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4,401 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold Outside!

    1. These folks are no different than our Irish, Scottish, Italian, or Polish ancestors, fleeing every pogrom, craphole, and war in Europe.

      We can certainly take in more. It is the Decent thing to do, the American thing to do, the Christian thing to do.

      Your demograph is aging and dying out RW….we need new blood. :)

      1. These folks are no different than our Irish, Scottish, Italian, or Polish ancestors…

        Well, except they came here legally. But keep on with your virtue signaling. Ignoring laws is super virtuous. :roll:

        1. I do not think they are different. Most of those who arrived on our shores during the heydays after the Civil War, has no visas. They were fleeing desperate circumstances, just like these folks. Think that is sanctimonious twaddle, Galt.

          1. So they didn’t immigrate legally then, is that your claim?

            Funny how respect for the rule of law is sanctimonious in your mind, when it’s convenient.

            I have zero issue with legal immigration. You don’t like our immigration laws, work to change them (I’m all for it!), don’t promote ignoring them.

          2. We do not have to concur. My claim is that I think these folks are generally decent, and just like all of our ancestors, do I refuse to demonize them. And I think we can take more in. I find our Refugee bans, and calling troops to confront a few thousand poor folks reeks of intolerance, prejudice, and fear.

            We agree to disagree.

          3. “My claim is that I think these folks are generally decent, and just like all of our ancestors, do I refuse to demonize them.”

            Did I claim otherwise? My point is quite simple, come here legally. You keep ignoring that, while at the same time giving lectures about morality. Wonder why?

            But hey, if you’re admitting you’re an open borders guy then yes, we disagree. Bigly.

          4. Not open borders, but not panicking over a caravan of a few thousand poor, bedragged folks. Hell, think we could take in more than we do. I understand we do not concur. I am cool with that. But fact is, all your old Conservative Baby Boomers, are dying out…..and not having kids. Times, they are a changing. :)

          5. Oh, so you’re NOT for open borders, but you ARE for ignoring immigration laws when it suits you. Got it. 😆

            And the deflection to “people like you are dying off” when you run out of arguments to support your inconsistency is noted. *snicker*

          6. It reads like you want it both ways. You’re either against open borders or you’re for thousands of people ignoring our borders.

            Pick one.

          7. Funny how some just can’t seem to understand, we’re a County built on the Rule of Law and ‘LEGAL’ immigration where people actually ‘seamlessly assimilate’ into what ‘used to be’ a melting pot. Now, just a state of tribal factions of both citizens and lawbreakers with no intention to obey our laws or to assimilate. A free-for-all where anything goes. Laws be damned. Nothing but good will come from that. They tell you. And if you disagree with that, you’re a racist. They want to purge some of the people in this Country they keep saying, no, demanding. Perhaps, a mirror is certainly needed that includes their own sons and daughters if they any compassion at all.

        2. But fact is, all your old Conservative Baby Boomers, are dying out…..and not having kids.
          Considering the youngest baby boomer woman would be 54 years of age this year, it’s not too surprising they aren’t having any kids.

          Your script needs some proof reading;

      2. Missed the entire point, what this is doing to not only Countries everywhere, but to the World. You may get your wish of ‘people dying’ off, but the event won’t at all be to your liking (or our sons and daughters). Keep cheering it all on though. Like I said several times now, you may deserve it, but so many others don’t.

        1. No I got your point, I just disagree with the immigrant fear, and demonizing of these folks by you, and your Conservative media twaddleheads.

          1. It’s happening all the World, and you expect from some ‘good result’ in the end? Good luck with that. How many conflicts do you want in the World? And what do you think it will all lead to?

            What it always leads to?

            Every Country has limited resources, deplete them, overload them, overwhelm them, with injecting chaos into Countries without ‘orderly’ assimilation is a Progressive scheme that is ‘doomed’ from the get go. The more it happens, the worse it will get. Nice legacy for those who follow you. But hey, if people would only die off (the people YOU ‘choose’), that’s the ticket. Hitler had the same idea, he just accelerated it. Another problem solver just like yourself.


