at what the FBI was investigating in that New York Times report, you look at what they were investigating, Mueller did not go anywhere with that investigation,” Karl continued. “He has been writing his report in real time through these indictments and we have seen nothing from Mueller on the central question of, was there any coordination, collusion, with the Russians in the effort to meddle in the elections? Or was there even any knowledge on the part of the president or anybody in his campaign with what the Russians were doing, there’s been no indication of that.”

    But wait, EA said…. *snicker*

    1. I agree, Mueller never had anything, but I also believe just based on what he’s done to others, his intention is to queue up for the Democrats. He’s just as dirty as the rest of them.

      1. :) :)

        I picture u with yer eyes closed tight and yer old fingers stuffed in yer ears repeating that over and over !! :) :)


    2. So wait … these ‘ sources ‘ are cool ? Just tryin to figure out what side of the unnamed source fence yer riding on …


      Guess it’s over then , eh ?


      1. So wait, I didn’t opine on any sources. Read much?

        I just think it’s hilarious you think you’ve got it all figured out, have the facts and anyone who doesn’t buy what you’re selling is just uninformed, while an ABC guy who presumably actually gets paid to follow this crap says you’re FOS.

        But maybe he’s a conservative. Yeah, that must be it. 😆

          1. And? I’ve never been one of those who gets freaked out over unnamed sources. Pay attention. Karl is a reporter, reporters protect sources that don’t want to be named. It’s part of the gig.

            Keep trying. 😆

      1. #giggle

        Well well , u guys found an opinion u like and start doing victory laps eh ?

        I’ll stick to the the reporting , u stick to the opinions of others …

        1. You do realize Karl is a reporter, not an oped writer, don’t you Gumby?

          The insight from Karl, who has also covered Capitol Hill, the Pentagon and State Department during his 15 years at ABC News….


    1. Corruption and ABUSE OF POWER on the scale it’s looking like? Yeah, it’s a big deal – It’s ‘HUGE’ and just think, you’ll be part of it.

  27. SSSCzar
    January 14, 2019 at 15:10
    Sounds eerily like The Art of the Deal. hmmmm….(scratches chin)


    I have that book ! I told ya , I was a fan of trump the citizen, I’m just not a fan of that dude being potus . A womanizing big mouth millionaire reality and WWE star is entertaining as hell ! It just gets dicey when he becomes the guy with the button . Once he’s out of office I’ll be a fan of his again .

  28. Trump invites the national champs to the whitehouse and he’s feeding them fast food??!!!
    Yeah man , no wonder everybody turns this dope down after winning …

      1. Thats what I mean , given what had happened previously , this is a wonderful changed man from what he has shown himself to be for many years now

          1. And again , the pint is how different he is . Bill C is the same , and uses women and children NOT willing . Thats rape

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