    We strongly support and call on all members of the Democratic caucus to support @NancyPelosi for Speaker. Were it not for her skilled and effective leadership, the ACA would not be law today. Dems must reject attempts to defeat her and move caucus to the right.

    5:21 PM – Nov 15, 2018

    So much for the center. Comply, or else. We don’t care if you ran on being moderate, or not. We don’t want no stinking moderates here. In other words, eff your constituents.

    Nice group of people. Tow the party line, or we’re coming after you. Moveon, the Daily Beast, the Daily KOS, all supportive of Pelosi – Tells you everything you need to know.

    1. Spare me………any Republican who dares criticize the President, or disagree with one of his policies, you Trumpies attack, and label as RINOS.

      So you can blow that holier than thou nonsense straight out your kazoo. That crap only flies on your Conservative Trump-Love Op Ed sites.

  2. We have another baby Giraffe. Another boy. 6 ft, and 149 pds at birth. Our Bull Giraffe, Rufiki” is walking tall. Metaphorically and literally. :)

  3. First off being the ones around Mexicans the most living in Cali . Mexicans are SUPER RACIST toward Central Americans . They can’t stand them . So of course they don’t want them there .

      1. I heard Univision finally yield to ‘that fact’ last night when the Reporter finally admitted, there’s racism on both sides of the border. Not part of the script they’ve been advocating.

          1. He did everything in his power to twist and spin before finally admitting to it. Univision, another one with an agenda.

  4. Not sure if it’s been talked about in here , but I totally agree with trump on prison reform. I’m glad someone is doing it …

  5. President Trump has drawn the ire of many Californians for his recent comments that better forest management could have prevented, or at least mitigated, the damage caused by the devastating wildfires in the state that have destroyed millions of dollars in property, left 79 people dead and hundreds more missing.
    But as recently as last August, California’s outgoing Gov. Jerry Brown proposed similar changes to the state’s logging rules that would allow large landowners to topple larger trees and build temporary roads as a way to thin the forests across the Golden State and possibly prevent some widespread wildfires.

    1. I know. Something that Trump and Brown agree with each other on. Doesn’t get much press though, and if it does, it’s always steered back to Climate Change and not at all the natural order of things.

        1. I know, but still, Brown gets kudos here. It’s showing a responsible approach for his own citizens welfare. Not a Progressive trait you see that often.

  6. House Dems hope to change 181-year-old rule barring hats to include exemption for religious headwear

    Any thoughts about this? These people are committed to driving religion and any flaunting of it out of the public square, especially in government. Should this be the exception?

      1. Why not? I’d think it be a big hit with Americans everywhere in seeing their Representatives wearing them in Congress. Stand for something, or don’t stand at all.

  7. You know, I get the economic and energy implications, but seriously, could we for once stand up and say “Eff the Saudi’s and the CP!”

    1. As a nation we are getting closer to being able to do that as we become energy independent and provider to the world.

      1. That’s just it. We talk about being closer to energy independence, so it’s about time to nut up. I know it’s not quite that simple, but come on man!

  8. EA
    November 20, 2018 at 12:52
    First off being the ones around Mexicans the most living in Cali . Mexicans are SUPER RACIST toward Central Americans . They can’t stand them . So of course they don’t want them there


    From people working in the packing industry, there tends to be a hierarchy. US wants the Mexicans to do their s*** jobs, Mexicans want Guatemalas, then salvadorans, Hondurans, etc.

    That’s just what I’ve observed though, isn’t exactly scientific or sociological accurate for everyone.

  9. So Donnie decides to stick with the Saudis, no matter what. What a sad fall for America. No longer the champion of human rights. No longer a nation that operates from a higher moral plane. Nope…… America is the land of Trumpism…………whereas we will support any Dictator who fawns over our idiotic President.

    Mr Trump………….your cowardice knows no bounds.

          1. Dude…..get real. This jackazz insults our POWs, attacks our allies. protect Dictators, and trashes our image all over the world. NEVER had a dishonest, immoral jackazz like this before. Never.

  10. Robin, how about you post some scripture that justifies the murder and dissolving of a US Resident, merely to appease a Saudi Dictator, and facilitate arms sales.

        1. Who is this ‘we’?

          I’m talking to you…the guy who used to blame the people responsible for the act and not point fingers at Trump like a political hack.

        2. When was the last time the US got tough with the Saudis? Trump isn’t any different, so save some of your wailing for Obama and other administrations.

          Amazing how your memory conveniently rebooted on 11/9/16. Isn’t that exactly what you accused others of during the Obama administration? I know, I know, reciprocal response. To which I will again respond, bullshit. You have no moral high ground when you behave exactly as those your criticized for eight years.

  11. If one spends all their time worrying about what others think, there is no time left for doing more important things.

      1. You and EA spend a tremendous amount of time worrying about what others think of the US.

        Quite frankly, I don’t care what they think until they mind their own houses as thoroughly as they try to mind ours.

  12. Having a President that believes his Saudi Dictator buddies, and not his own CIA is embarrassing. We have an idiot in the Oval Office. A dangerous fool.

    1. Maybe you ought to give the gloom and doom a rest. It’s a nice day out.

      There are better things to do than let one man control you with bbn words.

      1. Sorry………watching this jackazz diss his own intel and stand up for a murderous dictator pisses me off. If you do not like my comments, do not read them. :)

        1. So now there are two of us who control you with mere words.


          It’s also interesting there is more outrage over this journalist being murdered than there was for Ambassador Stephens and having the Administration blame it on a YouTube video.

  13. Hey everyone !

    Dottie , its cold out for your grocery run tomorrow , and the store lines are long this week . Thinking of you !

    So fast these years are passing by . I am very thankful for the company of so many of you . You are good to know for me , thank you so much .

  14. from Phillipians

    Being confident of this very thing, that he which has begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:

  15. Psalm 34:18 New International Version (NIV)

    The Lord is close to the brokenhearted
    and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

  16. Robin ,will slowly and carefully do my shopping, than rest after things are put away . May take a little longer at the store with all the last minute shoppers.
    Will try to avoid the usual rude ones, most are courteous.

    .Have a good day

        1. Thanks Dottie. It will be a quiet one this year. Our son moved back in temporarily until he closes on his house next week, so just the three of us and the dogs.

    1. the food should smell yummy today in the markets !:)

      thinking of you , I am watching for dark ice spots , its cold enough to have them in the walkways !

      later D :)

  17. For those wringing their hands over the poor migrants in the caravan, perhaps spare a thought and a few $ for those in Paradise and other communities who have lost their homes and/or family members this Thanksgiving.

    1. We have all year round help organizations we contribute to . An orphanage in Haiti … 2 subsidized refugee communities , a womans shelter and homeless facility where after 9 pm sleep cots and food are offered . And more ..

      There is always order , no drugs , no fights , no chaos . Rules to keep functioning in safety for the ones we help .

      last but not least the animal rescue and shelter .

      Every human successful and safe endeavor requires orderly administration

  18. In honor of our senior friend , and on the post in her birthday month , I am thankful for our Dottie . Over the years her feisty and truthful character has touched me and helped me .

    So thankful for you Dottie :)

  19. Thankful for E. ( triscuit aka cicero )

    Thank you God for his ongoing health , and provision . He is our strong voice along with JG for holding in extremes with balanced words and presence

  20. RW , your honest articulate persistent voice
    SSS , funny and intelligent openhearted posting
    Jerzy , always loving and kind with wisdom
    Ims , something always good in and about reading your words , special to see you always
    Fort , straight to the point and strong I look for your posts thank you
    Merc , farmer basic down to earth additions thank you
    LB , thank you for friendship past , it was appreciated G
    Last but not least , EA . funny , energetic insightful . Thankyou friend
    Dottie ‘s is above , she is beloved and core to CG

    I think these are the regulars now , but all the past people who have been here have been in my heart thru the years . God bless you !

    1. Uhhh … u forgot to mention how handsome I am , and what a good singer I am , but I’ll let it slide this year 😉

      Thanks for being you . Ur a lil misguided sometimes but I’ve never doubted yer heart , and that’s what’s most important .

    2. I am sorry Robin, I too appreciate our past relationship online. But the way you call continue to not only support but praise this man who praises and lauds murderous dictators is really bothersome to me. It is not I, EA, or the few remaining true Republicans who have changed. It is the sizable minority of America who are in the cult of a reality tv star that have.

      Hard to for me to Thanksgiving when we have refugee bans, thousands of troops on the border guarding against some poor folks fleeing poverty, when our Government praises murderers, and when healthcare is once again becoming more difficult for folks to afford.

      But we shall try. Happy Thanksgiving. May our President bless us by not saying or tweeting anything for four days.

      1. Healthcare is becoming difficult to afford? We were told the Democrats fixed that in 2010? Did they not pass the’Affordable Care Act’? Or was that one giant lie like we tried to tell you all?

        It is still in place. It hasn’t been repealed.

        1. For many yes…………..very much so. Not for the Trump backers on Medicare……no, their subsidized healthcare if safe. :)

          1. So, you’re saying Democrats all completely lied to the public about their’fix’? I’m not ex as ctly sure how one can reconcile healthcare becoming less affordable with the promise everyone would save $2500/year.

            This is probably the biggest bait and switch since the income tax was implemented yet Trump is the biggest liar ever…


          2. The cost of HC insurance has not come down one bit since Obamacare passed, and the cost of plans on the exchanges has gone up, along with deductibles and copays. It’s amazing that anyone could claim otherwise with a straight face. I’m sure there are individuals who can claim their premiums have come down, but if they’re being honest it’s likely due to a reduction in coverage and/or an increase in deductibles. The only legitimate claim Obamacare supporters can make is that there are a few more people insured now, but not affordably. And at higher cost to those of us who were already insured.

      2. Your posting here has most definitely changed since Trump was elected. You may call it reciprocal response to Trump, but making that claim in and of itself is an acknowledgement on your part that you’ve changed. Everyone here has noted it, including EA. Doesn’t mean there haven’t been changes in others, maybe all, in the last two years, but you most definitely are not the same poster you were during the Obama years. Do with that information what you will, but denying it doesn’t change anything.

    3. God Bless you too Poet, activist, all living creatures loving missionary! :) We all have much to be Thankful for. I’m thankful for knowing everyone here.

  21. Donnie out there this morning lauding the Saudis. What a vile bucket of garbage we have in the Oval Office. Seriously, ya’ll that continue to back this clown have surrendered every principle America once had. We have a lying, dictator loving, porn star banging, ally bashing dipstick in the Oval Office, elected by a minority of our citizens. Boggles the mind.

  22. Seriously……..the day after our CIA says the Royal Family was involved in the gruesome murder of a US resident, Donnie it out there thanking and praising them.

    One word…………deplorable.

  23. Right now, we would have to consider Angela Merkel as the “Leader of the Free World”. We may be the most powerful, but we rarely lead under Trump.

    Germany ends arm sales to Saudi Arabia over Khashoggi killing

  24. Merc, those of us living in Central Florida would like to thank Scott Frost for leaving UCF an excellent program. Go Knights.

    1. I must have missed your calls for investigations into Hillary, Obama, Mills and Jarretts use of personal email for government work.

  25. Mr Trump came down harder on Jim Acosta for asking a difficult question, then he did to the Saudis who murdered and dissolved a US Resident journalist in their consulate. Boggles the mind.

  26. Back from the store, not to crowded yet.
    Read CG, LB has become a very large pain where a pill can’t never reach, SICKNING.
    From LBs posting he hates himself more than anyone else in this world.
    He mentions GOD but it seems God is not to be found in his heart.

    1. But I understand, in the modern Conservative movement, a good God loving man is one who lauds murderers, bans refugees, bangs porn stars behind his wife’s back, lies constantly, invokes fear, and cuts programs that aid the poor, so you all can offer tax cuts to the top tier, and buy more weapons.

      Face it Dottie………….God has left Trump’s GOP. His admin is against 95% of the teachings of Jesus.

      So I am good with Jesus and God………..I tend to follow his teachings, and not trump tweets, or excerpts from the “Art of the Deal”. :)

    1. Yeah………that is what they said about Obama. :)

      Starting early on attacking Beto, aren’t ya? Sal would be impressed you continue to follow his lessons so well.

      1. From the closed minded. It’s in everything you do and say. A blank slate that remains ever so pristine in one’s ability to remain ever in that state. It’s a remarkable quality of yours. A walking, talking void of a man.

  27. Speaking of voids. NO better example here:

    Obama on Change: We Are Still Confused, Blind, Shrouded With Hate, Anger, Racism, Mommy Issues

    Most Presidents go quietly in retirement, not this one. You just can’t take the ‘agitator’ out of the man. Keeping things stirred up, what the man does best. What he’s always done best. The good news here, is, is ever since he left office, we’re not seeing our cities burned anymore, the hateful chants anymore that he unleashed upon an unsuspecting Country. But as far as the corruption he put in place? It’s going to take a lot of sanitizer, so much so, it almost seems to be an impossible task with so many supporting just that as we see almost everyday now 24/7 – His true legacy – Chaos and lawlessness as far as the eye can see. Let’s hope it can be reversed and those held to account for once as to what they did to a Country and its people.

    1. Folks like hearing an intelligent, articulate, honest statesman, rather than the lying, immoral, bragging jackass we have now. :)

      1. I’m sorry but I don’t want to hear some guy who doesn’t know a damn thing about me diagnosing my mental and emotional issues from his ivory, 1%er pedestal. Eight years of him looking down his nose at this country. We’re over it.

      2. Again, look at the bright side as I am:

        “The good news here, is, is ever since he left office, we’re not seeing our cities burned anymore, the hateful chants anymore that he unleashed upon an unsuspecting Country”

        1. And don’t forget, the most transparent Administration EVER. He still says that to this day when nothing could be further from the truth. One of the most corrupt Administrations EVER more like it.

          1. Obama still works on the policy he had in office, if he tells a lie three times the press will assume it to be truth and report it as such.

  28. Okay got my recipes in order, got my list filled out. Time to hit the store soon!

    My Thanksgiving Menu:

    Spicy Coffee Dry rubbed backstrap Venison (Med. Rare)
    Green Beans w/Almonds
    Bacon Brussel Sprout Hash w/ potatoes and bacon
    Rosemary Infused Mashed Yukon Gold Potatoes and beef gravy
    Fresh Cranberries w/Orange Essence

    Michigan Salad with blue cheese, dried cherries, red onion and blanched almonds tossed in an aged White Wine Vinaigrette.


      1. Actually Venison is more aligned with a traditional TG dinner, plus both Paul and Alex don’t like Turkey that much. I can go either way. 😉

    1. It is obviously not true that all judges are balanced . That is what ? Trying to put on rose colored glasses ? A judge needs to see better than Roberts if its not trying to rose color the situation , if he really believes that , that is really a worry

    2. And yet what Trump said was right on point. Obama didn’t appoint judges that actually read the COTUS and the laws passed by Congress. They decide what they think is the “right” thing to do then twist the law to achieve the predetermined outcome.

    1. It’s hard to believe he didn’t know what he was walking into. They say they saw him being dragged with a rope around his neck. I wondered if he was still alive? Really horrifying.

  29. Okay, shopping done! Let’s get partying!!!

    I must say, for being the Cherry Capital of the nation, if not the world, why the phuk was it sooo hard to find dried cherries? Can someone explain that to me??

      1. Morels are awesome! But after growing up harvesting them myself for free, I refuse to pay the caviar-level store prices. I was hoping to find some on the property we live on but have never had any luck. 😥

        1. Mushroom Snob. 😉 I never buy store tomatoes. After growing them for practically my entire life, I can’t stomach them. :)

  30. Hey Dottie , so did you find some special treat for the day tomorrow ? !

    Hope so , I saw some things that I thought you would like at my store here :)

    1. R
      November 21, 2018 at 08:29

      Thankful for E. ( triscuit aka cicero )

      Thank you God for his ongoing health , and provision . He is our strong voice along with JG for holding in extremes with balanced words and presence

        1. I have as many barbs as everyone does :) . Thats why when anyone believes they are so good , so much better than anyone , I feel bad for the deceit they believe about themselves . Truth sets free , to really love !

          1. Maybe thats what Justice Roberts is missing . He is a man , just like all judges and judges need oversight as everyone does

          2. Barbs and all, you still in the end move towards people with kindness recognizing the good that still lies within them.

  31. Mmmm..MM! My rosemary infused mashed potatoes….PERFECT!!! Those with a morel mushroom gravy are going to be killer. 😀 Cranberries done too. Everything done for tonight!

    1. I have pumpkin pies and the fresh cream .. :) I cant believe how blessed we are S . I have friends with husbands with cancer , one other lost her mom to illness on Sunday . There is grief in my life too , but … there is this God and these blessings all over , its extravagant blessings .
      The bell tolls for us all , but God has made His WORD clear , and that is the thing I am thankful for !

      love r

      1. Oh my gosh…I’m so sorry. I’m sorry you’ve had tragedy in your life, and that your friends are suffering. :( Cancer hit our family too. My step-Aunt Anne Marie had a mastectomy just last week. :( 14 lymphoid removed as well. Tough times for her and her family.

        Thank you Robin for your wonderful assessment of myself and others! It was very sweet of you. I see some had a hard time reciprocating.

        Every year, my late father in law Norman at Thanksgiving would ask everyone at the table to say what they were thankful for before we ate. I always loved that tradition, but thought it was hard for some since it was so emotional and embarrassing for them to show emotion, so I modified it.

        I get strips of paper, a bowl and pen. I tell people that throughout the day, when you think of something you are grateful for, write in down, fold up the piece of paper and place it in the bowl. Then during dinner, we pass the bowl around the table and people read what each other wrote.

        I hope you consider trying it this year. :) I love it.

        1. Yes , the passing of friends and family , and illness’ are always there , but coming more and more . I am keeping my focus on who is here that I love . The Bible verse in Peter that says all is kept safe for us in His hands , where decay and rust cannot touch the love and souls of these precious ones , I hold on to it and God’s peace assures me deep down it is done . True .

          I know you have this faith also :)

          1. I believe and have faith knowing that our loved ones are watching over us, guiding us, and still loving us even if they’ve left the physical world. Love is the Universal language all souls understand. :)

  32. Leftybill
    November 21, 2018 at 13:29
    Folks like hearing an intelligent, articulate, honest statesman, rather than the lying, immoral, bragging jackass we [had from 2009-2017].

    There I fixed it for you.

  33. Good surprise for me. Becky & Pete came in for a long Holiday weekend with me/ Taking me out for Thanksgiving dinner, than visiting my brother.
    Also ,must watch football games.

    1. Hello to Becky and that makes ne happy D. that they could make it ! I hope Becky is feeling well this whole weekend and you have a wonderful visit !

    1. Fear, is not checks and balances, it’s fear, fear of what others can and will do to you. This was an amazing interjection of Roberts into the political fray, especially, in following on the heels of what happened to Kavanaugh.

      ..Many believe that Roberts caved to political criticism by President Obama and his Democratic cohorts in a case where Roberts was the decisive vote in a ruling that found ObamaCare was constitutional – a historic victory for Democrats.

      Roberts clearly accepted the claim by Democrats in that case that the Supreme Court could not overturn ObamaCare or the high court would forever harm the republic and subvert the legislative process and the will of the people.
      It is widely believed that Roberts changed his vote at the last minute to stop the Supreme Court from overturning ObamaCare in that landmark case because of pressure from outside forces directed against him.

      Indeed, the wording of various dissents in the ObamaCare case – especially Justice Antonin Scalia’s – made it clear that Roberts’ decision to find that ObamaCare was constitutional was political and nothing more – not a decision based on the Constitution or on the law.

      The ObamaCare ruling was a legacy opinion for Roberts because he couldn’t take another wave of criticism like what he received from the liberal media, Obama and the Democrats after his ruling in the Citizens United case. Roberts caved in an obvious nod to the attacks on him. It was palpable and most unfortunate..

  34. The Supremes do try … to be above politics , but they are there because they are politically assessed b4 they are chosen , period .
    Americans are not unaware of this most basic fact .
    #whodoesRobertsthinkweunderlingsare ? :(

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